This memorial is created in memory of our beloved Peter Steele, who passed away at the young age of 48. Born on January 4, 1962, He left this world on April 14, 2010. He finally found the peace He so longingly searched for...

He will live within our hearts forever...

Posted by cathy Ratajczyk on January 4, 2018
Happy 56th Birthday Peter
You are forever missed but never forgotten.
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on April 14, 2017
I love you and miss you peter now and to eternity.
Posted by Mervi Viljander on April 14, 2017
Peter..7 years..Oh lord I miss you my friend
Posted by Beth Hilyard on April 14, 2017
I will be honoring him tonight at Duff's in Brooklyn an old haunt of his and the band. They memorialize him every year. No one else ever like him.
Posted by linda bransford on April 14, 2017
I do not have a day I go without hearing your voice (-) thank you for being a part of my life and many others around the world that feel the same. I will be by soon with some flowers like I always do
Posted by Candle Glows Light on March 17, 2017
As a tribute I have a screenplay with Peter in it. It is about Brooklynites that knew him and their adventures. It is called "Agency G" and will be in a theater near you soon! Another tribute is on a site called there are Type O Negative rooms you can go into in virtual 3D! The rooms are, OctoberRust and TheGreenMan
Posted by Aamina Mandalab on March 15, 2017
I remember the day you passed away. I was so sad. I've listened to Type O Negative since I was an early teen and fell in love with your voice. I haven't listened to Type O in a while and these last couple of weeks have been really hard for me. One day last week I woke up with a Type O song in my head (can't remember which) and I've been listening to nothing but Type O since. Odd since I hadn't listened to your music in such a long time. Listening to your music has definitely helped and makes me feel so much better... especially when times are tough and hard to endure. Thank you Pete. I never knew you but I will always love you. You live on in our hearts and memories. I never got to meet you but I do so wish I had. <3 I hope you have found peace some place else. I know you became religious a few years prior to your death and I hope there is a Heaven only because I'd like for you and other loved ones I lost to be somewhere.
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on January 4, 2017
Happy birthday peter.I miss you still!
Posted by Mervi Viljander on January 4, 2017
This is so hard...I miss ya Pete <3
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on January 4, 2017
It's still hard to believe that you're gone.
Happy Birthday in heaven, sweet giant!! May you be surrounded by the most beautiful angels.
I'll love and miss you eternally. <3 <3 <3
Posted by Sherri Morrison on January 4, 2017
You're not truly gone, cause you're always in our hearts❣️
Always love you Pete, Happy Birthday
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on January 4, 2017
I'll always be thinking of you, my dearest angel.
Have a peaceful birthday in heaven.
Love you!! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Ruby Hill on October 1, 2016
Fly with the Angels in your Autumn light with all your beloved ones...bless you for sharing your life in your music and poetry... Words that were from a wisdom so deep...Peter you will be loved and missed always!!!
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on September 16, 2016
It is autumn here now and the days are filled with your music and thoughts of you even more. R.i.p
Posted by MaryAnn Thorson on July 27, 2016
My Dear Friend , Not a day goes by that I don't think of you ! I laugh , because you could be so funny , I cry because my Heart still breaks , And then I think of something that would make me laugh again !! I miss you Peter , I always will , You Beautiful Creature , My Thoughts are with your Family , Their loss is never ending , Love always Your Friend MaryAnn Thorson XO
Posted by Aleksandar Ivanovski on July 15, 2016
I miss you a lot green man
Posted by Laura Ngabe on April 14, 2016
Always, always much love for the Green Man..may you be at rest ..amen.
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on January 22, 2016
I'm always thinking of you, dear Green Man. Blessed be wherever you are!!! <3 <3 <3
Love you to death!!
Posted by Tee Oghoul on January 17, 2016
I love and miss you Peter, you know that. Until we meat again.
