"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3
  • 84 years old
  • Born on April 19, 1932 in Plainview, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on May 12, 2016 in Tucson, Arizona, United States.

Paul T. Leonard died peacefully on May 12th 2016 at his home in Tucson, Arizona after a long battle with hydrocephalus and vascular dementia.  Pat Leonard, his wife of 61 years and best friend was with him. 


The time has come for us to part

Your departure has left emptiness in many hearts

We must release you-this we know

God has called you and you must go

You had a passion for family love and pride

And it was strong 'till the day you died

It breaks our heart to lose you

But you do not go alone

Part of us went with you

The day God called you home.

                                                     With Love, Pat 

Paul is survived by his children: Denise (Deni) Dickson (husband, Dennis) of Indianapolis, IN, Lori Wheeler (husband, Jon) of Walla Walla, WA, Paul T. Leonard, Jr. (wife, Denise) of Hayden Lake, ID, Mary Leonard of Los Angeles, CA  and foster-son, Hank L. Phan of Murrieta, CA. He is also survived by eight grandchildren: Jonathan Wheeler, Nicole (Kellen) Clemens, Cassie (Vincent) Glondo, Jamie Wheeler, Brittany (Michael) Ratelle, Paul Leonard III (Mary Alice), Madison Leonard and Hannah Leonard and twelve great grandchildren: Samantha and Beckham Wheeler, Kate, Grant and Scarlet Clemens, Gracie, Dominic and Gianna Glondo, Eleanor, Charlotte and Emmett Ratelle and Liv Leonard.

Paul is also survived by his brother, Philip Leonard, his sister Mary Bassett, and 69 nieces and nephews.

In lieu of flowers, the family prefers donations to either;

Santa Catalina Catholic Church

14380 N. Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85737

Attention: Susan Budrow


Hospice Family Care

6300 El Dorado Plaza, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85755

Attention: Robin Perez.

Please make donations in Memory of Paul T. Leonard.

