Posted by Dayak Dashuwar on July 10, 2021
Working with Peter was such a blessing to me. Personally, Peter taught me many things especially how to be patient with people, trying to understand people better by learning how they perceive things in their own ways.

Peter, your passing away is not in vain. You will forever be remembered. SOAR HIGH AND HIGHER BROTHER TILL WE MEET AT THE FEET OF THE LORD.
Posted by Chelle Camara on June 27, 2021
It’s such a heavy heart when I learned about your passing. Peter it has been a honor to work and formed a wonderful relationship. Peter was a kind, gentle, sweet, brilliant, funny and beautiful soul. Now you in Heaven and reunited with your wonderful friends- Archie, Jesse, Jacquas and Yanci. Rest In Peace you will be greatly missed ♥️
Posted by Ross Nahinu on June 17, 2021
Posted by Lisa Gonzales on June 17, 2021
Peter, you will be missed by the DPAC family for the eight years you were with us. Your love for fingerspelling vocabulary words, blocks, typing them out on the computer will forever be etched in our memory. We had many fond memories of you on field trips, laughing and always exploring your way around. You taught us so much, we will miss your presence here, soar high and watch over all of us.
Posted by Gregory Willmore on June 16, 2021
I never knew Peter but when I would talk to his mom Kit she would just glow with her love for her son. She was so proud to be his mom. I worked with adults with mental and physical disabilities for 16 years and I admired their purity of heart and their child like quality that we can all learn from. Peter, I light this candle in your memory and may rest in the eternal embrace of your Heavenly Father who loves you and your family so much.
Posted by Pamela Ormsby on June 14, 2021
Rest in peace, dear Peter.
My you find lots of cheese in heaven.
Posted by Sue Hines on June 13, 2021
I will remember you as fearless, inquisitive, enthusiastic, persistent, loving and mysterious. You brought out the best in those who were the closest to you- your mom, dad, brother and grandmother as well as others in your extended family, teachers and caregivers. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Heather Konowal on June 12, 2021
To cousin Peter, your smile and love of family will always live in my heart and memory. Your love of feeling water on your skin, of investigating the details of the present things around you with deep fascination, of feeling a companion scratching your back or touching their skin, of watching movies, of seeing family and friends, of drawing letters, of looking at pictures, and of course of eating cheese are the things that so endeared you to me. You inspired me to learn sign language, to be an advocate for with different abilities, and to sit together and just be wherever you were. I love you so very much and will miss you deeply. Fly with the angels!
Posted by Chuck Ramey on June 11, 2021
Peter was a light in all our lives, and for me a source of many important life lessons: to see that one with sever disability, through the support of loving parents, grand parents, caregivers, and extended family can live and experience the mysterious miracle that is this life; to stand in wonder at the great love, and determination from Kit and Ron that Peter would have the most full life possible come hell or high water; to realize that we all experience life in our own uniqueness with no one life being more or less sentient and meaningful that another; and that the love Peter expressed for me every time I saw him will never be forgotten.
Posted by Karen Ramey on June 11, 2021
Peter was always happy to see us- no matter our moods, he would lift us up with his smile and delight. It is so awesome to have someone love you unconditionally! He was that person to all of our extended family. We will miss you.
Posted by Patricia Moore on June 11, 2021
Peter, You would notice light and shadow, reflection of the sun on waxy leaves, butterflies resting on flowers, your face reflected in a pool of water. You directed our attention to the color, light and beauty of this world. I will always remember your smile. God is with you, Peter. I know you are celebrating and maybe choosing to sing!
Posted by Steven Sturtevant on June 10, 2021
I always enjoyed bouncing Peter on my knee when he was little. Later I spent time watching and trying to figure out what part of our world he was cognizant of. He would seem totally disconnected one second and display excellent problem solving skills the next. Always a mystery, he viewed the world through a different prism than the rest of us, but I suspect his reality was no less true than our own.
Posted by Shannon Hines on June 10, 2021
To my amazing cousin, Peter- I love you and I will miss you forever. You brought joy to so many and every day of your short life counted. Thank you for all you meant to us, for all you taught us about love and family and for showing us the way to true joy - splashing in the sink, feeling the vibration of the piano, eating really tasty food and wearing socks in the bathtub. You were a miracle and you continue to inspire me …
Posted by Charlotte Allen on June 10, 2021
Peter was a strange and wonderful being, like a visitor from a nearby yet wildly different multiverse. And now he's gone back, or on, without us.

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