Let the memory of Paul be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on October 9, 1966 .
  • Passed away on January 1, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Paul Petrohilos 49 years old , born on October 9, 1966 and passed away on January 1, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 22nd April 2019
Well sweetheart back again with another Easter just passed, I am really feeling the loss you not being here always expecting your phone calls, have a very lonely life without you. Todd and his wife Tanya who are present are caravanning around Australia on their way around are going to visit Maria in Canberra to see the beautiful new baby from Lee and partner Stacie then come up to Queensland to stay a while with me. I am very lonely when I don't have contact with Ollie or Todd and Lee who is a beautiful young man, I feel the love from him. never forgets to tell me on every contact, although Ollie's texts he always puts Love Ollie, maybe mumma bear is watching.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 2nd January 2019
Another Anniversary Paul it is just as raw it was when you passed I would give my life to have you back I cry each night for you I pray for the day that I can see you again I close my eyes and I can see you You are the first person I loved when you were born You were always there when I needed you and you always knew when I needed a hug I am always here for you in my heart and soul You did not take my heart with you, you left yours with mine to look after One day you will take your hand and lead me to paradise but until then my beautiful son when I want to see you I only need to close my eyes.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 10th October 2018
Another birthday has passed sweetheart and am missing you just as much wishing I could turn back the clock and have you back with us but not the pain and misery you were feeling, Ollie went out to dinner to celebrate your birthday wishing I was there to be with him. Also he went to the cemartry to visit your dad and you, he is such a wonderful kind gentle young man someone to be proud of. Todd and Tanya are now travelling around Australia in a van and new 4 wheel drive sending back some fantastic photos putting them on Facebook so we can all view them. Well sweetheart till next time I add something always in my heart, love you so very much. Mum xx
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 2nd September 2018
Paul I miss you so much and am very lonely without you in my life nobody to talk to like we used to it is so very long since I spoke to you often listen to your voice that I have on my desktop as don't want to forget your voice never forget your face as have many memories also good news Todd and Tanya got married on the 4th August 2018, it was a lovely wedding but two things missing was you and your dad, a candle was lit for you both. I love you so much Happy Father's Day Ollie would be feeling it so much today. Your heartbroken Mum xx
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 1st January 2018
Well sweetheart another year has passed and the pain is still as fresh as it was when you left us. Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure. Please keep watching over us all especially Ollie who misses you so. He is a beautiful son one to be proud of a very nice person who now following in your footsteps as a masseur. Our love for you is eternal my son.
Posted by Maris Petrohilos on 1st January 2018
Paul may u live in our hearts always .Thinking of you Love Maria and family
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 9th October 2017
Well sweetheart another year has passed for your birthday I am still shattered from you going to soon, a mother should never bury her child it should be the opposite, I think about you every moment of my day and having dreams as well you left me with so many beautiful memories, your birthday is so very special. You were a blessing the Lord gave me.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 10th January 2017
Hello my sweetheart son PAUL, Kevin and I drove to Lucky Bay S.A. in the beautiful Subaru Forester we purchased with the money given to us from our grandson Ollie to have a beautiful Christmas with Todd and Tanya, Ollie and his girlfriend Tash joined us on Boxing day. Really a beautiful couple. We have never enjoyed such a Christmas like this one it brings back so many memories of our family all together when you were all growing up. The food was superb also the preparation all cooked by Todd and Tanya, we missed having you there but we know you were there in spirit we had a seat at the table for you. The time with everyone except you Maria and your dad was so precious to me. We travelled to Canberra to see Maria which was very precious, also to Tamworth to visit Kevin's four sisters and we were home for your anniversary New Year's Day. I miss and Love you so very much always in my heart and never ever forgotten. xxx
Posted by Ελενη Γεωργια... on 2nd January 2017
Ενας χρονος χωρις εσενα! Δεν φευγεις στιγμη απο την σκεψη μας!!Να περνας καλα αδερφε μου!! Σ'αγαπαμε!!
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 31st December 2016
In Loving Memory of my Son, First Anniversary without you it seems forever Of all the special gifts in life however great or small To have you as my son was the greatest gift of all A special time, A special face, A special Son I can't replace, with aching heart I whisper low I miss you Paul, I love you so.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 10th October 2016
For your 50th birthday in Heaven, still very much loved, still very much missed and very dear to us all "Your birthday's here but you aren't I'd send a gift but know I can't So I'll make a wish upon a star To carry our love to where you are My beautiful warm, caring, genious son we all thank you for the wonderful gift you were to the family, love you so very much.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 9th September 2016
I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile and seem care free there is no one who misses you more than me. It's hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember Every day that passes brings me closer to seeing you in heaven.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 9th September 2016
You realise how much you truly miss someone when something happens good or bad and the only person you want to tell is the one person who isn't here. The hardest part wasn't losing you, it was learning to live without you.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 3rd July 2016
I am back again to add to your Memorial, it has been very hard to go on for Oliver and me, we miss you constantly and can't move on as you are always in our thoughts. I pray you are watching over us all it is a comfort to know you are peaceful and with our great Lord Jesus.
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 26th March 2016
I am writing this tribute for my beautiful friend and second mother to my son Paul, Her name is Irene, mother to John, Catherine and Lisa who where always a big part of our family friendship. John and Paul were always great friends from the time they went to the same schools and played on the same sport teams. Paul was always there for John and visa versa. Paul was best man at John's wedding to Tina. As they got older and Paul got sick John was always there for Paul.
Posted by Ελενη Γεωργια... on 24th March 2016
Αγαπημενε μου αγγελε, τι να πρωτοθυμηθω απο σενα; Την ευγενεια της ψυχης σου; την καλωσυνη σου; το λατρεμενο χαμογελο σου; Μου λειπεις αφανταστα!! Ψυχη μου πονεμενη, σε κρατω στην μνημη μου, οπως ησουν τοτε, που ειμασταν παιδια! Ζησαμε ωραιες στιγμες!! Θυμασαι Πωλ; Καλο παραδεισο αδερφε μου, καλη ανταμωση!!
Posted by Elizabeth Hayward on 23rd March 2016
You are so sadly missed my beloved Son by Kevin and Me and you will live in our hearts forever we love you so much you were my rock and protector, we will meet again in heaven. God took you too soon your work wasn't done your son Oliver still needed you in his young life. You are adored by your brother Todd and sister Maria and cherished by nephews Josh, Lee and Ante

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