Let the memory of Peter be with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on December 7, 1966 .
  • Passed away on April 8, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Peter Wright 43 years old , born on December 7, 1966 and passed away on April 8, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Louise Jacobson on April 9, 2018
Another year goes by and ur memory’s are as strong as.Lots has happened and we still all stand together as one and keep your memory’s alive xx hope ur enjoying Darwin
Posted by Anne Flanagan on April 8, 2017
Another year goes past it still seems like yesterday. Miss you bro more then u will ever know. C u in the next life.
Posted by Louise Jacobson on December 7, 2016
Happy 50th mate !!!!
Wish I could of been there to scatter ur ashes but as u know I couldn't make it
Posted by Anne Flanagan on December 7, 2015
Happy birthday Pete, we all miss you, love you bro, gone but will never ever be forgotten.
Posted by Louise Jacobson on December 7, 2015
Happy 49th birthday !!!!!
Another year goes by but ur memorys will always stay.
I'm sure u drinking JD all day today xx
Love ya bro XX
Posted by Anne Flanagan on April 8, 2015
today it is 5 years since you walked this earth. each and everyday you are missed by many. Love you little brother and we will see each other again. your children have grown up and your grandbabies are getting older, until we meet again brother love you.
Posted by Louise Jacobson on April 8, 2015
Well brother another year goes by and I still have to deal with u not hear. Thank u for today I know u had a lot to do with it and I thank u.
I spoke to bob the other day and he is still going hard.we all miss u bro u prob seen dad up and around there. I might b going to Darwin so u never know where I see ya xx love ya xx
Posted by Anne Flanagan on December 8, 2014
happy birthday bro, miss u every day, hope you had a good day up with dad and now jo as well as uncle ken and dad Flanagan.
Posted by Louise Jacobson on December 7, 2014
Happy birthday Bro
didn't go to urunga on weekend we celebrated somewhere else instead just the way u would of liked.
I know u were with us as I could hear ur sadistic laugh everynow and then.lol. Miss ya c ya in Darwin xx
Posted by Kelly Wright on November 29, 2014
hello everyone I am writing a book about dads life. Im looking for stories, memories, adventures, just anything that you can remember about dad, i will also need rough dates. I want to write a book for everyone but especially mahleigha and alex. I want them to know who dad was and what an amazing poppy they have. so you can post them on this website, facebook, email me at kelly.maree.wright@gmail.com or send them to my address 14 repton road, repton. Thanks everyone. Im looking forward to hearing some new stories also. All my love xxx
Posted by Louise Jacobson on April 10, 2014
Wow 4years !!!! Feels like bloody 10. Pete jr turned up here the other week on his fatboy omg he is u all over so so much and even grows more as years go on. Ur spirt so lives on through your kids and I love to see this as it keeps my memory's of you alive as well. Had a drink and smoke for ya on the 8th but will wait till ya birthday to celebrate xx miss ya bro xx ps : guess what !!!! looks like I might be going to Darwin for work soon lol thought of you straight away xx might see ya there xxx
Posted by Rosemary Wright on April 7, 2014
hi this is to say high to you you would be very proud of your family you have 2 grand children and i bet you are looking after them love you look after your father and uncle ken miss you all so much Mum
Posted by Anne Flanagan on April 7, 2014
its been 4 years tomorrow since we had to say goodbye. I wish I could have those 4 years back so we wouldn't have to miss you every day. Love you Bro and miss you so very much.
Posted by Anne Flanagan on March 16, 2014
You would be so proud you now have a grandson., Alex Richard cool name, love you lil bro miss you every single day
Posted by Debbi Wright on April 8, 2013
Ha bro, god 3 years to long my friend! the storys still flow thick and thin ,you stand hard and fast in the memorys of us all,I no your around I see u in every mate, your sons your daughter and grandaughter,every story ever told you left a large foot print in this life and i've no dought the next ,lov to dad and ken miss u DARWIN XXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted by Rosemary Wright on April 7, 2013
hi Peter this from me to you I miss you so much and I hope you and your dad and ken are getting on with every thing love Mum don't     for get to play a game of golf
Posted by Anne Flanagan on April 5, 2013
it has been 3 years since you had too go away, love you little brother. wish there were stairs to heaven so i can come visit you and dad. till we see each other again.
