This tribute was added by Christa Cohen on August 13, 2016
I never got to say goodbye. I never got the chance to give you one last hug. Things may have been rough between us from time to time, but, I still loved and respected you, always! I will always be your "Little Girl!" We miss and love you so very much...may you continue to rest easy, Paulette!
This tribute was added by Joe Cordova on April 21, 2016
Hi momma words can not express how much I miss you. I am so sorry that I never got to properly say bye to you. Things are so tuff without you here I miss you more and more each day. I could really use your guidance right now I am so lost without you. Please continue to look over us. There is so much I want to say to you I just don't know how. I love you and always will until we meet again mom!!
This tribute was added by Kathi Glass on April 21, 2016
You were always so kind to me whenever I was at your home or Toni's. I appreciated that more than you knew. I was so glad when I saw you once again, even though you didn't remember me. I still was happy to help you during your time of need. Rest well, my friend.
This tribute was added by Tammy Hayhurst on April 21, 2016
from the moment you layed your head to rest i told you that i will always take care of your son... your baby boy peter... and i ment that.... i always will ... thank you for giving me such a good are the one who molded him and again thank are truley every moment missed xoxo
This tribute was added by Amber Gipple on April 20, 2016
R.I.P Grandma I love and miss you a lot and think about you everyday,I miss giving you hugs and kisses and miss you telling people of you were the best Grandma any one could of asked for. I love you Grandma forever and always
This tribute was added by Antoinette Cordova Lojaco... on April 20, 2016
I will never forget you Paulette you were a one of a kind funny but nasty when you had to be you always made me laugh and continue to do so in my dreams sleep peaceful you deserve it miss you always love Toni

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