Penelope Kay Chism
  • 71 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 4, 1941
  • Place of birth:
    Muncie, Indiana, United States
  • Date of passing: Oct 6, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Albany, Indiana, United States
Let the memory of MOM and DAD surround us with love till we are together again.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved ones, Penelope K. Chism and Dale F. Chism, our Mom and Dad. Mom was 71 years old and was born on April 4, 1941 and passed away at home on October 6, 2012.

Dad went to be with Mom on July 6, 2013 at the Albany Health Care. Dad was 76 years old and born on October 4, 1936. Married 55 years Mom and Dad are together again. 

Mom and Dad, living safely in our hearts until we are all together again. xoxo 

One thing I can say to you,
I want to be sure you know,
I leave my love to comfort you,
Miss me but let me go.............           

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 26th December 2017

"Miasing you both soo much this Christmas. Listening to old country songs as I take ornaments off my tree. My memories are so precious, they keep me going. I came here yesterday and couldn’t type for the tears. I know both are watching over us, still keeping us in line. Jamie did such a great job with her decorating, mom you would  be so proud. Pop we all still share hugs just like we did wih you. All of us are thankful for the family that we have, Sand snd I talk about it often. The New year is coming and even tho I’ll miss your call Pop, I’ll be sending you New Years wishes! Rest well and I’ll keep a little of you here with me. ❤️ Kiss and hugs, you are FOREVER LOVED!"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 6th December 2017

"Lighting you and Pop a candle for Christmas. Missing you both today! Wrapping"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 6th October 2017

"Wow it doesn’t seem possible it’s been five years in heaven Mom... I think about you both so often that I guess time gets away from me. The kids are growing so much, sure wish you were here but I know you both watch over them. All those pictures you didn’t want taken Mom sure mean the world to us now. I miss  you so much at the holidays, we decorate proudly like you taught us too and Kaylynn and Sierra will share your love of Christmas.
We get pics from Arkansas Pop and all I see is the old country roads you used to love to drive. I remember you saying “let’s go for a ride Kay” and off we’d go up the mountain with George cranked up on the radio.
I drive by the house once in a while, to be honest at first I advoided it. The old place just isn’t the same without your familiar truck. Would give anything to go back home one more time. Just to hear you give me hell Mom for being late or call me Mardy when you wanted somethingl lol. To see your big smile Pop and know one more of your hugs
Just want you both to know that all of us realize the Love and Family you gave to us is priceless. You both saved and sacrificed and you are remembered with so many great memories and much love. Hugs and kisses from home. Xoxo"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 4th April 2017

"Happy Birthday Mom, I've been taking a walk down memory lane and missing you and Dad today. Jamie and Kaylynn came to visit ane we looked at some pics of you and Pop. I still cherish all the grocery shopping days and listening to The never ending Conway cd. All the times you said "let's run in Goodwill real quick."  Can't help but smile when I think of all the times one of us had whopper jr. fixiins down the front of our shirts. I sure wish you were here to do it all again.
of  good times with you too Pop. I remember laughing when you realized how many pumpkin seeds Zach put in each hole. Lol You had pumpkins everywhere. All the personal pan pizzas I delivered, and the tenderloins from the Duck. All the hugs and the talks we shared when you would get mellow and tell us how proud you were and "your my pride and joy" talk.
I still shed some tears but I also have a smile when I look back. You both gave us so much laughter, love and sense of family. We weren't perfect but that didn't matter, we were the Chism Clan.  
❤ forever loved."

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 31st October 2016

"Happy Halloween Mom and Pop!! Looking at old pic and enjoying the memories. I will bring out a big orange pumpkin later today. Watch over the kids as they trick-or-treat, I remember Mom going thru our candy bags looking for her favorites. Lol sure do miss you both, so much. Love from all of us. XO"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 6th October 2016

"Mom and Pop, thinking of you both today. As many much as I miss you both I am happy knowing you have each other. So often when I am doing something I think about you. Mom you pop in my thoughts when I am rummaging. Lol I keep you right there with me. Pop I think of you when I make a big pizza and remember the times I brought you one. You always said "you couldn't have brought me anything better" lol. So many times I think about you and hope you always knew how much you were loved and appreciated. We keep your special place decorated and deer come out at night. Going or soon to add some Halloween things.
I am sure you will be watching over us all and hope we make you proud. Hugs and kisses from lol of us."

