Let the memory of Pauline be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on March 2, 1932 in Mead, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on September 16, 2009 in Aurora, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Pauline Jimenez, 77, born on March 2, 1932 and passed away on September 16, 2009. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Priscilla Romero on 2nd March 2018
Mom if you were here we would be talking on the phone after you talked with Paul and had your daily coffee right. I sure miss you but I know God is taking good care of you in that wonderful place called Heaven! Tell Dad, Andy, Roger, Anthony, & especially beautiful Kristal and also cousin Charlie Montoya who passed on Feb 6th, tell them all I said Hi and Love you all, until we meet at the gates of Heaven! your daughter, Priscilla
Posted by Gloria Mendoza on 2nd March 2018
Tia, you are never far from my thoughts and just this week, I moved some pictures from my phone to my permanent...and there you were with Tia Cruz, Uncle Chris and Cousin Johnny in Rawlins to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday! I sang for you and you loved it! You, Uncle Jake, Dad and Mom were compadres having baptized Richard! Through you, they gained a step closer to heaven! Love you and miss you! Blas, Gloria and Tammy Mendoza
Posted by Paul Rivera on 19th September 2017
momma i did post on my fb but i did miss thiss but i am late and as always here to say i love u and miss you .as we all do on earth and cant wait to see u in heaven one day and yes as u can give all the ones that are with u a big hug and kiss. and as we would talk every morning having our coffee and u having a donut as you loved to have momma. and yes your jake is doing good and just the same as he wont change momma and as for louis to doing great and with me everyday and yes and loves u as well and the others are all doing good as well mom we miss u and we do love pablo.....
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 18th September 2017
Mom as you can see through our Lord Jesus that I am 2 days late this time Sorry! It feels as if you just left us today because as I listen to this song it makes me remember you as if you were still here to call on the phone you always loved getting phone calls from all of your children and you would tell each of us the latest that was happening and I so miss that so what us kids do today is call each other in order to keep up to date on what is happening with each of us in our lives. Looks like you have another great grandchild to watch over in Heaven baby Avyaah, Andy's granddaughter also, your friend Nettie Romero died September 1st I went to her funeral on Friday the 15th. Now you have a Poker partner so have fun. God tell my Mom I love her so much and miss her each day that passes, love your daughter, Priscilla
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 10th March 2017
Well sorry I missed your Birthday Mom! so you would be 85 if you had lived to celebrate it with us. How are you doing up in Heaven? With God and Jesus Christ? It must be glorious to be with so much love and NO hate, jealousy, unkind words, all you get is to lounge around in the Sun resting if you want and from what I hear you are waited on for all eternity wow you earned it. Would you please tell Kristal I love her and my brother Andy the same? Also, let Kristal know that Mom is doing okay getting by each day thinking of you and enjoying being with your sisters Vanessa and Leeann, they all love and miss you! But we know you are in a better place with NO more pain and no worries! Your daughter Mickelle is now living in your home and she feels so at home because she feels your presence in the house. Give her a kiss now and then to keep her happy! Love you all, Priscilla
Posted by Paul Rivera on 2nd March 2017
good morning mama and so as these days go by and i sit here every morning .and drink my coffee alone as we always had a our talk and our coffee everymorning and did enjoy those days and talks momma and we love u and miss you so bad and yes we do ..:( <3
Posted by Paul Rivera on 16th September 2016
GOOD MORNING mama and yes as i can say that those long and lonely seven years without u is just has not been the same .mom as i miss those calls every morning and our talks and coffe together and yes as we always had and asking about your jake and how is he doing well he is still doing the same. mama and so there and always jake will be jake as for louis is doing great.and as for all the others we are doing fine and missing u so bad and yes we do mama and so please save that spot when we come to see u again .and give andy hugs and kisses and tell him i love him as well as others mama and love u and wish i could hear your voice and a get a hug and a little kiss .love your son pablo.<3
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 16th September 2016
Good morning Mom, well it is now 7 years since you left us to be with our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father God. I know you are resting in the most beautiful garden with the Sun shining on you and you are eating Heavens food to nourish you and keep you happy. Have you seen Kristal today? I am sure she is right next to you,and Andy her buddy and one of her favorite Uncles. Mom watch over her for Tina she misses her Baby so much and is Comforted knowing she is with you, Andy, Dad, Roger, Anthony and all those that have went to God before us. God tell all my of my Family in Heaven that I love and miss them everyday and that I will never forget them and will always keep their Memories Alive here on Earth!!! Love you Kristal! I miss you and love you so much and think of you every waking moment!! Take care of Grandma and give all your wonderful smiles to everyone in Heaven!! Love to all my Family in Heaven!! Priscilla
