Peggy Chung Jin Thrash
  • 36 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 13, 1977
  • Date of passing: Aug 1, 2013
Let the memory of Peggy be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Peggy Thrash, 36, born on April 13, 1977 and passed away on August 1, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Leslie Leff on 14th August 2017

"Peggy continues to inspire me in so many ways. She encouraged me to become a therapist and now, two years into being a child psychotherapist, her words, her actions, her smile, her caring and her warmth all are very much with me in my practice.
I can feel her love still so much alive in her family. I am so grateful for the pictures Grace shares on facebook of Peggy's precious sons growing up immersed in such love and connection. Thinking of Peggy and her family and sending love..."

This tribute was added by Jinny Kang on 1st August 2017

"I can't believe how fast those 4 years have gone by.
Though I can no longer see your smile or hear your voice, you're still here with us in our hearts.
Miss you so much.  <3"

This tribute was added by Jimmy Chung on 1st August 2017

"It's been four years
It sometimes feels like yesterday
It sometimes feels like forever
There is so much joy in Oliver
But there will always be grief ...
I love and miss you nuna"

This tribute was added by Jamal Elliott on 1st August 2017

"What a day this continues to be for me. Joyous in that it's my twins b-day, and sad because 4 years ago we loss Peggy.

WCS misses her in so many ways. Positive thoughts and strength go out to the family during this really tough day."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 1st August 2017

"4 years ago today
You brought life into this world
One that has given so much joy to so many
But then your life was taken out of this world
That has led to so much sorrow for so many
We will always celebrate the life that came from you
Yet we continue to struggle being in this life without you
He is so loved.
Still you are so missed.
Love you, Peggy."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 1st August 2017

"August 1st.
He is so loved.
She is so missed.

This tribute was added by won chung on 13th April 2017

"Our daughter Peggy,
Your would’ve been 40th birthday made us to think of you more and more.  You had been our lovely daughter for 36 years before you left us. You had become an independent adult, got married, gave birth and became a mother as you were so wished.  Even if we lost you who should have lived much longer than us, we thank you for being such a thoughtful daughter and tried to be with us as much.  You had devoted yourself to raise Liam while you enjoyed.  We feel so heartbreaking whenever we see Liam who doesn’t have his mom.   We are even more heartrending whenever we witness Oliver who has never felt mom’s touch.  Even if Brian has raised two boys as much as he can, we are so thankful to have Grace who has put sacrificial efforts to take care of them regularly.  Loving and missing you always and forever, our daughter.
Love, mom and dad"

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 13th April 2017

"Peggy, you would've turned 40 years old today. How I wish we could've celebrated you entering this new decade together. How I continue to  grieve that we will never grow old together. How I still think of you all of the time, especially on this day, your birthday. When you came into this world, you truly helped make it a better & kinder place. When you left this world, our lives were forever & irrevocably changed. Since you've been gone, many of us who were blessed to know you have strived to honor your memory & legacy of love & peace. Honestly, we don't always succeed, but we try & try again, & we hope we make you proud. Peggy, you truly are forever missed."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 7th August 2016

"Today is my birthday. Birthdays are usually the days when we get to celebrate ourselves with our loved ones- celebrate the people we are, who we have become, who we will be & the lives we are blessed to have. I think I have done this & continue to do this the best I know how. But honestly my birthday has also become a day when I feel such emptiness- because of what happened 6 days ago, 3 years ago. Losing Peggy & celebrating my birthday have become forever interconnected in my mind & heart. I remember opening the birthday presents that Peggy had so thoughtfully gotten for me in advance with tear-filled eyes & a weeping heart. She had ordered a specially made locket with 4 openings (to hold pics of our 4 kids) as well as earrings that were designed similarly to a ring she had that we both loved. I remember Brian telling me that she had ordered these gifts weeks ago & she had fretted that they wouldn't arrive in time. They arrived 2 days after she died. Receiving presents from a loved one after she was gone was such a surreal experience. It was like she was reaching out "beyond the grave" to remind me how much she loves... loved me. Even in the midst of such profound grief, I felt such love from her. I long to continue to feel her love. That is why I will wear the earrings she got me, her last birthday gift to me, on every birthday I have. I cannot help but think of Peggy on my birthday. I will always miss her especially so on this day."

