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Lands end brotherhood

Shared by Glenn Anderson on June 27, 2021
 I remember way back when I had the risk reward mindset of a young buck during the fall rut running across rt 1. This particular adventure was a scuba diving session was one if many with Bubba at Lands end in Newport. Easily one of the most beautiful places I know in RI. On this dive we were looking for tropical fish as we had done so many times before. We did these dives in the fall when the water was clear and warm, we would try to catch the topical fish that got swept up in the gulf stream, making it all the way to RI waters, it was so cool to see them swimming in our underwater playground. All these tropical fish were able to survive in our waters until winter water temperatures settles in. We looked for banded butterflies and blue damsels as they were most common but box fish and clown fish were the trophies. I remember Bubba and I searched with such enthusiasm and youthful curiosity like little kids just having fun lost in the moments excited to share with each other the fish we just found and caught. We had made our own slurp guns which look like hand bilge pumps but they were made with clear tubing so the fish would not scare off, and we would suck them up into the tube and then place the fish in a netted catch bag. The fish we caught came home to a very cool salt water aquarium we had at the house and we loved filling it up with our newly caught roommates. On our search for tropicals we would also look for and mess with the locals mostly conger eels and lobsters cuz why not, those cranky things needed to be messed with. There was also another distraction, it was an underwater tunnel that went from the calm sheltered pool along the shore where we always started our dives and it went under the natural granite break water to the often choppy water of Neptunes living room. Like so many of my short sighted 20 year old male thoughts, and of course after nearly being bitten by the conger eel for trying to pet it, I decided to try to swim through the tunnel under the rock out cropping towards the light on the other side. No plan, I just went for it, because as everyone knows nothing bad can happen to you when you’re a 20 year old male. Well you’re not going to believe this but I got stuck and stuck good. Couldn’t move a single bit backwards or forwards, I was jammed up tight about 15ish feet under water, 10’ or so into the tunnel with no hope of getting out, with out someone lending a hand or two.
It really is hard to believe Darwin has allowed me to visit here for this long. Well I struggled for a bit, hands stretched out in front trying to pull my way through, wedging myself and my scuba tank even tighter, scraping the air tank on my back hard into the top of the tunnel which only made my ability to expand my lungs to breath even harder, I could see the prize of the sunken bell buoy on other side of the tunnel, but panic was about to pay me a visit and well thats when Bubba came to my rescue, pulling my dumb ass out feet/fin first. Once out and with my pig headed, small brain risk reward progam set all the way to stupid, I attempted going through yet again. This time I was going to make mother nature regret messing with me. On my second try I decided to remove my tank from my back and pushed it in front of me and because I am able to tell this story I can proudly say I made it through, lets forget the fact that I removed my scuba tank and buoyancy vest from my body while going through this time. I was only able to succeed because I knew Bubba was watching over me the whole time, that day and everyday since. Bubba has often saved me from my youthful dumb ass, decisions, “dumb ass” said in voice of Red from That 70’s Show. Pete was always there for me, his friendship has never wavered.
I cannot wait to share a story about our winter canoeing experience at the mouth of narrow river in head high waves.
Always in my heart always on my mind.
Love you bróðir