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So Penny ... by Sybilla Walker

Shared by Andrew Walker on November 23, 2020
We have so many wonderful memories of time spent with our great friend Penny. How to pick which one to share? Easy ... Always a great hostess (no pun intended) - we were invited over for one of Penny's generous Sunday lunches, including her infamous cheesy leeks! I asked for the gravy jug and began to pour some onto my plate ... SPLOTCH! What's that, I ask myself. A tiara. Yes, a tiara in the gravy, and now on my lunch. 'Oh ... that's where I put it!' Penny laughed. A close second comes the whole salmon, bent in half to fit the oven and cooked for just the three of us ...

NYE Murder Mystery Parties

Shared by Angela Davis on November 9, 2020
Between a group of friends and family we established that New Years Eve wasn’t particularly a favourite night of the year. So, we decided to start celebrating NYE with a murder mystery party instead! Much fun and laughter!!

Roast dinners

Shared by Angela Davis on November 9, 2020
Penny’s roast lamb was famous! She loved having friends and family over for a roast dinner with all the trimmings including the favourite cheesy leeks!

Penny the fashionista in the 1960s

Shared by Angela Davis on November 5, 2020
Penny always looked immaculate and during her teens and 20s regularly shopped at Mary Quant and Biba. I was always happy because she donated her cast offs to me. Her pea green platform shoes we used for dressing up when I was younger were positively fought over by my friends! She also gave me a black pair, but it was alwaysthe pea green platforms which were the favourites.

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