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 16th September 2016
Mom,Today is a bitter sweet day..I know that we will alway's miss you and we will reflect upon all the year's shared and missed with you.Thank you mom for your determination,love,sacrifice,you gave from the beginning..You never gave up on us and held us together as a family.You were the glue that held us together through the good and bad..I will alway's be thankful as all of us children are.Now your in Heaven doing the same as you did here on earth..meeting all the loved one as they leave earth.sending Blessing's to you as I do often and sending a special request to do a family hug...Kristal first give her a big kiss for me and hold her tight..You know how much this hurt me. when I had to see her go through her cancer treatments.I would of never been any where other than by her side.It's the mother in us..I know she is in no pain and dancing around and feeling free with you all.Hug her then call brother Andy over hug him tight kiss him on the forhead for me.And let him know We miss him dearly.I think of all the good gathering's we shared and his life as well here on earth. mom you are surrounded with many family Your mother,Father,brother's husband,children,grandchild..Inlaws,Your not alone.....Blessing's to all and love being sent..Miss and love you mom.....Alway's
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 2nd March 2016
Good Morning Mom!! Happy 84th Birthday wow if you were here you surely would not let us say that number right! As you know your beautiful granddaughter Kristal has joined you,and all of our loved ones before her on February 9, 2016. Please watch over her with God's help and through God let him tell her how much I love you and Kristal and how I miss you and her!! This world is so empty without you and her. And please God tell Kristal how much I miss her presence here on Earth. Mom, Tina is hurting so much with her Baby Kristal being taken from her because of cancer. She misses her everyday and will continue to forever. Lord I pray you give my sister peace over her loss of Kristal and thank you God for receiving Kristal into the Kingdom where we will all meet one day!! Love you all, your daughter Priscilla "I pray this in Jesus name amen!!
Posted by Paul Rivera on 16th September 2015
Good morning as i would say every morning and said did u have your donut yet or your cherrios mom well those where some of the morning memories we had and shared alot momma and miss u so much as it was yesterday that u left it and six years just dont seem like it mama and so we all love u and we will see u one day mama and as i say this to u we are taking good care of your nando and yes we are and also big brother louis we are and it is a joy to have him here and to be very blessed with and so love u mom and we all do xoxoox <3 :)
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 2nd March 2015
God please tell my Sweet Mother Pauline Happy Birthday for me! She would be 83 years old today on Earth if she had stayed with us. Tell her I love and miss her. Each time I open this webpage and hear the music I always have to cry and realize she is really gone up to Heaven to be with you God and Jesus take Good Care of Her for us until we meet again MOM, your daughter Priscilla who loves you very much.
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 2nd March 2015
Happy Birthday, Wow today you would of turned 83 Yr's. .Here on earth.I can see your face .As we would remind you of your age.Of course you would prefer to tell us. That you are 5 yr 's younger ..LOL. Mom, just want you to know .You are missed ,and that we love you.Happy Birthday..
Posted by Paul Rivera on 2nd March 2015
hola mom and wow 6 years without u and seems like yesterday mom but one great thing today is we have ur louis here with us and yes that a blessing momma and we just wished u was here to kiss u and to talk to u momma we all love u and miss u and love pablo and family and ur louis to con mucho armor momma .<3
Posted by Paul Rivera on 15th September 2014
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 15th September 2014
hello my mom up in heaven.as you well know it's 5 years without you here on earth.As you know, I went to visit your son my brother Louis.he was very excited to see Dad and I come and visit him.he also shared memory when Dad and you visited some time ago.I know he need you to send them sweet memories.for Louis is coming out in November.and I know this is going to be very hard without you.Keep him strong, mind body , And Soul, keep reminding him that being the oldest of the family you must be strong.love you mom miss you dearly .love you dad, andy, and all the other that have gone on.keep sending those sweet memories love you, Tina
Posted by Paul Rivera on 12th May 2014
MOMMA oh i wish i could touch u and kiss u and yes u are up there looking down on all ur children and we miss u and love u so much pablo .....
