Many have asked us about Penny’s funeral service.

I can confirm the service is scheduled for 10:30 on Friday 27th November 2020 at Hastings Crematorium, The Ridge, Hastings TN34 2AE.

Due to lockdown, we are sadly having to restrict the service in length and numbers. We have therefore organised for the service to be streamed live. The link is as follows:
Login / Order ID: 58207
Password: wngdsxkx

Instructions can be found here:

In lieu of flowers, we would be grateful if you could please consider donating to one of Penny’s favourite charities? Thank you all

Royal British Legion
East Sussex Wildlife Rescue
Royal National Lifeboats Institute
Cancer Research
Lady Penelope, Penelope Pitstop, Auntie Penny, Leytonstone Lil! Penny McLean had many nicknames but it all added up to a vivacious, loving bundle of fun and mischief that was beloved by so many.

Ever the party girl with a laugh, joke and glass of champagne, she was full of warmth and ‘joie de vivre‘. She always said that friends are family you choose for yourself. 

A loving Mum, Niece, Cousin, Auntie and Friend. She will be sadly missed by so many.

Please join us in sharing your photos and memories of our beloved Penny. Thank you
Posted by Elizabeth Ewin on November 27, 2020
Rest in peace my dear funny friend. You have left me with memories that will always bring a smile. Sadly it is sometime since I’ve seen you but you were never forgotten whenever the old gang gathered as you were always mentioned with great fondness
Posted by Judy Adams on November 25, 2020
Penny, what a bright shining light you were. I feel privileged to have worked with you at our beloved Hastings Campus. You always had a smile, laugh, plenty of sparkles and were always popping in with treats. We had a fabulous time dressing as Christmas fairies, you looked amazing in your fairy wings which are now the biggest of all angels wings. Enjoy lots of fizz and sparkle up there, love always xxx
Posted by Shaquel Jarrett on November 24, 2020
Penny was my mentor for my 3 years at university. She was more than just a mentor, she was a friend and a mother to me. She always had my best interests at heart whether it had to do with my academic studies or my personal life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She got me through university when all I wanted to do was quit. She helped me become a better version of myself and I will forever be grateful to and for her.

She will forever be missed and I hope I can make her proud❤️
Posted by John Brudenell-Leech on November 23, 2020
We have known Penny for approximately the last nine years. she had such a vibrant and sociable personality. She always made us feel welcome and included as part of the family. We will miss her.
Emma, John and Courtney xxx
Posted by Connor Davis on November 23, 2020
Penny was such a loving uplifting colleague. An absolute pleasure to work with, you could always count on Penny bringing that much wanted selfless positivity to any situation. She will be sorely missed.

Connor xxx
Posted by Cassandra Orford on November 23, 2020
Dearest, beautiful, sophisticated Aunty Penny,

I met Penny through mutual friends 5yrs ago.
Despite her not being my biological Aunty, I was lucky enough to have called her Aunty Penny.

I always looked up to Aunty Penny, how she carried herself and lets not forget how classy she was, especially when she wore her pretty silk scarves.
She was so beautiful and full of character, and boy could she sing!
I have so many fond, happy and fun memories of our time together.
When I think about her, I can still her her voice. Oh and lets not forget her gorgeous polished nails which I always admired. She had such lovely hands! I always said she should be a hand model.

Aunty Penny was full of knowledgeable advice in all area's of life. I never felt judged and I could always speak so easily and truthful with her. Thank you for being you Aunty Penny, genuine and true.

She was a warrior princess, full of positive vibrations and I loved how she would not beat around the bush and just say it, for how it is.

Your life was taken too early in this life and I know your soul will live and carry on shinning bright like a star that you are in your next life xxx

I miss you! Thank you for my beautiful gifts along the way and my favorite horse silk scarf.

I will never forget you and you will be forever missed Aunty Penny.

Thank you for the fun times, what fond memories I have to be cherished.

