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Tribute by Granddaughter Collette Priddy

You often liked to joke around with me that the musical talent in the family came from you. To further prove your point you showed me a certificate from where you had completed band or orchestra in grade school.
I have learned a lot from you Paul Schmitt in the amazing years I got to have you for my grandpa.
Rest easy now grandpa, we love you forever.
This tribute was added by Clare Schmitt on June 29, 2020
Tribute by niece Jen Stone Shartzer

I am glad you are no longer in any pain, Uncle Paul. I'll imagine you on the sidelines of every great football game. I'll even imagine you at the not-so-great ones.
My love to all your siblings, kids, grands, and to all of us that are lucky to call you Uncle.
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Tribute by Dave Ford

If you're fortunate, along life's path you'll meet people that influence you in a number of different ways. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have experienced such influence. Today a very special man was called home to Heaven. Educator, Mentor and Friend...Im a better man because of my friendship with Paul Schmitt. Rest in Peace my friend. No more pain, no more suffering. Thank you for setting the example. #FATHERTIMEREMAINSUNDEFEATED
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Tribute from Grandson Jacob Priddy

Dear Grandpa,
Thank you.
This past Friday, June 12th, my grandfather—Paul Schmitt made his final call and passed away peacefully at his home. This man who many know as a brother, father, grandfather, mentor, coach, ref, and friend left behind one hell of a legacy. One of the few positives of this pandemic is that due to the lack of work for me, I was able to move in with my grandparents about two weeks ago to help take care of my grandfather. I feel quite fortunate to have been able to spend this time with he and my grandmother. The first meal I had with my grandparents when he got back from the hospital he began to write a letter. One for always sharing a bit of advice or wisdom; he told me as he wrote, “Jake, when you want to thank someone for something good they did for you, write a letter immediately that way you’ll send it right away. And when someone has upset you, right a letter and you will never send it and get over it.” So Grandpa, here is my thank you letter (albeit a bit late).
Thank you for showing me how to find a good watermelon.
Thank you for teaching me how to make your father’s family Egg Nog recipe.
Thank you for teaching me how to make the perfect waffles—it’s his staple weekend breakfast and what he wanted to make his first morning out of the hospital.
Thank you for reminding us of the importance of ice cream (it’s always a good time for a fudgsicle or brown derby).
Thank you for showcasing the perfect way to watch any sporting event.
Thank you for teaching your grandsons how to be gentlemen!
Thank you to my mom, dad, aunts, and uncles who all helped take care of him later in his life.
Thank you to my cousins who stepped up in helping stay with him as time has passed.
Thank you to all those who have reached out and helped thus far with my family.
Thank you to my amazing grandmother for being the love of his life for 62 years!
I have countless stories that I could share about this man and every day I learn of a new one. THANK YOU GRANDPA for living an amazing life to the absolute fullest and creating an amazing family legacy. I know this world is a far better place because Paul Schmitt was in it.

Thank you Grandpa!
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June 15, 2020
My name is Tony Meyer, live in New Orleans, work CUSA football.
So sorry to hear about your dad……He was truly 1 of the BEST.
One of my fondest memories of Paul was after a bowl game in 2016.
St Petersburg Bowl December 26th.
1 of the guys Steve, would be retiring after the game, so I brought a white panel football so we could autograph it.
Well in post-game, we present the ball to Steve, than your dad mentioned,
this will probably be my last bowl game because I’m getting up there. ( Meaning Age ).
Steve pulls me on the side and said, “ T you mind if I give the ball to Paul “, I said it’s up to you.
So walking back to our rooms, we stop Paul and tell him, this ball is really for him and wanted to surprise you!
He was taken back, that we would do something like that, he had tears in his eyes and could barely speak.
It was a touching moment me and the guys will never forget.
Just letting you you know how treasured he was and he will be missed.
Condolences to your family.