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 11th May 2014
Another Year without you,my How much we all miss you.Sending you Prayer's and love all the Way up there in Heaven.Love you momma "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY"
Posted by Joe Arguello on 6th April 2014
Good to see all of my family that has gone to join our Lord Jesus in Heaven. My sisters Pauline and Mary, Mom and Dad and Andy and dear Brother-In-Law and Buddy Jake. And remembering all the Great Times we had together. Your loving daughter and sister Frances.
Posted by Gloria Mendoza on 3rd March 2014
Happy Birthday Tia, The soul never dies so I know you can hear my heart and read what I'm writing...isn't God awesome..giving us the ability to keep in touch with our loved ones this way! I'm sure you liked the tribute I wrote in my cookbook where I paid honor and homage to my ancestors who loved to cook Mexican and Chicano food..I included a favorite of yours: chile colorado with papas! Plz tell Mom and Dad how much I love them and miss them. Tio Jake, Grandma and the rest! Love you, your niece Gloria
Posted by Cecilia Gottfried on 2nd March 2014
In our family there was nothing more important then the love of our Mother. Her love was shown by being there for us for many years and now she awaits to embrace us when we go home. Father, until that day Hug & tell Mommycita Happy Birthday & I, We all love & Miss her.
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 2nd March 2014
Mom,Happy Birthday to one very special angel that watches over her loved ones.Today you would of turned 82 yr's here on earth.You have been sending me sweet reminders from time to time.And today is no different.I miss you mom and love you so much.Kiss Andy,Anthony, Roger,Dad Jake,And the many others that have gone from earth.Forever in our heart's.Love,Tina and family "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
Posted by Paul Rivera on 2nd March 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAYmother and wow how time flys and it seems just like yesterday u left mother and love u so much and give kisses and hugs to all the other loved ones to mother and wow turned 82 years young mom and just cant believe it and wish i could just hold u and kiss u again so please save that spot for when we come home to u mom ok love u pablo<3...
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 26th December 2013
Mom, Love you Miss you Tina MERRY CHRISTMAS kiss all that have joined you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad Jake.born on CHRISTMAS...
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 15th December 2013
Mom, it will be our fifth Christmas without you one thing I know for sure is that you are Happy with our Lord Jesus. I have asked him to give you a kiss, hug and a smile from me to you. I think of you everyday Mom and I know you are smiling down at us because that is what you have earned for eternity is to be happy, content, no longer sick, well feed, pampered, no hard working, loved by those around you and through God you know that your Husband Nando, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters are all okay until we each meet up with you one day at Heaven's Door I am assured that God will let you know we all Love and Miss you Mom, love Priscilla
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 14th December 2013
Mom thinking about you as you well know.Thank you so much for sending me all thoses very touching sweet memories.Both you and Andy have been so much in my prayers,and heart.Merry Christmas love ,Tina
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 16th September 2013
remembering a conversation you were having with a Dr.He had asked you How many grandchildren you had,and great-grandchildren.You shrugged your shoulders and smiled and said"NO SAY".That you had lost count with a big smile on your face.But you were quick to add that .You have alway's been Rich with Grandchildren.We all smiled in agreement.
Posted by Roy Mestas on 16th September 2013
Hello Mom Been thinking of you, Miss hearing your voice, and seeing your face, smile so Beautiful just miss you a lot. Love you.
Posted by Paul Rivera on 16th September 2013
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 16th September 2013
Mom, you are so happy in heaven with your three sons, Anthony, Roger & Andy and our Dear Father Jake. I am finally at peace knowing you are being watched over and cared by God and Jesus Christ. Lord tell my mom, dad & brothers hello and that I love them. Amen Priscilla
Posted by Cecilia Gottfried on 13th March 2013
We are all 4 years closer to seeing our beloved Mother. Lord, kiss our Mother & Andy on the cheek for us and tenderly tell them that on each of their birthdays and on holidays they are missed. I know they celebrate eternal life where time is no more, but send a sweet reminder to our Mama, of "Happy Birthday" from her children who love her very much. Thank you Lord, Amen.
