Peter Bello
  • 26 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 4, 1989
  • Date of passing: Aug 12, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Lagos, Nigeria
Peter Bello, your earthly body is gone, but your spirit lives with Christ forever. The beautiful but short life you lived will continue to touch generations even yet unborn forever!! Keep resting peacefully

Please feel free to share your fond memories of PK BELLO Jnr.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by oloyede oluwafunmilayo on 15th August 2016

"I never knew you ,However reading your biography  got me angry ;"only the  good die young "a thousand questions left unanswered. God indeed knows best. Thank you for teaching me to live each day as it comes, thank you for teaching me how to compliment people " I really suck at that". I can't thank you enough for the life long life lessons from the other side. Am sure going to visit Calabar so I could drop by and say Hi. Keep flying Angel"

This tribute was added by oloyede oluwafunmilayo on 15th August 2016

"I never knew you ,However reading your biography  got me angry ;"only the  good die young "a thousand questions left unanswered. God indeed knows best. Thank you for teaching me to live each day as it comes, thank you for teaching me how to compliment people " I really suck at that". I can't thank you enough for the life long life lessons from the other side. Am sure going to visit Calabar so I could drop by and say Hi. Keep flying Angel"

This tribute was added by Olufemi Bello on 12th August 2016

"Still fresh in my memory. How time flies like yesterday. It is still difficult I can't tell a lie, and not shed tears. You will always remind in our memory forever. I know you are in a better place. Continue to rest  in the the Lord's bosom. #Peterliveson#"

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Polana on 12th August 2016

"One year Peter, and seems like yesterday that I received word hours after the horrific crash!   My heart still has such a heavy feeling everytime I think of you... I can't explain it but I know it's not like any other death I've experienced.  I want to ask God many a time, why... But we are not to question God.  So my faith says that you were needed in his kingdom more than here on earth!   Miss you more than words can say buddy... Continue your rest with God and all his angels and saints!!   Until we meet again, my peace I give to you and my peace I leave with you.  Rest in peace my friend Peter."

This tribute was added by Lucy Ekpenyong on 12th August 2016

"Rest on  in the bossom of the Lord dear soul of light...you did played your part well..you'll always be remember by those you touch with that light."

This tribute was added by ilamina William-park on 12th August 2016

"You will be forever missed"

This tribute was added by Uju Odumodu on 12th August 2016

"Can't believe it's been a year already. August 12th is a day I'll always remember. Peters death changed my perspective. Thank you for leaving a great legacy. I can close my eyes and picture that smile of urs. You'll forever be missed. #PeterKayodeBello #RIP #ForeverInOurHearts #PjKruel #PeterBelloLivesOn"

This tribute was added by Mosun Aderinokun on 12th August 2016

"I can't believe it has really been a year without you brightening up all our lives in that way you were truly gifted at. It still hurts to have to say these words in the past tense but your life and legacy that you left will always be here for the future to come. We miss you Peter, keep soaring until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Oladapo Adeniranye on 12th August 2016

"PKB, a year has passed but you will always be in my heart. The sunday before we hung out and had mad fun, me you and Jinko and planned to meet up the next Friday. My heart broke when I heard the news on Wednesday. I thankGod for your life. Rest in peace bro! Till we see again."

This tribute was added by Abdul-lateef Busari on 12th August 2016

"Keep resting brother. Love you forever!"

This tribute was added by Pavlo Igori on 12th August 2016

"It's been a year brother , but feels like yesterday.
Continue to have that peaceful Rest skipper.

This tribute was added by Peju Agboola on 12th August 2016

"A year gone by...
In loving memory....
You are still missed truly...
Rest on Peter."

This tribute was added by Veronica Egbe on 12th August 2016

"Akpama, our most wanted  brother, you have been gone for one year but it's like yesterday. You are and will ever remain evergreen in our hearts. Our prayers are with you always. Rest in peace our Jewel and may the good Lord bless your soul.
Aunty Vero and family."