This tribute was added by david kim on 5th August 2016

"Peggy was precious to us all
Elegant in every way
Great daughter, sister, mom, cousin, and friend
Genuine as can be
Young at heart and mind

Joy brought to many
In ways words cannot describe
Never another will come again

Clever with her charm
Husband she adored
Unconditional love she possessed
Never will we forget
Grieving her life still

The legacy she left behind
Hanging onto memories of her still
Remembering how special she was
Asking why she is no longer here
Showering her family with love
Hoping for answers still

I miss you Peggy"

This tribute was added by won chung on 2nd August 2016

"Dear Grace (Kim),
It has been on my heart to reach out to you especially on this day, August 1, 2016, the third anniversary of Peggy's passing. How wonderful it has been to celebrate Oliver turning 3 years old! Yet how much our hearts continue to ache that Peggy has been gone for 3 years.

In Korean culture, 3 years is a significant milestone in the grieving process. It traditionally means that after 3 years, you are allowed to/supposed to come out of grieving. In our case with Peggy, I do not think we will ever stop grieving in our lifetime, but still knowing that it has now been 3 years, it causes me to pause and reflect on all that has happened in our lives since Peggy has been gone. I feel this strong desire to express to you my deep appreciation for the loving support you have showered upon Peggy's boys and our family. I know Peggy loved you and she was loved by you. Thank you for demonstrating your love for Peggy in the ways you have loved on her family.

Honestly, my daughter's absence weighs so heavily on my heart. But my heart has felt encouraged seeing the presence of your friendship remain in the Thrash family's life. It is my sincere honor and previllege as part of Peggy's legacy whenever you call me "umma" with your thoughtfulness and deep love. You know, 이모/eemo/mom's sister is the closest bond next to the mother. You have shown a true 이모/eemo's love to Liam and Oliver. Thank you for helping my grandsons' hearts and lives be more full of love even without their 엄마/umma.

With much love and gratitude,
Peggy's 엄마/umma"

This tribute was added by Bridget Brier on 1st August 2016

"Thinking of you so much Peggy.....miss seeing you and making plans and miss all the simple stuff like chatting and making food together. Always turning that last weekend I saw you, over & over in my mind....running over all the small details that I can remember....Mabel and Liam climbing all over you and your laughter. I will hold these memories tight in my heart, forever. Reaching out to you today, across the realms, across all that is unseen."

This tribute was added by Kristi Littell on 1st August 2016

"I'm thinking of Peggy and your family today and always.  I miss her and am still inspired by her.   She was so good at caring for children."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 1st August 2016


I rejoice
I grieve

I laugh
I weep

I cheer
I mourn

My heart swells
My heart aches

I feel full
I feel loss

I celebrate him
I remember her

We love."

This tribute was added by Jamal Elliott on 1st August 2016

"August 1 will always be a an emotional high and low for me moving forward. My twins birthday is today and Peggy passed 3years ago today.

Peggy is missed and thought of in so many positive ways by the WCS community. May her family continue to have strength and be reminded of all the good Peggy brought to the world during her time with us."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 1st August 2016

"It's been 3 years

So much has changed
So much is different
So much so that sometimes I don't    
      recognize this life without you

Yet some things remain the same

How much I miss you
How much I love you
How much I think of you

You were my sister
You were my friend
You were my partner in life

You were
You are
You will forever be


This tribute was added by won chung on 19th July 2016

"Peggy's favorit quote' :
   " Life is mostly froth and bubble,
      Two things stand like stone,
      Kindness in another's trouble,
       Courage in your own."
                                    - Adam Lindsay Gordon"

This tribute was added by won chung on 8th July 2016

"Peggy's favorit quote' :
" Experience is determined by yourself-
    not the circumstances of your life."
                            - Gita Ballin"

This tribute was added by Jimmy Chung on 13th April 2016

"Today you would be 39.  Today I would have called you old and laugh at you.  Today I would have told you that I love you and miss you.  Today I can't because you aren't here.  Happy birthday nuna!  You are forever loved and forever missed."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 13th April 2016

"Another birthday we celebrate for you without you. Today you would've been 39 years old. Missing you so much that it feels like my heart is breaking all over again. Doing my best every moment to choose to find joy in life in midst of continued grief. Celebrating your birthday today because that's what we always did & that's what we will continue to do. Loving you so much, my sister."