Posted by Paul Rivera on 13th March 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom and we love u and yes four years and that could mean we are four years older and closer to u and that enternal life mother and so here is a big umm waa from ur pablo and we love u and miss u and so mama i got to go be with tina for ur day she took me to airport to fly and be with hita and so me and janae are back together mama and our family is complete and loving and li
Posted by Paul Rivera on 13th March 2013
and living for the lord mama and miss u so much and u have andy there and the res roger and anthony and all and so save a place for me mama love u pablo n family <3
Posted by Joe Arguello on 11th March 2013
Happy Birthday Aunt! You were a big part of my growing up. I am so greatful that my Mom Frances had such a wonderful sister as you to keep her company through our many visits together in Casper and Sheridan. Love from the Arguello family in Albuquerque.
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 2nd March 2013
Happy Birthday Here on earth you would of celebrated 81 yr's old today"WOW" I am wishing you a Heavenly birthday.And holding you close to my thought's and heart..Love,and prayer being sent your way..Love, Tina
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 2nd March 2013
Mom, Happy Birthday! to you in Heaven, I think of you everyday and I am comforted to know that you are with God and Jesus. It is going on 4 years since you left for Home and I am so grateful to have all the wonderful memories forever of you. Love you always, Priscilla, Joe, Adam & family, Matt & family, Amber & family, Reneil & family, and Luis we all Love and Miss You. Grandma & Mom
Posted by Cecilia Gottfried on 29th December 2012
God, please tell our Mamacita she is missed & give her and Andy a hug for Christmas. God you remind me that Mom & Andy are home for Christmas. Heaven is our Home, our Mother would always tell us, but its just hard not seeing her here anymore, especially for Christmas. So, God Bless them with most wonderful time there & tell them Merry Christmas from all of us. Thank You, Amen
Posted by Paul Rivera on 28th December 2012
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 28th December 2012
Mom,sweet memories of you ..I miss you as alway's and thought of you as well on Christmas..Merry Christmas..hear my prayer's..love,Tina
Posted by Paul Rivera on 21st November 2012
HAPPY THANKSGIVING MOM AND ANDY and u are both with the lord you have been with him three years mom and andy now two and wow how time goes so fast and miss u on earth but will see u in heaven and save that spot mom and brother andy love u pablo and family.<3
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 21st November 2012
Happy Thanksgiving,As I look back through all the years that we all shared.
Posted by Cecilia Gottfried on 17th September 2012
This is Mom's 3rd year in heaven! Yet, she is in eternity, where there is no time. But one day, at the blink of her eye, we will be with her. How awesome heaven must be! Jesus, send my love to my Mamacita and hug & kiss her for me. And kiss Andy on the cheek for me.& tell him I love and miss him too. Thank you God for promising us HEAVEN!!
Posted by Shirine Nealy on 17th September 2012
Tia, you are so loved and missed! Give my love to my momma, grandma, grandpa,,,, all my tios, promos and my Nina Emma. Love you and miss you all dearly!!!
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 17th September 2012
""Family,and friend's As you visit this web site.Please leave a Tribute and a memory,and a special photo.I notice alot of visit's.And would like to see photo's,song, and comment's as well.Thank you Tina"
Posted by Priscilla Romero on 16th September 2012
Mom, it is three years today that you left this earth and entered into our Glorious Heaven with God. Oh how I miss you! each and every day especially when I pass your picture with dad. What wonderful memories of you two together. God I know you are taking care of Mom she always knew you would be there when she needed you. God please make this pain of her being gone not hurt so much. Amen!
Posted by TINA GREENBERG on 16th September 2012
Posted by Paul Rivera on 15th September 2012
so wow mom and it has been three tough years since u left and miss u the day that u left mama and love u so much more and hugs to u and andy love pablo ad family con mucho armor mama 9-15-2012.....<3
Posted by Gloria Mendoza on 15th September 2012
Hi Tia, So much has happened since last year. Turo-Boy, Donna and Brenda have passed after suffering painful illnesses. Sad to realize that there are only cousins left in the Montoya clan. Plz receive love, warm embraces from all who loved you here on earth! Tell Mom and Dad hi and that I love and miss them so too! Love, Gloria
Posted by Roy Mestas on 15th September 2012
It's hard to take this time of year. I miss Mom and the Birthday wishes She's always on my mind and my Heart I cry everytime. I love you Mom.
Posted by Josie Cano Gonzales on 15th September 2012
Oh tia, think of you, as I am sure you know, we've lost more family members. Very sad. Miss your smile, that sparkle in your in eyes. Nothing is the same, but we all continue on, looking forward for when our time comes to be all reunited.. My love to Andy and mom and dad and rest of the Montoya familia.

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