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 29th January 2016

"You face was the first thing I saw on facebook today Mom. You have a big smile and in the background are your Christmas goodies, as you called them. Got to do some shopping today and sure wish I could take you with me. I remember always reminding you to get your list, and you were always hunting for your tasters choice coupons. You telling me I would someday qualify for the seniors discount at GW and one of us always getting catsup all down front of our shirts from whopper jrs. Lol I remember once it was so bad you put on your jacket and zipped it. I'm sorry I laughed now but it was funny.
I have my special memories of you too Dad. Lol I remember often helping you clean the truck windows, planting seeds in the garden (Zach's pumpkins got a little out of control) but we had a lot of laughs watching him. The best was always when you say "hey sis watch the end of Gunsmoke with me." It didn't matter if I missed the first half because we'd watched them all before.
I would love to do it all just one more time. I love and miss You every day. Xo"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 7th October 2015

"This ones just for you Pop "Happy Birthday"a few days late. Remembering you putting in an order for you favorite cake. Lol you always knew we would be over to celebrate with you. I sure miss that big smile and hug. I thought about you tonight when I took Zach to the Dairy Dream, you and your strawberry shakes and Moms banana split. Hold Mom close Dad and watch over all of us because we still need to know you're there. Miss you more than I can say. You never let us leave without a hug (X), please share this with Mom.    Marsha"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 7th October 2015

"I've been thinking about you all day Mom. I come here to write to you and pray that you see this. I miss you so much at times but I know you are with Dad in heaven. Every holiday dinner, Conway on the radio, rummage sales and even your laughter at Gilligans Island keeps you right here with me. Wishing the grandkids could have had you and Dad here just a few more years. I want you and Dad to know how much we love and miss you. As I've gotten older I realize how fortunate we all were to have the closeness we all shared. Give Pop a hug and kiss from all of us know we are thinking of you both.    Mardy"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 2nd March 2015

"Hi Mama, thinking about you and Dad tonight. I am at peace knowing you and Dad are well and together but would love to spend some time with you and just see your faces. I still often have tears but so appreciate the memories more and more. Mom I remember your laughter and your sarcastic remarks and Dad I think of all our talks and we are staying close. Thinking about summer coming and sitting out on your picnic table, it seems like yesterday.  I know that you are both watching over us and hope that we are making you proud. Our little ones are getting bigger and we are all getting a few more grey hairs but doing well. Keeping you both close and remembering you often. Sending you both love till we are all together again.   Love and miss you so much.  xoxoxoxox       Marsha"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 25th November 2014

"Sorry about all the tears tonight Mom but the holidays just aren't the same without you here with us.  I was looking at some pics and reliving some great memories. Carl picking you up on Christmas Day and asking if you'd gained weight and Dad always has his big smile for the camera. We are doing the big Thanksgiving dinner just like you always did for us. We will light your candle for the table and keep you close. I know you will both be watching over us. Kisses and hugs to the BEST Mom and Dad ever. We love you....<3"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 11th September 2014

"Well here it is September Mom and I can still remember you telling Tara "any month but September."  All the Halloween things are out in the stores and we've been playing with them like you always liked to do. I'll fill the candy bowl for the grandkids and let them take what they want, you always said that's what you bought it for.
Pop our garden did well this year, sure wish I could share my tomatoes and peppers with you. Kaylynn has the pumpkin patch this year and those "damned vines" are all over their yard. lol  You grumbled about that Dad but you were proud of your and Zach's pumpkins.
We are all hanging in there, but missing you both sooo much. I'll bring you some fall things soon and yes I won't forget the pumpkin.
. I like to think you can read this and are watching over us all. I know I have given in to tears the last few days but I sometimes I get to wanting to just see you both, just one more time. We are keeping a little part of you both until we are all together.  xoxo
We are all well and sending our love.  Mardy"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 8th June 2014