This tribute was added by won chung on 3rd April 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote ;
  " Inner peace can be reached only
      when we practice forgiveness.
    Forgiveness is the letting go of the
      past,and is therefore the means
      for correcting our misperceptions."
                - Gerald Jampolsky"

This tribute was added by won chung on 27th March 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote ':
" Nothing in the world can take the place of
    persistence. Talent will not; nothing is
    more common than unsuccessful men with
    talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius
    is almost a proverb. Education will not;
    the world is full of educated failures.
   Persistence and determination alone are
                                - Calvin Coolidge"

This tribute was added by won chung on 16th March 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote' :
"You know quite well, deep within you,
    that there is only a single magic,
    a single power, a single salvation,,,
    and that is called Loving.
  Well then, Love your suffering.
  Do not resist it, do not flee from it.
  It is only your aversion that hurts,
                    nothing else."
                             - Herman Hesse"

This tribute was added by won chung on 14th March 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote' :
" To find yourself, think for yourself."
                            - Socrates"

This tribute was added by won chung on 3rd March 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote' :
"The secret of happiness is not in getting
  what you like, but in liking what you
                           -James M. Barrie"

This tribute was added by won chung on 23rd February 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote ;
"You've got to love like you'll never get hurt.
You've got to dance like there's nobody
  watching. You've got to come from the
  heart if you want it to work."
                               - Susanna Clarke"

This tribute was added by won chung on 16th February 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote';
  "Why destroy your present happiness by a
    distant misery, which may never come at all?
   For every substantial grief has twenty
    shadows and most of the shadows
    are of your own making."
                             - Sydney Smith"

This tribute was added by won chung on 14th February 2016

"'Peggy's favorite quote' ; " Realize that you can not help a soul
unless that soul really wants help
and is ready to be helped.
I tell you to send that soul nothing
but Love and more Love.
Be still and wait, but be there when
that soul turns for help."
                            - Eileen Caddy"

This tribute was added by won chung on 10th February 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote :                                                                  
"What we  have done for ourselves alone,
dies with us. What we have done for
others and the world, remains and is
Immortal."             - Robert Pine"

This tribute was added by won chung on 5th February 2016

"'Peggy's favorite quote' ;
If you depend on someone for your happiness
      you are becoming a slave,
      you are becoming dependent,
      you are creating a bondage.
And you depend on so many people,
they all become subtle masters,
they all exploit you in return.
                     - Bragwan Shree Rajneesh"

This tribute was added by won chung on 3rd February 2016

"'Peggy's favorite quote' ;
" We could never Learn to be brave and patient if there were only
Joy in the world."         - Hellen Keller"

This tribute was added by won chung on 25th January 2016

"This tribute was added by Won Chung on 25th January 2016
Peggy's favorite quote,
" The way to happiness : keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry,  
  Live simply, expect little, give much."
                      - Barney O' Lavin"

This tribute was added by won chung on 24th January 2016

"Peggy's favorite quote, "Do not-stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die."      Author Unknown"

This tribute was added by won chung on 11th January 2016

"Among Peggy's belongings, we found her planner where she had written down some memorable quotes that had made an impression on her and her clearly influenced her in her too-brief life. We wanted to share these quotes here - perhaps you may also be moved by that which inspired our Peggy. "Difficulties are opportunities to better things, they are stepping stones to greater experience. Perhaps someday you will be thankful for some temporary failure in a particular direction. When one door closes, another always opens; as a natural law it has to, to balance." - Brian Adams"

This tribute was added by won chung on 6th January 2016

"Among Peggy's belongings, we found her planner where she had written down some memorable quotes that had made an impression on her and her clearly influenced her in her too-brief life. We wanted to share these quotes with those who loved our Peggy. Perhaps you may also find inspiration in that which inspired her. "Giving means extending our love with no conditions, no expectations and no boundaries. Peace of mind occurs, therefore when we put all our attention into giving and have no desire to get anything from, or to change, another person. The giving motivation leads to a sense of inner peace and joy that is unrelated to time." - Gerald G. Jampolsky."

