Let the memory of Pearlee {Aunt Pearl} be with us forever. . . . . . .
  • 78 years old
  • Born on February 27, 1934 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States.
  • Passed away on November 22, 2012 in Camden, New Jersey, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Pearlee Henderson Ross Muhamaad {Aunt Pearl}, 78, born on February 27, 1934 and passed away on November 22, 2012. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Belinda Gordon-Pellot on 22nd November 2018
Ooh Aunt Pearl..... I am so missing you terribly today, and just like clockwork on every November 22 morning @ 2:38 a.m. I wake up, and the tears begin to flow as my heart breaks all over again. This Thanksgiving will also be the first Thanksgiving since you've been gone that I won't be cooking. The second job I took on mandatorily requires that I work. So today I will be in the mist of strangers and their families sharing memories and celebrating their love for one another over a pre-cooked meal prepared for them. As selfish as it sounds, and especially for me too say, "No Fair", but this is how I'm feeling right now. I'll get myself together before leaving for work, I promise you that--"My smile is my makeup", right. I'm missing Mommy too just as much, and not hearing the phone ring one behind the other as it did when you both were here, still hurts just as deep, and it hasn't gotten any better for every passing Thanksgiving and/or Christmas morning since. I know you nor Mommy wouldn't want me to be sad..... If it were anyway possible, I so wish I could run up to Heaven and either one of you just to get a hug..... But as I'm sure you both know why my heart is and has been exceptionally needing you right now. But I'll be your Big Girl and tr not too be sad. I'll give your other Big Girl Destiny a call today, she'll say something to make me literally laugh myself into an asthma attack that so reminds me how you and Mommy could do. Love and Missing You Much, & Your Baby--Belinda P.S. I'll forever continue to make you proud of me, always.
Posted by Belinda Gordon-Pellot on 27th February 2018
It's still so very hard to go through life without you. When things happen, whether it be good, great, bad, and/or horrible "there's no more you to run too". Ooh how I'd just do about anything for just one more hug from you..... But GOD needed you more, and it's from HEAVEN now that you must look over me (and your other babies). I miss you so terribly Aunt Pearl, today, and forever more. "Happy 84th Birthday in HEAVEN Aunt Pearl". ~Belinda~ (LOVE YOU, AND MORE THAN YOU EVER KNEW!)
Posted by Berdine Gordon-Littréan on 22nd November 2017
Dear Aunt Pearl: I am doing my best. Doesn't matter to anyone else. ALLĀH (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) knows, and HE (SWT) sees all-- Tell Moma, I said "thanks"...She knows what I mean.
Posted by Belinda Gordon-Pellot on 22nd November 2017
In Loving Memory of My Aunt Pearl..... This poem is dedicated to a special someone who was more than just an Auntie too me, to someone who looked after me as if I was her own child you see. To someone who cared when nobody else did, to someone who loved me as much as my own Mommy did. To some whom they say I look like, to someone who always wants to make things right. To someone who treated me more than just a niece, to someone who loved you with all her being and where I always found protection and peace. To someone who I will forever hold dear within my heart, and to someone who's love transcends time and distance even though eternity keeps us apart. ~Belinda~ (Love you.)
Posted by Belinda Gordon-Pellot on 22nd November 2016
Aunt Pearl..... I wish I could see you one more time Come walking through the door But I know that is impossible I will hear your voice no more. I know you can feel my tears And you don’t want me to cry Yet my heart is broken because I can’t understand why someone so precious had to die. I pray that God will give me strength And somehow get me through As I struggle with this heartache That came when I lost you. I LOVE YOU!
Posted by Brenda Blake on 28th February 2016
continually resting in the Lord til Our Saviour leads you into the pearly gates. Aunt Pearl, you were one of the most humble people I have ever met. I often meditate on people of your character, and your face always appears amongst the few.