This tribute was added by Obinna Ojiako on 12th August 2016

"Peter, you are remembered fondly for your wonderful personality. It was a great pleasure knowing and working with you. Your life and achievements at 26 is such an inspiration. Remain at peace."

This tribute was added by Ayo Tola on 12th August 2016

"Wow, its a year already. Grateful to God for a life like yours. You live even in death because those who truly live never die."

This tribute was added by Peter James on 12th August 2016

"Junior, it's a full year today!!! A full year since the cold hands of death snatched you away from us. I have solace in that I know as a fact that you are resting in perfect peace.
May the good Lord continue to grant your beautiful soul eternal rest!!
Your memories are alive."

This tribute was added by Peace ofure on 12th August 2016

"The memory of your bravery,gravitas,laughter and character is still very fresh in my mind.You are never forgotten and never will.Please sleep on in His peace. You are truly missed."

This tribute was added by Peace ofure on 12th August 2016

"The memory of your bravery,gravitas,laughter and character is still very fresh in my mind.You are never forgotten and never will.Please sleep on in His peace. You are truly missed."

This tribute was added by Frank Webb on 12th August 2016

"Peter one year on but not forgotten bro. Continue to rest in Peace. God bless you and your family."

This tribute was added by Asi Ita on 12th August 2016

"It's a year already PKB! Kip resting in His Bosom! #Peterliveson #PKBFoundation"

This tribute was added by Asi Ita on 19th July 2016

"Sleep on Peter! Keep smiling!"

This tribute was added by Umur Edem on 5th July 2016

"My dear brother and Friend, im short of words, the hurt of you not being here with us (uwem, kita, nyong) to yab you on this special day and you keeping that humble smile on while we make fun of you made me shade tears.... I miss you so much Pjkruel and continue to rest in Gods bossom till we meet again to part no more."

This tribute was added by victor Isicheli on 4th July 2016

"Words really cant describe the way I feel..

you would be forever missed Bro..

Keep resting in Peace."

This tribute was added by Olufemi Bello on 4th July 2016

"You would have been 27 years today. I promise myself I wasn't going to cry but was difficult not to.  I believe that as you are celebrated here on earth, you are equally been celebrated in heaven. Happy posthumous birthday. Miss you dearly."

This tribute was added by Edith Esubok on 4th July 2016

"Happy birthday Peter. I know you are having a great one with the angels."

This tribute was added by Uzoma Ihediwa on 4th July 2016

"Happy birthday my brother. I celebrate today with lots of people scattered far and wide. Thank you for your time with us.  Keep on shining up there buddy."

This tribute was added by Johnik MO on 4th July 2016

"Yo.Bro.,. rest in peace man.."

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Polana on 4th July 2016

"Happy Birthday" my dear friend Peter!!!!!  May you enjoy this day and every day in Heaven above....  Celebrate with all the Angels and Saints!  I will look to the heavens today for your glimmer of love shining down upon us.

You are missed more than words can ever express.....  until we meet again, look over us with the love you shared here on earth.  Gods speed my friend!"

This tribute was added by ilamina William-park on 4th July 2016

"Happy birthday Fine boy Piro, I am sure you are in Heaven celebrating today. You are in a better place. A lot has happened since youv been gone but I will tell you all about it when I see you again. Rest on my dear friend.Make the angels happy like you made us on earth,."

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Polana on 14th February 2016

"Six months Peter, and it's still hard to fathom your loss".  Everyday I think of this tragic loss as a dream, but not to be!  
You truly made an impact not only in my life but so many others... It has to be, that with all you did and how you touched so many-many lives in your short 26 yrs of life, you were sent as an Angel of God.  There is nothing less to believe.  
What a blessing to have met you, and share your joy of life!  
Still my dream to visit your grave one day and say "THANK YOU" for being you!!!!  I look to the heavens and see your smile daily Peter, and remember your calls and visits together in the states so vividly.
My peace I give to you Peter Bello, my peace leave with you for all eternity!   Gods speed buddy"

This tribute was added by Gabby Okulaja on 20th November 2015

"Junior Bello!
It's been like 3 months already? I can't believe it !
I dreamt about you last night.
Honestly, I don't remember where we were or where we were walking to but we spoke for a really long time and you looked happy and you made me feel a whole lot better.
It felt good.
Through all of that, I forgot you had passed away. It all felt so real.
The second I realized you were dead, you weren't beside me anymore.
Then I woke up.

