Let the memory of Paul be with us forever
  • 47 years old
  • Born on June 30, 1966 in Buea, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on August 12, 2013 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one: 

Paul Menge Tabe, known to many as simply "Blondo"

Blondo is survived by his wife, Celine Tabe.

He also leaves behind
- his mother, Mama Regina Tabe 
four sisters                                     
- Ms Angel Tabe                            
- Mrs Emelda Eyong                      
- Mrs Maureen Okpu                     
- Mrs Shirley Njang Ekangaki        

five brothers
- Engr. Moses Tabe
- Mr Peter Tabe
- Dr Henry Tabe
- Dr Julius Tabe (aka "Petit Blondo") 
- Mr Newton Tabe
a large extended family, several friends and well wishers

We will remember Blondo FOREVER!!!

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Funeral Arrangements

Removal from CUSS Mortuary: Thursday September 12, 2013. 
Travel to Numba: Friday September 13, 2013
Burial: Saturday September 14, 2013

Wake-keeping in the US: Friday August 30, 2013, 9pm-dawn
9470 Annapolis Road, Suite 115-116
Lanham, MD 20706 

Contacts: Ms Angel Tabe, Mr Peter Tabe and Mrs Mary Tabe (703-825-5468)
Wake-keeping in the UK: Saturday September 7, 2013
Contacts: Dr Henry Tabe & Mrs Manyi-Echi Tabe (07542022279)

