Celebrating the life of Peter Elliott and his commitment to family, friends and the local community.
  • 78 years old
  • Born on May 17, 1936 in Catterick, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on November 13, 2014 in St Vincent's Hospital, Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia.

This website has been created so that family and friends can share their favourite memories of Peter.

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Note: Doris Day was one of Peter's favourite singers so we have included a couple of her songs as background music for the website. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will be, will be) was often sung by Peter and is reflective of his approach to life. If you would like to turn the music ON/OFF, all you have to do is select 'Sound' at the very top of the page.

Viewing and Cremation - Brisbane

Peter was cremated in his Scout uniform at Mt Thompson Crematorium in Holland Park on Tuesday 18th November 2014 following a family gathering and viewing at Simplicity Funerals in Woollongabba. 
Memorial Service - Newcastle

An evening Memorial Service to celebrate Peter's life was conducted at Glenrock Scout Centre on Sunday 23rd November 2014 and included a ceremony to scatter Peter's ashes at the Sundial rockery garden overlooking Glenrock Lagoon. Red, Green and Gold balloons representing his time as a fireman in the RAAF, and as a member of the Scout Association were released following the scattering of ashes by Trevor, Andrew, Leila and grandchildren Theresa and Amber.

Peter Griffith, a long time scouting friend of Peter’s, lead a 'campfire' during which family and friends joined in singing Peter’s favourite Scout songs before enjoying a wonderful supper.

Our sincere thanks go to:

Delma and Bill Tape, Vasu and Santee Santhanam & Shan Nathan who generously provided the supper and their time in setting up on the day; Kevin Allen who greatly assisted in securing the venue and coordinating the scouting community to assist on the day; Peter Griffith for organising and leading the campfire; Dan Harrison, Kevin Allen and Graeme Pike who told us wonderful tales from Peter’s life; and Grahame Pricter for arranging the ashes ceremony.

And finally, to all who attended the service. We enjoyed meeting each of you and hearing your stories about how Peter touched your life.

We were truly blessed to have him as our father.

With love and appreciation always,

Trevor, Andrew and Leila
and our extended families.