Posted by Denise Dickson on 19th February 2019
It all started sixty four years ago today when Paul and Pat became husband and wife. We are thankful that they brought four children into this world‼️ We are the people that we are today, because of the lessons they taught us, the inspiration they provided and most of all, the unconditional love they constantly gave to us. Daddy-O, I think of you every day; Your bride misses you but I feel so lucky to give her a hug every day. ❤️
Posted by Mary Leonard on 19th February 2019
Celebrating my parents great love today! My Dad was a great soul. A Great Soul By Maya Angelou “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.”
Posted by Pat Leonard on 19th February 2019
Hey, Big Guy, I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence and I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part. God has you in his keeping and I have you in my heart. Happy Anniversary
Posted by Pat Leonard on 19th February 2019
Ironically, as it may seem, I have not visited this website for sometime. However, I chose today to read all the beautiful memorial’s that have been Written about Paul. It makes me realize how fortunate I have been to be married to this wonderful man for over 60 years. And, it fills my heart with love when I read the wonderful comments that his friends and family have made about him. I miss him dearly and he is in my thoughts and my heart every waking moment of the day. But, I know that he is at peace and for that reason, I am also at peace. I love you more than yesterday and less in tomorrow. Your Fluff
Posted by Denise Dickson on 24th December 2018
Dear Daddy-O, I think about you every day, but especially today--Christmas Eve and Grandma Evie's birthday. We will be going to mass and returning home for oyster stew and tamales . Hung and Mary are here, staying with Mom. Give Grandma a hug from all of us. Wish we could all be together, but someday we will. With love, Deni
Posted by Maggie Malone on 12th May 2018
So sad to realize you’re no longer with us, Paul, but fondly remember you from all the summer weeks the Malone cousins spent with the Leonard family in Plainview. I love to think of you reunited with your generous, loving parents: your gentle father, Mike, and spirited mother, Evelyn. Rest In Peace, knowing that you live on in the hearts of many.
Posted by Madison Leonard on 12th May 2018
Thinking of you today, Big N. I've had a big couple of months! Married to my sweetheart (who you will adore), and singing in some very cool places. I can't help but think that you are bragging it up big time where you are, in the sweet way that only you can. We all miss you dearly and share stories and memories of you often. I guess we got the bragging gene, too :) Love you forever, Ruski
Posted by Denise Dickson on 23rd April 2018
Dear Daddy-O, You are always in our thoughts, but especially this week on your birthday. We wanted to have a low-key birthday celebration: so Mom and I went to mass, then brought pastries home from Basha's--sorry no cake or crown--we will save those for when we are together. In the meantime, know that we feel your presence EVERY day. Love, Deni
Posted by Mary Leonard on 19th April 2018
Today, my Dad would have been 86 years old. The older I become, the more I realize that having a father like him was as rare as a desert rose and just as beautiful. Those we love don't go away. They stay in our hearts; always near, still loved and still missed. Forever grateful to have had him as my friend and my dad. Happy birthday, Poppino!
Posted by Denise Leonard on 17th May 2017
Big "N" you where missed today! The family all gathered for a beautiful joining of two kids very much in LOVE! Hannah and Chris were sealed together for all time and eternity! We felt you with us all day...we celebrated the day of your passing with a beautiful union of your youngest grand-daughter! It was a beautiful day and Paul wore your watch and spoke about the TIME that has passed and how much we miss you. I miss your smile, conversations on all the latest topics and watching how you loved on your "fluffy"....All my love, Niece
Posted by Chuck Farho on 12th May 2017
It's hard to believe that it's a year already since we lost our good friend. Coming back to SaddleBrooke and not finding him here was almost surreal, Since the day I arrived in 2005, Paul was always there and i so much looked forward to spending time with him. While we obviously still love SaddleBrooke, since we've made it our permanent home, there just seems to be something missing. It's you, Paul. Joyce and I truly miss you. Chuck and Joyce Farho
Posted by Glenda Sitland on 12th May 2017
We miss you Paul but we have so many lovely memories
Posted by Dot M on 5th May 2017
It was always a pleasure to spend time with Denise's dad. He was a very friendly and caring person. He always seemed more interested in what we were doing with our lives than what he was doing or had done with his. We are sorry for his loss. His friendliness spread throughout the family as everyone we have met always has been very kind and attentive to us. I realize that this is very late but I was remembering that it is almost a year. I am sure he is smiling down at his family. Craig and Dot McKenzie
Posted by Mary Leonard on 20th April 2017
Remembering and Celebrating my Dad. If I could plant a flower for every time I miss him, I could walk through my garden forever. Lots of love and blessings forever. Mary
Posted by Brittany Leonard Ratelle on 19th April 2017
Happy birthday Big Nonno! We are thinking of you today and remembering the famous birthday where you wore your handmade crown all the way to the hardware store.
Posted by Madison Leonard on 19th April 2017
Thinking of our Big N today on his birthday! Love and miss him 4-e'er. --Madiruski
Posted by Hannah Leonard on 19th April 2017
Thinking of our big N on this very special day of his. Happy Birthday Nonno, and know that we are all smiling up at you on this day, and every day. We love you!
Posted by Bruce Hill on 19th April 2017
Linda and I have been thinking of you recently. Miss those phone calls with you PT and know you're have a special BDAY.
Posted by Jan Wojciuk-Graf on 11th March 2017
