Let the memory of Penny be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on December 27, 1952 .
  • Passed away on July 13, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Penny Tate-Lewis 60 years old , born on December 27, 1952 and passed away on July 13, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Joy Davis on 14th July 2018
Forever missing your smiles and wisdom, and your devotion to one another.
Posted by Joy Davis on 27th December 2017
I miss you both, and I remember your love the most.
Posted by Joy Davis on 13th July 2016
I still am missing your loving presence, so glad to have known you. See you soon--
Posted by Linda Bertelsen on 13th July 2016
My Penny, so many memories while young, and so many lost, we will share them all one day together. We love you, and we miss you so much xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Delahoyde on 13th July 2016
So many things I want to share....so many times I want to call. Miss talking with you. Love you lots.
Posted by Steve Harvey on 28th December 2015
Posted by Joy Davis on 27th December 2015
Missing you and Rod--I see you hand in hand---
Posted by Jenee Lewis on 23rd July 2015
I love and miss you both. Momma and Daddy were amazing parents. I'm so very grateful to have had them, but am so very sad and lonely without them. We will be together again one day. You both are with me always and my love for you will never fade.
Posted by Joy Davis on 13th July 2015
You are forever in my heart and soul, I love you today as I did when you were here. Keep me a place. Won't be long.
Posted by Joy Davis on 27th December 2014
I miss you--and I will see you soon----both of you---
Posted by Joy Davis on 13th July 2014
Forever in my heart and soul. You are loved and missed. I know Rod is with you.
Posted by David Lewis on 13th July 2014
Penny I know its been a year since you left us, but I know I can still hear your laugh and feel that little punch to my shoulder when I tell a joke (blond) or give you the "psst' with my finger to my head. You never were an air head, but you were a CLASSIC SISTER-in-law who made our life fun. I will always love you and hold you dear to my heart. I hope that mom hasn't been bothering you and that you and Rod have been getting those long walks and much deserved time together. We are blessed beyond words having you in our lives. Pam has had the best birthday ever today and says hi!
Posted by Joy Davis on 1st February 2014
Darling One, I loved every second we spent together, and always regretted they were not more and more frequent. My heart and soul "knew" you when we met. We will meet again, on the other side, and I know I will get another hug.
Posted by David Lewis on 6th January 2014
It seems just like yesterday we were working in the greenhouses at our folks property, then before I knew it, you married my brother and I had the best sister I could ever ask for. You have lived a life of such grace and love for all of us to share and live up to. I am so full of joy knowing that now you are running and dancing and praising our Creator, and praying for all of us as we endure til the day we are all together again. Love you and miss your hugs!
Posted by Joy Davis on 29th December 2013
Our beautiful Penny, how missed you are, by so many. My life was changed by you and by my love for you. I will see you on the other side, and I feel you near.
Posted by Carol Delahoyde on 27th December 2013
Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Lots of memories of growing up & the Birthdays we shared in HK & Taiwan. Miss you so very much......there are times I want to talk.....& I do.....but I miss the verbal banter. Lots of love....!
Posted by Lois Johnson on 27th December 2013
i met penny in 2007 and she became my beat freind i will aways remember the good time we had and all of the trips we went on even the camping trip that we went on she wasnt camper but to spend time with family and friends she did it i love and miss her and are long talks we had until we meet again happy birthday penny
Posted by Steve Harvey on 27th December 2013
Penny, Loved and Missed...forever and ever....
Posted by Rod Lewis on 27th December 2013
To all who left a tribute, Thank You. To those who do not know me, I am Penny's husband. I would like to tell all of you who left a tribute, some of you I know and some I've not met; were held in very high regard by Penny, without exception. She loves you all. If you are interested I am leaving a letter on the story tab, which I would like to share with everyone.
Posted by Barbara Helm on 22nd December 2013
Penny was delightful. I know there are many in our TAS world who are devastated to lose her. I'm one.
Posted by Roger Sattler on 26th July 2013
To reinforce Cynthia's experience, I had the same mystical, magical spiritual experience with her butterfly spirit when my wife, Judith, died. It is to let you know they are free and fine, to help you process the loss in a positive way. Via the wonders of the Web, I quickly found a community with shared experiences and share with all: https://www.google.com/search?q=hello+from+heaven&oq=hello+fr
Posted by Steve Harvey on 21st July 2013
.....Early Sunday Morning, 1:08 AM,,,,just siting here, thinking and remembering....going way back in the safety of my heart where I keep our memories...our conversations, our smiles, our silliness and our very serious thoughts. I don't think way back then that either of us were even capable of thinking so many years into the future. No, we never expected this. My love Penny! Always...
