His Life

24 FEBRUARY 2011

Your son was born, without you.


Only just now I was thinking, Peter, altlhough you left home early, you kept in touch.  You always brought your girl-friends to see me, you had all sorts of funny questions for me: how to cook chicken curry, how to say a name, how to spell a name, the name of a song, how to write a letter, etc.

When Aysha was lost, you came to me, you cried your heart out about Kiara and wanted to know what to do, you came to me when you were at your lowest point saying you had lost everything, and I told you, no you hadn't, you still had your family, and I asked you to come home.  How I relished - and still do more than ever - that precious time you spent at home then.  I had a chance to pamper you and I was so happy about it.

But, when you were in real trouble, you did not tell me, Peter.  I sensed something at the exact time you died, Peter.  My pressure went off the chart and I thought I was going to have a stroke or die - how was I to know it was your crisis.  I never guessed that you were having problems again. 

I will forever regret not being there for you, Peter. I still cannot get the idea of you dying alone out of mind.  I keep questioning what was going through your mind at the time.

Rest in Peace, Peter, and God Bless.