Settling into life in SaddleBrooke, Bill soon connected with Pat over real estate matters. Eventually, we met Paul. He possessed a unique sense of humor and was a great conversationalist - always interesting! Bill and I soon saw that he shared strong bonds with his dear Pat and family. It was with great pleasure and a deep sense of honor for me to minister with Paul during his home hospice time. Knowing that Paul is well and happily in God's presence now, Bill and I pray that his loved ones feel peace rather than sorrow. Blessings!
Posted by Chuck Farho on 26th December 2016
MY FRIEND, PAUL LEONARD We all go through our lives having many many acquaintances, but really, a relatively few number of friends that we consider to be close enough to be family. During my life, I've been blessed to have had a number of such friends, among which is the Leonard family, and the patriarch of that family, Paul. I am deeply honored, as a friend, to have been asked to say a few words as we honor Paul's life and bid him farewell until we meet him again. Compared to may others here, i was a relative newcomer in Paul's life, having known him about 11 years. while that seems like a fairly short time, it was long enough to really get to know appreciate who he was and what he was about. right from the very first time we met, i had this feeling that I had known him all my life, and that feeling did nothing b ut increase over the intervening years. /who was Paul Leonard through the eyes of a new, yet old friend? Well, two characteristics stand out for me . They are the words, dignity and gentleman. Paul, to me, was the epitome of both. It's not always easy to define these terms in words, bit it's one of those situations where, when you see it, you know it. He had dignity in his appearance, in his words, and in his actions, even near the end whe could do nothing else, but still be, Paul. 'Everything is going well, and how are you doing?" that's who he was. He was always interested in you, your family, your activities, and of course was always so proud of his family and their accomplishments. In thinking back, I can't really remember him using the word, "I" unless he was relating something from his Penney's days. It was always about others. We always loved discussing virtually any topic. He was truly interested in what you had to say and what your opinions were. You know, we're all aware that to stay friends, we should avoid the topics of politics and religion. Not so with Paul. As with any topic, he was the consummate gentleman. Much of the time you weren't even aware of his opinion because he was more interested in the discussion, rather than trying to make a point like most of us are apt to do. Maybe his family and co-workers saw something else, but as a friend, he simply was not judgmental. Good friend, my life is so much better off having the privilege of calling you my friend. We love and miss you.
Posted by Adan Paredes on 26th June 2016
Mr Leonard is greatly missed everyday by all the people that had the opportunity to know him.I personally miss him a lot and I know that he is in a better place. It was a great time to me an such a blessing to know him an the rest of the family.all of them.God bless Mr L anderen the rest of the family
Posted by Ann Rolando on 21st June 2016
Pat, You are right. Her voice is so beautiful (like an angel) and adds so much to the memorial. Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. Much love, Ann and John Rolando
Posted by Diane Graves on 17th June 2016
Denise - So sorry for loss. I always enjoyed seeing your father, Paul when he would come to Lilly. You've always been a special person to me. Take care. God Bless. Diane
Posted by Cassie Glondo on 16th June 2016
So many memories of my Big N..... All which will never be forgotten! So incredibly thankful for the time spent with him as a child, and even more so, the time I shared with him as an adult. Not a day passes, that I don't feel his presence.....even if it is a smile from above. I love you Big Nonno!!!!!!!
Posted by Madison Leonard on 16th June 2016
What a blessing it is to be a granddaughter of Paul Leonard. I have so many cherished memories of him from trips to Saddlebrooke, where he spoiled us grandkids! I will think of him any time I pass a Penny's, read the Wall Street Journal, or scores of other little things that will remind me of the kind, gentle, sweet man that he was. Love you 4 e'er, Big N. Love, Madiruski
Posted by Mario Nanni on 15th June 2016
Dear Pat and family, we are so sorry to loose a great man. We have in our mind the beatiful moments spent up to the Alpes in Aosta Valley. We hope to meet you soon in Italy. With great love. Mario & Nicoletta
Posted by Bill Lawson on 14th June 2016
We are lucky to have met Paul both in Indianapolis and Tucson. Always a twinkle in his eye, a lot of warmth and love for his family and friends, a smile on his face and fondness for his doggie. A wonderful gentleman, husband and father. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Kelly Lee on 13th June 2016
I came to know Paul and his family very late in his life. No matter what he was going through, he was always cheerful. Even the last few days. He would tell his wife and daughter he loved them and he would talk to them in his sleep. He loved his family and it showed every day. Though his body has moved on, he will forever be with those he loved.
Posted by Ann Parks on 12th June 2016
Our memory of Paul is of a gentle, smiling man who loved people and who always left us smiling, too. We will miss him at church and at the library where we talked of books and authors. You are strong, Pat. You will continue on despite your loss of a wonderful companion. If we can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to call us. Ann & Berni
Posted by Robert Franke on 11th June 2016
Dear Pat and Family, Barbara and I were honored to have had the opportunity to have Paul in our lives. His smile will always be remembered. Wishing you all strength as you deal with his loss until you are reunited.
Posted by Jill And Tom Brown on 11th June 2016