Posted by Peter Tabe on 30th June 2015
Watching Blondo's pictures parade this screen and reading the tributes provoke tears of pains from my eyes. Menge was my Master of Ceremony for all occasions I hosted in Cameroon. He spoke eloquently and his company was always a treasure. I also remember vividly how he supported my wife and daughter in Yaounde during my brief period of studies in Holland. My wife, kids and I, will particularly miss him so much. "On your birthday today, may you stay well with our dear Dad (Papa Tabe) and brother (Emmanu). We constantly remember you all very positively out here".
Posted by Gordon Baiye on 26th December 2013
OMG! " I knew this big bro(Blondo) in the early 1980s in Mamfe (Banya quarters) . What comes to mind when ever hear the name "Blondo" is the several cars from Germany he was driving in Mamfe. RIP Blondo
Posted by Austine Arrey on 8th September 2013
You were not just a friend but a brother to the Arrey's family. The good stories you told us at Georges place will be greatly missed. The good news is that you completed the cycle of life. Join my late brother Cyril Ebot and have a good family over there. Adieu Pa Blondo
Posted by Bessem Helen Orock on 5th September 2013
To the Tabes & loved ones. We grieve together - all our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Posted by Julius Agbor on 4th September 2013
Blondo, as you were funnily known, was a genuine friend to anyone. His thoughts were always thoughts of progress, good never evil. The world needed people like you Blondo!!! May your soul rest in peace!
Posted by Evala Alice on 31st August 2013
Lord hold my tears and give me the courage to say even a word to our Uncle Paul. It wearies me to even think it is true that u are no more. u have always been there for your clan in Y'de concerning social gatherings since yr junior Mr P. Tabe went to U.S; now u have abandonded us. u made me kn. all is not money.PHIL. 3 vs 30 tells me GOD considers u as "HEAVEN'S BEST. R I P.we miss u for n
Posted by Soter Agbaw-ebai on 29th August 2013
You introduced studies in Nigeria to many Mamfe children,You taught us how to appear in black suits always,You guided us in Mamfe and Yaounde, You shared the little you had with us, You made us laugh with Calabar stories,You took one of us as a wife,You indeed loved my generation!We gave you a namesake-Small Blondo!RIP Big Bros
Posted by Joseph Nkoh Tabe on 28th August 2013
May the soul of Brother Paul Menge Tabe rest in perfect peace in the lord and may the journey to eternity be peaceful. My sincere condolence to the entire Tabe Family. May the good God confort you in this hard period of sorrow. God bless.
Posted by Samson Awo on 24th August 2013
Blondo! I face the grim news of your departure in tearful reflection,coming to terms with the abrupt and painful separation which a death like yours, imposes on me.My wife and I will miss you.
Posted by Patience Mbeng on 22nd August 2013
Angel, cling to the memories of BLONDO and let them find ways to heal you all. The love and laughter, the joy in the togetherness you all shared, will make you all strong. BLONDO may you rest in perfect peace and good nite. Patience . For the Mbeng family.
Posted by Chelsea Tabe on 20th August 2013
Uncle Menge, I still haven't come to terms with the fact that I will never have a conversation with you again. It was always a pleasure to see you as were so welcoming. I am glad to have had the opportunity of knowing you. We will miss you so, so much.
Posted by Clara Tako on 20th August 2013
"Blondo" Fare ye well... Move on and proceed with confidence, for "God will cover you with his pinions, you will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend you..." Psalms 91 Angel and family, let us be comforted by the fact that " Our loved ones never really die, cause their memories live in our hearts forever "
Posted by Arrey Echi on 20th August 2013
Bro Menge's death has left a gaping vacuum that will never get filled and through this, we reflect on what life truly is about. In this moment of such a tragic loss, My thoughts and prayers are with the TABE Family. Saying goodbye will be hard. May God Jehovah grant you all the strength to cope with this loss and may you draw strength from the resurrection hope; John 5:28,29.
Posted by Clement Tabe on 19th August 2013
It is hard to say farewell to a love one. Blondo we will miss you greatly especially when we come to Cameroon. To the rest of the Tabe's family please accept our sincere sympathy as Paul rest in his final resting place. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Wish you all God blessings. Dr Clement/Annette Tabe
Posted by Tabe Family on 19th August 2013
Sister Angel and family, Its hard to hear this sad news. Blondo was a great man. A close friend of mine that we spent secondary years together in Mamfe. I extend my deepest sympathy to you all. May his Soul Rest In Peace. Danny Enokpa & family.
Posted by Tabe Family on 19th August 2013
To the Tabe family, The Eyong family extends its condolences to Paul's (Blondo) family and those who knew and loved him. We know you face a difficult time ahead. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. With our help and prayers, you will emerge a stronger family. The Eyong family. SOE
Posted by Mayong Tabe on 19th August 2013
Uncle Menge, I only met you once in 2003, but I've heard so much about you - and you sound like a wonderful uncle to me. When Daddy told me last Tuesday what had happened, I was shocked and deeply saddened. Although you have passed away, you'll be here to stay - FOREVER - in my heart. Lots of love, Little Mayong, England
Posted by Shirley Njang-Ekangaki Ta... on 19th August 2013
Mengs Blonds as I fondly called you.I had plans to have a face-a-face discussion with you in september as Mama reminded me that same day of her visit to Y'de in sept. I knew for sure you were going to come and see your mum.Rather you will be buried in september,well,I do not believe in tributes bcos the dead can not read but i have no choice now.With so much to say, I'll be back big bros
Posted by Nuella Achale on 19th August 2013
Uncle Menge! I still cannot come to terms with the fact that you are no more. Only GOD alone knows why he decided to take such a great uncle from us at this time.You were a very caring uncle to me growing up. I am glad GOD gave me a chance to hug you this past Dec. during my visit with my husband and son.You're in a better place! Pls greet Emmanu and Papa my "Big, Big Moyo". LOVE Ekieta
Posted by Tabe Awo on 18th August 2013
Brother Menge (grand Blondo as I fondly call you), your untimely death has left a vacuum in my mind as I can still remember your great sense of humor. I miss you.
Posted by Fausta Tabe on 18th August 2013
Oh, Uncle Menge! I can hardly count the # of years that have gone by since the last time I saw you in Yaounde (shortly before moving to the USA). If anyone had said that would be our last encounter in flesh, I would have been in absolute denial. You probably would have told that person off yourself. I'll miss your candid & yet amusing character. Adieu, dear Uncle...until we meet again! :'(
Posted by Jose Tambe Ebone on 18th August 2013
Every single day seems tragic as death lurks and steals our loved ones. Like Shakespeare put it "death is like a stage on which we all are actors".True we cannot take back what has happened and it is my prayer that the Almighty God Jehovah grant You all, the TABE family the strength to cope with this great loss.Remember the words of 1 Thessalonians 4:13 and be courageous. - J. Tambe Ebone
Posted by Tabe Family on 17th August 2013
Watching Blondo's pictures parade this screen and reading the tributes provokes tears from my eyes. Menge was my Master of Ceremony for all occasions I hosted in Cameroon. He spoke eloquently and his company was always a treasure. I, my kids & wife will particularly miss him so. Peter Tabe.
Posted by Tabe Family on 15th August 2013
Blondo! Your tragic and untimely departure fills our hearts with untold pain and sorrow. You are a special son, brother and uncle to us. Your infectious joie de vivre always made your company one to treasure. We will miss your eloquence and caustic sense of humour. We will miss you dearly.

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