I believe you're resting in peace and you're happy up there.
You've been missed but God knows.
Continue resting with Jesus.
Love you!"

This tribute was added by Joy Tanimowo on 5th September 2015

"I just summoned the courage to pay this tribute to an enigmatic yet humble young man. I learnt from your short yet fulfilled  life what it means to be selfless.  Rest on in the bossom of the Lord and May the good Lord comfort your loved ones. You will be sorely missed"

This tribute was added by Ufon Ekemini on 1st September 2015

"I know you can't read this Peter but I share in the pain that your loved ones are feeling. Am short of words to say. I never knew you but your works and deeds have spoken greatly for you. God knows best and we cannot question him. Sleep on dear friend till we meet on the resurrection morning."

This tribute was added by Rume K. on 28th August 2015

"Peter…what happened, man? We were supposed to take over the world..

The last thing you said to me was “Don’t worry, Rume, I got you. This is my town. Last last, I will sleep on the floor somewhere”. Selfless…

I first met you taking pictures of banana bread (Seye Bakes) at AAF in 2010. “I guess everyone has a camera now” I thought. “Plus, this dude’s pants are waaaayy too tight.” I later found out we served at the same company. My initial hasty judgment (skinny-jeaned hipster faking a deep voice) soon gave way to my deep respect for you and your constant inspiration to me. You were always forthcoming about your goals, honest and brutally generous to those around you. Extremely talented and unfathomably humble, you were always deferential to the point of absurdity (That “Egbon” nonsense…”)  And the photography. THE PHOTOGRAPHY! I take good pictures, but you were an artist behind the lens. I remember getting angry FOR you when I heard what some people would try to pay you. Even when I took you on gigs with me, or you helped me with edits when my workload was too much, it was clear how talented you were. You will live forever through the images you blessed the world with.

From NYSC to Master’s to Pilot School, I was excited by the path you chose, and looking forward to what you would become. Your calm demeanor and fearlessness made sure I would never second-guess your new path whether or not you would return to us whenever you took off. The day of the crash happened, I made a mental note to call you later, and check to see if you had lost any of your colleagues. I arrogantly neglected the fact that it could have been you flying. No answer…I’ll try Peter again tomorrow. I received a panicked call the next morning asking if I knew anything about PETER KAYODE’s whereabouts. “Wait, what? You mean Peter Bello?” Only then did the panic set in. I couldn’t concentrate at work. My calls to your sister and your colleagues remained unanswered. I panicked and hoped. 4 dead, 6 hospitalized, 2 missing. More hope. I knew, but I hoped the hope of a child that still believes in Santa or Father Christmas. Peter was strong, he was built like the Incredible Hulk, if the Hulk did yoga and cardio. Surely he swam to Cotonou, and we’d all celebrate the miracle of his survival, no?  A sad peace waited for me, as it was finally confirmed that you had left us.

The last conversation we had was which hotel to stay in for Ajoke’s wedding. I would have said more. Told you I was proud of you one more time. Sorry I never got to visit your new place in Omole…in my mind I had all the time in the world.

Thank you for the gifts. Thank you always checking in. Thanks for sharing your art with me. Thank you for teaching me how to out-humble somebody. Thank you for showing me your hometown in a way that I would never have experienced otherwise. Thank you for the hospitality. Thanks for turning up with Crazy Patrick at anything I threw at the house. Thank you for introducing me to your amazing family, your sisters are now my sisters.

Unforgettable. Irreplaceable. Inspirational.

Captain, my Captain…my brother, my friend: I love you, and you will be missed immensely."