Posted by Belinda Gordon on 27th February 2016
"Happy 82nd Birthday Aunt Pearl"! There's not a day that goes by that I wish I could go to that red door, and open it to yell "Aunt Pearl' and hear you respond with my name. But truth be told , I still do it without any shame. I know you're not there, because it's been 4 years since you've been gone. But I still listen, hoping, and praying that all of this is still a bad dream, and you'd respond. Well to make myself laugh [because I know you're shaking your head and laughing at me too], I yell at the top of my lungs anyway "A-U-N-T P-E-A-R-L", and go running up those green shaggy steps. For a split second, I'm in a moment in time as I turn the corner at the top of the stairs, thinking I'm about too get one of your "make-it-all-better-hugs" as you're sitting in your favorite big comfy grey rocking chair. As I am still in that mind-set, my heart is racing in that moment in time, I could almost hear you say with a chuckle and a smile, "Gurl, why you got too be so loud, I know you love me, and so does the whole wide world"! But then my heart breaks all over again, and reality hits. Your favorite big comfy grey rocking chair is still there, but your not sitting in it. The tears start all over again as they do every time. But, I sigh with half a smile, because I know your smiling down at me. But not because I'm sad, but because you can still see how much I still love and miss you so much, as I reminisce of you hugging me tight, while I sit in the quietness of your loving home in your favorite big comfy grey rocking chair. <3 "I miss you so much Aunt Pearl"--Love you forever and always, until the end of time.
Posted by Belinda Gordon on 21st November 2015
Meet You At The Gate" {In Memory of Aunt Pearl--11/22/12} "A beautiful garden now stands alone, missing the one who nurtured it But now she is gone, Her flowers still bloom, and the sun it still shines, But the rain is like tear drops, for the ones left behind, The weeds lay waiting to take the gardens beauty away, But the beautiful memories of its keeper are in our hearts to stay, she loved every flower even some that were weeds, So much love she would plant with each little seed, But just like her flowers she was part of Gods plan, So when it was her time he reached down his hand, He look through the Garden searching for the best, That's when he found my Aunt Pearl, it was her time to rest, It was hard for those who loved her, to just let her go, But God had a spot in his garden, that needed a gentle soul, So when you start missing Aunt Pearl, remember if you just wait, When God has a spot in his garden, She'll meet you at the gate....
Posted by Belinda Gordon on 1st May 2015
Another precious memory of your birthday has came and went. But the tears continue to well in my eyes, and the heartache of you not being hear continues too not circumvent. Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I hate that I can't bring you flowers anymore. So, I'll just get them anyway and place them within our house by the door. I do feel you around me, especially when I've needed you most. This is what has given me peace these past three years, and kept my spirits up and my mind whole. Life's special events will repeatedly happen, and my heart will always continue too break because you won't be there. But I know you'll be looking down from HEAVEN, and with that notion my heart will be content". "Oh Aunt Pearl how I miss you so"....... "Belinda
Posted by Belinda Gordon on 27th February 2014
Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Aunt Pearl".I so wished, I could have gotten one of your hugs today. Then the funniest thing happen. A teacher out of no where this morning, walked up to me and said," Good morning, here's a hug for you". Thank you, my "Angel" in Heaven, thank you. Forever and always in my heart--I LOVE YOU! Belinda
Posted by Berdine Gordon-Littréan on 22nd November 2013
"Forever free, Aunt Pearl"...Alhumdulillah! Masha'Allah. I finished what I started. It's DONE.-- Yours & Ralph's Dedication is in the manuscript too. Say, "hey" to Ralph, Daddy, Aunt Gloria, Aunt Eva, Aunt Ethel, Uncle June & Uncle Andrew. One last thing, Mrs. Robinson is there too. Let her know "It Is Finished!" and, thank you for me. Gotta go now. Moving forward, remember?-- I will cook no matter what & "By Any Means Necessary!" (our joke). Be Good...Keep Dancing!-- I AM. Love You Eternally, Berdine ♥
Posted by Harold Gordon on 21st November 2013
You are missed so very much by so many. The Holidays are so difficult without you.
Posted by Belinda Gordon on 16th May 2013
To my Angel in Heaven. . . This memorial was made for all too see how much you were loved, and most definitely treasured by me. Whenever I need too feel "everything is going to be alright", I'll have this memorial to view and find comfort in the memories and wisdom that you left behind.
Posted by Arturo A. Pellot on 15th May 2013
R.i.P your spirit will always be here with us....

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