Posted by Ben Zhou on July 30, 2021
Dear Peter, it took me a week to recognize the cruel fact that you have left us. I saw you as one of my best friends during my time at Ivey, but more importantly an older brother and a mentor. I still remember you taught me how to write my first cover letter, while I still ask you to proof read every time I finished one. I still remember our gatherings for dinner in those small Chinese restaurants in London, and hotpot dinner at friends place. You were never the loudest person among the crowd, but you are always the most thoughtful and reliable friend among us. Whenever I had a bad time at school or with job interview, you were always there and say “it’s their loss”. You probably didn’t know how much that means to me, but that moral support definitely helped my survive Ivey more than any scholarship.   We shared so many hopeful moments when applying for jobs in the Internet cafe, and even more bitching moments about how tough it is to get into banking. We shared so many ambitious dreams about future career, but also mutual encouragement. 

It was so great to see you in Hong Kong in 2019 when you visited for friends wedding. Still can’t believe that was the last time we had dinner together. 

Peter, wherever you are, I am sure you will be calm and happy. RIP

Your friend,
Ben Zhou
Posted by Henry C on July 29, 2021
Peter, I prayed for you the moment that Grace told me about this. I wish we had more time to take crazy trips to different corners of the world. You will forever live in our hearts.
Posted by Ken McLeod on July 28, 2021
Peter was a great friend, mentor, and frankly the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He leaves behind an incredible legacy of compassion, humility and an amazing sense of humor. Going back to the office will never be the same without him; the best co-worker I could’ve ever asked for. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Posted by John Wong on July 28, 2021
Peter was class personified. He was a kind, authentic and highly intelligent. person with a tremendous sense of humor. My favorite memories of him include visiting him in Sao Paulo and our field trip to Ipanema and Copacabana beach to enjoy the, 'view". I will never forget the his NYC marathon experience where he was fueled by doughnuts I will miss you Peter. It has been privilege to have met you.. Rest in peace and continue make bring a smile and laughter in the great beyond.
Posted by Anthony Quan on July 28, 2021
Peter was a kind , caring and smart person who always tried to help others.  He always tried to cheer you up when you were feeling down.  He will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family and may he Rest In Peace. 
Posted by Dee Mo on July 28, 2021
Peter, the man with the endless smile, and the most wondrous eyes brimming with deep compassion. I remember him as a brilliant friend with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, always carrying himself with upmost humility and dignity. The world has lost another treasure, a rare jewel which can never be replaced.

Keep an eye on us from above Peter, remind us to practice storytelling, and turn every situation into a lesson, hopefully one that we could laugh at in unison while sharing a Chinese meal as a re-constituted family of friends.

Until we meet again, we will mourn your earthly absence, and celebrate you with a silent prayer every time we sip tea and open fortune cookies.

Dania Szanajda Monticciolo
Posted by Michael Wu on July 28, 2021
Friendship transcends death. Memories made will never be forgotten and created a lasting impression on those they left behind. Everyone became a better person for having such a wonderful friend!
Posted by Salman Hirani on July 27, 2021
It was with great sadness that I learned of Peter's passing. He was one of the most considerate, kind and humble people I knew, all with the most genuine smile. I also remember the depth of knowledge Peter had but never once made you feel intimidated. Quiet but strong, that is how I will always remember Peter. Always thirsting for knowledge - I recall him reading every article in every newspaper end-to-end and then picking up the Economist and doing the same (even when he had a case study to finish for the next day)! Like Jack, I also remember Peter recalling the time he got robbed twice in Sao Paolo - but never broke a smile while telling the story. The bigger robbery was him being taken from us too soon. Rest in Peace friend and know that you will be missed.
Posted by Aileen Kheraj on July 26, 2021

We were seated next to each other in the all intimidating center front row during the start of our MBAs and were in the same group together. We made it through our first assignments all the way through. Your passing is shocking and a reminder to us all that we need to live each day to the fullest. To all of us that had the pleasure of knowing you, you will be in our hearts and memories. You will be missed.
Posted by Edward Ng on July 26, 2021
Peter, it’s been great to have known you as a friend whom shared a common vision. Unfortunately, the time we spent has been short, but we hope you find your final destiny and Rest In Peace. May God help and bless you and your loved ones. ❤️
Posted by Lois Amaral on July 26, 2021
We met 20 years ago, and spent 2 fond years as buddies and classmates at Ivey. I remember the late night phone calls, the long walks we had, and the countless laughs we shared. You were an awesome friend. Like so many others, I remember your infectious smiles, your earnest sincerety towards people, and endearing humilty. I also remember your frowns when you were in deep thoughts, your pauses in mid sentences and how you cocked your head to the side while you searched for the best words to use when you disagreed haha. You had an easy-going way to disarm others and endless charm to attract others to you.  My biggest regret is that we had lived in the same country for the past 16 years but had only met up once when you visited. My second regret is not finding you a Singaporean girl to marry, like you "pestered" me to help you years and years ago :)

Peter, I thought of you out of the blue, just a month, I wish I had followed up with a call or email then. I shall miss you dearly, my friend. I am glad you had lived a great life surrounded by lots of friends who loved you.