This tribute was added by Esther Ikpeme-Etim on 27th August 2015

"Oh Peter! Your passing has made us ask all kinds of questions of ourselves, of others.  We have begged God, bargained, made promises, cried endlessly but none of that will bring you back, sadly.
Junior, your life was short, too short but you've left the kind of legacy some can only dream of in decades of living. If we had a say, we would have told God, not yet.
We are however thankful for the life you lived. You touched lives while you lived and even in death, you have touched and inspired so many more.
From you I have learnt that indeed it is more blessed to give than receive. You had a way of leaving memorable impressions on the people you met.
Until we meet again, cuz, rip"

This tribute was added by Oriri Osayomore on 26th August 2015

"Bro, I can just remember bits and pieces of our meeting and through my memory the one thing that stand out is that you were easy to get along with and accommodating.

You are blessed now even more than us still here because you know now what we do not know, experiencing the eternal love of the almighty God."

This tribute was added by Akeye Ogar on 24th August 2015

"Between the heart wrenching pain and the sudden burst of tears, the memories flooding in, I asked God for peace knowing you are in the best place we as humans can only pray for when our time comes and I know you are looking down on us all with your smile so wide and ur wink dat always got me. Dats d last thing you did that Monday when you pinged me. Peter I miss u so much, thanks for showing me how to live an amazing life. You called me d globe trotter but you were the one who saw the world and showed it to us in all it's beauty through ur lens. You will always be in my heart."

This tribute was added by temitope alexander on 23rd August 2015

"though i dnt know ya but like i read about ya it looks like you re too gud to go nw,i read wat pple said abouh ya,it amased me that xo many pple dnt wanna let go of you since they dont why didnt God hear our prayers nd comments about you,"oh peter bello, you are a gem, an hero, you ve helped alot of pple with your encouragement...tears in my eyes P...sun re oooo,till we all meet again""

This tribute was added by Liz Udie on 22nd August 2015

"Angels are never forgotten.
Peter, rest on.
Forever in my heart."

This tribute was added by Ikwuegbu Oge on 22nd August 2015

"I VE bin going thru ur ttributes endlessly, ur death is such a great loss. U touched so many hearts through ur act of kindness, peace, love n selfless service. U re really a gem. I know u re in a better place prepared for a unique fellow like u.....yet it's hard to bid u farewell...so hard. I alwaz pray for a miracle. Rest on dearest PKB Jr. Tnx for being a source of inspiration even in death....u will forever live in our hearts because d beautiful legacy u left will remain...posterity will alwaz remember u...lots of Luv"

This tribute was added by Maryann Obi Uti on 22nd August 2015

"I never met you PB and u never did. I am a stranger but your death made me learn a lot, with all the tribute I have read from your friend on Facebook and especially on Instagram Woh I realised you were a very great person, you were loved by so many and am sure they will continue to love you even in death, they said so much about you' positive and good things about you. My prayer is May God comfort your mum, dad and sisters and Inlaw and may Enternal grant unto PB o Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon him and may PB rest in peace.Amen fly forever"

This tribute was added by Ayomiposi Aderinwale on 21st August 2015

"I remember checking my trends on IG and I saw #peter bello's for ladies lagos page in my mind I'm like whose this fine boy only to see R.I.P I was so angry, I don't even know at who in particular....I later read his story and I'm totally surprised....I don't know you Peter but you lived a great live at 26 you lived like you were 60...from the tributes have read you were one selfless friend, humble and kind. You don't exist Peter you truly live....and spent all you had to give with those around....
Has sad has it is Peter your demise has taught me lessons especially not to exist but truly live...I wept while reading the tributes and checking your pictures...your early exit from this cruel and mean world has made me realise that each day his actually a gift and I have to be appreciative of it and live a good life .......
This should serve has a wake up call for all..."

This tribute was added by Richard Odey on 21st August 2015

"To my amazing brother,  feels like I have been robbed of precious times we would have spent together, amongst everyone i know you had no equal when it came to the purest of hearts. Angry and saddened at what short time we shared together but I know you will always live in my heart. Words aren't enough to express how special you were to everyone around you, heaven took our angel, Irreplaceable Peter."

