Let the memory of PETER be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on September 5, 1944 in BROOKLYN, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on August 24, 2013 in BOSTON, Massachusetts, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, PETER ROMANO 68 years old , born on September 5, 1944 and passed away on August 24, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Pauline Romano on 24th August 2018
5 years ago, the worse day of my life. Time has not healed this wound and it never will. I miss you more then words can say. Some days I wonder how I’m able to live without you. I function, I exist. I know I have many Blessings. “Our” 4 kids. Our Precious grandkids, Peter, Dillon, Riley & Taylor. They all make me happy. I just wish you were here to enjoy them. We keep you alive, we tell them stories about you always. But there will always be a whole where my heart was. The pain, the loneliness, the emptiness, is still there and always will be.
Posted by Pauline Romano on 24th August 2018
5 years ago today
Posted by Theresa Romanelli on 24th August 2018
Peter, special prayers go out to you today. You are forever in our hearts. I wish you were here to have seen your godson grow up. He thinks of you every day and there's not a day that goes by that we don't pray for you. You're mentioned and remembered every night. Rest in peace and keep the heavens laughing. XO
Posted by Theresa Romanelli on 5th September 2017
Happy Birthday Peter. You are still missed and are forever treasured in our hearts. I'm sure you're smiling down. We were just talking about you this weekend and all the funny antics that would go on at so many gatherings. I'm sure you're the life of the party up in Heaven and have all of the angels reeling with laughter. Keep watch over us - till we meet again. XO
Posted by Pauline Romano on 25th August 2017
4 years today Peter. I miss you as much as Day 1. It just doesn't get easier. I want you back so bad. I want my life back..I know I have many Blessings in life. Living with Tara and Keith is a Blessing and has helped me so much. Seeing Riley and Taylor everyday makes me smile. Peter and Dillon are getting so big. They make me so happy when I see them. They still talk about you and that gives me such joy. I just don't have that happiness that I had with you. I've learned how to "fake" smile cause I don't want people to really know how broken my heart is. It won't heal, it can't, you were my Heart. Thank you for all the years you made me happy. I felt safe, and loved with you. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for the TRUST we had in each other. You taught me what True Love is...I'll never ever stop missing you and I will love you forever!!! Thanks for the butterflies.. my Darling Peter..till we meet again xoxo
Posted by Theresa Romanelli on 24th August 2017
God rest your soul, Peter. You are truly missed and your absence has changed so many things. I pray the rosary today in your honor and David could never have had a better godfather. You've left lots of loving memories with us and the world has forever changed. Rest in peace. XO
Posted by Pauline Romano on 5th September 2016
Happy Birthday to my Love. I still cannot believe that you are not here with us. Will I ever accept this? I don't think so. Living without you is the worse thing I've ever had to do in my life. I miss you so much. My heart actually hurts. There is an emptiness inside of me all the time. Even when I smile or laugh at something, I'm never really happy. I miss our life together so much. I thought we had so many more memories to make... I just miss you so so much. Xoxo
Posted by Pauline Romano on 24th August 2016
today is 3 years that you left us...I still cannot believe you're gone..My heart hurts. I miss you more then words can say...you were my life, my happiness...nothing is the same without you..Thank you so much Fric for loving me..The best time and happiness times of my life were with you.I will never ever get over you, I know that...My heart is empty, there is a hole there now......Until we meet again, you own my heart, my Darling Peter, my husband, my lover, my rock, and my best friend forever....Your Frac xoxo
Posted by Pauline Romano on 6th September 2015
Happy 71st Birthday my Love. I miss you so much. My broken heart had not healed. We celebrated your birthday at Danny's. I thought you would like that. I cried my eyes out again today. Will this pain ever end. I love you Peter. Till we are together again. My heart is yours. Xoxo
Posted by Pauline Romano on 25th August 2015
To my Precious Peter Another year has gone by..Missing you is a heartache that I will never recover from. Its 2 years now, and I still feel like it happened yesterday..So much has happened, so much has changed. But my love for you will never change..Till we are together again, my love.....
