Let the memory of Paul be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of cherished colleague and friend, Paul Needham.

Memorial Luncheon
Please join Paul's memorial luncheon on 30-Aug-2015 (Sunday) from 1 - 3 pm at 
Don Ramon’s Restaurant, 225 11th St, San Francisco.

Posted by Sachin Menon on 15th September 2015
I have had the pleasure of working with Paul over the past 10 years. Paul will be missed not only at Oracle but across the globe. A great human being. My deepest condolences to family and friends. Rest in Peace, Paul. God Bless.
Posted by Ted Sherrill on 25th August 2015
I worked with Paul at Oracle for over 20 years. I am saddened that I did not get a chance to tell Paul what he meant to me and my career at Oracle. He was always pleasant to deal with and was a consummate professional. He always spoke fondly of his family and the outdoors. My prayers and thoughts are with his family during this trying time. God Bless!
Posted by Raza Siddiqui on 25th August 2015
Like many, I had the opportunity to work with Paul in a professional capacity, and one quality stands-out - his passion for his chosen field of expertise. Thoughts and prayers to Paul's family & friends for their loss. Rest in Peace Paul. Raza
Posted by Rae Anne Miller on 3rd August 2015
Paul was my youngest brother and his death has left a large hole in our family and our hearts. Reading what everyone has written has helped me to see what a special person he was. We knew that as his family and to see what his co-workers and friends have written has somehow lightened my burden.
Posted by Andrey Brozhko on 3rd August 2015
Paul had this great ability to make difficult things easy, to light-up any meeting with his positive attitude and sharp intellect. He created lighthearted happy environments and diffused stressful situations seemingly without any effort at all. He could always see the big picture and distinguish between what is important and what is secondary. Amazing and very rare combination of skills and character! Rest in peace, Paul. You will be dearly missed!
Posted by Toshimitsu Misawa on 31st July 2015
We are deeply sad to hear the news. We will greatly miss Paul as a trustworthy colleague and good friend, who contributed so much to Japan. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of loved ones. Toshimitsu Misawa Oracle Japan
Posted by Janusz Muszak on 27th July 2015
What a loss to Oracle. Will miss you immensely, Paul.
Posted by Min-Hank Ho on 27th July 2015
I've had the pleasure of working with Paul since I joined Oracle almost 15 years go. He's always taken the time to provide feedback on my presentations and advice from time to time. Needless to say, he will be missed.
Posted by Pat Huey on 26th July 2015
Good-bye, Paul, and rest in peace. Your next journey will be the best one yet.
Posted by Pallab Rath on 24th July 2015
While working in Db security projects came to Know Paul, Most of the interactions are in telecon. Feeling sad with this news. Rest in peace Paul !
Posted by Harjul Jobanputra on 24th July 2015
It is really very shocking to hear this news. I have got a chance to interact with him during Security workshop. May his soul rest in peace....
Posted by Melody Liu on 24th July 2015
Life is but a stopping place, A pause in what's to be, A resting place along the road, to sweet eternity. Our destination is a place, Far greater than we know. For some the journey's quicker, For some the journey's slow. And when the journey finally ends, We'll claim a great reward, And find an everlasting peace, Together with the lord. Rest In Peace, Paul.
Posted by Scott Hooper on 24th July 2015
Last I saw Paul, he was in Vegas at Immersion week touting the great success we (Oracle) had the prior year! He was as enthused as I had ever seen him -- rockin the skinny jeans, pointy shoes, contacts and spiked hair! ;-). You could tell he was looking forward to even more success in the future. All of us at Oracle will miss him dearly and I believe we are all better for having been around Paul. My prayers are with his family.
Posted by Steve Van Hall on 24th July 2015
My condolences to his close friends and family. I have worked with Paul quite a bit and he was always friendly, helpful, and caring about the customer and the Oracle team. I enjoyed working and knowing Paul and will miss him for sure. Oracle has lost another gem, as has the world.
Posted by GK Goalla on 23rd July 2015
Shocking news and I'm very saddened to hear !! I got a chance to interact with Paul several times when I attended DBSEC tiger training in past few years... He's a great guy with down-to-earth personality.. Surely Oracle misses a TIGER in the field of Oracle DB Security.. Rest in peace, Paul !
Posted by Kaizhe Huang on 23rd July 2015
It is such a privilege to work with Paul. I learned a lot from his insightful comments. Thanks Paul! Rest in peace.
Posted by Troy Kitch on 23rd July 2015
I had the pleasure of working with Paul for 4 years here at Oracle. He was a great person to work with and we shared a number of laughs over the years. He will be missed. I had just spoke to him and we discussed all of the opportunities ahead of us for the database security market.