This tribute was added by Jimmy Chung on 1st August 2015

"It's been 2 years and not a day goes by where you are not missed.  You would be so proud of your boys nuna!
I love and miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 1st August 2015


Today is August 1st,
A day full of
Joy tinged with grief,
Such gain yet also such loss,
Happiness mixed with sadness,
Laughter but also tears.
Today we celebrate him but also mourn her.
Today will always be a day we forever love him and forever miss her.
Today we will forever remember."

This tribute was added by Jamal Elliott on 13th April 2015

"Happy B-day Peggy. Me and the WCS family miss you a ton.


This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 13th April 2015

""April 13th is my favorite day of the year. I miss Peggy eemo so much." (from Jules, Peggy's niece, age 6)"

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 13th April 2015

"Even though you are gone, we continue to celebrate your life! Happy birthday, Pig! ;) Missing you so much today & everyday. I love you, my dear sister."

This tribute was added by won chung on 24th February 2015

"Peggy, your beloved grandma passed away on Feb 9, 2015. She will be buried with grandpa at Seoul National Cemetery in Korea next week. You were one of the most closest grand children with my mom and cared each other so much. She didn’t seem to aware you were no longer with us physically until she died. She couldn’t close her eyes at last, may be because she was waiting for you to come and say goodbye. She had had such a hardship when she had raised three children including me in Korea, but she had had a good life with us here in America for 32 years even though she had spent a reluctant life for the last two years at the nursing home. I’ve been so thankful what your mom has done to her over 30 years, but I feel I was a so undutiful son. I always look for your help to fill the gap when you were with us. She may find you in heaven by now. She will be remembered as a great mom, grandma, mother-in-law and faithful Christian. May you meet with her and find comfort. I am thinking of you this sorrow time badly. I wish you were with us now. I miss you forever.
I Love You. Dad"

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 4th February 2015

"Peggy, you've been gone for 18 months. I cannot imagine life without your amazing Oliver, who fills us with such joy, hope & love. But I still cannot believe that the rest of our lives will be without you. This I will never understand."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 15th September 2014

""Dear God, thank You for my family. Please say hello to Peggy eemo for me. I miss her so much. I can't wait to see her again when I get to heaven." (prayer by Jules, Peggy's niece, age 5)"

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 13th April 2014

"Happy birthday, dearest Peggy, my beloved sister. You truly are forever missed, forever loved, forever cherished. You will be forever remembered."

This tribute was added by Jimmy Chung on 13th April 2014

"Happy Birthday!!  I love you"

This tribute was added by Jimmy Chung on 10th April 2014

"Nuna ... as your 37th birthday approaches this Sunday, I still have trouble expressing the words on how I feel.  I am still saddened that I can't just pick up the phone and give you call.  I'm still angry that you were taken so early.  I feel blessed as I see your boys (Brian, Liam and Oliver) continue to grow.  I feel tired at trying to figure out our new "normal".  But through it all I feel grateful for the opportunity for having you in my life.  Nothing will ever take that away from me.  I miss you more and more each day.  Love you!"

This tribute was added by A Fitz on 18th March 2014

"I was a student and she had been my teacher. I remember my class and I always giving her a hard time when she would teach things we didn't want to learn but I also remember us having a look of awe when she confessed that she cut her hair and donated it. Many may see that as small but to us it was something the she was made a hero for. When we learned of her pregnancy with her first child I remember us ambushing her with questions like it had been our child. She was a role model of mine and I wish that I had the chance to say that to her... Thank you Ms.Peggy from a past class that you helped strive"

This tribute was added by Tom Loyd on 9th March 2014

"I dreamt a Peggy dream last night...

I was outside, approaching our was sunny, windless, and not cold.
I heard her laughing, that melodic, punctuated, unbelievably happy laugh, and I knew she was playing with her joy, Liam.  

The laugh came from the window of either the playroom or the girl's room.  I knew it was just her and Liam in there.

Upon hearing her, I found myself suddenly approaching her at the top of the steps in unbelief.  Questions running around in my head, but those questions weren't as important as my seeing her and embracing her.  

Neither happiness nor sadness came from her face, just peace.  Her appearance was slightly different, difficult to explain, perhaps darker in complexion, mildly weathered, but certainly still beautiful.  And there was nothing else I've ever wanted to see more.