Dear Pat and family, We are so sorry that Paul has left us all for the moment and especially for you who have lost your loving partner of 61 years. We will always remember Paul's warm and impish smile, the twinkle in his eyes and his calm and gentle manner. It was a pleasure to be in his company. Our prayers for you and your family. Jill and Tom
Posted by Tim Bellanti on 7th June 2016
I first met Paul when I was very young. He was one of the first men to demonstrate class, dignity and warmth to me. I remember his intellect but more importantly, he taught me there is strength in humility. I visited with him last, a few years ago and all of those wonderful components of his being we're well in tact and even more profound. My life is much richer because Paul Leonard passed through it! May God bless Pat and the entire Leonard family!
Posted by Scott Frahlich on 6th June 2016
Paul was a special person. I shall miss our talks. My prayers and thoughts are with you Pat. May God grant you peace.
Posted by Bonnie Schoenfelder on 5th June 2016
Pat and family, We are with you in your sorrow, sharing our prayers, today and tomorrow. God will give you comfort in the form of family and friends. May peace be with you, His love never ends. We will miss Uncle Paul
Posted by Cassie Bonnet on 3rd June 2016
Pat, Well, half of the "A team" is up there greeting all who enter the kingdom. We'll all be together one day. I wish you comfort and peace. Cassie
Posted by Pat Lewis on 31st May 2016
It's difficult to understand why people are taken from us ,but find comfort in knowing you were a special part of such a well lived life. I was shocked to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and all the family--I have such fond memories of our times together. Our last visit was at the Mayo Clinic Motel. Such a memorable time for me as I am so fond of my dear friends -You with your thoughtful nature and Paul full of wisdom with a twinkle in his eyes .and a hug for me. Bill was blessed to work with Paul always holding him in high regard. I will keep in touch with you, Pat.
Posted by Glenda Sitland on 30th May 2016
We have known you for 20 years or more but we feel our friendship with Pat, Paul and family has been a lifetime. We will miss Paul and think of him often. Our deepest sympathy to all the Leonard Family. Glenda, Sam Sitland and family
Posted by Sue Aubuchon on 30th May 2016
To the greater Leonard family, I was befriended by Deni and Dennis Dickson in the very late '80's, I believe, when they annually frequented Palm Desert for the big, professional tennis tournament in March. About 10 or 12 years later, I had the pleasure of meeting Pat and Paul when they also came over from Tucson for the week. They invited me to Tucson for Thanksgiving, and I have gone there ever since for Thanksgiving except for 3 or 4 years when weddings that weekend or tending my elderly parents prevented my going. In the course of those visits, I felt so welcome and loved by Pat and Paul, and personally grew to know what an incredible matriarch Pat was to the family and to witness debates and discussions with Paul that showed me a family could disagree but not hold the person who disagreed in any less esteem. Over the years, I was able to meet all of Deni's sibblings and some of their children and grandchildren. SOOOO wonderful to get to meet and talk to folks about which I had heard from time to time at Thanksgiving. I remember one time there when Paul Jr's family and Lori"s (forgive me if I have misspelled) family were there when I "tearily" commented on how lucky they are to be such a family together. Not sure if they looked at me "cross-eyed" or not, but from my perspective, it was so. While at the memorial recently, it was great for me to hear Paul's friends and contemporaries talk about him. This is a piece of his life I missed, and it was wonderful to hear about how he affected his work colleagues and friends later in life. One of my fondest memories of Paul is when he would call out, "Fluffy, could I please have another cup of coffee ? - or something else he needed at the moment. My "today's womanhood" would call out, "get up and get it yourself!" but through all of that I saw on and on and on how much he loved Pat. They would sit on the sofa after we had decorated the Christmas tree on the Friday after ThxG more closely than most young couples. It was wonderful to see. One more little anecdote - I knew I had arrived as someone close when Paul gave me $20 for gas when I left on my drive back to Palm Desert one Thanksgiving several years ago. I was told by Pat and Deni that he usually would do that with the kids when they left after their visits. I felt so honored. Paul, I may have to wait 25 years or more, but I want to be up there with you and others debating the issues of the day!!! With much love, Sue
Posted by Mike Thyen on 26th May 2016
Denise, and the Leonard family, You have been in my daily thoughts and prayers since I first heard the news. You have my sympathy. I have always thought a man's success is not measured by the material possessions assembled over their life, but by the legacy they leave through the character of their children. I can honestly say I have not met a family of higher character, generosity, sincerity, warmth and genuine respect to all they meet, as yours. You friendship, and that of your family, has been a blessing to me, and that is a result of your father. A great man is never forgotten when they leave such a great legacy. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Jane Brown on 23rd May 2016
I loved getting together with Paul and Pat--kind and loving company and healthy debates would ensue long into the wee hours. Paul had a special spirit for life. My condolences to Pat the Leonard family.
Posted by Ron Bean on 21st May 2016
