4 years now and it still hurts like yesterday

Shared by Sharon Arrey on December 10, 2015

Daddy,it hurts to think you're not here anymore. Although I can't help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished you and every moment of our lives together wheb you were still with us.we muss you daddy

4 Years today

Shared by Efundem Ashu on December 10, 2015

Hello Daddy,

4 years today (still counting  ) since you left us for a better place. 

You will never be replaced in our hearts and minds, we thank God for sending you to watch over us always.. you know what i mean.

So Long...



Shared by Efundem Ashu on July 16, 2015

It's almost 4 years since the Lord called you over...I miss you and I will still say Happy Birthday even though you are not here..

Somehow, I still feel you near me and in times of difficulties I feel you even closer..

Thanks for the unconditional love you showed us, that love will reign forever from generation to generation..


..and, OH!!  we got a mini you chez nous.. DD is amazing..AB still talks about you from time to time. He cries when he thinks about you. That boy does not want to play soccer but after I told him that you were a pro and that you would love for him to at least know how to play, he agreed to play.. playing for grandpa..  

Hey Dad

Shared by Efundem Ashu on March 22, 2013

Dad, its been a while.
I keep thinking i will forget or get over your not being here.
I do not know if i can. It gets harder and harder each day but i Cling to God and He guides me through day by day.
Mum is doing well and holding up, we are so proud of her. she is learning to do everything you did for us and she is doing a great job. That woman is Great, i learn a lot from her everyday still.

The kids are growing and they talk about you every time even when they pray, sometimes your princess walks like you for days ( hahaha!!! that makes us laugh).

Daddy i need you now, somehow you have to show me what to do or make me laugh like you did...i try hard to stay strong by the Grace of God and i know you are watching over us just don't look away for a mini second. Keep watching, keep watching...

I miss you dad..          

A Rolling Stone He was..

Shared by Efundem Ashu on December 10, 2012

Papa was a Rolling Stone..

The Rolling Stone, "Rocker" is dead, but not gone..your lagacy remains in your children and grand kids, friends and family even with those who did not know you for you..
 ahahaaa!!! you are still here in every sense.

Hello Dad

Shared by Efundem Ashu on December 10, 2012

Today makes it one full year since you left to be with the Lord.
May He continuously keep you in His presence to love and Serve Him.

We miss you dearly.

Each time AB is sad, he says he wants grandpa right now, sometimes he picks up the phone and talks to you. Mama too does that sometimes and they even play with you  (untouchable friend).

I am not doing great without you but the Lord is good, He keeps me going..

Mum is trying hard to hang in there, she misses you every second of her life, her  wonderful Lord shows her every step to make. she is holding on tight and sometimes even acts like you.

Keep watching over us and keep that smile.. I can never forget the way you cared for us all and our children.

We love you dearly..

AB still prays for you.. isn't that amazing.. He has got some of you in him...


I need you Dad

Shared by Efundem Ashu on June 26, 2012

Hello Daddy,
This is one of those moments when i need you to make me laugh and pray for me while i am asleep. I wake up every night looking out the window to see you smile at me.
Mum always reminds me of your last words and they honestly make me feel better..." God is in control" were your last words.. honestly God is in control and has already taken control..

Love you loads dad..


While we were in Greece a few weeks ago, I made AB cry and he said to me, "Mummy i want my grandpa". I did not know what to do but i told him grandpa was watching over us all...is that the right thing to say to him dad? That boy honestly misses you.. when we told him grandma was coming to visit, he kept saying grandma and grandpa too..

Mama turned 1 year old already

Shared by Efundem Ashu on May 1, 2012

Oh how i wish you were here to see her smile and dance.
Oh how i wish you were here to tell her  " ee de like ee mami"" or " she is as pretty as my wife"..
Amazingly dad, Mama truly is as Pretty as your wife in every way, she walks and gets serious like her...