Tony Meyer
CUSA Side Judge

PS Paul was in HEAVEN before the Devil knew he was dead !!!!
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June 14, 2020
Like my own father, Mr. Schmitt was larger than life.
He was the patriarch of an amazing family and father to my best friend Clare.
Our sincere condolences for your loss.
Sending much love,
Amy and Kathy Shahayda

June 14, 2020
Paul Schmitt was very loyal to Flaget. He was a Great Family Man,
and a Great Leader . My condolences to Barbara and the Children.
Paul will be miss by everyone - Rest In Peace and God Bless You !
Tony Miller
June 14, 2020
Johnny and I are heartbroken. We will forever remember all of the great times with Paul. We loved him dearly and hold a special place in our hearts for both you and Paul.
Judy McGrath
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June 17, 2020
All of us here at Kitchen Kompact want the Schmitt family to know that Paul was an integral part of our history going all the way back to when my Dad, Dwight Gahm, was CEO and President of the company - Pauls visits were extra special here in Jeffersonville!
I especially liked when Paul and
my Dad traded barbs in my office talking about Pauls Dad
and my Dads relationship!
Paul was not only a friend but an advisor to so many Kitchen Kompact customers! My chair
in my office where Paul would always sit to talk business is my
forever memory of a great man who I admired and respected. He taught me that there is no better era than those of the Old School philosophy. I will forever remember his words of advice!
All of us here pray for the Schmitt family, and all 200 of us here realize Pauls efforts of going beyond the call of duty to help our company keep the reputation that Dwight Gahm always wanted us to have!
Phillip Gahm
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June 16, 2020
SICOA started with just two schools, The University of Louisville and The University of Cincinnati. I lived in Cincinnati and Paul knew I was working D3 college football. He said to me, "do you want to move up to D1 officiating?" Here is where my memory of Paul began. From that moment forward I began an avocation full of great joy and happiness. I got to work the Doug Flute game in 1984 as well as 17 other games with Paul and of course there were many other great memories. He always called me Jimmy and he made sure I became the quality official I wanted to be. I will miss Paul and I truly regret not getting to share these thoughts with Paul in person. Paul, I hope you can hear me now!
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June 16, 2020
Gina and Carla,
I was so sorry to hear of your Dads passing. The few times that I was with him (buying the car and at basketball games) he was such a nice man. You could just tell he was such a personable, giving, honest, gentle, warm, welcoming . . . person.
Just being around him made you feel good about the human race.
Again, I am very very sorry for you and your familys loss.
He has left a great legacy that all of the family I am sure is very proud of.
With great sadness,
Bob & Susan.
Bob Zimlich
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Gina, Chuck, Barbara and family,

We give our most sincere condolences during this time of your loss and grief. We will being praying for you all.

Catherine and Shari Weathers
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To the Family of Paul Schmitt,
As a young man at 33 years of age from a small town in South Louisiana (Thibodaux) in 1985, my officiating life was forever changed. That is when Paul Schmitt gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to officiate in Division 1 football. SICOA was a great bunch of friends who had a common passion all brought together by Paul and Papa Karl etc. My officiating career came to its conclusion in 2012. It started in 1970 and was a wonderful run of 42 years altogether.
I will be forever grateful to Paul for giving me this opportunity. And to his family I would like to express my sympathies and prayers. May the Peace and Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with y'all at this time.
Rest in Peace Paul. Lea Rutter
This tribute was added by Thomas Mulinazzi on June 16, 2020
My Uncle "Paul Schmitt knew what mattered."

That is what I read in the Louisville paper yesterday about my Uncle Paul. I didn't know what I could write about Paul since I only found about him three years ago. How can I express how much he means to me when I only knew him for three years? But when I read that line it stuck with me. Paul knew what mattered in life. Within 10 minutes of meeting him (at G&M Crab house in Maryland with Uncle Karl) it was clear this man was true, sincere, honest, and strong because he cared about what matters in life. Nothing could matter more to him than his family. he told me countless stories of hard work, hard times, refereeing stories, but all were about the joy of his family and friends he shared along the way. He embraced me back into the Schmitt Family immediately and he gushed with pride about his wife, his grown kids, his grands, his parents, siblings, cousins, and all the hundreds of Schmitts. He was so proud of them. He told me that I was one of them while simultaneously making me feel it. He made me feel that I was home.