Posted by Stephen Harris on 13th November 2017
Hmm 3 years and time passes . Peter , I think if you were here with the gang , you'd be incredibly proud of how they are all turning out. It's an amazing family that you and Kotha created . You continue to bring me great memories as does Kotha and the family.
Posted by Graham Price on 13th November 2017
Time scurries us along, but the memory of Peter from early days at Butterworth & Penang, thence to Australia, stays with me for eternity. His marriage with Kotha was perhaps one of the most magnificent couplings I have seen during my life. Yes, what shall be shall be. Wonder of wonders.
Posted by Isaac Elliott on 14th November 2016
Hey grandad. Cant believe its already been two years. Believe it or not i kinda miss you waking me up from my sleepins to try throw me in the pool haha. Even when i got older/bigger and you couldnt quite throw me in the pool anymore it didnt stop you getting a cup full of water to pour over my face. Cheeky bugger haha. At the time i just thought you were doing it cause it was funny (which it probably was) but i also think you understood that lifes to short to be spent sleeping and theirs so much more to be experienced. I miss you grandad but i know you and grandma are kicking it in supreme style. Love you both so much and ill be seeing you before you know it
Posted by David N Shirley Arnold on 20th May 2016
Our lives were enriched knowing Peter and Kotha. Many fond memories when we got together with their family especially the day at the lake when Peter took us for a spin in his boat.
Posted by Graham Price on 13th November 2015
Remembering with great affection Peter who went to join his beloved Kotha 13/11/2014. He was a shining light in the lives of everyone he met. We all miss you terribly, Pete.
Posted by Michael Elliott on 13th November 2015
Hello all, well so many memories, from the time that Mum was pregnant with Peter, and she put my hand on her tummy to feel him kicking away inside. To the time that as Mum was not able to breastfeed him I used to get the tin of "Cow and Gate" baby formulia, mix it up and feed Peter. To the time that we three John, self and Peter were in Twickenham when the sirens sounded, and the German plane flew low overhead. We John and I literly threw Peter down into the air raid shelter. To the walk we all took with Mum in the countryside near Keiwa, by a memorial for something and a photo was taken of us. So someone else had to be there. To the time that Peter was on the pillion of the BSA 650 cc on the way back from a trip to I think Newcaastle with Mum who was moving up there, we had towed the motor bike on the back of the car. And the most important memory was that Peter who was the conductor on the number 8 tram to Toorak was chattering up Kaye who was working for the Patons. It was through these chats that Kaye finally phoned me at the Port Melbourne Police Station, which commenced the 100 day romance which lead to our marriage on the 11th of January 1956. While we drifted apart during the following years, us in PNG and Peter abroad, we kept in touch. We both miss both Peter and Kotha. Love from Kaye and Michael.
Posted by Dave & Shirley Arnold on 17th May 2015
Will always remember Peter's great sense of humour and the time he and family launched the boat in Lake Macquarie and forgot to put the plug in! Sadly missed.
Posted by Gary McAlpine on 5th May 2015
My sympathy to the Elliott Family. I served with Peter at Pearce from 1968-1971. One memory I have of him is of one morning I went into the office to talk to him about something or other. Part way through my story,this maniacal laughter emitted from his desk. It was totally infectious. I started laughing my head off. He produced this bag that was producing this laughter from his drawer. Over the years, I have tried to find one like it, but, have not been able to. I don't actually remember if I ever finished the conversation that I went in to have. Rest In Good Humour, Peter. I will remember both you AND your Laughing Bag until the day I die.
Posted by Sarasvathi Visualingam on 24th November 2014
Dear Trevor,Andrew and Leila, I am indeed very sorry, sad to know about Pete. It is a great loss to all of you but age and illness had made their lives a little shorter. I am also a little lost in losing my Yahoo connection and in getting the news of your bereavement. Please be proud and comfort yourselves that you had such noble souls as your parents to guide and be the example they were to you & many like me too. Can you hear the songs as you read this: That's what they were in relating to life here on transitory earth, the world we are now in. How very thoughtful of Pete to share these beautiful songs. He got a quick relief to join Kotha who would have been waiting for him in the astral world,not wanting him to suffer his disabilities further & also not to pain you children further.Many blessings to all of you for the love and care you gave your exemplary parents when both were needed very much. Leila I love you & thank you for all the updates sent. Both Kotha & Pete will be remembered by all those who got know them. Farewell dears. Aum Shanti
Posted by Michael Sattler on 15th November 2014
Bravo Zulu Peter. A life well lived.
Posted by Rani & Graham Kirby on 14th November 2014
What was most striking about Peter was his positive feelings for others. I remember all his Scout Master typical acts of good deeds from his very first visit to our home. Peter has lived with Parkinsons Disease for the past few years and needed a stick or his walker. But, when he came to meet me at Cairns airport last year, he was so excited he dropped his stick and rushed forwards to welcome me with a hug. His love for others was tangible. He will be missed by all of us. Graham and I are very thankful that he was surrounded by loving family and friends and that he had a painless and peaceful death. You were special.
Posted by Phillipa O'Brien on 13th November 2014
Vale dear Peter, it's an honour to know you and Kotha, may you rest in peace
Posted by Janice Croft on 8th November 2014
Dearest Peter, What can I say, I am so sorry, we are all very sad to hear your news. We don't know what to do other than tell you that we love you, we often think of you and Kotha as her photo is on our notice board in our tea room. I have been especially thinking of last Christmas when Kotha was very sick but still managed to come down from 5B to our party and that Andrew went to so much trouble to bring you and a plate of food to our party. I'm sure Kotha was instructing him and making sure everything would be perfect. Our Christmas party this year will be tinged with sadness because we will have you both on our minds.I wish you love and happiness Peter, thank you for all the care and support you have given the Mater over the years. We have missed you this year and hope your road ahead is quiet, comfortable and full of your loving family. All my love. Janice Croft, on behalf of the nurses and staff or 4C CMH
Posted by Ranjini & Morris Rozario on 8th November 2014
Dear Peter, Leila has been keeping us posted with all the photos and news...you have a beautiful family who will continue the love, joy that you and Kotha cherished them with. Morris and I will always remember you for your humble ways, humble smiles and a wonderful sense of humour....
Posted by Liz Murray on 6th November 2014
With my parents having the General Store at Williamtown I have many memories but most of all times with Trevor , Andrew and Leila. Memories of Peter going to Scouts telling us his experiences and also Me driving the BLUE Volvo when I got my licence with out Peter or Kotha knowing. Lovely times and lovely people Peter your memory will live for a long time xxxx
Posted by Theresa Elliott on 5th November 2014
I have so many funny memories with you Grandad! Especially when you came to stay with us up in Fnq last year. I will always remember how you taught me to make scrambled eggs the 'healthy' way with lots and lots of cheese! I also often think of our many walks, you were always motivated to get out and stretch your legs even if it was just for 5 minutes. Our Bali trip was also an experience, you and grandma were the best travel companions! Never a dull moment with you, lots of love Grandad, I will see you very soon.
Posted by Pat Mildren on 3rd November 2014
I served with you for a short time at Butterworth in 1971 however we did not really get to know you and Kotha until after we had both left the RAAF, We visited you on two or three occasions in Newcastle and then at the Reunions in Ipswich, Melbourne and Canberra where we found it a tremendous joy to be in your company. I was saddened when I was informed that you were too ill to make the trip to Townsville for the reunion this year and I can assure you that there were a great numbers of our members who asked about you. You left your mark on the RAAF Fire Service and set an extreme high level of professional service for all to follow.
Posted by Michael Sattler on 2nd November 2014
When my Dad met Peter in the mid Seventies, I suddenly found myself with a big sister and two older brothers (something I had never had before). But Dad found a brother he had never had before. The mischief, fun and family that was had, was only possible because of Peter's natural tendency to mischief, fun and family. Just don't mention the coffee table!!
Posted by Graham Price on 1st November 2014
I was exceptionally proud to be Peter & Kotha's best man at their wedding in 1959. It was a most significant highlight in my life, having known Peter a year or so previously during our stay at RAAF Butterworth. The closeness of the association has continued up to this day and it was painful to see him say goodbye to Kotha earlier this year. But the hurt was assuaged by the wonderful support of his family and friends. It is my wish that for what time Peter has left, it may be celebrated with family and friends around. Yes, Peter certainly did it his way. He courted, married and loved a wonderful woman. In those days there was some frowning upon mixed marriages. I recall him coming to me in the barracks at Butterworth one day for a discussion about what he felt for Kotha and I am pleased to say that I told him to go for it. No reservations, just go for it. And look at the result! A beautiful, loving family. He has left a heritage that many men would "kill" for. So, be brave dear friend. Laugh and enjoy the days that are before you, and go to meet your beloved Kotha over that rainbow when the time comes, for you have earned a very special place in the next world.

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