Isaiah 25:8 "He will swallow up death forever,And the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. For Jehovah's has spoken it".
  • 61 years old
  • Born on September 24, 1957 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Passed away on February 14, 2019 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of the best Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Friend anyone could hope to ever have. Penny Penigar 61 years old , born on September 24, 1957. To Ruth Mary and Delmar Johnson, the youngest of Six children. She passed away on February 14, 2019 after enjoying a peaceful day with her family. Penny is survived by her loving husband Kent and three biological children.Jacey (Beth) Misty, and Seth. As well as seven emotionally adopted children. Maiyea Lee (Neng) Chai (Tony) Chong Yang (Mary) Mary, Maizoua, Pa, and Peeder yang. Penny also is survived by fours close siblings Ricky Johnson (Tam) Charlie Johnson(Rene) Patricia Belden(Randy), Mary Johnson and her half brother Kevin Johnson. 

Penny has 6 biological one bonus grandbaby, three step grandchildren and five from her foster children. Ethan, Sarah, Luke, Noah, Nolan  Stella, Ivy, Karmah Eesa,  Madison, Huche, Angela, Liam, Blayden and Natalie.

Penny had numerous nephews and nieces as well as great nephews and nieces on both sides of her marital family. She loved all of her family so much that she put them before herself in almost all things.

Penny is proceeded in death by her Mother Ruth Mary Johnson, her Brother Ronald D Johnson, her Grandson Kenton Roy Penigar and Granddaughter Michelle Mather. 

Penny was a very loving wife. In fact that can be attributed to how loving Kent was to her. They were best friends since she was 14 and he was 12. In April of 1979 they became husband and wife living nearly forty years together, they lived for eachother. In October of 1980 they had their firstborn Jacey, and,June of 1983 cam Misty. It wasn't until sometime in 1986 they said lets have a third and the baby of the family Seth was born May of 1987.  They lovingly emotionally adopted their third song Chong yang, after his mother passed away and helped care for the other five younger children. Penny loved each and every one of the Yang children as if they were her very own. 

Penny and Kent raised their children as Jehovah's witnesses, and thus assisted in raising the grandchildren in the faith. Her grandchildren have literally been her life since the birth of Ethan. Penny did everything she could when she could and insisted on having the grandchildren often. The bond she had with each one of them is unmeasurable. 

Penny was raised as One of Jehovah's witnesses, and was baptized at the age of seventeen on the same day Kent was. She often smiled when telling the story of how when she came up from the water the first thing she heard was Kent saying I see you Penny. Penny lived for Jehovah, and his words lived on her heart. 

Penny believed deeply in the ressurection hope Jesus spoke of at John 11:25. One scripture she quoted on a regular bases was Revelation 21:4 " He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry or pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."  Her faith was strong, and she knew should anything happen to her she would wake up in the new paradise earth. She was truly a faithful servant till the end.

Funeral services will be announced here. At this time the family asks for prayers. If you wish to help with expenses A gofundme account has been set up in lieu of flowers to assist the family in making it though the next month as,well as to pay for funeralexpenses.

The family would also like you to share memories of Penny in the stories section of this website.

Posted by Misty Penigar on 2nd March 2019
Two weeks later, it still feels like that night. But my Mommy and Daddy raised me with a strong faith. I know I will seenyou again mommy. Until the resurrection I,will try my best to take care of dad and the boys and kids. Love you and miss you more than I ever,knew it could be possible to miss someone.
Posted by Seth Penigar on 28th February 2019
Mom, I miss your voice, your smile and your love, there will never be anyone on this Earth like you, you were the most loving carein woman i have ever known in my life, you were one of a kind. I have not went one day without thinking about you, all you ever wanted was all of us to be happy, if I ever needed you , you were there, I keep having flashes of things you did for me, like how you went to get me batteries for my fire truck when the lights went out, or how you would take me to get cheese curds, or when we watched the loin king together and you made pop corn and how we laughed so hard Together Being twithout you is a nightmare, I just want to wake up, I feel like a big part of me is gone, I can hardly even handle it, I cry the hardest and most I have ever have in my life, I really don't know what I'm going to do, my heart is broken and I will never be able to get over the fact that I don't have my mom it hurts so bad. I will do everything I can to get reinstated, I will get close to Joahvah, and I will have grandmas and your log cabin ready. Till then rest in peace. I love you Mom, I'm so sorry this happened to you, I wish I could have saved you
Posted by Pamela Johnson on 17th February 2019
I am so sorry for the loss of this beautiful loving women. My thoughts , heart and prayers are with everyone in this difficult time. She may have left this world but she left us all with beautiful memories. She will be greatly missed but always loved.
Posted by Tam Johnson on 17th February 2019
When I first married Rick, Penny helped me move some of my stuff to Wisconsin from California by storing things in her basement, which we appreciated! I loved how she raised her children, Jaycee, Misty, and Seth to this day are amazing people. Rick has a lot of funny stories with Penny and Kent, Kent you were and are a loving and giving husband. Waves of sadness come over both of us. I think of the pizza nights, Penny thinking I underpriced all my stuff at my garage sale (she kept looking at things and saying I should mark that up....darling, they're priced to sell quick), and going to garage sales a few times. It was nice catching her in a grocery store aisle, children were always in tow! The children wouldn't let us talk much. I miss you, Penny, you bought a lot of warmth to the world.
Posted by Tracy Morke on 17th February 2019
I will never forget all those times Penny took care of me when I was sick. ( which was all the time when i was a kid). She would send me home with pillows, blankets....whatever to make me feel better on our 2 hr drive back home after visiting. And the trips to the A & W rootbeer stand and playing in Irvine Park. It's sad how years and years pass and time is missed. Sending Love and prayers to Kent, Jacey and Misty and the rest of my family!
Posted by Renie Johnson on 17th February 2019
to the Penigers, Kent, your wife will always be in your heart. as you were one for over 40 yrs, Jacey, Misty and Seth, mamma will always be watching over you and always in your heart. sorry for your loss but always remember her with a smile for she will always be smiling with you.
Posted by Mary Jane Johnson on 17th February 2019
Miss you little sister. i sit here and can not stop thinking about you. We were like oil and vinegar but we love each other. Momma going to have her baby to hug.
Posted by Pam Henning on 17th February 2019
I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with all of your during this difficult time. I pray that our Heavenly Father grants you peace, understanding and healing.
Posted by Charles L. Johnson on 17th February 2019
I will miss you little sister I love you say hi to mom when you get to heaven AMEN
Posted by Misty Penigar on 17th February 2019
Lost without my mommy, so grateful your nolonger suffering,and you've completed your race to paradise. Now I know who will hand Kentons back to me. As my mommy could,imagine were,all freaking out without you but were determined to be with you again in paradise love you my mommy
Posted by Arianna Johnson on 16th February 2019
I love you more than you'll ever know. All your advice the laughs we shared. I'll remember it all.

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