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Peter Sang Mentorship Award

Shared by G. M. on August 19, 2021
This award recognizes CFA Society of New York members and volunteers who have demonstrated extraordinary devotion to the Society’s membership engagement and mentorship.
The Peter Sang Mentorship Award was created in 2021, in honor of the contributions of CFA Society New York member and volunteer leader Peter Sang, CFA—the former chair of CFA NY's Membership Committee, and recipient of the society's 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award. Sang also chaired the Careers and Mentoring Committee of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs Alumni Association.

Virtual Memorial for Peter - August 21 Sat at 9 am ET

Shared by G. M. on August 4, 2021

CFA Society New York in Memory of Peter Sang

Shared by G. M. on August 1, 2021

He called me "ME"

Shared by Cacao Rios on July 28, 2021
I do not recall exact date, but one night I received a call from a DC professor asking if I know Peter Sang. He said he found Peter's wallet and wanted to return it to him. I hang out and immediately called Peter to tell him the good news. I was too excited then to ask myself why the professor called me instead of Peter... Later Peter told me that inside his wallet he left a piece of paper with two phone numbers, one for MJ and another for ME. The professor supposed ME means me, the owner of the wallet and not ME as my name initials. After that incident I realized that somehow, that accident showed how important I was for him and that our friendship has truly two way mutual love. Every time he greet me was: Hello, ME! Last time he said so was this July 5th, at my birthday. I miss you! 

Memorial Fund for Peter

Shared by G. M. on July 24, 2021
I just learnt last night that a good friend of Peter had set up a GoFundMe site to help out Peter’s family:

His family wish to bring him back home to the Dominican Republic, and the site was set up to raise fund to help the family with this unexpected costs and sadness.  

It's comforting to see that so many people had reached out to help with their generosity, and within such a short time the site had raised way more funding than the initial target.  This go without saying how Peter is loved by so many, including us.   

Many of you have reached out looking for ways to help his family, or can't travel due to the ongoing pandemic. This will be a good way to show your supports and give some comforts to his family during this difficult time, just like how Peter had supported so many of us and others throughout his life.  

With love,

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