I have so many !

Shared by Suzie Que on January 25, 2019

auntie we was super close ! You was like my mom as you often told me I was just like your daughter ! Butt I think my favorite memory is 2 or 3 thanks giving a ago ofcourse I was over there me and you went outside for a lil minute & lets just say when we came back in you was laughing so much we just ended up on the kitchen floor laughing at stupid shit and was unable to finish cooking ‍♀️‍♀️ I have soooo many i could tell but I would hate for you to get me for telling our secrets ha so I’ll keep most to myself

Shared by Tabitha Douglas on January 25, 2019

I wasn’t as close to you as my sister was, but lord knows I loved you so much Aunt Penny!!! I called you a few different times with my problems & you always talked me through them every time I did call & asked me multiple times to come by more often & bringthe kids more often so y’all could get closer & God how I wish I did that because the kids always begged to go see you but I felt like life was just too busy, & we didn’t have enough time & I’m sorry! We love you so much & we will be there for Uncle George in any way we possibly can be because we know that was the love of your life!!!

Shared by Jason Dickey on January 24, 2019

I had moved from Alabama to Arkansas so George and penny was bringing me some chickens I had gave George when they arrived at the house I was at work so George and penny set out tie cords and put the roosters out but what I had not told them was the ticks the little blood suckers so George and penny got covered in  ticks from big ones to ones you can’t even see and every time I went back to Alabama they would have to show me the  scars  And I will never hear the end of that and I would try to get them to come see me it was hell no  and if you ask George he will still show you the scars lo


Shared by Michelle Manley on January 24, 2019

I remember playing cards and you always got excited when you had THE hand lol..working together..watching how happy you was with George..

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