Until we see you again, with arms wide open!
  • 22 years old
  • Born on January 24, 1981 .
  • Passed away on February 22, 2003 .

This site is in tribute to our dear son, brother and friend, Paul.

22 February 2013 marks the tenth year since he was taken from us. To mark this anniversary. If you would like to use this as a place to leave your memories, pictures and songs that remind you of Paul, please feel free.

Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 24th January 2019
To my darling Paul, 38 years old in earthly terms. I miss you more than any words can express. I love you my sweetheart. Mum X
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 22nd February 2016
Darling Paul, on earth 13 years is a long time to live without you. We miss you so much. rejoice in heaven. With all our love, mum and Dada xx
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 24th January 2016
Another year without you our darling Paul. You are always in our hearts. Today would have been your 35rh birthday but in heaven you are ageless. Love you forever sweetheart, mum and Dada xx
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 22nd February 2015
Our darling Paul. Yet another year has passed, you are greatly missed. Blessed to be with our precious Lord and Saviour.. Until we are together my darling boy, I love you, Mum xxx
Posted by Maralyn Hanna on 22nd February 2015
Hi dearest friends. Just thinking about our beautiful boy, Paul, and all he meant to you and us all. Wow he would have been 34 this year but he is in the loving arms of our Saviour. Our prayers are especially with you all today as you think about Paul's life and memories. We pray for strength for you. All our love, Norman & Maralyn
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 22nd February 2014
Another year has passed here on earth my darling Paulie. We love and miss you more than ever. Looking forward to us all being reunited in heaven. You are safe with our precious Lord. Mum X
Posted by Maralyn Hanna on 19th February 2014
Your loving memory will live forever in our hearts. We remember you fondly as a young teenager in our home having fun in the young people's youth group and enjoying yourself on your skate board. Special love to your family at yet another mile stone. God's faithfulness is so visible in your lives.
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 24th January 2014
Father God, please kiss Paul and hug him from his mum. We miss you so much. Today we would have celebrated your 33rd birthday, one day we will all be rejoicing in heaven together with The Lord, I love you.
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 24th January 2014
Happy birthday my boy, I hope you're jaming in heaven! I'll do my very best to keep my chin up today. I love you. Dada
Posted by Jenine Turner on 24th January 2014
Happy 33rd birthday Paul! We miss you and will celebrate your life today. xxxx
Posted by Elliott Turner on 22nd February 2013
Bean and Mr and Mrs M all love and miss you so, so much - you will always live in their hearts so you will ALWAYS be together!
Posted by Elliott Turner on 22nd February 2013
Your wonderful sister ‘Bean’ is now my wife (yep, she married a pommie). I promise you I will take great care of her. You know Bean once tricked me into jumping into the swimming pool at your Mum and Dads place in August, WOW it was cold, but it was funny, took me ages to doggy paddle like 3 feet to get out. I can imagine Bean telling you that story :)
Posted by Elliott Turner on 22nd February 2013
Paul I really wish I could have met you, I have heard a lot of great stories about you from amazing guitar, to making mountains of pancakes, chilli challenges, no rules wrestling and the woofles wheels invention… but above all what a great person you were, a great son, brother and friend - I would like to think we really would have gotten along well and been good mates.
Posted by Jenine Turner on 21st February 2013
It is 10 years almost to the hour that you went to heaven and I miss you like you left tonight. May I never forget your soft heart, soulful eyes or cheeky grin. I love you my brother. X
Posted by Nelsie Van Der Merwe on 21st February 2013
Those we love don't ever go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. Lots of love to the Matsatsos family.
Posted by Nelsie Van Der Merwe on 21st February 2013
Dearest Paulie, Every person has in impact on the world and its people - we thank you for the impact you had on all of us. You came into our lives like a breath of fresh air and left so suddenly but your unconditional love, respect for others, talent and wit will remain as treasures in our hearts forever. We will never forget to remember you ! Love you always, Van der Merwe Family xxxx
Posted by Michelle Callanan on 21st February 2013
Still after 10 years I can't believe that Paul is no longer here, but I know he lives in a better place. You will all be reunited as a family again one day. May God Bless you all and may the Lords peace be on you until you are all together again.Thinking of you all at this difficult time, you are in my prayers. Love Michelle
Posted by Mandy Ashley-botha on 20th February 2013
Hello Bean. Was just thinking the other day that it was 10 years since that day in Skidd 8 (?) when we all slept in your room for no discernable reason at the time. I also remember meeting Paul at your house and thinking how much he was like you, how quiet and a little intimidating in his silence. Will never forget late Feb for this reason! Thinking of your fam.
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 20th February 2013
From Dada: It's been 10 years, yet it feels like yesterday when I said goodbye to you. The pain also feels like yesterday's pain, I just manage it better. Till we meet again, I LOVE YOU.
Posted by Pat Matsatsos on 20th February 2013
My precious Paulie, the most beautiful boy who ever lived. Beautiful in heart. The Lord is the only one I trust to take care of you and it is He who gives us, the ones who love and desperately miss you, comfort. I dream of holding you and kissing your cheeks my darling boy. Till we are united, your mum x

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