Let the memory of Pauline be with us forever
  • 92 years old
  • Born on July 13, 1920 in Newnan, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on March 26, 2013 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pauline Parks, 92, born on July 13, 1920 and passed away on March 26, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 23rd November 2017
Today is Thanksgiving your favorite time of the year. You had the family together as you cooked. Those days are no longer here. You were indeed the glue. Mommy I love you and miss you so very much.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 14th November 2017
I love you do mom!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 6th July 2017
Mommy I remember my last time with you on a Sunday! You finally went to sleep started snoring. I thought everything was alright! You left me on that Tuesday.i miss and love you so.
Posted by Jr Ware on 19th April 2017
Hello Moma...Jr. here, still missing you and thinking of you all the time...4 years and I still cry thinking of you. When I look at Mimi with her glasses on, I see you and it amazes me, the resemblance. I have to take a second to get focused. I be moving home soon, and I be able to visit. Until then, Love and Miss you.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 17th April 2017
I love you mommy!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th July 2016
Happy 96 momma I love you so very much. You are my heart forever mommy!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 29th September 2015
Just want to say I love you and miss you every day
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th July 2015
Two years now I have not been able to see you touch you talk to you. It was truly a blessing to be able to see my Mom and know what she was thinking. I am still having a hard time since you have left, however God Almighty has come to help and ease the pain. To know you was to love you because you were certainly all about love. Smart than anyone I knew with just a 9th Grade education. God fearing Lady, and did not cease telling us that Prayer answers everything. Yes it does mommy! I love you and as long as I live I will forever call your sweet precious name. Pauline Francis Williams Park. Your Namesake!!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 7th July 2015
It is almost your birthday and I will have to take care of your area. I love you so much and miss you so much my love. Your name sake Paulette
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th June 2015
I love you! Miss you so so much my dear mom,
Posted by Paulette Reid on 16th June 2015
It is getting close to your birthday and I just hate everything And all holiday! Without you if is just not the same and will never be my love. Miss you so much it hurts .
Posted by Paulette Reid on 27th May 2015
Yesterday was 2 years and 2 months since you left me, i still have some clothes that i wash and put away neatly. Oh yes I have one of your slips. You use to always look for your slips. Sometimes Gerald and I would throw so much stuff away of your we thought was junk. She should not have done that but we did. I love you from the bottom of my heart and miss you so very much. There is not a day goes by tht I don't think about you. Your namesake, Paulette.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 21st May 2015
Posted by Paulette Reid on 4th May 2015
I just want to say I love you think about everyday, Mother's Day is coming up and it makes me so sad you are not here I really love you my beautiful mom, I truly wish I could just see you laugh or cry or just being my mom! Will talk to you again soon,
Posted by Paulette Reid on 29th April 2015
I love you! Just wanted to say that!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th April 2015
Momma my love, i think about you all the time. You are never far away from my mind. I thank the Heavenly father everyday for you. You put us on the right track to knowing him and what was right and what was wrong. Momma you are the best mother ever. I love you with all my heart!!! Your namesake, Paulette.
Posted by Sylvester Ware on 19th April 2015
Moma, it is 5am, and I have you on my mind. I had another dream, and you were there. I can not remember things said, but seeing you, talking to You, let me know you are still with me, with us, as you always were. I have so much running through my mind, I can't quite find the next thing to say. I been finding how much you and Paulette favor in your younger years. That has been a joy for me, in trying to find joy. With this depression, I have had the toughest 3 years of my life. When I cry, I remember how much you headed loving tears, your heart for all was so active in feelings. I truly believe that times when I cry, I think my siblings are doing it at the same time, sometimes. One thing for sure, in loosing you and Gail, we have found a deeper love for each other. Loosing you two, in sight only, has made us care more for one another. Me and Gerald have some type of misunderstandings, but my love for him does not waver from it. Coming up, we had our ups and downs, and we made it through them. Today, we hurt in unison, because our hearts are of togetherness that only we could have, missing You So much. We talk on Facebook, and it is easy to see that we are Strong, together. I don't think any family on there communicate together as we do, your kids, Grand kids, and even Great Grand kids. Me and Mimi and poppy, we have laughs together about some of the things they found so funny you would do. Their memory is so sharp! We enjoy that laughter together, and that is one of the best times of my days. Sometimes we watch Martin together, and I think of how much laughter you got from seeing that Picture. As you can see, I go up and down in my thoughts. Never with any consistency of either. I Love a You Moma! I will continue to see You from here on and even when the Lord call for me, God Grant it for All Your Namesake. From God, Blessing You and Daddy, we are Many, and We are Strong!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 15th April 2015
I love you momma and miss you so! Your namesake Paulette.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 6th April 2015
Was gonna put daffodils on your grave today for it is exactly 2 years today you were laid to rest. I will place them there hopefully tomorrow. I want them to bloom every spring. I will be there.
Posted by Paula Lay on 26th March 2015
I love you Momma with all my heart. When I look up at the sky, I think of you. I know you're watching over me and the family. You are not gone, you're sitting right here in my heart, and with knowing that, I know I'll be oKay! Until I see you again. I know I'm doing you proudly. Love and miss you dearly!
