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June 1, 2021
Hey Grandma I know your Resting easy Now say I miss you and I just wanted to stop bye and say it's been almost 2 years Now and well I've learned so much from you Grandma all the memories we had I will always remember I may Not be there sitting on the arm rest of your chair sharing all my experiences anymore but I miss you Grandma and I hope one day I'll be able to see you again until then Grandma keep your smile shining and say yeah to Grandma Ruth your mother I'm sure it's great seeing them again I'm sure I'll see you again in Armageddon well Grandma I love you I won't forget about you I'll work with Jehovah as long as I can you didn't deserve to go so fast but in all my years I've spent with you I'm glad that I could call you my Sweet Grandma you meant so much to me and the tortoise misses you well as they say good memories good times always will live on I love you I miss you I know it must be hard for you but I'll see you again and give you a great Big hug and well Grandma I missed are good times I always will you were a mother to me and sorry if some of the things I've done may disappoint but you were always forgiving.

Sincerely from yours Grandson Nolan love you Grandma Rest easy Now I'll stop again Next valitines day wish I could give you a Hug but your always in my heart love you

February 18, 2019

I met Penny through her daughter Misty who I have known since we were in Ren Fair together. I loved Penny she was always so kind and caring. she never judged she always saw others for who they were on the inside. and that is something I will keep with me. I give much love to the family for I know how u feel when u lose someone u love dearly. RIP Penny give Kenton big hugs and kisses from everyone.

February 17, 2019

Growing up Penny was like a second mom to me. Misty and I were inseparable & I basically lived with the family every summer & on weekends. Whenever I got the chance! I lived clear across town & Penny was always more than willing to pick me up so her daughter & bf could be together. 

Penny loved children, and I remember there to always be children ( & us teenagers) in the house.  The fact that she took such good care of us kids, like her own, I will always hold dearly. 

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