"Hey Mom and Pop, it's been a while. Looking though old pics tonight and thinking about both of you and having a hard time with the tears. Missing you both so much but I know that you are watching over all of us and I will be strong. All these pics  have so many memories that you both gave to us and those memories bring smiles as well as tears. The Grand babies are doing well and they are so precious. I often think of how proud you both are of them and keeping your memory near. Working in the garden makes me think of all the tomatoes we grew a few years ago Pop. You said Z was eating the cherry ones as fast as they ripened. Sure are  missing those huge watermelons, no one grows them like you did. Bought some fresh green beans Mom but they aren't as good as the ones we canned. I don't think any of us realized the work you put in canning like you did.
I am rambling and getting ready to go to bed just wanted to say I love and miss you both and I feel very lucky to have you for parents. Take care of each other until we are all together again. Hugs and kisses from all of us.        xoxo"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 20th April 2014

"HAPPY EASTER MOM AND DAD!!  We love you!"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 20th April 2014

"Happy Easter Mom and Dad, we love you both soooo MUCH. Sending hugs and kisses xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 20th April 2014

"Hey Mom and Pop, thinking about you both tonight. Wishing I could call and ask how your cooking is going mom and wondering if your chasing
Dad out of the kitchen. How did you do it all these years Mom, I can't even begin to pull together all the dishes you did and make it look easy. Wanted to write on your Birthday Mom but wasn't holding it together to good that day. lol I am sure you were watching me and telling me to get over it. Remembering last Easter with you Pop and you watching all the little kids gather eggs. You kept telling me make sure he or she gets one. lol We are all Celebrating Easter with dinner at Sand's and sure wishing you both were here with us. We will light your candles, share a few stories and probably a few tears. Then we will take the little ones out for our egg hunt. Keeping you right there in our hearts, you will be with us. Happy Easter, I love you.         Marsha"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 14th February 2014

"Here it is Valentines Day and I missing you both so much. Today was really hard for me, can't seem to stop the tears. Oh Mom I want so much to be able to tell you what a great mother you are. You held a family together through good and bad times and I hope you always knew how much you were loved.
Dad you were, and are still, one of a kind. I miss our talks in the car, the times you would tell me how to drive after all these years. You loved to tell me how proud you were of us, but I hope you always knew how proud we were of you. You gave us so much more than money could every buy. Because of you and Mom we all have each other.
We have the two beautiful babes who I know you are both so proud of. We will share you with them when they are older and will keep you both close.
Missing you and not doing well with it today. Feel my arms around you and know that I am sending love from all of us.   Marsha"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 26th December 2013

"Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, we sure do miss you.  We all got together at Sandy's and had her famous tacos. We lit a candle for you both and shared lots of laughs and good memories. I know that you were there with us because we all could feel you near. All of us kids feels so lucky to have had you both for many years. So grateful to know you are together again with your families. The new year is coming and we are all doing well. Hold each other close and watch over us until we are together again. I think of you often and though I shed a few tears, I am so very proud to be your daughter. Love and miss you sooo much."

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 23rd November 2013

"Hey Mom and Pop,
Thinking about you both tonight. Making out a grocery list Mom, seeing what I need for Thanksgiving dinner. Thinking of you Dad, sneaking a taste of mom's dumplings. lol She always caught you but you did it anyway. All is well here but sure wish you could be with us. I'm sure there will be a few tears but there will be laughter too because you gave us so many wonderful memories to treasure. We will have you with us in our hearts on Thanksgiving knowing you both are together with our loved ones. Hugs and kisses from all of us. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 5th October 2013

"Hey Pop, Thinking about you on your Birthday. You always told me what flavor you wanted your cake and asked if we were having ice cream too. lol I can hear Mom now saying "oh Dale, your as bad as the kids." Trying really hard to be a good "Chism" and keep it together Dad. Hold onto Mom and know that we will be thinking about you both. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 19th September 2013

"Well here I am again Mom, late a night and missing you and Dad. I think of you often Mom, and would give any thing to give you and dad a big hug. I am having a hard time with the tears but we are all still close and doing the best we can. I'll kiss the grandkids for you both and keep you in my heart till we are together again. Love and miss you both so much. XOXOXOX"

This tribute was added by Marsha Dragoo on 3rd May 2013

"Missing you tonight mom and would love to have one more hour with you. I talk to you often and know that you are hollering Mardy loud enough for every one to hear. When I don't stop, I honk as I go by the cemetery just like you told me too. Stay comfy on your cloud Mom and watch over all of us until we are together again.  " Mardy'"

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