Posted by Chris Chiu on February 28, 2021
Hi Dad,

You have accomplished another milestone. While this one brings us great sadness, we fondly remember and rediscover through the photographs of those happier moments you shared with us. We see your familiar caring gaze reflecting the unwavering devotion you had always shown toward your family, friends and colleagues. In those brief moments, you made monumental impact to our own journeys. The accumulation of your nurture, guidance and companionship over your lifetime had shaped us to become who we are.

As I think back to when we both stood atop of Diamond Head looking down at the path we came from, the clarity in the distance might be shrouded by the cool misty air. But the warmth and strength I feel from knowing your presence nearby are no less with each passing day. Your vision, foresight, and inspiration will stay with us and cherished by all.

Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 24, 2021
我和有從自學生起結識至今將近60 個年頭,如今先我們一步,相信那也是天命如此,願他一路好走,也盼大嫂節哀!
Posted by Alice Chiu on February 24, 2021
My dad’s passing has been pretty surreal to all of us. Two weeks later, I still can’t grasp that any of this is real. As I drove home from the mortuary with his urn by my side, I couldn’t stop thinking this was not the homecoming I imagined. My only comfort now is knowing he’s resting in peace and probably playing mahjong with my grandparents.

My earliest memories of my dad were mostly pictures and letters detailing his adventures in foreign lands and encounters with camels and exotic foods. My mom even brought back “avocados” after visiting him. Yes, avocados were exotic at the time since no one in Taiwan that I know of has ever heard of or seen/tasted one. All I remember was….the fragrant “fruit” wasn’t sweet….but, that was quickly made up by the box of sweet delicious “cereal”. I think it was Lucky Charms. After he returned, he shared his love of traveling and took me everywhere on his moped scooter. One day, I thought I would get the scooter ready to go by pulling it out of the parking spot. I’d seen him do it effortlessly countless times. Then, I quickly realized how heavy the scooter was and it fell over on its side. I’m sorry Dad. That was me. He probably knew it was me, but he didn’t make a fuss about it. We went on our day continuing our father daughter trips. Through the years, he taught me to reach for the stars and not be afraid of falling. I remember he let me drive his Oldsmobile Delta 88 “boat” when I was just starting to learn how to drive. He said, “GO FOR IT” and we both held on for dear lives. Later when we drove home cross country from Kansas, we made an impromptu detour to the Grand Canyon, only to be turned around at the entrance because of a couple of escaped convicts were running loose in the area. Nevertheless, it was the best road trip ever. I will always treasure all these fond memories of the adventures we shared together. I MISS YOU DAD.
Posted by Devon Lam on February 23, 2021
Dear Grandpa,

I always enjoyed spending time with you and wish that there could have been more moments to share. I especially loved going to all the family dinners, but now that you are gone, they will certainly be less lively without you there. Also, I wanted to say Thank You for coming to my ice skating competition to watch me skate. Even though I got last place, you still supported me. I hope that you're resting well and I will forever miss you.

Posted by J Lam on February 23, 2021
Dear Grandpa,

I will forever miss coming over to your house every holiday and spending time together. I was always facinated with your builds and seeing what you've done. Thank you for being my inspiration for the things I create. I will miss you.
Posted by Cynthia Chiu on February 23, 2021
My Uncle Peter was my father's older and only brother. With only a year and a half between them, Yu-Hsing (my dad) and Yu-Tsong (Uncle Peter) were actually almost the same height and the same shoe size. My dad used to tell us about the two of them growing up together and some of their boyhood mischief. Later when they were grown, they even shared clothes and shoes. My first memories of Uncle Peter were in Salt Lake City, when he came to stay with us for a little while. I used to marvel at how much my dad and my uncle looked alike. Uncle Peter told me he had been living in the Middle East, which I thought was fascinating, and I wanted to hear all about the camels. I remember that he took me to the SLC zoo, and that we drove together from Salt Lake to Los Angeles to pick up Aunt Shaoling from LAX. It was a long and hot drive across the desert without air conditioning and I hope that I didn't drive him crazy complaining about the heat, but I was still a young child at that time. I also remember having a wonderful visit with Uncle Peter, Aunt Shaoling, Alice, and Chris at their home in Placentia when I was 10, laughing with my brother and my cousins late into the night. Years passed and my next memory was at my grandfather's funeral, when he and my dad each braced an arm for my grandmother as she paid her last respects. It was traumatic to see the three of them, my dad and my uncle with their red arm bands, all grieving together. After this, Uncle Peter spent several years taking care of my grandmother here in Oakland. Over the years, he had a chance to meet Annjoe, Ava, and Elaina, and we shared many meals together. I remember watching him take care of my grandmother, who had a stroke and became paralyzed on one side of her body -- lifting her into a sitting position, arranging her meals, covering her with a blanket. I think in those moments, I was filled with admiration for his kind, patient, and loving nature, and his devotion to his mother and his family. Uncle Peter was never hungry for attention or fame, but always gave freely of himself to his family. He was always quiet, but he was strong and steady and shouldered great responsibilities. He was loved by many and will be greatly missed, though I know he has found peace and comfort in Heaven, reunited with his parents.

