Mwambo 25
Paul Mwambo Evande
  • 52 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 7, 1959
  • Date of passing: May 23, 2012
Let the memory of Paul be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Paul Evande, 52, born on July 7, 1959 and passed away on May 23, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by kulu iya on 24th May 2013

"Dearest brother,it took me a year to get up from my dream to realise that it was a reality, thedays i spent with you and our lovely MBAMBA Baker Motia are still fresh in my memory i will forever miss you darling brother you where the best.

This tribute was added by Sophie Ngongi on 23rd May 2013

"My dear I know you never wanted me to forget you when the Lord choose to call you on my birthday...its my birthday today and for the first time i will not get that call from you saying happy what do i do? mourn you or celebrate my birthday...well i know what you would want me to do so that is what i will you"

This tribute was added by Elvis Akunda on 23rd May 2013

"How time flies --  a year today that bright light of  yours was extinguished from us. Wherever you are and whatever hole you are filling I hope it is bigger than the one you left in our hearts. We miss you  greatly and may your spirit guide and protect us as we navigate this world. I feel comforted that you are surely in a better place. RIP Dad"

This tribute was added by MARIE OBEN EBAI on 23rd May 2013

"Let me be mournful today,
Give me this day to grief
It's the date my friend and brother Paul Evande Mwambo died.
Memories of being with him allow me to visit his grave,
To place lovely flowers and to cry tears of comfort."

This tribute was added by MARIE OBEN EBAI on 23rd May 2013

"Paul,it's been a year since you passed away.
The way i miss you is different now,
I hope you know how much you meant to us,
I still think about you everyday,
I just love and miss you in my own special way."

This tribute was added by manka manka on 25th February 2013

"You were wonderful person,I don't care what some people think or what they say to me and those who knew you,you were the very best.why were you poisoned Paul what did you do?even if you did something you didn't deserve death.chaaaaaaaaaa dis world evil oh!"

This tribute was added by Kidienat Evande Mwambo on 9th January 2013


This tribute was added by Kidienat Evande Mwambo on 9th January 2013

"My Dear Father even though you have gone,I still feel your presence.I Know you are happy were ever you are.We miss you Daddy.Crying............RIP Love u .I can not still believe u are gone.weh..weh..weh. God why us?"

This tribute was added by Kidienat Evande Mwambo on 8th October 2012


This tribute was added by Kidienat Evande Mwambo on 8th October 2012

"Why God? We still have alot of pains in our hearts.Papa K why? You could give us more time to even digest the one we had eaten why God!God why! I am heart broken,I feel so sad even though you took them for a reason.May you R.I.P Papa K .God knows why. Evanso"

This tribute was added by nadine evande on 13th September 2012

"Weeeeeeeeeee, que c'est penible, difficile a supporter ce qui s'est passe... le temps et les jours s'ecoulent mais la douleur est toujours vive. Vous resterez eternellement dans nos coeurs mama Julie et Paul.
Pardon priez pour nous tous et aidez nous a continuer a voir la vie du bon cote. REST IN PERFECT PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Becky Lyonga on 13th September 2012

"Mama, the best mum on earth. You never allowed your children to be apart. You honoured all to see you alive before departing from them. you supported, encouraged me. As i walk, my tears flows within as a bakwerie man will say. It hurts to be without you now. But good for you are with Our Father in heaven. Julie as I always called you  joking. your husband n son loved you.Bye mama thank you"

This tribute was added by Becky Lyonga on 13th September 2012

"mama, brother,  I miss you lots.  When you had to enjoy the fruits of your labour death came. I miss those hugs, when we slept on the same bed under an electric blanket talking about a good family relationship. My last Valentine's day gift asking me to open and see what it was. I opened and gave you a hug and a smile saying "thank you brother" always a baby by you. I have to grow up  now."

This tribute was added by Kidienat Evande Mwambo on 12th September 2012

"So Dad you have truely gone?No please I need those words of motivation.I need your Strenght.Weh!!! RIP ........"

This tribute was added by mariana lyonga on 11th September 2012

"time has come and gone but your memories still lingers in my in,day out l continue to ask myself if l am dreaming but the dream seem to be thing l no for sure is that you  people will forever be in my heart no matter what.l thank GOD for the strength he has given me to overcome the pains of your passing in to glory.DEATH WHERE IS YOUR VICTORY.may you and mama rest peace"

This tribute was added by Sophie Ngongi on 5th September 2012

"may the Good Lord continue to grant you both eternal peace...i love you both very much...God Bless.."

This tribute was added by Henri EPEE NSONGO on 3rd August 2012

"« Life is but a breath »

Nadine, prenant part à votre douleur dans cette difficile épreuve, nous vous envoyons toute notre affection et vous présentons nos sincères condoléances, à vous et à votre famille."