Then I woke...glad to have felt her close again."

This tribute was added by Elissa Huang on 27th November 2013

"On this Thanksgiving eve, I am very thankful for my friendship with Peggy.  She was one of the rare few that in an instant, I felt as if I had known my whole lifetime.  Peggy had a warmth and gentleness that drew you in, an openness, a sharp wit, and an incredible generosity.  She gave of herself selflessly even though it must have been exhausting at times.  She was a great listener and without even saying a word, I felt as if she understood everything about me, like an old soul, like I had known her in a different reality.  She was one of the greatest friendships I've ever had.  She was the type of friend I never knew I could have, never even knew existed, but once realized, a friend that I needed.  And I miss it, with all of my heart.  Greatly, dearly, and truly."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 20th November 2013

"Prayer by Jules (Peggy's niece, age 4): 'Thank You, God, for the whole earth, for the animals, plants, all the people, and everything that's living. God, I miss Peggy 이모 so much. It feels like my heart is broken forever. Please help fix my heart. We are so sad because we miss Peggy 이모, but we are so happy that Oliver is here. Please help Oliver stay healthy forever. Thank You for our family. Amen.'"

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 19th November 2013

""I'll never be as happy as when Peggy 이모 was here." (by Hannah, Peggy's niece, age 7)"

This tribute was added by Jamal Elliott on 8th November 2013

"I have two big pictures of Peggy in my office. Looking at her everyday reassures me, and gives me a sense of calm. I'm not a smiler, but everyday I look at her pictures, I smile.

I miss you Peggy!

This tribute was added by won chung on 7th November 2013

"I couldn't agree more w/ Jimmy. "It's been 3 months to the day, and yet I still can't seem to put words together to express how or what I feel.
Disbelief remains as I try to figure out what this "new" normal is supposed to be. Anger remains as I try to rationalize why something like this would happen. Sadness remains as I miss you Peggy more & more each day.""

This tribute was added by Grace Kim on 5th November 2013

"Peggy, my parents were visiting me near my office right by central park.  I pointed it out to them and told them how you used to make lunch and we would walk up the path and sit on the rocks at central park and eat together.  Remember that?  Sometimes you made stuffed zuchinni, or pasta salad, and one time you made corn chowder!  I wanted to sit on 7th ave and cry.  Peggy, you are the best"

This tribute was added by Juliette Lee on 29th September 2013

"I love and miss you. You are the sweetest friend I ever had and continue to have."

This tribute was added by Susie Mizelle on 24th September 2013

"Peggy, you are so loved. And you are deeply missed. I wish that we had gotten Sunny and Liam together for those play dates we used to talk about. I wish that I could have known you better. You always inspired me to be a better teacher, a better listener, a better friend, a better person. I think of you every day and hold you and your family in the light. Much love from west philly. xoxo."

This tribute was added by Julie Horsfield on 12th September 2013

"Peggy, there are people that you always think will somehow be a part of your life in some way or another.  You were one of those friends to me.  Even though we haven't seen eachother often the past years, I always valued our longtime friendship and hoped to get our two families together one day to reminisce about the old days. Although you have gone, you will always be in my heart."

This tribute was added by won chung on 12th September 2013

"I've held Oliver in my arm feeding him with milk. He has grown up so much last 40 days. Thanks for the good hands and cares for him. Sometimes he smiles and busy to look around him while in my arm. He has beautiful eyes, cheeks and braod forehead. His long fingers and toes remind me of you 36 years ago. He fills our emptiness of you."

This tribute was added by won chung on 10th September 2013

"When I had stayed at your house for 2-1/2 months after our car accident, you’ve come to me with small piece of stones in the warm water, and massaged my injured right leg.  You've told me “You are still in pain, aren’t you? I hope these warm stones make you feel a little better.” Now I can play golf. The art of your nursing and tender cares bears fruit finally.  Thanks Peggy.  Love dad."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 30th August 2013

"I find that I often feel the ache of losing Peggy most profoundly when I eat. I guess it's because we shared so much of life over our countless meals together. We talked about everything & anything as we ate, esp about our family & how grateful we were to live life together, side by side. Our family was so full b/c of Peggy. Now we do our best to cope with the emptiness of her absence."

