Shared by Denise Pado on October 27, 2019
Oh, Dad - what is there to say...I love you, I miss you.  I miss our evening phone chats where I would tell you about my home improvement and gardening projects and you would listen and tell me what a good 'engineer' I was.  I miss hanging out with you watching movies about space and hearing your stories about your days working on Apollo.  I miss learning, by osmosis and by lesson plan, about  'do it yourself' home repairs and auto maintenance - and yes - I know there is more to driving a car than just pointing it.  I miss casually chatting about Mom and watching your eyes light up whenever you glanced at her photos.  I miss your enjoyment of the meals I'd whip up for you when I was visiting and how much you liked those vegan ice cream bars I bought - because they had real chocolate on them.  I miss everything - and most of all I miss you.  Death has separated us but love will keep us together - forever and always.

Your first baby daughter - DeeDee

Rick Lopez

Shared by Denise Pado on October 27, 2019
I have known Paul Pado and his family since the fall of 1971. I was 12 years old when we moved to Eland Drive in Apalachin.  Paul and Sylvia Pado were the old fashion type of neighbors, they always had a smile and greeted you with warmth. Paul was one of the men in the neighborhood that would take the time to talk to a you. I took advantage of these times to learn a great deal from Paul. It was from one of these conversations that Paul learned that I wanted to hunt game. Paul was a hunter and he invited me to go with him hunting. 
  Paul and I hunted on quite a few occasions accompanied by his German Short haired pointer, who's name I can not recall. What a dog. On one of the occasions hunting, I heard something behind me. When I turned my head I got a glimpse of the dog running up behind me with his head to the ground, just before he ran into the back of my leg, knocking me to the ground and running over the top of me. The dog kept going like nothing had happened. After the initial shock Paul and I had a good laugh over that. 
 Another interest Paul and I shared was football. The young men in the neighborhood, Craig Savage, Bob Bennett, My brother Eric, Bob Kemmerer and assorted other guys had a little team and we played against each other in the neighborhood and occasionally against other ad hoc teams from other neighborhoods. Although we weren't very refined at the sport it was fun.  During one of these games, Paul appeared and after watching us for a short time he began giving us pointers on the game. Paul's coaching continued from time to time and all of the guys appreciated his counsel and  coaching. 
 Life moves on and the Pados moved away to Virginia. My life took me around New York State and in 1997 I landed back in the old neighborhood on Eland Drive in the Yanko's house at 7 Eland Drive. Next door to my new home was the Pado's old house. One day I was out working in the yard when I saw Paul, Sylvia, Chris and Denise Pado at their old home talking with the Barbara Jones, the owner of the Pado's old house. I made my way over to see the Pados and what a nice reunion! The same old Pado's and Paul looked as rugged as ever!
 Again life moved on. Eventually, through an invention we all know as Facebook, I again was connected with Paul. I saw Paul getting a pedicure and eating meals with his daughters. And lots of photos of Paul surrounded by family.  Sadly, I recently learned that Paul had passed. On this occasion of the celebration of Paul's life, I must say that am grateful for having met Paul Pado and his family and for Paul's mentoring and friendship. I always thought of Paul as an uncle, Paul may you rest in peace.

Rick Hatch and Family

Shared by Denise Pado on October 27, 2019
The Families of Paul & Sylvia Pado & Chuck & Shirley Hatch came together in April of 1957, some 62 years ago, when both ladies gave birth to babies just a day apart from one another at Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, NY.   Sylvia gave Birth to their daughter Renee on April 1, 1957, and Shirley gave Birth to their Son, Richard on April 2, 1957.  I am Richard, their eldest Son of 4.   The rest is History, both families stayed Friends and in touch until the deaths of our Parents (Chuck & Shirley) in 1993 and 1997.  We lost them way too soon, way too young.  In the cupboard, after my Mother died in 1993, I found a piece of paper with Paul & Sylvia's address & phone # on it.  My Mom was thinking of them right to the end, even though long before then, Paul & Sylvia had moved to Virginia, and we didn't see them anymore.  But I have so many memories as a child of them.  I remember Sylvia's voice, her pretty smile, and when she smiled, she smiled with her eyes, too.  Paul was a rugged kind of guy, who could do anything.....(my Dad didn't know how to do much, lol) my Dad got Paul to put a 'new' cabinet and sink in our bathroom at 10 Dale Court, and probably some 50 years later, it's still there!  He did good work!  I vaguely remember them living on the South Side of Binghamton, by the school & park.  I still look over at that house when traveling on the Vestal Parkway.  The house I remember more was their beautiful home in Apalachin, NY.  The house was much bigger than ours, and decorated so nicely, the front lawn was so green & it seems I remember the backyard sloping down some.  I'm sure Paul took care of the lawn, any repairs, carpentry,  plumbing, electrical stuff, and Sylvia made the inside look so nice.  I remember they had color TV way before we did, I can remember sitting on the floor watching their TV way back  in 1968, when I was only 11.  I remember one time my Mom telling me that Sylvia had told her about meeting President Kennedy years before, in Wisconsin I think?  We were big Kennedy fans, and Sylvia told her how handsome in person he was, and that he had thick, reddish hair in person.  My Mom & I never forgot that.  My Mom & I used to play this game where we would tell each other who we thought someone we knew looked like in the celebrity world.  Mom said she thought Sylvia looked like Katey Sagal, "Married w/Children" and I said she always reminded me of Paula Prentiss "He & She" (both beautiful women in our estimation).  Paul I don't know, maybe a young Robert Redford or Tab Hunter when he was younger!  Our Parents always took us around visiting their friends on Sundays.   Some houses we dreaded going to, but we always liked going to Paul & Sylvia's.  I wish I had gotten to know Renee over the years, and that I met Lindsay & Chris's husband, and spent more time with the whole family.  I am so sorry for your loses and I can only say I truly understand the emptiness.  But there are so many good memories I can conger up, even 40-50 yrs.later.  My Parents left us a legacy with their Friends, some I've had and been in contact with up to my 60's.( Some were like 2nd Mothers & Fathers to me).  Your Parents were part of that Legacy.  I am glad that I have reconnected with Chris & Denise, Larry & Families over facebook.  I truly believe all of our loved ones, are all together again now, watching over us.  Please accept our sincere sympathy & condolences on the death of your Father, Paul.  My 3 Brothers join me in thanking you for the memories, and hoping we can make some new ones, when you return to Binghamton, NY.   May God Bless.   

With Love,  

Rick, Jeff, Jim, Scott Hatch & Families.

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