Posted by Lok Sheung on 23rd July 2015
Lucky to have a chance to work with you and knowing you. RIP.
Posted by Mughees Minhas on 23rd July 2015
I worked with Paul over many years. His impact on the security products was immense and he will truly be missed. -Mughees
Posted by Eric Paapanen on 23rd July 2015
Paul was a true professional and a joy to work with. He cared deeply about everything he had an interest in and seemed to experience everything he focused his attention on fully, whether it was database security or Bach concertos. He was very kind, supportive, and always encouraging. After working closely with him for over 10 years, I will miss him very much.
Posted by Tanvir Ahmed on 23rd July 2015
I have known Paul since my interview day at Oracle. His depth of knowledge on core database security and his humility during the interview is a major motivation for my joining this group. I will remember his enduring advice “speak slowly”. I will miss him!
Posted by Alan Williams on 22nd July 2015
Paul just recently hired me. He had a strong passion for what he was doing at Oracle which greatly impressed me. Even though I only worked for him a short time, I learned quite a bit from him. I'll miss our discussions on strategy and tactics. Paul also cared for us as individuals and made us feel important.
Posted by Amoghavarsha Ramappa on 22nd July 2015
I have worked with Paul for the past 6 years and I have known him to be a passionate person with full of energy. He has truly been an inspiration! Rest in peace, Paul!
Posted by Gopal Mulagund on 22nd July 2015
I have been working with Paul Needham since 2002 on Oracle Database Security products and features, and have been great admirer of his knowledge on use of our products among customers. We miss this great repository of knowledge and insight. Paul was a wonderful person to work with his eloquent ways of putting his ideas and full of energy. We lost a visionary. We miss you, Paul. Rest in peace, Paul!
Posted by Digvijay S on 22nd July 2015
Although I never got a chance to meet him personally, I could feel his charisma over the emails, calls. Indeed he was a wonderful person. He would be truly missed. I pray to the Almighty that his soul rests in peace and give his family members strength to overcome this tragic incident.
Posted by Pedro Lopes on 22nd July 2015
During all my work life at Oracle I've always seen Paul as a mentor, a leader and a fierce advocate of Database Security. Less than two years ago I got the privilege of becoming part of his team. I was talking with Paul almost every week learning as much I can. I'll miss him. Rest in peace Paul.
Posted by Saikat Saha on 22nd July 2015
Worked under the leadership of Paul for past two years in the database security product management team. I have known Paul for last several years. His utmost professionalism, commitment, and setting high standards for every aspect of life will always have a profound impact on me. Will always cherish Paul's advice on how to be an effective product manager and how to balance work and life. Have learned something new in every interaction with Paul. I will miss you so much, Paul. Rest in peace, Paul!
Posted by Naveen G on 22nd July 2015
I had the privilege of working with Paul for over 9 years. Paul was such a wonderful person to work with. He had always been very helpful, very kind and so soft-spoken. A very knowledgeable person, a thorough humble human being he taught us so much. He had amazing energy and was always seen with a smile, a very positive person. This is indeed a great loss. May God rest his soul in peace and provide his family the strength to cope with this loss.
Posted by Vipin Samar on 21st July 2015
A colleague for almost 10 years, Paul is going to be missed in many many ways. From launching of so many new products in the security space, he has left his mark in many programs and initiatives. Always in the "No, problem!" mood, his steadfast advocacy and unwavering commitment stood him apart. He was a true security inside-out guy. Rest in peace, Paul!
Posted by Dinesh Rajasekharan on 21st July 2015
I worked with Paul since 2007.In the world of Oracle Database Security, Paul is known as the Gandalf. In the past year and a half, I got a chance to directly work under his leadership and learnt several essential skills. We lost a great leader. Rest in peace, Paul!
Posted by Todd Bottger on 21st July 2015
Paul and I worked together on almost a daily basis for the last four and a half years. He was a great calming influence in our busy and fast-paced environment. Paul had a way of calming situations, making you feel at ease, and reminding you that we are all valued people. I'm going to really miss that. He was a terrific colleague and friend. Thoughts and prayers go out to Paul's family and other friends at this tough time.
Posted by Niel Pandya on 20th July 2015
Only ever had the pleasure to meet Paul once at the Tiger Training in 2014 - I thought then what a wonderful character he was and the value he brought to a global team. He'll be missed very much, very sad for the sudden loss.

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