Posted by Paula Lay on 26th March 2015
I always seem to not like the Church Song saying, "one of these days, you gonna look around, and I'll be gone". I would watch my Mother as she would get deep into those words. My mind thought, I never won't to see this day. Young, a Pure Moma's Boy, I wanted to know before going to Church if that song was going to be sung. Times, I went, times it caught me off guard. In the Now, the song is a Truth in my Mind. I don't look around, but I know. She has left us, and even in remembering all she taught you, you can't hear the voice with it. A sadness like no other comes upon you, and you can never deny the Strength of the Downward fall inside your Heart. I get a burn in my eyes, and the tears do not extinguish it. You remember the Comfort that has been lost, forever. I Man up, then Man down, up, down, up, down, looking for up, but I get a time where my mind is tired. Night time fall, and I ask that You be there in my dreams, that you be speaking to me. I need to hear your Voice. God Grant it so, sometimes. The time has shown that you were chosen to Rest, doing All You could and then some. In your Nervous times, your deepest sorrow, you could reach her for the things you need to know and hear. You can know them, and still want it from Her. MOTHER' It is true, that when You become a Man, you put down childish things, but when you Loose Your Mother, You become a child again, lost, looking for Her. Then, in Spirit, she's there, saying, I'm still With You in all you do, Right. I'm still there in all you do, Wrong. You receive my Yea, or my Nea. And You move on. Carrying Her on either shoulder, for a while. Today, 2 Years ago, we Lost Our Mother, our Grandmother, Great Grand, Aunt, our Truly Best Friend. Pauline France's Williams (Parks). 1951-2013, 1954-2013, 1956-2013, with Gail Already there to Meet and Greet Her Mother. 1958-2013, and 1961-2013. From Lincoln Park, to Alton Park, to every where else, we lost Our Queen. So, then I say, that time came when You were not there. But, You instilled in us to know, Stand Up, to Believe. Asking... Do You Believe that the Lord Is Coming? Do You Believe that Lord Is Coming, Child, I Want to Know! Yes, Mother, I Believe that the Lord is Coming, and after His Royal Greeting, and All the Love and Happiness His Son Jesus said there Will Be... Standing there, there, You Will Be. We Love and Miss You So Much, "Moma" By Sylvester Ware
Posted by Sylvester Ware on 26th March 2015
Moma, today has been a tough day, without You. I know you do not want any of us to hurt inside. So, I am going to pick myself up, and think of You and know, You Are The Best Mother of All Time. "The Greatest!" I believe You and Gail, Daddy, Mae, Jimmy, Bobby, Margaret, Dot, Norma Jean, Charles, Johnny, Alvin, (Wow, what a party) are enjoying Your Special Day, and We Love You and Miss You. Jimmy and Gail, James Browning for You, and Camel Walking!!! Love You!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 26th March 2015
Mother it is two years today that you left us we are still numb to this it is so still unbelievable. I know you are with our father for you were a beautiful Godly Mother for undying love for Jesus! I thank God for giving you to me for 61 yrs of my life! Please know that I love you forever!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 5th March 2015
Thinking about you so intensely because around this time two years almost you left me. I find myself having panic attacks not being able to get to you are touch you. I love you do much! Your namesake Paulette
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th February 2015
I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss so dearly my love! Your namesake!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 18th January 2015
Love you and miss you!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 16th January 2015
Momma I love you!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 9th January 2015
Momma it has been 4 yr since your sister Norma Jean left us I did not tell you because I did not want yo upset you. I miss all of u so much l Love you your daughter Paulette
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th December 2014
Hello momma! This is a special dAy for me for today my baby girl turned 42. You were there all the way with me as you were with all my special ocassion. I especially miss in times like this just having you there sharing with me meant so much. One more day missing you and thanking God for the memories I had with you! Paula was my namesake like I were yours! Thank you God for my mom!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 2nd December 2014
Mom, this is your daughter once more. As my brother said you gave us all of you and all of you you gave. There was never any half stepping, you always come through no matter what the occasion was. I miss you so and there was absolutely nothing like your eyes. I love to gaze in your eyes just to get there certain look you would give for different reason. Oh yes you were one funny lady. i proud myself on having you as my mom. Your namesake Paulette
Posted by Paulette Reid on 25th November 2014
Good morning mom, i want to say that Thanksgiving is upon us and I just can't bring myself to feel a certain way anymore. I felt so happy knowing you were somewhere i could communicate and talk to you for whatever ell me. I miss you so much and maybe one day I maybe able to get back into the spirit of things once again. I love you always! Your namesake Paulette.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 17th November 2014
Good morning momma. Just wanted to tell you that I love you! Miss you like no other. My love will forever be with you. I thank God every day for having such a beautiful mom like you!!!! Your namesake Paulette!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th November 2014
Mom I had a pretty hard day today just thinking About you as from time to time I may have I miss terribly. My thoughts are always with you. I love you so much!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 21st October 2014
Good morning mommy! I love you and just want to tell you how much!! Please know I appreciated every single thing you did for me. You were the best mom in the world. With love
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th October 2014
Thank you Brother for leaving such beautiful tribute to our beautiful Mom! Thank you!!