Posted by Raani Jarrett on February 10, 2013
today is a hard day without my brother it would have been a good one      see u soon bro
Posted by Rosemary Wright on December 7, 2012
happybirthday Pet miss you very much and would you please take care of your dad i miss him very much to you can be very proud of your children and grandaughter love from Mum
Posted by Anne Flanagan on December 6, 2012
happy birthday little brother, not a day goes by when i think of you. Please look after dad, he is also very missed. love you both. till we meet again, in mydreams you both are just gone on a long holiday together.
love you bro a dad
Posted by Raani Jarrett on May 23, 2012
I feel the loss of my best mate everyday i will never travel like we travelled. around the country all the good times and the bad ones there was an adventure every time if we went to Coffs or Melbourne or anywhere some of the best times were just hanging around with shed and the kids on the farm-Ponderosa miss ya till we are hooking the corners of a backtrack together all good bruz
Posted by Louise Jacobson on April 8, 2012
Two years today u left us but yet ur memory lives on:)) it feels like u have been gone longer as I have wanted to call u so many times the past 2 years.went down to ur local tonite and had a drink for u and also sung a couple of songs as karioke was on.Was good catching up with friends and seeing Kelly.Wow she is Beautifull and so grown up.miss u brother xxx
Posted by Anne Flanagan on April 7, 2012
It has been two years since you left us, and each day we wish you were still here, fixing and building your cars. I read you poem you wrote every single day, and am grateful and blessed to have a brother like you.
Posted by Raani Jarrett on January 29, 2012
"I miss my mate i see shed in every GT i see i miss my bro" from Bob & Raani
Posted by Anne Flanagan on December 24, 2011
I wanted to call you today to say I love you, but your old number is no longer in service. I tried the operator she said sorry I have no number for you. I tried to go to your house, but you don't live there anymore. The post office has no forwarding address. I guess heaven is just too far away. I love you, I miss you. You are in my heart always. Loved ones gone but not forgotten.
Posted by DEBBI WRIGHT on December 10, 2011
con grads to u bro u r now a poppy , the spirit lives on
Posted by Louise Jacobson on December 8, 2011
Well your 2nd year annual run was a great nite.So good to talk about u with close friends and family that knew you so well.We all miss you so much and will never let ur spirit die.Love you bro xx
Posted by Keryn Hoskins on December 7, 2011
Hey Pa
Its your birthday today and I can't stop the tears welling up in my eyes, but I can see the look on your face when I'd sing happy birthday to you (priceless) and then I'm smiling again. You are family to me more than blood and I will never forget you....
Posted by DEBBI WRIGHT on December 7, 2011
happy 45 bro missing u love sis me dear
Posted by Anne Flanagan on December 6, 2011
Happy birthday brother
Posted by Josh Duck on October 3, 2011
What can I say but u will never be forgotten bro rest in peace have me a cold jack daniels waiting bro see u on the flip side
Posted by Rick Starkey on September 23, 2011
To my brother Pete,
Thinking of you always, Still thinking of good times with you bro.
Posted by Kelly Wright on September 18, 2011
I miss saying goodbye to you on the phone

luv, luv, luv, luv, luv, luv, you
love you, mwah, bye. love you, mwah, bye
i love you so much daddy bye.
Posted by Danny Peters on September 8, 2011
To my uncle my brother my best mate I love u and I miss u we will ride soon bro
Posted by DEBBI WRIGHT on September 7, 2011
Posted by Jo Smith on September 6, 2011
Hard to have the words to say.
May the angels keep you safe and warm while you look down upon us.
Posted by Louise Jacobson on September 6, 2011
Miss you dearly and honored to have known you.Can't wait to catch up again for a good chat and laugh,got lots to tell you.you will never be forgotten love you and behave up there. Xxx
Posted by Anne Flanagan on September 6, 2011
Time goes by but the tears don't stop at all. I always love you my little brother and wish I could see you just one more time. You gave to us alot of laughter and 3 great children, who you would be so proud of. I miss you Gone but not forgotten.
Posted by Shane Wright on September 6, 2011
miss you old boy. seems youve been gone for eva but still keep expectin to see u at home. still pick up my fone when i need to talk bout life or just cars and your the first person that comes to my head evan just to hear YER YOU KNOW WHO IT IS. love ya bro "Sideways All The Time"
Posted by Rosemary Wright on September 5, 2011
he was and is sadly missed by all love from Mum & Dad
Posted by Geoff Wright on September 5, 2011
To my brother
your poem has touched many hearts I am honoured and privedge to have you as a brother life is to short to look at how and wot you have lost.

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