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Daddy and the singles club.. by Cindy K

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 We was asked to do a singing and dad having the good heart he did Never turned down a chance to witness and do gods works, He said Sure .. I cant remember where it was but we all loaded up and took off , Got there and we was early and dad said well Ill go see if anyone here and we can set up early .

Dad was gone for a Min and came back and Boy I remember the Look of SHOCK on his face and daddy Said Well kids I made a Mistake and We can go Now or we can Stay and Mamma Says What did u do , Daddy drops his head and Says Well this Singing is Not really What we thought it would Be .. ITS a Singles Club and Folks will start Comming In Soon . I remember everyone looking at  each other and I spoke Up and Said WELL DADDY single Folks Needs Sung to  Also.. and we Stayed went inside and Sang to a Room of Single FOlks it was a full House and FUN.. I Would Do it again and Not Regret One Moment  IF DADDY CAN go in and Do GODS WORKS then WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO also .... 

One More Prank From Pops.. by Sheila K

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 2 of the directors told me that this was the biggest visitation they have had in a while....which made me :) there for a while it was standing room only and the line was backed up...

dad was a prankters...oh my was he ever....but he just HAD to get in ONE MORE


the line had dewendled down to hardly anyone and that time I made my way to escape to find some dear friends to talk to them..they were standing by the front I am standing there I can see a TON of people on the outside but I didnt think anything about it (lung fillers dont ya know) well it wasnt long until my brother in law Gerry is at the door knocking....the DOOR WAS LOCKED... the people out there thought they were fillied to the max on the inside and locked the door so no more would come in...bless their hearts its like 14 out there,,,that is something that dad would do either to see how much of a laugh he could make or to prove a point,,,and yes it was funny (my best friend was one that was out there) but looking at it through dads eyes to get a message across..the ones on the inside was warm and surrounded by loved ones..yes there was tears but there was also laughter...the ones on the outside was looking in and seeing all this ....just like Heaven theres gonna be laughter with the Heavens filled with so much love...the ones from Hell will be looking up in torment seeing and KNOWING how much they have missed...I can hear pop say "are you gonna be locked in or locked OUT?"

I Sure Miss you but Heaven is Sweeter with you There... by Sheila K

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 had a zoom zoom but a GRAND weekend....spent the ENTIRE weekend with so many precious friends & family....words can't describe the singing saturday was hard but pops was there with us...before church on sunday I was singing a couple of dads songs that he had written & when it came time for specials Wain asked me to do prob...nope it hit me at the second line...but I FINALLY got through it...after church some of us got together & 'picked & grind' and Roslyn was asked to do Daddys Hands & her uncle Tommy wanted me to help her....good call on my part NOT to help her...Me & Sis sat in the kitchen & just bawled.........the last time I sang that song was with my sisters at our daddy's funeral .......did I mention pops b'day is thur....I miss him more & more every day

Pops by Nona A

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 I keep waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me that the last few days has been nothing but a terrible nightmare but I close my eyes and it's all still here..Pops started preaching in 65 and in 75 he started pastoring Cowan General Baptist Church..for years we moved from church to church..but we came back to Cowan..I'm not really sure why he left in the first place but knowing Pops like I do I'm sure that God told him to and that's one thing that he did..He listened to God no matter what it was or who was gonna get mad in the process..He ALWAYS obeyed God's will no matter what the price..but in the end that's where he wound back up at...I can remeber when I was little I use to play him and momma if I wanted something..they would send me back and forth with I don't know,go ask ur momma,or go ask ur daddy...finally I got smart and when my legs would get worn out from walking back and forth to say well this one told me to ask u I finally said the other didn't care so I was able to get my

I also remember the day that Gerry and I had to tell them I was pregnant..Gerry told Pops and I had to tell momma..really tried my hardest to switch that one around but Gerry wouldn't budge on the only thing that Pops would say was "that stupid coon has gotten my chickens again,how in the world is he getting through this fence'' and then it was "her momma's gonna have a fit" which she did but he was just so worried about how to fix that fence....

And he was always real good to tell this next story to whoever he came in contact with...When little one was little(ya that's what he called me was little one)we went to church and he asked me what song I was gonna sing..well me standing either on a milk crate,chair or the alter where people could see me with my mandolin I turned and said "inside the mic" I'm gonna sing Elvira..ya that didn't work..that was only for Saturday nites at Tall Timber or Firday nites at didn't matter where we was on a weekend,we was singing and playing music....then Pops started getting sick..he layed down his guitar for years and I had prayed for God to give Pops the faith to pick it back up again..then we was at his church and ya he played again..I had my guitar and prayed all the way there..God PLEASE let my guitar be out of tune and sure enough it was HORRIBLE..I got Pops to tune my guitar by telling him that I couldn't tune it and neither could Sheila..well ALL us girls knows how,that's one thing Pops and momma both taught us to do but he fell for it and then he was conned again to seeing if it was in tune with the piano and we got him to play while we sang a few songs..well it was more like 10 but it worked...then he refused to pick it back up..I had prayed for God to allow him to pick it back up again and the Sutt Family be allowed just one more time to sing as a family and it be caught on tape..God honored that prayer on December 4,2010...