Posted by Sylvester Ware on 8th October 2014
A Flower for a Flower, one always stay bloom, because we see you as such, Moma. I think of you and realize that you are forever in our sight, heart, and always near in our decisions. Without You, Moma, our Guiding Light, we never would have known how to be. You left us, knowing you had done all you could, and we do for ourselves, but forever with You in mind. I never make a decision without thinking what you would do. One of your many GrNdsons, Cortez, will be 24 on the 9th, tomorrow, and Sonya will be 41 on the 17th, and your First born, Paulette will be 63 on the 24th. Gerald turned 53 a few weeks back, and Gail was with you on her 58th Birthday, and Cynthia, before you know it, next year, soon, will be 61, and myself, 56 this past August. I have so much to say, but will save some for our next talk. Love You, Branded in my Heart, Body, and Soul, You live on in Us!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th October 2014
I love you!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 7th September 2014
I love you went to church today and thought about you and Gail I love you both.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 3rd September 2014
Things you liked and did not like. You like cooking for everybody, you like buying things for everybody, you like taking people around to get thing done in their lives, you LOVED serving the LORD!!! You love politics you love going to church, You LOVED you CHILDREN!!! What you did not like you did not gossiping, do did not like coffee or eggs never saw you eat them, you did not like People messing with your food before you were through, You did not like any parts of the chicken but the breast, that was the only peace you would eat. You love peace because you were a peace maker, you loved going to places, could not keep you still for a minute. You like going out the eat at times and you loved seeing everybody happy!!!! You were LOVE!!!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 1st September 2014
Posted by Sylvester Ware on 20th August 2014
Paulette, I have a mole on my back, looks like a pencil eraser. I sent it to Tony, a picture, and his Boss, who had some removed, said it look like his, that were cancerous. Only mine is bigger. Little worried, but it is what it is. Got to go see a dermatologist. The guy said that they had to go deep to remove all of his. I will keep you up on it. I did not know until Poppy saw it. VA cancelled my app. that I had f or tomorrow, the 21st, and scheduled me for next month. Letdown there, because I wanted the Doctor to see it. Going to go to VA emergency room tomorrow night to see if I can get referral before next month. Not for you to get worried; I am not stressing that much about it.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 19th August 2014
Thinking about you being with us in everything no matter the ocassion I miss you so much, I want to kiss you and hold you my loving momma!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 17th August 2014
Momma I went to church today and watch my sister give her talents to God just as you started her off on her way from way back when she was only three years old. I set there and I envision you setting there like you use to do every Sunday as you serve our father. I really felt good being there. Momma I miss you and love you so much!
Posted by Sylvester Ware on 16th August 2014
Moma, just turned 56, like Paulette said, and out living Gail kind of bothered me. In only a few weeks is her Birthday, and would be turning 58. I always cry to visit her, seem to always get lost. One time I asked, where are you, and turned to see she was right there, like she was telling me. I see you both in dreams, and sometimes you talk. I have figured out that it be thinking of you both so much. Tears tell me I have lost all happiness. I truly believe that. I want to be, but just can't find it. My Eyes hurt. I have a mole on my back that has pertruded from my back that looks like a pencil eraser. Kind of scared. I go to the doctor Thursday. Thank God for Poppy, because I did not know it was there. Well, I hope it is nothing, but if so, I will do what is needed. I tell yiu this because I have always told you Everything. Like when you took me to Doctor for pancreas. Hpefully, you can talk to me in my Dreams. Love, Jr. Always, when I fear, You Appear.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th August 2014
Mommy today is a special day and I know you were so proud when you brought your first son into this world. Today is your oldest son's 56 Birthday. Thank you for keeping your family together and letting us know what a family is all about we know because of the love you showed us! Until next time! Love! Your namesake Paulette
Posted by Paulette Reid on 12th August 2014
Mom I have just read my brother's last passage and I was brought To tears so touching but from his heart like all our feeling were from the heart for you, because you gave your heart to all your children you are one remarkablel lady that we will never forget! I cry everyday for the missing of you your smile your jokes your crazy dance you use to break out and do so much to try to get in in this message to you. Til the next time!
Posted by Sylvester Ware on 11th August 2014
I see a heart fill with tears You no longer here to fight my fears I see a smile that long to show Without You here, it has lost the glow I see a dream that you were there Only to awake with confuse thoughts I look back at my latter years and sometimes wonder if God will reprimand me for the drunken disrespect I showed So many prayers of that has never settled my mind Then, I think of being the son to you you wanted And hope that all will measure out My tears show the love for you My heart misses you everyday I think of the closeness as a child The Love You gave from first moment on, all the while. God gave us a Great Mother Not faultless, But So Sincere to her children. Love and Miss You. Jr.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 11th August 2014
My love my love for you is strong my thoughts are for ever with you. Love Paulette!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 6th August 2014
I love you!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 5th August 2014
Momma yesterday Was another bad day for me I need the presents around me and when I can not get it anxiety takes over. I will always communicate with you my love, I hope one day to see you again, with love your daughter Paulette your namesake!

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