This tribute was added by Brian moon on 21st August 2013

"Mr. Chung,

My incomprehension on your loss.  Deepest condolences to you and your family.

Seung-Dae Brian Moon"

This tribute was added by Hope E. on 20th August 2013

"Dear Peggy,
Your goodness lives on in so many hearts, including mine.
Thank you.
Love to your family,

This tribute was added by won chung on 19th August 2013

"You’ve created a gigantic hole in my heart. I didn’t realize how this hole can be this big and it seems getting bigger day by day. I don’t know how to fill this hole now. But I’d like to take it as a life time task to fill its gap a little by little by giving our love and continuing support to our beloved Oliver, Liam and Brian. You will be forever within me no matter where you are. dad"

This tribute was added by Tuan Hoang on 16th August 2013


I am so sad to hear about your loss.  My prayer to you and your family.


This tribute was added by henry loyd on 16th August 2013

"The greatest gift:
I can remember one year I got a t-shirt with Hannah and Juliette picture on it and it said we love Grandpa.  It was a long sleeve t shirt so I don't where it in the summer.  But I wear it often in the fall and winter.  I told Grace that I love that t shirt.  She said that Peggy is the one that made it.  I love that shirt."

This tribute was added by Grace Loyd on 15th August 2013

""Peggy eemo is the funnest person ever. I miss her." (from Hannah, Peggy's niece, age 6)"

This tribute was added by shan ford on 13th August 2013

"From: Paris Ford, (5th grade memories) I appreciate Ms. Peggy for making me feel comfortable around our Wissahickon Charter community. She helped everybody with their problems and if I could I would thank her in person.When I wanted to talk to somebody Ms.Peggy was always there."

This tribute was added by Quanda Guyton on 9th August 2013

"Mrs. Peggy words can not express what I am feeling right now. You have been a blessing to my family and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for taking the time out with my son (Mason) for the past three years at Wissahickon Charter School, Mason says " You will be missed Mrs. Peggy and Thank you for everything"."

This tribute was added by Patricia Glennon on 8th August 2013

"We were so blessed in knowing Peggy and having her in our family. Her warm smile, soft spoken voice,the love she has for her husband,sons and family were just some of her qualities that will live on in our hearts. Lord thank you for sending her to us. Brian, the boys and Peggy's family will be in our prayers and thoughts, love you-Uncle Dick and Aunt Patty"

This tribute was added by amy heiden on 7th August 2013

"Brian I never got to meet Peggy but to have loved you makes her A1 in my book. Your mom is proud of you and how wonderful a father and husband you have become.No words can erase pain but time can help heal..Peggy is finally meeting Wacky Kathy and learning all the secrets of your childhood all the while watching over you and her boys.."

This tribute was added by Erin Crowley on 6th August 2013

"Peggy was a mentor to me.  She taught me so much about serving kids with compassion and strength.  She had a huge heart.  I could depend on her completely.  I also remember her as a committed and doting mother.  She loved her sweet little ones.  I enjoyed watching her glow whenever she talked about her family.  She will be missed, and her spirit will live on in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Kristi Littell on 6th August 2013

"Peggy was an incredible colleague.  She was kind, thoughtful, insightful, giving, brave.  She was a wonderful helper and advocate for the students, staff, and families of Wissahickon Charter School.  We will miss her terribly and we will work to remember her, support her family, and carry on her good work."

This tribute was added by Jamal Elliott on 6th August 2013

"Peggy will always be remembered as simply the best. I leaned on her for so much, and she will be missed in ways that I can't even describe.

Thank you Peggy for being the person you were!"

This tribute was added by Ji Maing on 6th August 2013

"I'll never forget your beautiful smile.
I miss you so much...unni"

This tribute was added by Josh LaGoy on 5th August 2013

""So very sorry. You will always live on in our hearts, Peggy. We love you Brian, Liam, and Oliver. Love, Josh, Lisa, Bella, & Emma LaGoy""

This tribute was added by sheldon noll on 5th August 2013

"I'm so sorry for your loss. I only knew you guys for a short time but you two were the kind of people someone never forgets. Peggy was a wonderful person. You guys and your two beautiful little boys will always be in my thoughts."

This tribute was added by Jimmy Chung on 4th August 2013

"For my sister. My best friend. Words can't express how much I love and miss you."

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