PAUL LEONARD: A Tribute by Ron Bean Adversary, Boss, Colleague, Mentor, Advocate, Advisor, Surrogate Father, and Life Time Friend. As I began working for Paul in 1981 it was a real struggle as he had an extremely demanding criteria for anyone reporting to him, and almost seamed to (at least in my eyes) take pleasure in trying to "break down the new guys". Beyond that let's just say he was very blunt in his criticism or demands for something to be, while I operated from a little more diplomatic approach to accomplish things. As an example, after about one month on board his staff we had a big off site meeting with a lot of company executives attending. It would be my first presentation as a member of Paul's staff. Of course I had all procedural and technical things perfect, however I was still burdened with the problem of being a poor speaker in front of a group. After I finished, Paul landed on me like a buzzard on fresh road kill and started picking away at me ! He told me in no uncertain terms that I was an embarrassment, the worst speaker he had ever heard, lower than a snakes belly, etc. and my career was doomed if I couldn't get it fixed and on and on for what seemed like hours. That drove me crazy. I felt so belittled like I was standing in Carnegie Hall naked with everyone staring at me ! What was worse is, he was right and I knew I never wanted feel like that again. I immediately took a couple of Dale Carnegie Courses. Later Paul would tell me what a good speaker I had become and if I got tired of retail I could always become a Senator. I was determined to meet or exceed his every challenge, and even though our styles clashed the next several months it became a game of him throwing everything he could at me and me beating his expectations no matter what effort it took on my part. Before long we were working long hard hours, laughing together as colleagues and from there he became my mentor and later my advocate. It was very evident Paul was extremely intelligent with unique a foresight. We would often talk over a drink or dinner while traveling and he would tell me about things that would or should happen, and more often than not those things would eventually be in place. Paul was always a strategic planner, with the ability to see the broad picture for the retail business, how all the pieces fit together, and the best way to move forward. In our time working together I learned that in many ways our styles were alike and he was not so very tough or mean at all. He simply wanted the same from the people that worked for him that he gave of himself.... ... the absolute very best you can give each and every day. Exactly the same as I expected at JCPenney. From that time forward Paul and I worked together like two precision clocks made by the same Swiss clock maker. We remained professional in our working relationship. I came to realize however that my good friend in addition to having a Passion to Drive For Excellence in Business actually had other great passions that came FIRST: That was the passions that he held so deeply in his heart, being his love of Pat and Family, His Love of God and Faith, and his countless friends, and love of this great Country. As I indicated at the top of the page our relationship was evolutionary and lasted for thirty five years. During all the time I was in the picture his "Angel" Pat was there and a part of every single day. Thank you Pat for putting up with both of us and always welcoming me into your home. The Paul Leonard I knew: With Love and Admiration Ron Bean
Posted by Ron McMichael on 20th May 2016
Pat : Karen and I offer our sympathy upon Paul's passing. May God comfort you and give you peace. Our time in Milwaukee will always be special.
Posted by Beth Halloran on 18th May 2016
Pasta -- You have been so present in my mind and heart the last number of months, but never more so since hearing of Paul (Slim's) death last week. Your union is a beautiful illustration of love, respect, enjoyment and hard work. I am sure this is a bitter sweet time for you and please know it is for all of us who love Paul and love you. Much love from Minnesota!
Posted by Fr. John Kamwendo on 17th May 2016
Denise, I am so sorry to hear your dad’s passing. Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your loss. But, with the eyes of faith in resurrection and eternal life, may peace and comfort find you and your family during this difficult time. May Mr. Paul rest in peace! Know of my prayers during this time; and I will celebrate a requiem mass tomorrow on Wednesday 5/18/2018. God bless, Fr. John F. Kamwendo
Posted by Terry Prindiville on 17th May 2016
Pat.Very sorry to learn of Paul's home going..Have such wonderful memories of our times together..Always enjoyed his bright outlook and humor.
Posted by Natalia Nanni on 15th May 2016
Dear Pat, this sad day has come for you, also: I feel so close to you. I have such good memories of dear Paul with my Piercarlo in the mountains, in Italy. I remember my own great sorrow, when it happened to me; I remember my fear to walk through life without my beloved Piercarlo. My daughters have been so important to get over that moment. I think it will be the same for you: your beloved ones’ love will be your shelter and your consolation. I hug you all: you, my dear Pat, and Denise, Mary, Paul and all the family, and I pray that God may give you his holy comfort. Franca, from the Nanni Family
Posted by Peg Schoenfelder on 15th May 2016
Paul will surely be missed by his family as well as the community at large. May all the good thoughts of those many people provide you some comfort in this difficult time.
Posted by John Dabrow on 14th May 2016
I'm so sorry to hear about Paul's passing. I haven't been around the compound like I use to when I(worked at the fitness centers. That's where I got to know Paul and Pat. Also Pat walked her pooch and we would bump into each other occassionally. I didn't really know that Paul was sick. I know that when I had my problems Pat and Paul would call me and send me cards and all. Two wonderful people and Paul will be missed.
Posted by Mark And Patricia Whitwor... on 14th May 2016
Pat, We are of course sorry to hear about Paul's passing. We have not been in touch, but wanted to share our remembrances of you and Paul while we were on the Pre- Retirement program. We can only wish you well in the days without Paul, but we thought you were a very capable lady before and sure you will continue to be. God Bless you, Pat. Mark and Patricia Whitworth May 14, 2016
Posted by Dave Nafziger on 14th May 2016
Paul will will truly be missed. In my 40 years with JC Penney he was one of the most enlightened thinkers I had the opportunity to work with. He was a wonderful person who had a real zest for life.

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