BIG LOVE gorgeous Aunty Penny.
Shine bright beautiful soul.
Love Cassandra xxx

Posted by Val Kemm on November 22, 2020
My very dear and lovely Penny
How strange to be without your crazy laugh and sparkly eyes; cheerful and we saw a glass always very full.
You are all around me in the funny little thoughtful gifts you’ve given me over the years. A rag doll angel to watch over me when my life was tough. Two teddies when you were seventy : a tennis player in shorts with a racket and a doctor with a stethoscope and very large pill bottle. Did you really have seventy to give away? Or did you secretly hunt them down in anticipation? The mugs you gave me reflected our deluded ideas about ourselves. ” I’m usually gorgeous but it’s my day off.” “I know how to party.” “ Sensible shoes “(A pair of monstrously high-heeled pink sling backs with a massive fluffy white pompom on the toe.) And then of course random frogs you collected for me as you trawled through charity shops.
You often came to “do a body check” and stayed for a coffee but never long enough.
And the dressing up. Fairy tutu with wings and a tiara on Christmas Day, pirate ooh aaarh and what a collection of evening dresses for a glamorous lady. There was the Titanic party when Leif wore a spivvy jacket lined with watches.
So when Ian won a day with a Bentley, who better to share it with than you, our classy friend Penelope. I think we drove to Brighton via Powdermills for coffee.
And then there were the Valentine cards signed with a flourish of a ? and a big X. Who can that have been I wonder? This year there was a gin and tonic Easter egg. You certainly spent a lot of time on your friends Pen.
If it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have discovered in the nick of time that my sister’s friend’s photo was on the front of Viv’s funeral order of service. You found fifty little bottles of champagne bubble bath to be placed with each order of service in the church. When I popped them in in the afternoon before the service, I just had a quick look.... Oops. That was a close one. Thanks Pen
And thank you for being you, my lovely friend. I feel privileged to have known you.
Posted by Angela Davis on November 21, 2020
We have lost a great and very special friend in Penny. We have so many happy memories, from her larger than life , loving and caring personality to her infectious laugh which always lifted your spirits. Rest in Peace dear Penny.
Miss you loads, Simon xxx Vic xxx and Polly
Posted by Angela Davis on November 17, 2020
I first met Penny in the late 70’s when she came into the employment agency in New Bond Street where I was manager. I interviewed her myself as I thought she could possibly fill a position within the branch. This came to pass and when she asked my reasons for thinking that she could fill the bill, I said that on the form she‘d written that she was atrocious at spelling and yet she could spell ‘atrocious’! That became a joke between us.

Following that we became great friends and while she was still in London we had endless riotous times. I always had a collection of friends to dinner at a restaurant on my birthday. Penny would always do her party piece and entertain the whole restaurant with her rendition of “my baby has gone down the plug hole”.

I was always trying to find her and other single friends a partner sometimes with disastrous consequences. One dinner party comes to mind. I had invited an old friend of mine with high hopes as he was similar to Penny with his quick wit. Penny was at that time flying with Gulf Air She arrived and was greeted by a fairly rude comment regarding air hostesses. The evening went downhill from then on!
Strangely some time later they did get together so I wasn’t completely wrong.

On another occasion Penny was coming with us to the Demolition Ball (contractors) at the Royal Lancaster. Drinks beforehand at our house, she looked gorgeous with tiara and balloons. However, the next morning having taken the name of the ball to heart she did look a little tired!

Although I hadn’t seen Penny for ages we always kept in touch. She was there for me when my husband died last year. She was bright, witty and great fun and she will leave a void in many lives.

Margy B xxxx
Posted by John Vaughan on November 17, 2020
Our Dear Penny

The queen of silly hats - with at least one for every occasion plus the odd tiara thrown in.

The purveyor of sherbet dabs, candy twist and other treats that you hadn’t heard of since childhood.

The benefactor of ‘novelty’ gifts which always made you laugh while thinking ‘Where on earth did she get that from?’

Penny was all of that and more - she was the Fun Fairy! 

Fun and laughter followed her like stardust shedding joy, laughter and banishing any cobwebs of gloom.

She gave her magic, her laughter, her singing, her joie de vivre so generously to all and so lavishly to those she loved.

She turned the ordinary into something joyous, fun and uplifting

Life was never dull when the Fun Fairy was there

We desperately need Fun Fairies

We will miss you Penny


Posted by Dorothy Berkeley on November 14, 2020
Dearest Penny was funny and fabulous. My heartfelt condolences to her family.
Posted by Liz Devereux on November 12, 2020
Penny always brought a bit of glamour and fun to work with her.  She shared this with all of us who worked with her and made our day all the better for having her there. We will miss her greatly in the team.
Posted by Daniel Wasp on November 12, 2020
The university has gathered some messages and tributes that we'd like you to have. Best wishes, Daniel


I am so sorry for your loss.
I worked with Penny and she was
a delightful and kind person.
kind regards
Sebastian Beaumont


Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss.

Penny was a vibrant, warm, fun and young soul; she brightened up the dullest of days and made us all smile. The specialist support Penny offered her students was second to none, and she nurtured them with care, knowledge and experience.