This tribute was added by mariana lyonga on 1st August 2012

"O GOD for how long shall the wicked triumph.Vengeance belong 2 GOD the Almighty and l know he will fight for you brother.Be rest assured the wicked must not go unpunished for the LORD is your  defense,He shall bring upon them their own iniquity and shall cut them off  their own its hard 2 believe you and mama have gone and l will no longer see u again.its really painful"

This tribute was added by Kinge Namanga on 30th July 2012

"RIP Mwambo. May God be with you my dear Brother!"

This tribute was added by Evelle Kool on 30th July 2012

"I always felt proud when you talked to me - it was always so warm. And, for sure, you'll always stay warm in my heart. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Susan Enjema Ahmafule on 14th July 2012

"" Brother yr. untimely death is so painful $ has create a great vacuu
m in the hearts of so many esp. to the Ikomey's $ Evande's family. That's while Aunty counldn't bear the pains $ had to give up the gost. We love u all but the Almight loves u 2 most, i don't dought him, he knows better than we do, that's while he allowed it to happen. You 2 rest in peace in the hands of the Lord. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Becky Lyonga on 7th July 2012

"Happy birthday brother.  Your birthday party was planned.  I know it is the best in heaven with mama. Happy 53 brother Mwambo.  Say hi to mama hope to meet on the last. God help us. FOR EVER IN OUR HEARTS . Maami"

This tribute was added by lydia Enoe on 7th July 2012

"Happy birthday my dear lovely brother, forever in our hearts. Rest in his peaceful hands. Lydia"

This tribute was added by Kinge Namanga on 7th July 2012

"Happy birthday Tata. May you sleep well in the bosom of the Lord. You will be forever missed by the Fako people. God be with you my brother."

This tribute was added by Sophie Ngongi on 7th July 2012

"Happy Birthday my dear..."

This tribute was added by NDIVE HENRY LYONGA on 5th July 2012

"Mwambo, life as they say is really a mistery. My heart bleeds for those of us still cueing to face our creator. Pls as u are already at his court yard, plead our cases so that he can pardon us for all our transgressions on mother earth. Our memories date back to Sansui Sounds nite club in Buea. In Yde we were neighbours with Ekosse Stephen at Carriere. U lived a life worth emulating. Adieu"

This tribute was added by catherine bonny on 3rd July 2012

"Nothing isn't hard than what you are facing now,nadine,francis & the whole of your family. Maman julie,rest in peace.We love you,but God loves you better.My sincere condoleances .RIP maman .

Cathy & Charly B."

This tribute was added by mariana lyonga on 3rd July 2012

"when l look at you life style,you were such a humble lady who did not show up herself as the mother of a justice etc,you were a peace maker to the family,always uniting your children.mama help us not to depart from your teachings ie loving one another.mama to me you did it all before living fought a good fight,may the good Lord bless you and welcome you in his heavenly kingdom.adieu"

This tribute was added by mariana lyonga on 3rd July 2012

"my beloved mama Julie as l funny called you,l can still hear your voice telling me thank you after giving you a shower.l am proud to be a daughter of an intellectual mother whom despite the fact that she ended at standard six could educate all her children right up to university level,loved them and could do anything for them.l am proud of you in the bosom of the u"

This tribute was added by mariana lyonga on 3rd July 2012

"at first l thought it was a dream that you guys have gone so is now done on me that l am left alone when l see everybody going back to their home,l keep on asking myself now where will l go to,who will call me Marie as you and mama funly called my heart bleeds knowing that l will never see you and mama in this world again.truly l am an orphan 4 real.Adieu my mum and dad"

This tribute was added by mariana lyonga on 3rd July 2012

"brother l knew where ever you are going,you could not go without mama that is why you decided to take her with you.THANK YOU.its really painful to see that you guys are no longer here with me,l am really confused,l lack words but all l will say is that you people should pray that the almighty should strengthen me.l will always love u mama and in peace my loved ones will miss u"

This tribute was added by Giz Boigha on 26th June 2012

"I guess the feeling was mutual between your mom and your self when you used to lament oh how hard it will be for you to accept it when the Lord will call her home. You've barely turned on the lights in your final resting home and then she has followed suit ... you sure know how to have it your way don't you Mwambo? RIP Mama and my prayers are with the rest of the family as they mourn you 2"

This tribute was added by Sophie Ngongi on 26th June 2012

"OMG there is a song that says everything nah double double oh... I now have two guiding I know my request to the Almighty will be intervened twice over...everything nah really double double..shushu thanks for loving me as a daughter I will always cheerish you for that...Rest in peace mama..I love you too very much

This tribute was added by Sophie Ngongi on 26th June 2012

"My dear, it is now that I know you are truelly resting in peace because now you have your number one girl by your side...mama.. we had hoped that mama will give us abit of time but we all know you two could not be happy without each other...mama continue to take care of him and I know you are both happy now.. I love you both very much..shushu"

This tribute was added by Rachelle Ekorong on 25th June 2012

"I didn't have enough time to truly get to know you, though we had already met briefly. So sad to know that the man I had just met some years ago, has just suddenly passed away. May your soul rest in peace Paul and my sincere regards to our cherished family friends The Evandes."