Posted by Theresa Romanelli on 5th September 2014
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Peter. I miss you terribly. Please help Pauline be happy again. It's unbearable to see her so sad - all the time. I know you are at peace. David and I pray for you every night. God rest your soul. XO
Posted by Pauline Romano on 5th September 2014
Happy 70th Birthday to my precious Peter. I miss you more then words can describe.. Life without you is so empty. I try to be happy, but my heart hurts to much. I need you to share my life with. You completed my life. Now it's empty. I love you so much!!!!! My heart won't heal until I'm with you again. Loving you forever and ever...... Pauline xoxo
Posted by Pauline Romano on 24th August 2014
One year without you has been the worst year of my life. I don't see how I can ever be happy again without you Peter. I miss you more then words can say. My life is empty. The loneliness is indescribable.. You took my heart with you, yet I can still feel the pain.. I pray that you are happy and I believe in my heart that you are. I need you to help me get through this..It's unbearable here without you. I think of you with every breath I take.. You own my heart and soul..... My Husband, My Love, My Best Friend, My Soulmate.....
Posted by JoAnn LaForte on 24th August 2014
I still can't believe it. This man's presence is so strong in everyone's hearts and minds that it feels like he is STILL here, and he is. A year already, everyone still misses you terribly and loves you.
Posted by JoAnn LaForte on 30th May 2014
Peter was my brother-in-law (and more, a friend) from 1969 through 1992. I spent many hours with him and his family and children during that time. I fondly remember his passion for laughing, giving, fun, fishing, bowling, the golden oldies, hosting parties, his uncanny way of brushing over difficulties, his loyalty, gift of forgiveness, and most of all, a very pleasant and happy face and attitude ALL of the time! I never knew anyone who would miss the opportunity to be in his presence. He was a man in God's favor. The untimely loss of him was such a shock for me and my children that we can hardly believe he is now an angel, walking above us. When I see a photo or post about him, I still feel like he is here.
Posted by Laura Paradise on 29th May 2014
Thinking of you today, Peter, and the family that is missing you. Send them a sign to let them know you are forever in their hearts!
Posted by Theresa Romanelli on 29th May 2014
Peter was an amazing person. He said to me at Pauline's 60th birthday party, while I was dancing with him "When are you going to start dating and meet someone nice?" I simply responded that it is so difficult to meet someone because he has raised the bar so high. I'll never forget that conversation. He was truly a wonderful person and I miss him so much.
Posted by Melissa Vallely on 28th May 2014
I have so many wonderful memories of Pete, I would literally need a book to write them all. He was an extraordinary person with such a passion for life. My most favorite things were the way he looked at his wife, the way he loved and treated my children (especially my Gemma) and the way he always smiled! He loved Pauline with everything he had, you could see it on his face and by the way he looked at her when she spoke. They were truly a couple to be admired; everyone should have a love like that! He also loved by children like they were his own flesh and blood. My Gemma and him had a special bond.....whenever they would see one another their faces lit up. Pete had such pride in Gemma he would speak of her like she was the best girl he ever met afterall she was his 3 year old "girlfriend". To this very day she still remembers how whenever she saw him he would look at her, smile and say "where's my girlfriend?". He was such a great person who had such a passion for life. He lived and loved everyday of his life to the fullest. He possessed a laugh that was contagious and really knew how to have a good time. He was a lucky person to have lived a life full of love and happiness all of his days! We miss you Pete please bring strength to you loving and adoring wife and always watch over my babies, they loved you like their own xo
Posted by Roseanne Russo-Pettas on 28th May 2014
Known him for several years..but not very well..but now that Pauline and I have so much in common..both losing our husbands...I wish I knew him better..but hearing so much about him I feel that I did know him . The one thing I do remember was his laugh..when I saw him at a family party he would make me laugh..he had a great personality..and I see how much he was loved by his family..you are truly missed peter and I hope u and Bob see each and help Pauline and I through this heartache.

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