Pops and momma both shared their joys of music and singing with us girls and in return we shared with didn't matter if he had just gotten out of the hospital on saturday he was behind the pulpit on Sunday preaching God's word..he used to always say "U ever wonder what heaven's gonna be like? I know what we read in the Bible but do u just ever wonder?...well he no longer has to wonder..I know that he's waiting for us to come join him..and I know that one day I'm gonna see him and he's gonna show me around just like he did a few days ago..oh what a celebration that's gonna's sad here but they're rejoicing in heaven cuz again...God ONLY takes the best and when it comes our turn and we're all there,that'll be the BIGGEST and PRETTIEST bouquet that the eyes have ever seen...

I miss ya Pops but don't u worry..u've taught us everything we need to know and we'll be there in no ya..:)

His Legacy by Nona A

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 I wish heaven had a window so that way you could see, that us girls and momma are carrying on your legacy. 

You'd be so proud of Cindy for she's using her voice,to sing the songs that you sang and even some you've wrote. Like "Standing In The Gap" that seems to be the one, that we long to sing for God on the throne.

Bj's been playing your guitar and she feels you with each key and how you stand beside her and say,"I'm very proud of these,these things that youns are doing to help each other stay strong,but don't worry sis,I know it won't be long."

Sheila's been playing and singing and lifting up Gods name just like you taught her years ago and not be ashamed,ashamed to stand for Jesus and sing his praise with the gifts that were sent from up above to glorify his name.

Momma still gets happy with the songs that we sing. She lifts her hands towards heaven and praises Gods holy name. The same name that you preached about to seek his face so one day we can all be together in that wonderful place.

And me I'm still trying to do Gods will. To follow in your footsteps but sometimes that seems hard to fill. But I strive everyday to do my best and to keep "my foot on the rock" when my faith seems put to the test.

There's an empty place that can never be filled til we step on streets of gold. And then we can be together again and never have to let go. So Pops be looking for us for we're all coming real soon, to live in the mansion that will be mine because of the legacy that YOU left behind....

Love and Miss ya,

Little One

Daddy and Family by Cindy K

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 The Most Important part of Dads Life was the day he Met Mamma got married and started a Family  He raised us girls all in church doing what was important to Him Spreading gods Word It made No diffrence where he was or what he was doing He told someone about the Lord and what he could do for them He took Us on Road trips over the world sleeping in the back seat of the car Singing and Preaching where god led the car to go ... I pray that My sisters will help me to Carry Out where Dad left Off singing and preaching and Doing Gods word

NEVER forget that Daddy Loves you and He is so thankfull that your lives are doing Gods Work . Hes thankfull for his grandchildren and his Great grandones  Teach your children and there children what Daddy has taught You

Daddy and Momma by Cindy K

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

 Daddy  would do what ever he needed to Just to See mamma Smile He picked her flowers Her made her Wooden items He was a Tinkern on something all the time I remember when he First went into his Cloths Pin Chairs those things was scattered all over the front room Floor Momma said Daddy  you have a Mess here I cant even walk threw , She Said what are u doing , His reply was OH Mom im just a playing i be done soon  She let daddy Be after awhile of her off doing whatever he yells Hey mom Come here and she went into the front room Knowing that there was a mess in there before and To her Eyes she saw the Most amazing art Daddy had made Rocking Chairs , Couches, Love Seats , and Plant Holder , She Cried and Smiles after all the Mess she had yelled at daddy A it ago he had turned into Love for Mom He did end up making several pieces of furniture

My Daddy by Sheila K

Shared by Bj Price on November 26, 2011

My daddy was so full of wisdom..oh to have 1/2 that wisdom..

He had a talent to write songs..oh to have 1/2 that talent..

He loved to share stories..oh to have 1/2 those stories..

He also had alergies....THANK YOU DADDY FOF GIVING ME 100% OF THAT

(ohhh it happens every year..itchy throat-sneezing-watering eyes) -I can hear him saying that as his bulldog checks moving like a bowl of jello--

love & miss you more & more everyday Pops 

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