I know you were watching...

you keep serving the Lord and Pray for us, keep all unGodly people and things away from us, you now have the ability given to you by our Father..bye daddy

You were precious in his sight Ps 116:15

Shared by Sharon Arrey on February 21, 2012

Daddy, on Dec 10th 2011, God saw you getting tired, although there could have been a cure to the simple malady which afflicted you, God still put his arms around you and in a gentle, soothing small voice he whispered “Come to me”. With a tearful eye, you thought of the wife you’ll leave behind, you thought of your kids you so dearly love; you thought of you grandkids both born and unborn; you thought of your siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews; you thought of your friends near and dear to your heart. You considered not accepting the offer but then you look at God, with such love his smiled at you and said “ I need you son, come to me.” As an obedient child, although you know we love you dearly, we couldn’t make you stay. Slowly your golden, compassionate heart stopped beating, your hard working hands rested. Although at the moment we thought God broke our hearts, today we can be rest assured he only takes the very best. 

We thought of you with love today but this is nothing new. We thought and talked of you yesterday and the day before. We think of you in silence and often speak your name. Now all we have are memories and your pictures in frames. Your memory is our keepsake. With which we’ll never part. God has you in his keeping and we have you in our hearts. It’s ok…be free daddy…we’ll always love you….

A true champ

Shared by Sharon Arrey on February 10, 2012

I can hear you say to me..

7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.
2 Timothy 4:7-8

les mystere de ta vie

Shared by Sharon Arrey on January 31, 2012

L’homme le plus gallant au monde, un home combatant. Le vrai roi!! L’homme de people. Dad, un Casanova, home des lumieres. La Légende . Le voyageur.. Merci de m’avoir aimé…

daddy the cultural encyclopedia.

Shared by Sharon Arrey on January 27, 2012

His culture was his DNA, his very heart beat. He loved his people. He loved his culture, is was a walking dictionary when it comes to culture.

A linguist...If you wonder why it was easy for me to pick up a strange language within a matter of week..Here’s ur answer...

Who will fill his shoes now? A lion has gone to rest. A king has fallen, his skills, his persona, his passion....Dad u were really the people's person....you leave some shoes that's going to be too hard to fill

Love you always my hero..... still believe you’ll be back telling ur usual jokes…struggling to teach us ur culture……I remember them cultural week days when u had to go to the village come rain come sun….ahhhh a nation has lost the son of the soil..a generation has lost its pillar

The granddaughter-wife you left behind

Shared by Sharon Arrey on January 11, 2012


ur baby turned 7  a few days ago ...she wishes u'ld call to wish her a happy birthday like you always do....Daddy ...I was just wondering, how is it over there? I am sure everyone loves you because of the kind of person you always were....

How do we explain to your grand-children what happen to their beloved granddaddy?

Can you call us from time to time to let us know you are ok? can you send us postcards at least....oh daddy it hurts like crasy....

Still can't imagine life with out you..you've always been on my side thru my highs and lows.....

Let us know how you are doing daddy will you?


To My dear brother

Shared by Annette Aksdal on January 5, 2012

Dear Perry
You are gone from this earth but your memory will forever remain green in my mind.You were the only brother who could call to say 'how are you doing'. The first time Christy called me and told that you were sick and admitted in the reference hospital, I rushed to see you, you laid on your sick bed but continued to encourage us with your usual jokes. I held your hand and prayed to the good lord for life and then I left.
The second time I visited, it was a different story. this time, you could not talk but could see and recognize people. At this time, I started being worried.

My third visit was a sad one. And body of good will, I said lord thy will be done.
Perry we loved you, but the lord loved you most I pray to be closer to Christy more than ever before.
For the children, stay blessed. You made your father proud. Continue to do your best by carrying on where your dad ended
Perry Adieu


Adieu Uncle Perry House

Shared by Dilys Asuagbor on December 19, 2011

Uncle Perry House as we had come to call you thanks to Tk. Indeed you're gone too soon but the memories of your jokes, countless nicknames for all and pleasant disposition will live with us forever. Now that God has taken you to his care, rest in peace Uncle Perry House knowing you leave many loved ones behind yet no one as humorous as you...

Thank you for all the years of fun and laughter. Adieu Uncle Perry House!

Did They Lie?

Shared by N Arrey on December 17, 2011

People always say everything will be ok. They always say the pain will come to pass. They say you are in a better place. I beg to differ. Selfish as this might seem, I still cannot understand why.