Posted by Steve Harvey on 21st July 2013
I hope your friends and family will see my post on my FB page. I left you a very special song. "In My Life" by the Beatles. I know that when anyone clicks on, and listens to those words it will mean as much to them as it does to me. And, perhaps when those words play you also will hear the words. They are for you my dear friend. My love always and a day, Steve.
Posted by Cynthia Wingard Lynn on 21st July 2013
I thanked it for the message- then it dipped its wings and soared up into the sky. Thank you Penny Tate for being you. For being selfless. You are and Kyra are missed. But I know you are both in a far better place and free from pain- taking care of all the children in heaven together.
Posted by Cynthia Wingard Lynn on 21st July 2013
I had an overpowering feeling that Penny was sending me a message from heaven that would resonate with my memories of her through this dancing butterfly- and I felt her assure me that she had my Kyra safely and joyously in hand and that all was well in the kingdom of heaven.
Posted by Cynthia Wingard Lynn on 21st July 2013
I was first puzzled at it's persistence and then I smiled. And cried, but this time tears of peace- As I remembered another beautiful sunny day long ago in Taiwan, when these beautiful blue and black butterflies were swirling around us as we were climbing up the falls.
Posted by Cynthia Wingard Lynn on 21st July 2013
I sat down on my front porch feeling overwhelmed, when a beautiful turquoise and black butterfly landed on my shoulder, then took off swirling and dancing all around me.
Posted by Cynthia Wingard Lynn on 21st July 2013
I had just lost my, daughter in law, Kyra, on June 26th and was having such a difficult time dealing with my grief. Then the second unexpected blow with the loss of Penny. I just couldn't shake off the sadness, anger, questioning and fear.
Posted by Cynthia Wingard Lynn on 21st July 2013
Jenee asked me to share a mystical experience I went through shortly after Penny passed. Please bear with me
Posted by Jenee Lewis on 20th July 2013
I love you Momma! I miss you so much.
Posted by Clarissa Carlson on 20th July 2013
Penny is a wonderful & amazing woman I met her 7yr ago whn my son Cain was a baby. She believed me & had my back with some false allegations if it wasn't for Penny standing by my side & fighting 4 wht was right the right people would of never listened. My son Cain & would come over & play with the other babies so he dies couldalso visit he Jonathan was 1 of his favorite.
Posted by Clarissa Carlson on 20th July 2013
Cain always called her grandma money because her name was Penny. It was so cute we called all the just 2 see how the family was thank u 2 Rod & Jenee for always meaning so much 2 us she will always be missed. She was an angel 4 so many babies.
Posted by Carol Delahoyde on 20th July 2013
I lost my sister a week ago today & my heart hurts. We had our ups & downs but we got through them. I will miss our talks, our disagreements,our laughs about "Stanly" & all special memories. The day goes along then the reality hits & I am sad again. The fact is she is gone from us. When she gets things organized & attended to she will look down & smile. Miss you Penny & love you lots.
Posted by Danielle Poettker on 19th July 2013
Such a sweet and blessed heart to pass on. You will be greatly missed Penny. <3 <3
Posted by Carol Delahoyde on 19th July 2013
Oh God....well now I am already tearing up. I will have to come back & write.....cannot do it right now.....my heart is hurting too much. Be back later....<3
Posted by Chandler Crane on 19th July 2013
Although I never had the chance to meet Aunt Penny, my grandmother always told me funny stories about Penny and the times they had together. I'm so sorry that this happened to her, and that, now, I'll never have the chance to meet her. I didn't know much about Penny, but I do know that she believed in angels, and she is with them now. ❤
Posted by Joyce DeChenne on 19th July 2013
I felt like I had a connection with Penny and I suspect, she made everyone she touched, feel that way! In one of the last messages I received from her, she told me I was sweet and I replied that she made it easy.She had such a generous heart.She will be missed!!
Posted by Sherri Chamness on 19th July 2013
Penny was truly a treasure for all who knew her!! She knew how to make you feel so special and was willing to help anyone. She was such a great support to me as a fellow foster parent. She shared with me ideas to help my little ones, things I had never thought of!! She made me laugh, I loved listening to her stories! She will be greatly missed!! I love you Penny!!!
Posted by Lois Johnson on 19th July 2013
i am proud to have had penny as my best friend she will by miss so much i know she is in heaven taking care of all the babys i will miss you until we meet again
Posted by Steve Harvey on 19th July 2013
Penny, I will not forget that special time we shared. You have a place in my heart where memories will never fade.
Posted by Jenee Lewis on 18th July 2013
My Mom was a charismatic person who gave her love freely to anyone who wanted it. She was a loving Wife, Mom and Grandma. We all love her and miss her terribly. She is in safe hands now and fills our hearts with her love, as she did in life she makes us smile and laugh with memories.

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