Many of her students would not have managed as well without her support and mentoring, in fact on hearing the upsetting news about Penny, they have said as much.

She always thought of her students and wanted to do her best by them, which she did. The odd packet of crisps or chocolate bar she tempted them with, I'm sure helped oil the wheels of industry too!!

Thinking of you all during this extremely sad time.

With love

Amanda xx


I'm so sorry to hear this really sad news. Penny will be really missed by our team. Her support over the years has been so important for helping our students reach their potential, she has made a lasting impact on so many lives. Sending love and support to all her family and friends at this difficult time.
Annie xxx


Dear Angela, and Penny’s family,
I was so sad to hear about Penny passing away. I supervised her for a year at work,
and was always struck by her utter dedication to her students, her maternal care of them,
her humour and kindness. I shall miss her as a colleague, and I wanted you to know just how
appreciated she was for the work she had done, and the person she was.
My thoughts are with you, and may you know no more sorrow. Inbar x


I worked with Penny for around 4 years both in Hastings and Eastbourne - as well as being a wonderfully warm and caring mentor to many students, she never failed to make me smile. She was a ray of sunshine with an infectious laugh. I'll miss her very much and am so sorry for your loss.


My condolences on your sad loss. Penny was a well liked and vibrant member of our team and will be very much missed by staff and students. Sending my thoughts and best wishes to you all. Rhian x


Penny! What can I say, she was a real joy to work with on a Wednesday and Thursday at Trevin Towers in Eastbourne. Full of fun and laughter and lived her life to the full! There was a little cheeky glint in her eye and I loved hearing her stories about what she got up to. I will truly miss this very generous, funny and caring lady. Rest in peace, much love, Mel xx
Posted by Courtney Streeter on November 11, 2020
Penny will always be in my heart and thoughts. She has supported me for 2 years at University, no matter what time or day. Now I must finish my degree and make her proud. Rest in peace, my thoughts are with you all.
Posted by Matt Pearce on November 10, 2020
Penny (aka James' mum to me) was certainly the hostess with the mostess, and I have many memories of her putting on fantastic birthday parties for James. She was a radiant, smiley presence who I always enjoyed chatting to, a very special person who will be greatly missed.

RIP Penny
Matt Pearce
Posted by Hannah Bartram on November 10, 2020
Penelope what an amazing, beautiful courageous women you were. I had the pleasure of spending every Wednesday for 3 years with Penny at university and I can’t even begin to express the positive impact she had on my life.

Penny you always called me your star and now you’ve become our star and you will forever be missed. You were like a nan to me and got me through some tough times but we always laughed, smiled and I loved hearing about all your adventures and stories.

I will never stop thinking of you!

Sweet dreams Penny.
Posted by Ellen Scheurer on November 9, 2020
I met Penny in the Fall of 1982 after I had temporarily relocated to the UK. She and I became fast friends and she was my dearest confidant and cheerleader. She never failed to lift my spirits when I was feeling blue. I have so many wonderful and hilarious memories but one that lingers is on Boxing Day 1982 when her beloved red mini completely conked out in the middle of London while she was driving us to a drinks party. A young police officer arrived on the scene and asked if anything could be done about the car. Penny, in her inimitable voice said "I don't think so. I think I'll get a new one." And we LEFT the car right where it was and took a taxi to the party!! So much love. So many laughs -- such immense spirit. Penny will forever be part of my heart as will her darling James (whom she loved more than anyone)
God rest your beautiful soul, Pen, and please keep sending angels.
Posted by John Vaughan on November 9, 2020

l'm shocked and saddened

I recall many a lunch party thrown by Penny in Bahrain. Her hostess skills were second to none and every event always ended with Penny singing.... she had a great voice and will certainly be leading the choir ‘up there’.

RIP Penny
from Lynn Gray

Posted by Sue Leigh on November 9, 2020
Young at heart

Over the top
Ever in our hearts


Mags and Sue.
Posted by John Vaughan on November 9, 2020
Penny was always fun. She made something special out of everything even if it was only a small event.

Penny came to my birthday once in Seaford. She brought pirate hats, fun and made us laugh doing pirate impersonations.

Once she made me her famous roast dinner and festooned the place with balloons. She always knew how to make things special

She will be missed 

Posted by John Vaughan on November 8, 2020
Penny & Grossies (moi) ‘Crunchy Glu Wine’

Back in the Bahrain Middle East Flats circa late 1970’s - Think it was a Boxing Day afternoon gathering including 'The Lulu’. We’d run out of my contribution of legit glu wine so we had to raid the ‘spices’ in Penny’s candle-lit kitchen. Grabbing what was available we proceeded to make more glu wine. It was only after all back up was drunk & guests had left (and commented on crunchy bits!) that while cleaning up (what no houseboy?) rinsing glasses (what no dishwasher?) we realised... weevils!! 