I sat on my own last night and thought about the many happy times and sad ones and asked God why. I asked what mum would do without you.

I do not have answers to those questions, but I am expecting you to give them to me. This is hardly a request dad. Just you wake up and tell me what to do. You told me to look after her and I will but you have got to show me how.

I am angry at the world and I have been for the past week, but this will not bring you back. It feels so wrong to refer to you in the past tense. It does not feel right. It is not right but thank you for being our father. Thank you for sacrificing all you had and didn't have to give us the best. Those values will remain with us forever.

The only thing you did not teach me dad, was how to deal with this kind of pain. It is eating me up inside. I need you to wake up and give me the courage, tell me how to face mum because I do not know.

it is currently 20:17 on December 17th 2011


I am waiting for your answers dad. Please make it quick 

Dad,Uncle and Friend

Shared by Enow Ayukegba on December 16, 2011

Uncle you are fresh in my mind as we sat outside Efu's house.You spoke with so much warmth and love.As a Dad,Uncle and friend breaking down all the barriers we kids have with our elders.Uncle Perry this is  a shocker to me but i know you are in a better place.All those who knew you know what a wonderful father,uncle,friend and grand pa you were.Family was always the most important to you and you always gave your all to protect it.You can now rest uncle knowing that you left behind a wonderful family full of love.I will miss you uncle,you never raised your voice when you gave advice and always wore a smile when you saw me.Uncle Perry i went to bed a sad man when you passed away last Saturday but i am lucky to have known you and to be family.You have shown us the path and i promise we shall show the same love you showed to us to all those who come accross out path.Will always love you,it's me Efangha Efangha

Pa- Arrey

Shared by Efundem Ashu on December 15, 2011

How noh!!


Remeber how you and I used to set Egbe up about taking you to Cindy's (you did not know about Cindy's.. . ), I pushed hard and hinted you while Egbe swore, he had no idea what Cindy's was but eventually after i gave you a clue about the all grand Cindy's, you joined me to push egbe to take you there..

that was so funny..

Dad you made us feel special, you knew how much i loved and still love Michael Jackson, one day you came home from work when i was about 14 years old and gave me a Michael Jackson Tape, it was the newly released album "History", and i was so happy. You watched me getting excited

do you remember how you organized for Tabi, Ndip, Egbe and I to have "Super-Makia" the wrestler come to the house in Bananjo? and you invited Foley Diran to come meet us at the restaurant? he played his guitar for us and later that evening you pretended to be captain vontrap (whatever his name is --sounds of music) on your francophone's friends guitar. you were playing the song "Edelweiss".. ohh!! i was only 10 years old but i did feel like i was in heaven, i was so proud of my papa..and i started dreaming in sounds of music... Jeezzz!! dad

Daddy, Nae-yi-eeeh!!

Shared by Efundem Ashu on December 15, 2011

Hey Dad,


I remember how i used to come to your room every morning when i woke up, to say "papa, nae-yi-eh wuuu!!" twisting my jaws like an old palm-winer tapper from Ossing and intentionally mis-pronouncing every word in kenyang. That made you laugh so hard after which you would tell me i did not have to twist my jaws and that i was not saying it correctly. The funny thing was i loved it when you imitated the way i messed up the greetings just for me to have a reason to laugh in the morning.

and during the day i would  shout out to you saying "papa, nwah deah deah!?" and you would respond " ehh!! nwah no deah ," and i would top it up like Ndip saying " nwah noh deah, nwah come tip"..


so now, i am asking you papa.."Nwah deah deah??"


you better answer me dad because i hear some people saying you passed away, they are joking dad, they don't know anything. we still have a lot to do so get ready we need to finish up..



Papa Perry Arrey's Family

Shared by Manfred Agbor on December 15, 2011

Papa Perry’s Family

I join with so many others who knew Papa Perry in offering our deepest sympathy on his passing. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, it should be of some satisfaction to know that in his passing you can celebrate the end of a very short but productive life .The only referee we knew in Mamfe who became a treasure to our community. The death of Papa was a shock to hear .I had the privilege this summer to talk with Papa on the phone. Pa sounded like the legend we all knew- positive and proactive. Thank you for the name you gave me (Perry), it is an honor to be called by your name. Papa was never greedy nor selfish. You gave it all. “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure,” Thank you papa for the many "Kumba bread", bush meat, plantains’, eru, red oil, Christmas money you brought to the house in Mamfe.  It is said “The measure of a life well-lived is not in how much money one has or what possessions they have accumulated, but rather through the lives they touched and the sorrow they leave behind. “ Thank you for all the Cherished Memories. You were a sacrificial father. Papa Perry knew education is the key. This is shown in the successful childrens that you and mama raised.