This tribute was added by Beltha Mokosso on 23rd June 2012

"Baby, finally you are resting in your new home today,  Hmmm unbelievable, may you sleep in the hands of the Lord and may the Angels recieve you with praise and worship. You were a soulmate, a friend I cannot replace, but will forever love and remember you and your legacy will continue to shine. Rest my dear. I miss u."

This tribute was added by Sussana N. Dikoume on 23rd June 2012

"Brother,Brother,I can not believe you have gone and never to be seen,Life is short and very wicked.Why is the human heart so wicked?JESUS is calling for every one,he is ready to clean the hearts.Brother rest in peace,Mbamba,papa,Mola Namanga,are there give them our love.Adieu!Adieu,Adieu!Brother.I can't believe.May be it is a bad dream.R.I.P"

This tribute was added by namanga elisabeth or elisa on 23rd June 2012

"MAY your soul rest in perfect peace,for this life is too short and nobody knows tommorrow, if you ever meet my parent mr and misses namanga, and my uncles , greet  them.  all the family over there , will be waiting for you, on behave of the namanga family, we say sleep in peace,with no more pains.we will remember you always."

This tribute was added by victor fotso on 22nd June 2012

"did not have the pleasure to meet Paul in this life.
but again May you Rest in peace.
life is so week...let's all back to great and simple values.

in behalf of my family, we wish lot of courage to Evande's Family."

This tribute was added by augustine abunaw on 21st June 2012

"It was with alot of difficulties for me to accept the fact that you are nolonger with us. Paul you are great and what you achieved on earth with so short a time will never be matched. May the Almight grant you the same amount of strength to achieve greater things till we all meet again. We will all miss you but you will always be with us. May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by namanga elisa on 21st June 2012

"Brother , the fun we had in Germany make me to think of you, and only say good about you .Have a safe journey, and may your peace be a perfect peace Amen.."

This tribute was added by Kinge Namanga on 21st June 2012


Fighting has intensified in Eastern Congo and I may not be present as promised to say goodbye. If I do not make it to say farewell, may you sleep well in the bosom of Jesus until we meet again at resurrection.  Sleep well dear brother and thank you for your compassion and a life well lived."

This tribute was added by OLIVE ADA on 19th June 2012

"Justice, I am still in disbelieve that you are no more. i saw you 2 days before you were called to eternity. i have been so scared with life. you have made me to see life in another diamension. I will always leave to remember the 20th invitation to the unity palace at Etoudi. i will always remember the way you were dancing salsa in spiy Nightclub. Adieu Justice. I will always pray for you."

This tribute was added by Kiddian Evande on 16th June 2012

"dear father,what no one thought will happen in the nearest future happened too soon! The times spent  together though few  were good. May God who is so merciful forgive your sins and may perpetual light shine upon your soul and may your soul rest in perfect peace ! your daughter who loves you;"

This tribute was added by Sam Moki on 16th June 2012

"My friend and brother, I remember our days in Lycee, Buea; and University of Yaounde. I remembers the times we crossed paths again during my visits to Cameroon. You were a charming and brilliant mind, a man of the people. I will miss you. May your sould rest in the peace of our Lord."

This tribute was added by sarah ngowo kotto on 14th June 2012

"you were more than a brother to us,you were our father,our strength and even our pillar.i remember the part tou played during my wedding and,you were there from start to the end.the last time during mama sickness,you made us to understand that it is not good to sit without doing,your death has created a deep vaccum in the family.we thought we love you more,God loves you mor"

This tribute was added by Enanga Mokosso on 12th June 2012

"Uncle D my adviser, confidant and mentor, where are you . you have just done it again your way, you have always surprised people and even in death you did the same, Adieu big brother till we meet again. you will ever be remembered.R.I.P Mwambo. your dead has created a big hole in my heart and to many who knew you. if you only could get up for an hour and read all the tributes . Bye Sledge."

This tribute was added by Robbie Ekema on 12th June 2012

"Nice Guy:- his physical built gave him a rare personality stature. His name had received the certification of a pop director. When I first met Mwambo in Tombe several years ago, I got to know him better; level-headed, kind and compassionate. My Lord, you're indeed leaving behind gorgeous and fondly memories. Build one tent for us to live in the bosom of the Lord and to part no more."

This tribute was added by keith hollis on 11th June 2012

"Dear Mr Evande,

I am so very sorry to read this news about your brother Paul. I know that he was greatly respected in the Commonwealth Magistrates & Judges Association for his wise and helpful contributions.  His loss, when so young, is very distressing and must be a great blow not only to his family but also to the judiciary of Cameroon.

I last met Paul at our conference in Brighton, I thin"

This tribute was added by Chante Nde on 10th June 2012

"All through my time in graduate school, aunty Lydia could never stop talking about her big brother Mwambo who was the backbone of her family and had high hopes and dreams for all his siblings. May his soul rest in perfect peace."

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