Moral of the story - check your use by dates before Christmas! Plus proverbs “What the eye doesn’t see!”   Outcome = Nobody died, Lulu still sings and Penny and I had a good laugh (later)! 

Fly high Penny!


Posted by Jo Karimi on November 9, 2020
Rest In Peace Penny with the Angels.
Posted by John Vaughan on November 8, 2020
Memories of dear lovely Penny
Always enjoyed our Boxing Day get togethers. l remember going to her lovely house and having the best Sunday Roast ever. She was so kind and thoughtful. She knew l liked audio books for the car and always kindly sent me a big parcel now and then. Such a lovely lovely lady. Sweet dreams my darling Love Bobby
Posted by Isabella Parsell on November 8, 2020
Penny was my university mentor for the past year and beginning of this year. What can I say except that she was possibly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Penny helped me through so much, and got me through my first year, which I am forever grateful for. She was like a second nan, someone you could talk to about anything and everything and never felt judged, not to mention her supplying me with a packet of Pombears or a little chocolate to give me energy for the rest of the day. I’ll miss her more than words can say and she’ll forever be in my thoughts. I’m just glad she is at peace now and I know Penny will be looking over me and everyone with her big smile and infectious laugh!! Lots of love Penny xxx
Posted by Angela Davis on November 7, 2020
Here are some of my memories of my fabulous naughty fairy friend Penny.

We would escape in the bat mobile- a bit like Thelma & Louise ( without Brad Pitt), laughing until we had tears in our eyes. Funniest part was when Penny dropped me home; with my hobbits legs would have difficulties getting out of the low slung bucket seats. She would often ask did l need a shove!!! How we enjoyed going to Battle & Tenterden rooting out the bargains in the charity shops & made sure neither one of us bought anything resembling a curtain.

Penny was kind thoughtful & caring keeping spirits up during lockdown, dropping off rations and birthday bags. Such a little treasure who certainly will be joining in with ‘ladies wot do posh nosh’ celebrations complete with bubbly & fairy wings.

There are many more memories but this is how l shall remember my fabulous friend.

Sending hugs to you all
Catherine Harding
Posted by Angela Davis on November 7, 2020
I first met Penny early 80's and I was delighted thrilled and honoured when she asked me to be her son James godmother

Penny had a generosity of spirit like no one else I had ever met before

Over the years we have shared much laughter and tears of joy and sadness. The highs the lows but throughout she was a 'TROUPER'

Penny's memory will never die she will live in my heart forever.

Posted by Angela Davis on November 7, 2020
Penny was a beacon of light and fun to all those who were fortunate enough to have her wonderful friendship. Never to be forgotten!
Not only by the absence of silly hats -parcels though the post with sherbet dabs anonymous Valentine cards etc as many of us know.

My first encounter with Penny was late 70's (?)
when she returned from Bahrain with a back injury almost immediately she became part of our family.

We all loved her from mum and dad down.
We saw each other through the ups and downs of life over the next 40 years! Penny always had my back and I hers. What a journey!

She held pink parties filled with fun laughter and as she lived just around corner she bought life to Leytonstone into another era!

My abiding memory when after her caesarean having her beloved James she came from hospital to stay their first weeks that turned to wonderful months !!

We all chipped in to feed bath and love him.
She blossomed into a wonderful mother and we were all happy to be part of it

Only comfort now is she will be waiting up there to start the party.

To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die

God bless you Penny

Love Elaine
Posted by Lisa Smyth on November 6, 2020
I was glad I was one of the students Penny mentored, I was with her for just over a year. I was in such a bad place when I first went to meet her and very anxious but I felt comfortable and welcomed into her office with open arms. She helped me through a lot mentally, I would see her once a week even if it was just a chat to get thinks off my chest. Over that time she became to know me really well, she would text and skype during the initial lockdown that helped me through it. Don't think I could have managed lockdown wothout her skype calls to look forward. I looked forward to our meetings because there wasn't one meeting where I didn't leave without feeling a lot better about myself and where we didn't laugh. She had a kind heart and cared so much for the students she mentored and had a great sense of humour which made all the difference. Favourite memory of her was when she bought pombears and energy bars and gave us one everytime we saw her. She made me the positive and happy person I am today. I was saddened to hear about her passing, she was such a wonderful lady! She had such an impact on so many people's lives, she will be missed!
My thoughts are with her family and friends.