God’s word- {the Bible} speaks of death as a reminder! And we must have sober thoughts about life and death.


 Ecclesiastes 7:1
A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth. (NIV)

Ecclesiastes 7:2
It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. (NIV)

Papa Perry Arrey’s life will continue to speak meaningful things to those he touched.

Love you Papa Perry.


Uncle Perry house

Shared by Nkongho Asuagbor on December 14, 2011

Pain doesn't describe what i am feeling right now. I am still in shock and disbelieve. Surely this cann't be real!!! Somebody pinch me please!!

My memories of you have always been the same, playfull, joyful, happy, infact great. Takang you named every one Perry house, uncle was perry house and aunty too. Uncle you called me Oooh ! which was because when Takang Perry house was much younger,she found it very difficult to say ' Nkongho' and what she called me was sounded like OOh!!   (Yes Tk you too were Perry house at some point.)

Uncle, Takang says you were the big mosquito??? Thought that was me!!! Please wake up and clarify this.

On the 12/10/11 i get a text message from Tabi saying happy birthday to me. Then less than one hour later Tabi text again. but this time the news was that you were gone. I will for ever rememeber you my dear uncle Perry house. Keep watch over us until we meet again

I will always be your OOh!  aka Big mosquito!!!

A good man

Shared by Akoaya Ekukanju on December 14, 2011

You lived your life doing the precious things that matter.Now that you are gone,all that we have left is fortunately the good guidance you gave us as young men.

 Just like the bible says in Ecclesiastes 7:1"A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth."

You will be fondly remembered.



Uncle Perry House

Shared by Takang Asuagbor on December 14, 2011

It breaks my heart having to write about you because you are no longer with us physically but am sure you are with us in spirit.

When I heard about your passing I felt like I lost apart of me. Many of my fondest memories growing up was coming to your house. As I fondly called it Uncle Perry House which eventually became my name for you.

You and I had a running joke every time you saw me you will call me small mosquito and pinch my ear. I will do the same thing while calling you big mosquito. I tell you that never got old as we played that game the last time I saw you during Efu's wedding.

There is no doubt Uncle Perry House that you are loved and will be missed. Memories of you will forever stay in my heart. Please look down upon your family as we find solace in this time.


Shared by N Arrey on December 14, 2011



Where do I start? I remember the last time we had a long conversation and dad told me he had malaria. I found it weird but laughed and asked him if he remembered how poorly I was as a kid and how he would make me take bitter tablets so I feel better, to which he said yes.

I then laughed at him and said "well, now is your turn to take those bitter tablets"

We both laughed for so long and talked about more important things. How ironic this was in the end because we (his kids, wife, family and friends) are once again taking that bitter tablet to cure our pain.


My dad was (is) a man of many words and with those many words came lots of wisdom. He did a lot for me as a person and the family as a hold. He taught me a lot not only by words but by actions. Dad always had to honk for me to be ready for church on a Sunday morning cos I always dragged myself. Today, I like to be on time but back in the day, I was like "why is this man on my case everyday"


I could go on for ages and I laugh with tears in my eyes. I know the loss I feel, but some part of me knows he is resting (I know how cliche that sounds, but I mean it)

Dad, smile and look after us, because we need it. You have always done and will always do everything for us.

Bye for now till we meet again 

Where are you Dad, get up lets go play Tennis, get up dad pleaseeeee!!

