Posted by lucy karuri on July 3, 2021
Muigai ,you were more than a cousin to me .whenever we meet each other, you could stop and ask me where am heading so that u can take me. and I can recall during my father send off ,u could clerk jokes that made by emotion to lower .on Thursday I speak with U through the video call while you were in hospital not knowing those were my last word with u and last time to see u while u are alive .only God knows why u left .u left too much painful sore in our heart that will take long to heal . Rest well cuzo till we meet again
Posted by Dorcas Nganga on July 3, 2021
Muigai you will be always in our hearts...
You were so strong why didn't you fight this bro...even when we were in lower primary same class in township I would always count on you...even when I was in sukam supermarket you could always check in to see how am doing...that time I would see a bright future in you,you were Soo committed to church I really admired that.i wouldn't question God but I will miss you dearly..shine on you bro till we meet again,say hello to muigai senior,karuri and kariuki...
Posted by Veronica Wanjiru on July 3, 2021
I don't know what hurts most; the fact that you're gone or that you left without saying s good bye. My visits to njoro as a kid and the company you gave to me is what I hold on to about you. We spent days together, you gave the comfort I needed while growing up in njoro since it was so hard for me being there. You played a big role in some of us and the fact that you ain't here no more to tell you that is eating me up. You've left us so soon but as they say, its God's plans. We can't question his decision as I'm sure he's given your soul the best place to rest. Just rest easy and know that we loved you so much that words ain't enough. Rest in peace dear cousin.❤❤❤

Posted by Judy Murugi on July 2, 2021
Bro it's hurts me soo much typing R.I.P I know it's God's will but it's hurting soo much we had alot of plans bro .we just talked the other day and we smiled and cry at the same time because we missed each other soo much little did I knew it's was my last day seeing your smile Ohh my God I will miss the smile soo much and I have forgiven you for slapping me when I was a kid it's looked like you were enjoying it but I was very stubborn I know . I will also miss the chapatis that you used to cook they were soo yummy bro I must admit that mum also used to love them soo much ,the fact that I'm miles away bro it's hurting me twiceThank you for being there for us big bro we felt soo much protected I want to promise you that I will take care of my brother and sister the way you used to it's just a good bye for now but forever you will be in our hearts ❤️ we loved you soo much but God loved you more REST IN POWER bro *I love you was our last word muigai but I will say then again . I love you soo much

Posted by Paul Muchiri on July 2, 2021
Forever in our hearts you remain

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