Shared by Randal Koster on January 13, 2021
I'm a bit of a packrat, which comes in handy when looking for memories from long ago.  Just a few years ago, rummaging through my old stuff, I came across the note Pete left on my desk the morning I picked up my general exam back in 1984.  He wished me good luck. I suppose I've kept that note all these years for (yes) good luck.  
I tried to find it this week, but -- darn it! -- I couldn't.  It's somewhere in the house.  During the search, however, I did find something just as good -- a specific memory of how Pete (the kind-hearted human, not just the brilliant advisor) went the extra mile.  As part of my thesis work, I lived in New York City for a year to work with the GISS GCM.  Apparently, he was well aware of how alone -- and lonely -- I was during that time, and so, believe it or not, he arranged a blind date for me!  (See photo.)  I'm not sure how many advisors would do that.  As it happened, that date went nowhere.  Still, it was a thoughtful thing to do.  I'll always remember Pete with great fondness, not just as the person who helped design my life path and who taught me the joy of solving (in my case, trying to solve) Nature's mysteries, but also as an utterly decent and kind human being.  I honestly can't put into words how important he was to my own development.

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