Uncle Paul made time for people. He celebrated their big accomplishments, he hurt for them when they were hurting while being a rock if they needed him. He also celebrated the day to day joys of spending time with family and friends. Now matter what he was doing at that time, he was in the moment and loved that moment so much you couldn't help but think you didn't want to do anything else but what you were doing in that moment. He had the best time getting ice cream, having a beer, or just chatting in the living room.

One year after meeting Paul, he sent me a letter. Among other things it said "Happy Anniversary -- and Thank you" for meeting him and becoming part of his life. He also said, "Having met you - I feel like we would have been friends - even if we were not related." As I fight back the tears writing this and looking at that letter, I can only say that I am so glad I had him in my life even if it was only for three years as my friend and as my uncle. We are all so lucky to have had Paul as our friend or family member. Now that he has left us, we can honor Paul by appreciating the love that binds us and making time for each other because Paul Schmitt knew that is what materred.
This tribute was added by Linda Triplett Sanders on June 16, 2020
Cherished Memory: Last year for Gina's Birthday, she asked for a gathering at The Table(Pay-what-you-can community eatery). Afterwards , we were to meet up with Karla and others at the Frazier Museum. Well it was Gina driving, Paul ,Barbara, and myself and we detour and take a lovely tour of West Louisville. (Gina, jokes that I was kidnapped!) To see one of the houses Paul grew up in (and snuck out of window) was intriguing to see! Barbara knew where everyone used to live (I needed to take notes!!!). Then on to museum, where that was just as enjoyable a time. Quality time. Like many other Schmitt adventures .....I appreciate them all. I love you fine folks!
This tribute was added by Robert Martin on June 16, 2020
So many good memories of Paul. I first knew him as a client of his from the freight business. But always looked forward to his calls at my office. My brother and I had the pleasure of going to New Orleans to watch him work a Superdome game. A special treat. He will be greatly missed by many including myself.
This tribute was added by Gina Priddy on June 15, 2020
Oh the Flaget Braves are hard to beat, they are 100 per from head to feet. They’ve got that smile, that style that winning way, no matter where you go - you’ll recognize that style and say, “Now there’s a team I’d like to know, they’ve got that good old Flaget pep and go. Just to look at them is quite a feat, hard to best - Flaget Braves.”
This tribute was added by Kim Wolfe on June 14, 2020
The most special memory I have of Paul was the day my Hero, my Dad left this world. Paul and Barbara came to the hospital just moments after Dad passed. I was distraught! Paul and Barbara walked in and Paul gave me the biggest, tightest hug! It was such a comfort and was definitely a loving, caring moment that will remain in my heart. Paul and Barbara have always treated me as family. Love and prayers to all❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Dave Blackman on June 14, 2020
I got to know Paul late in my football career as a fellow replay official In C-USA and we became friends and two guys trying to make the right call from a far. ( hard). We shared many opinions, ideas , guesses corrections. We learned to laugh at just how crazy what we were doing could be. He was a great guy, always an honest response and I learned much. His even opinion was always appreciated. I have been out of fb for awhile and missed our conversations. I hope his family understands what he meant to so many field officials over the years and his contributions will be evident for many years with many officials he helped
This tribute was added by Ed Ardito on June 14, 2020
I am very sadden to hear of Paul's passing. He was a gentlemen and treated everyone like you were his son. Paul and I worked together on many games and quite a few 'big' games. He was always there for me with support and a few helpful hints. One of my regrets from leaving CUSA was not being able to work with Paul. I will miss him. He was an inspiration and mentor.
This tribute was added by Tom Healey on June 14, 2020
Paul was a mentor to so many officials and I am so lucky to have been one of them. I am forever grateful for what he has meant to my officiating career.

Paul became a great friend and I am blessed and fortunate to have crossed paths with him. God bless the Schmitt family and thank you for sharing this wonderful man. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
This tribute was added by Jimmy DeBell on June 14, 2020
Paul was always kind-honest and willing to help me throughout my officiating career. He especially stood by me in my difficult personal times which is the true measure of a friend/mentor. The world was most definitely a better place with Paul in it and now heaven is better.
God Bless -I pray the family can take solace in the knowledge they had the opportunity to have such a man in their lives.

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