I wish you eternal peace, Uncle Peter.
Posted by Cheston Chiu on February 20, 2021
Uncle Peter-
I will always remember going to your house in the 90s and playing around in the living room, reading your old PC magazines under the coffee table and asking you about the differences between who the California Angels were and the LA Dodgers. I remember the time when you came to visit me when I was in school at UCLA and we talked about Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and fixing up pictures you wanted to take with your camera and adjusting the brightness and contrast levels. I remember the time your were sitting in our family room in Danville with your back towards me, and I ran to you thinking you were my Dad. I started to talk then you replied and I had to take a second to realize you two look almost the same! I remember taking Penny up to see Grandma Chiu after she was born, and you were there and held her and played with her and laughed as she drooled endlessly over everyone and everything. Thank you for taking care of Grandma Chiu when she was still in Oakland. Thank you for being my Dad's play friend growing up and for all the childhood memories he told me of you. I never got to say these things to you in person, but I hope you know that I will always cherish those memories. Rest in Peace, Uncle Peter. We will miss you.

--Cheston, Angie, Penelope, Preston Chiu
Posted by Justin Liu on February 17, 2021
Dear 大舅媽, Alice, and Chris,

We are so very sorry for your loss. Being outside of southern California, Uncle Peter's passing feels almost unreal, as if he's just a long plane or car ride away. But then in quiet moments the awful truth hits and we realize that he's gone. We grieve with you, even though we know he is at peace now.

When we think of Uncle Peter, our 大舅舅, we recall many fond memories. We remember how he liked to build and fix things, like in Kansas, when he built the screen door to our garage. He was always clever, with a natural curiosity. One of June's earliest memories of him was when he showed her how to make shadow puppets against the wall with your hands. This was before internet obviously, and to a kid, it felt a little bit like magic. As we got older, 大舅舅 was always quick to offer help with academics or our careers. When Justin went to LA to visit Caltech for the first time, 大舅舅 met us at the campus. He seemed interested to see the school, but he also played the role of patient tour guide in an unfamiliar city. He encouraged us to work hard and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an uncle who cared the way he did about family.

Indeed, 大舅舅 always seemed to make family a priority. After Grandpa Chiu passed, 大舅舅 acted as the Chiu family patriarch in his own humble, gentle way. He was a model of filial piety, taking care of Grandma Chiu in her final years with tremendous dedication and love. And he always showed his kind heart to younger generations. In old photos, his smile was biggest when he was with his children, nieces, nephews, and his wonderful grandchildren.

大舅舅 left us before we had the opportunity to say goodbye, but we know that he loved us and we hope that he knew how loved he was in return. 

With deepest condolences,
June & Justin
Posted by Bessie Chu on February 17, 2021

Irvine 教會姊妹
Posted by Bessie Chu on February 17, 2021
Peter 他安息了!

相識邱夫婦雖然只有二年多,如同故交多年,並如同家人一樣,Peter 到訪總是平平穩穩,令人感覺很自在,很舒適,沒有壓力,邱太太很嫻淑能幹,時常會帶來美食令人驚喜,更會帶給媽媽許多歡樂時光。


要把你的重擔卸給耶和華,他必撫慰你;他永不叫義人動搖。 (詩 55:22)


Bessie chu
Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 17, 2021

走了 我們同學了五十多年
他走了我真是流下了淚 說有緣 好似也沒夠有緣
走不到很近 但我真對他有情
Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 16, 2021

02/08/2021 大哥因新冠病疫逝世,手足情深欲哭無淚,在此祝你一路好走,他日九泉再見。
Posted by Ethan Chiu on February 15, 2021
Dear Grandpa,

I wish we could have spend more time together and learning photography from you. It would have been fun if you could have showed me how to use your photography equipment. I hope I can become as good of a photographer as you.

I'll miss you.
Posted by Jessie L on February 15, 2021
Posted by Suying Chiu on February 15, 2021

Posted by Ting-Chi Liu on February 15, 2021

Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 15, 2021
~ 張慶生~
Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 15, 2021
Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 15, 2021
Marshall Yu尤明雄
有從同學無罣礙一路好走, 憶起五十年畢業記念島內旅遊坐在一起聊起他在美國生活點滴印象深刻, 他還要找尋以前住在建國南路巷內的舊家, 因巷弄已全改变未能找到感到遺憾讓我亦有同感.
Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 15, 2021
Posted by Christine Yang on February 14, 2021
Mr and Mrs Chiu are my second family. Mrs Chiu helped raise me for over ten years and I was so happy to have them both at my wedding. I miss him tremendously and will never forget his kindness towards me.
Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 14, 2021

中正理工學院南加州同學會會長 李重寶敬輓
Posted by Terry Lo on February 14, 2021
印象中邱先生很顧家,人很客氣,我們認識多年,幾次因著要邀請他來教會聽福音,與另一對弟兄姊妹,去府上拜訪,由於同家鄉,彼此很多話題,相談甚歡,他欣然接受邀請,也如約來聽福音,一次在Arcadia,一次在Yorba Linda;有一陣子,他連續好幾次與邱姊妹出席召會的聚會,弟兄姐妹對他其實並不陌生,大家都覺得他會很快就要接受主耶穌作救主,在此求主記念他有心尋求主,將這個生命的福份,賜給邱先生的後代子孫,神以祂自己祝褔邱先生所有的家人.
Posted by George Pan on February 14, 2021
Posted by Alice Chiu on February 14, 2021
We miss you dad.
Posted by 伶敏 林 on February 14, 2021
Posted by Tai-Ying Liu on February 12, 2021
If roses grow in Heaven ,
Please pick a bunch for me.
Place them in my Brother’s arms and tell him they’re from me.
Tell him that I love him and miss him when he turns to smile.
Place a kiss on his cheek and hold him for a while.
Because remembering him is easy, I do it everyday.
But there is a heartache within me that will never go away. 

   In Loving Memory of My Brother
        Yu-Tsong (Peter) Chiu
            1941 - 2021

Posted by Shaoling Chiu on February 12, 2021

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