Shared by Jessie Adams on December 5, 2019
I thought of a memory of Paul this morning as I was listening to Christmas music . Our work celebrated Christmas in July this year and he delivered the food to me in a Santa hat ! I opened the door to him singing and saying Merry Christmas ! This makes me so happy and sad at the same time because I know he would be wearing it now . Merry Christmas Paul ! You are missed ❤️
Shared by Jessie Adams on December 2, 2019
I have known Paul only a few years from working at school . He was so funny and charming and friendly . He is the only reason I didn’t quit my job this past summer because I saw him everyday . I found out everything about him in our long conversations over the summer . I taught him how to use his new phone . He got a new car and was so happy . It took him forever to decide to finally get a new one . He gave his old one to someone less fortunate . That was Paul ! He was so happy to be in his new place . I will miss his smile so much . Rip my friend you were loved more than you knew ❤️ Have a beer up there for me .

Louie Mingione's Tribute to His Uncle Paul

Shared by Ellen Martinson on November 8, 2019
Louie wrote:
I always looked up to my mom's brother Paul, not just because he's my middle namesake, but because I thought his life was great and he had it all figured out. He didn't own a home or have a wife or kids. And partly because of that, he was able to "retire" early after investing much of the money he made tending bar at LuLu's Bait Shack in Atlanta. He just traveled around the country in his little Honda, often picking up hitchhikers, and always dropping me notes or newspaper comics in the mail. He went where he pleased. His email was

And when he did stop back in WI, he was the life of every party, zany and always cracking everyone up. I loved when he would come to town, especially when I was in college. My roommates and I had more than a few crazy nights out with Paul. He would buy us countless rounds of beers and he could always strike up a conversation with anyone at the bar. His background in the service industry helped, but mostly it was his outgoing personality. I have so many fun memories from the few times he came and stayed on our couch.

I am glad that he was part of my wedding day (and night, hanging with us right up until bar time at Jordan's). Sadly, I actually hadn't seen or spoken to him since that night. He never got to meet my kids, and for that, I'm truly upset. They would've loved him.

I always held out hope that one day he might come back into our lives. But the truth is, as much as I thought (in my youth) that he had life figured out, it turns out he was suffering and struggling. Now he's at rest. I will never forget him. Love you, Uncle Paul!
~Louie Mingione

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