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July 4, 2021
Bro nakumbuka nikiwa job nilikua nakuja place ulikua nakupee doh za lunch na ninakubuyia kanusuu but broh nilikua nakupenda tena sanaaa hakuna mtu nilikua nimependa kaa wewe but God alikupenda sana kutuliko rest in peace broo sina mengi RIP my blood❤

Good memories

July 2, 2021
bro I remember there was a day we were just taking a walk and we shared alot and we laughed soo  hard, you told me your dream care was a range rover and I told It's also my dream car and we promised each other to always be there for each other, I also can't forget the day I came to your house and I did not find you soo I take the advantage the fact that  huyuko to eat your spaghettis I truly enjoyed them, just not realising you were watching me soo you gave me a punishment  to Washing your clothes and I wash them then you gave me 20 Bob to go and buy myself "kangumus" I was very happy  bro.  I have alot  to share but those were my best memories I will never ever forget you apart from being my bro you were also my  best friend you knew soo much about me  bro, rest in peace till we meet again.  I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH it's just a good buy for now Paul muigai big brother forever in my heart R.I.P️️️️️

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