~ Lois

Posted by Bharat (jeetu) Sachananda... on July 24, 2021
Dear Peter, I will never forget your gentle manner and humble / caring personality. Thank you for all that you did for SIPA PEPM Class of 2010. It was an honor to share classes with you, have meals and drinks together. Those memories will never fade. The world will miss you. Now, you are at peace with your creator. May you be at peace. We will miss you. NYC will never be the same.
Posted by Paul Lam on July 24, 2021
Today, I farewell my lifetime best friend, Peter Sang. We begin our friendship since 1991 and every single moment that we spent together can only be described with one word “Joy”. Although you have left me, you have bought to me a lot of beautiful memories which I will never forget and they will stay with me forever. You can’t imagine how much you mean to me and you were the one who hold my hand and walked me into my wedding ceremony. This is not the end of our friendship as it is eternal and I look forward to our reunion. I ❤️ U and missed you much ❤️
Posted by Jackie L on July 23, 2021
We lost a friend and the world lost a truly kind and selfless soul! I am speechless at the sudden news. Thank you for showing us all the positive aspects of life.  I close my eyes and I can see you gentle smile! You will be dearly missed. 
Posted by Anthony Sueaquan on July 22, 2021
Very sad to see a truly selfless, considerate, and humble friend leave us so unexpectedly. One of those shocking moments that puts all the “important” things we worry about in perspective. Peter always had a laugh to give, a joke to share, and reminded us not to stress out and take anything too seriously. Thank you for all the good times we shared Peter. You will be missed by me and all the people whose lives you touched.
Posted by Sandeep Karnik on July 22, 2021
My Dear Peter,
Thank you for being such an incredible friend over the years. Your unwavering kindness, genuine warmth, patient wisdom and enduring beautiful smile will be so sorely missed. I was so happy to make your friendship in business school and enjoy such authentically happy times together, almost always over some great food or books, with friends. I admired your worldly knowledge and passion to do good by making opportunities for others.  I was in awe of your inspiring professional pursuits, including economic development and investments at Lazard no less. Above all else, I learned so much from your humility my dear friend. Thank you for teaching through example and being such an incredible role model. I do not understand why you left so soon and will never forgive myself for not calling sooner to simply check in; but, when we meet again we will share more laughter over food and with friends. I hope that all of the Universe's infinite secrets are now being revealed to you and satisfying your limitless curiosity. I also hope you're smiling and laughing through the cosmos. I will miss you for now, but we will meet again just a bit later. (ok Peter, I hope you're rolling your eyes and smiling about now)
With love forever my wonderful friend,
Posted by Jack Hu on July 23, 2021
Still in shock after learning this saddest news.

You are THE nicest person I have ever met. Always remember how surprised and touched everybody was when we found the greeting cards you left in our lockers, after the goodbye party for your exchange program to Brasil. Not just a one-liner, but a full page of your friendship and wishes.

Always remember your big smile and how calm and cool you were when you share your stories of being robbed twice in same corner at San Paulo.

Your passionate about life and genuineness are contagious, making people around you better human being, including myself.
So proud to have a friend like you, Peter.

¡descansa en paz mi querido amigo!
Posted by G. M. on July 22, 2021
Peter, my dearest friend, what am I going to do without you?! I have always imagine having you as my closest friend all the way until we get really old. We were emailing each other just a few weeks ago planning to go visit Henry once we are fully vaccinated, because "we haven't visited him together in more than a decade"! You were planning to invest in a house in New York...Life were full of plans! and yet, it stopped so abruptly. Now I close my eyes, I can see your beautiful smile, your pure eyes, and feel your golden heart. I remember all the good times we spent at Ivey, just as David mentioned. You are the kindest and warmest person I have ever known, always putting others before yourself, always listening, and giving valuable advice when asked. You love to read, I remember back in the days at the Ivey's internet cafe, you were reading all the news papers you could find, and you read every single article and section, even the you know almost everything. You have worked so hard and achieved so much, and yet, life is so short, and so unpredictable. You encouraged me and helped me to plan my backpacking trip to Europe during the Ivey summer break. I remember our many many trips to Hong Kong and California and Chicago with our classmates, and Spain (with our dear friend Maria)....We will miss you deeply!!
Posted by DAVID HE on July 23, 2021
It is very very sad to hear about your leaving us from this wonderful world we once shared.

Peter, my dear bro, I keep recalling all the wonderful moments we had at Ivey. It was always enjoyable to have you around at the libary, at our study group, and at countless occasions when we gathered together for yummy cuisines. Your smiles and your kindness will be missed deeply by us all. My days at Ivey would not be as fun and memorable without your pressence.

I am so sorry that we had lost contact since graduation in 2003. It proves to be a great pity that neither of us had been able to visit our respective hometown in China or Dominican Republic as we had hoped for before we left Ivey. At that time, we had thought that for a life-long friendship, sooner or later we would cross paths again. So, no rush for a call or a gathering as we were then all occupied by the trivial issues in our life. Now I know that I won't be able to have that chance or luxury or honor to once again hang out with you and Grace like in the good old days when life was only occupied by case studies and nothing more.

My brother, I really want to say thank you for all your kind help and great friendship. You are always on my mind. Please rest in peace and keep your signature smile in Heaven!

Your true friend and brother from Zhuhai, China
Posted by Lisa Zhao on July 22, 2021
I am still in shock and can't believe that life would bring such an abrupt and cruel departure of a great friend. I will always remember Peter's warm smile from the first day of MBA when we met on the bus to school. His gentle demeanour and kindheartedness opened the door to a friendship that I cherished for many years to come. Rest in peace, Peter. We will always remember you with fondness and love.

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