This tribute was added by Olufemi Bello on 21st August 2015

"Sweetheart, may you have peace where ever you are just as your life was. Rest in peace my Captain Adorable. Will always love you."

This tribute was added by Anya Omajuwa-Oteri on 21st August 2015

"Dear Peter,
I remember  you as a little Altar Boy in St. Patrick's, Calabar. I had a good laugh the first time I saw you up there. It was just the kind of thing your parents will insist that you do. It's so sad that now in death, you have been brought before the same altar where you once served.

I remember you and your family always sitting on the same row in church and you and your sisters faithfully following your parents in the offertory procession. I also recall all those times where like all the other children in St. Patricks, you had to follow your parents around after church and greet everybody and do the same thing over and over again every Sunday and even sometimes at week day masses. Having to bend over a little to get those little pats on your back.... Gradually shaping you into the warm and loving young man that you became.

The same Fr. Corcoran, the parishioners and your parents friends were there today in St. Patricks. So many tears, but with so much pride did they listen as all those great tributes about your were read by all those big people from Lagos. The great man you had become. Our own small PKB from our humble little parish.

For all those times you served at the altar of God here on earth and acknowledged God before all men, I pray that your dear parents will take consolation in the fact that Jesus will acknowledge you before his Father in heaven as he promised in the bible.

I pray that Mr. & Mrs Bello will realize that they successfully raised another citizen for heaven so that some day, some how, the loss of Peter won't hurt so much anymore."

This tribute was added by Veronica Egbe on 21st August 2015

"Junior, just like that? Now on your own at Hawkins?
May the Lord be with you. Goodnite sweetheart!"

This tribute was added by Ayo Tola on 21st August 2015

"Dear Peter,

I never knew you while you were alive but it feels like I know you now. Ever since I heard about your death and the tributes from your friend I have checked your twitter handle and read about you just to know a little about you. Very few people have impacted my life and you are one of them. Throughout this week I have been trying to show more love to people and I have been asking myself what would Peter do in this situation. You are a role model and an example of the word friend. You have left an indelible impression in my heart and your death has taught me to appreciate people more and go the extra mile for my friends. I am shedding a few tears as I type now and the only consolation is that you have resurrected and you have also touched many lives in your death. Much more than you can imagine. I admire you even in death. Live on Peter."

This tribute was added by Debbie Braide on 21st August 2015

"I've been putting off writing this because it's hard to accept.

Dear Peter,

We all wish you were still here. We wish this never happened. We wish we didn't have to write tributes and condolence letters. We wish instead of mourning you, that we were together with you celebrating the many milestones you achieved and the dreams you had.

I remember speaking to you before I went off to college, how you encouraged me and guided me in making the decision to go to your Alma mata. You were kind, patient, always listened and ready to help.

I am grateful for that encounter. Thank you Peter for giving us all a standard to look up to. Thank you for reminding us to live lives worth remembering. Thank you for being your mother's hero. You are a hero.

You are deeply Loved Peter. Rest well knowing that. Peter Forever! You Live on in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Uzo Onuoha on 21st August 2015

"All go to one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again (Ecclesiastes 3:20) ...  In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you shall return (Genesis 3:19).

Farewell for the last time as you are laid to rest today Peter ... We cannot see beyond, but this we know for sure and will always be a constant, we loved you so... 'Twas heaven here with you!

#FlyWithTheAngelsPeter #SleepOnInTheLord #TheGoodDieYoung"

This tribute was added by Mfon Etuk on 21st August 2015

"Dear Lord, please watch over Peter, I didn't know him in Person but by all the sweet and wonderful tributes about him I am sure he was a darling to all that knew him and will be missed very much. Grant them the grace to bear losing him and fill their hearts with joy and peace knowing that he rests in Your bossom till they meet again. Rest in Peace Peter."

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