Shared by Efundem Ashu on December 13, 2011

my own don waka cam meet-up me...I am still in disbelieve and choose to remain that way..oh my!! i love my dad, he is one of the few people who never questioned  any of my moves or decisions, he always made me think i knew what i was doing even when i didn't. and most of all he was always there to pick us up each time we fell...We had the best parent on earth and could never have asked for more. Dad was a true father to us and our friends too, he gave us all what a father could give a child.. He served me like i meant the whole world to him (did the same thing to my siblings). Dad after all was very humble, he would clean for me, care for my kids while i slept or went to work, he washed my clothes and folded them, and sat there by my side while i was ill and asleep all night, all morning... same things he did for me he did for my siblings.. unconditional love.. i never felt insecure or weak because i knew i had a father to run back to.He taught me how to write, meditate, focus and how to achieve my goals. We sang together, told crazy stories too and ofcourse he especially was my marriage counselor..We did playback songs together.

Dad, i will never forget the dance you thaught us as kids when you came home from work every evenning. we all gathered around you flexing our hands forward and backwards and noding our heads trying to imitate your dance.. we all sang what i still call " a knyocks to your parents...tadadaaa!!!".. hahaha!! mum knows just what i mean because i danced the same song in september to mum..

you never believed what anyone told you about me, you were always certain that my reactions to anythin gor anybody had a good  reason eventhough in the end you would correct me for reacting fast..

Dad you missed dying in my arms 3 times from when i was 16 years old and mum was away,do you remember?...... you called me to your room and showed me where your will was incase anything happened to you, you asked me to give it to mummy (i promised myself that i was not going to read the will because if i did you would probably die,) i pretended to smile just to hold back the tears in my eyes then i shut your door and ran to my room, got on my knees, pulled out my bible and had a chat with God. The funny thing is i ran back to dad's room every 30 minutes checking on him to see if he was dead or still alive but each time i went he was awake and when he looked at me i would say "dad did you call me" just so he wouldn't know my trick.. i did that a few more times and i think he understood my move. Two other times you passed out and did not tell me till you got out of it by yourself and  finally this time. Dad you played a trick on us, you left for Cameroon and then could not wait to see us before dying, you did not want us to see you suffering, you just wanted us to keep the best memory of you inside us like i do now.. 

When i was 9 years old, you taught me how to knot a tie, the French, Italian and American style which i still do remember how to do, you brought that same tie i knoted for you when i was 9 years old to show me on my wedding day, you still had it knotted after 21 years, you told me you wanted to keep it and show me.. hahahaha!! i will knot your tie one last time dad, one last time, and i tell you , i did enjoy my dance with you, every step of it.. 

Our parents showed us how to love unconditionally, now, what do i do if this dream is true? Papa always called me "M'a". When i was 12 years old and started learning how to bake and cook, he was the only one who said my food tasted very good even when it was burnt , half done, or even when coconut cones turned into coconut rocks he still managed to eat them smiling and telling me it was very good, then in the same sentence he would say " M'a, you see eh!! next time just add a little more water, less salt, do not over cook it or cook it for this long.. etc.. 

He taught AB how to play football, you gave me my first tennis racket because you were a tennis champion (soccer champ too) and loved me to play tennis ( i promised you a Tennis match in April  and never got to beating your  butt down on the tennis court, but hey!!! i smacked you on the Wii tennis sometimes..lol!!).. 

AB prayed  for you to get well when we  told him you were no more, AB said "dear Jejus christ make grandpa well"...hmm!! Wow!! we are all in dis-believe.. i beg  wuna pray for we before a tire,, so far, the Lord has our backs. abeg wuna pray for our mummy and dad's mum oh i beg,, 

Dad do you remember your rap competion dance with Ma'song at my wedding?... you beat her in the dance like you were Usher..

 I begged God to give me one last chance to see you , hold your hand and hug you before you left, but this time the Lord said "No"... He had already shown me twice in a row in my sleep, that was two weeks (exactly 13 and 12 days ) before you left us. The Lord showed me that you were leaving but i fought and rebuked the dream.. 

Choe!! masa papa you noh fit die ...................................................... 

I will remember everything you told and taught me.. When i was at the University of Buea i wore your expensive Italiano shoes, i took them from the house and wore at school... 

Dad, get up now, get up and be strong you always told me i needed to be strong and fearless, now get up and practice what you preach or preached..


 I love you Dad and i am glad i told you that while you could still hear it.

Get upppppppppp!!! Efu

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