Best Wishes xx
Posted by Angie Hulst on November 6, 2020
I didn’t know Penny long but in the short time she mentored me I felt liked, I felt heard and I felt supported. Penny had such a passion to support us students and help us find ways to Manage so many things. I am deeply saddened to learn of her passing, she will be missed. I am grateful for the time she gave me.
Posted by Daniel Wasp on November 6, 2020
I had the pleasure of working with and knowing Penny over many years at university and always looked forward to seeing Penny and the laughs she would bring to the office. I knew most of the students Penny mentored and Penny always had their best interests at heart and worked so hard to support them, she was at the heart of their achievements. At times it required a great sense of humour to deal with some of the issues Penny encountered and Penny had this in abundance and we shared many discussions about our work and I always left feeling better for having talked with Penny. We will all miss her very much and so many colleagues and students have expressed their sadness but also gratitude and many happy memories from spending time with Penny. I wish you all the best at this very difficult time, best wishes, Daniel x x
Posted by Joe Davin on November 6, 2020
Working with Penny was a total pleasure, all the time. Each month she would send me a postcard along with her paperwork, writing a positive message on each one which made all the difference, especially during stressful times. Even during the initial lockdown, faced with so much uncertainty and an upheaval in how we all worked, Penny approached it all with a smile - her optimism thankfully rubbed off on me during those anxious times! She will be dearly missed, it’s been an absolute pleasure knowing her. Joe x
Posted by Angela Davis on November 5, 2020
Losing Penny has left a big hole in our lives, but the warm loving memories remain.

One day you are going to hug your last hug, kiss your last kiss and hear someone’s voice for the last time. But you never know when the last time will be. Live every day as if it were the last time you will be with the people you love.

Love you Pen x

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Posted by Elizabeth Ewin on November 27, 2020
Rest in peace my dear funny friend. You have left me with memories that will always bring a smile. Sadly it is sometime since I’ve seen you but you were never forgotten whenever the old gang gathered as you were always mentioned with great fondness
Posted by Judy Adams on November 25, 2020
Penny, what a bright shining light you were. I feel privileged to have worked with you at our beloved Hastings Campus. You always had a smile, laugh, plenty of sparkles and were always popping in with treats. We had a fabulous time dressing as Christmas fairies, you looked amazing in your fairy wings which are now the biggest of all angels wings. Enjoy lots of fizz and sparkle up there, love always xxx
Posted by Shaquel Jarrett on November 24, 2020
Penny was my mentor for my 3 years at university. She was more than just a mentor, she was a friend and a mother to me. She always had my best interests at heart whether it had to do with my academic studies or my personal life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She got me through university when all I wanted to do was quit. She helped me become a better version of myself and I will forever be grateful to and for her.

She will forever be missed and I hope I can make her proud❤️
her Life

Out with Maureen and Terry

My Mum and Dad often took Penny along with them on their dates for days out

Penny with friends

Penny was never short of friends. Here is another picture taken of Penny with her friends, taken by my Mum. We think she would have been around 11 and coming out of Sunday school as she was wearing her best coat

Penny outside the flats where she lived

My Mum Maureen was given an old camera for her 16th birthday, so she took photos of Penny growing up and on holiday with her and later her fiancé, Terry
Recent stories

So Penny ... by Sybilla Walker

Shared by Andrew Walker on November 23, 2020
We have so many wonderful memories of time spent with our great friend Penny. How to pick which one to share? Easy ... Always a great hostess (no pun intended) - we were invited over for one of Penny's generous Sunday lunches, including her infamous cheesy leeks! I asked for the gravy jug and began to pour some onto my plate ... SPLOTCH! What's that, I ask myself. A tiara. Yes, a tiara in the gravy, and now on my lunch. 'Oh ... that's where I put it!' Penny laughed. A close second comes the whole salmon, bent in half to fit the oven and cooked for just the three of us ...

NYE Murder Mystery Parties

Shared by Angela Davis on November 9, 2020
Between a group of friends and family we established that New Years Eve wasn’t particularly a favourite night of the year. So, we decided to start celebrating NYE with a murder mystery party instead! Much fun and laughter!!

Roast dinners

Shared by Angela Davis on November 9, 2020
Penny’s roast lamb was famous! She loved having friends and family over for a roast dinner with all the trimmings including the favourite cheesy leeks!