Her Life
Peggy Elaine Shroy (Geasland) was born July 7th, 1956, in Coffeyville, Kansas to Lila Pauline Geasland, and Early Ray Geasland. The youngest of their four children, she was the baby sister of Nick, Gary Joe and Dave. 

They moved to San Diego, California and shortly thereafter, when she was four, her parents divorced. She spent most of her childhood living with her father, and while he worked it was her brothers who cared for her. She had such a special love for them, they truly were her heroes. From making sure her hair was brushed before school, to taking her along on their dates. 

She also had a special relationship with her sister-in-law, Denise, who was part of the family from Peggy’s early childhood, and also helped care for her. 

When she was nine, she became an aunt for the first time. But it was the first of many times, and she adored all of her nieces and nephews, both from her side of the family, and from Kerry’s. 

When Peggy was eleven, her dad remarried, adding four more children. Two stepbrothers, and two stepsisters. 

She went to Chula Vista High School, where she made many friends. She was active in youth group, was on the Spartinette’s drill team, and had some adventures on Coronado with her dear friend Melody. 

After graduating high school, she moved out on her own. And in the mid 70s she went to Oregon to visit a friend. That’s where she met Kerry. Just before she left she told him: If I lived here, I think I'd fall in love with you. 

Then she drove away…

And her car broke down. So she had to come back to Oregon to wait for it to be repaired. 

She did fall in love with him. 

They were married in 1980, her in a wedding dress made by her friend Liz. Him in a powder blue tux, that we are assured was very much in style then. 

Peggy always loved children, and her dream was to be a mother. In 1986, her dream came true when she had Maisey, and then again in 1988 when Kyle was born. She had her boy and her girl, and it was exactly perfect, exactly what she wanted. She always made sure to tell them that. 

In 2005, she welcomed Haven into the family as her son-in-law when he and Maisey were married, and in 2015 she welcomed Katie when she married Kyle. They were the children of her heart, the ones that she prayed for from the time Kyle and Maisey were born, and she was always confident in the fact that they were meant to be part of the family. 

In 2006, she welcomed her first grandchild when Aidric was born. Followed by Kian in 2007, Alani in 2009, Barrett in 2017 and Graham in May 2021. Though she didn’t get to meet Graham, she loved him already, and was filled with joy at the thought of his arrival. She was the very best Nana, who spent countless hours with the kids. Helping in their classrooms, having them sleep over, helping with Zoom school and always making sure they knew they were loved. 

When she found out her prognosis, she said: My kids are doing great and my husband has a shop. 

She was at peace, knowing that she was leaving behind a legacy of love, and a family well cared for, because of all the years she spent pouring herself into them. 

The night of her passing, a song by Building 429 came on, and it was the song that carried her from this life into eternity. The lyrics say: 

All I know is I’m not home yet, 
This is not where I belong
Take this world and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong

She will be missed by all who loved her, but we know that she is home.