Posted by linda bransford on January 9, 2016
I sure wish I could have met you Peter your music is part of my everyday life and always will be. You are so missed by so many love you forever
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on January 4, 2016
Happy Birthday Peter: WE MISS YOU :(
Posted by Pandora Callicoatt on January 4, 2016
Happy 54th Birthday Peter..i miss you so..your voice has soothed my soul for so long and wish you were still here to feel the love
Posted by Mervi Viljander on January 4, 2016
Pete..Well no words..I miss ya
Posted by Sherri Morrison on January 4, 2016
Happy Birthday Pete
Posted by Nikki Sylvia on January 4, 2016
Happy birthday my love. The one and only that has ever been in my heart. Luv u to death .....
Posted by wingardium leviosa on January 3, 2016
it's your birthday that made me think of you.
  thank you for everything <3
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on October 31, 2015
Happy Halloween peter I will be lighting a green candle for you tonite.     R.i.p
Posted by Nickolas Sparks on September 20, 2015
I Wish I could have met you Peter your voice was the first one I heard in my life while my mother was at your concert pregnant with me I will always remember you Forever I hope that I can meet you when my time comes and also you are the number one inspiration of my life my motivation in singing and I will always Introduce many who never heard of you to your music to honor you may you rest In Peace up in heaven
Posted by Jenifer S. on September 17, 2015
You were such a unique guy Peter. I wish you were still here. I hope that you have found peace.
Posted by Mervi Viljander on September 6, 2015
Septemper sun...Oh God i really miss ya Pete..Life without you is pure agony
Posted by Sherri Morrison on September 4, 2015
Never Forget
Posted by Sherri Morrison on April 19, 2015
Angels are never forgotten.
You will live forever ❤️
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on April 16, 2015
Another year without you. Though it's been five years, the pain is the same.
Hope you're enjoying life there.
Thank you for everything you've made for all of us. Now you know how important, loved and missed you are.
God bless you, Sweet Giant! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on April 16, 2015
Love and miss you!
Rest in God's hands! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on April 15, 2015
Peter I Hope GOD'S Taking Good Care Of You,But We All Miss You So Much And You Made Quite An Impact On Many Of Us Especially Musically But Me Personally In Many Ways Especially FIGHTING THE DEMON (ADDICTION ) And Family And Female Betrayal I'll Never Forget Meeting You 3 Times -------------------------------------------  RED
Posted by Mervi Viljander on April 14, 2015
Gone but not forgotten..I miss ya Pete
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on April 14, 2015
Today is the day if your passing I still Cry Even though I never met you you still impact my life love you forever
Posted by linda bransford on April 14, 2015
"Peter, you sure are one of a kind that has touched my heart in a way no other music has come close. My heart aches to have never gotten the chance to meet you in person, one day we will meet and that sure will make me happy..Love you "Green Man" thank you for just being you, i will continue my visits to bring you flowers ... that is the least i can do for all that you have done for me...
Posted by melissa neiswender on January 30, 2015
I remember Your voice from MTV (when they played music.) How deep and frightening You were... I was raised Roman Catholic, well I appreciate Your intense spirit and love. Also, you should've totally played Armand in Interview.
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on January 5, 2015
Posted by linda bransford on January 5, 2015
Happy Birthday In Heaven Peter Steele May Your Beautiful Soul RIP ✨
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on January 5, 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Sweet Giant!! You'll be forever missed and loved! God bless!!!! <3
Posted by Danielle Bowles on January 5, 2015
You are truly missed! I hope you feel the love that you never realized people had for you. You were a light that vanished too soon. Halloween in Heaven every day.
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on January 4, 2015
Happy 53 birthday ! We will never forget how can we? You left such a huge impact on our lives we love you,i love you green man!
Posted by Mervi Viljander on January 4, 2015
So much left to say..I miss ya my Green man..
Posted by Mary Wolfe on January 4, 2015
Wishing you a happy birthday up in heaven. Missing you!
Posted by Karla Collins on January 4, 2015
We miss you still. Someday we will meet in the sky. What a glorious day it will be. Happy birthday in heaven hon. <3
Posted by Vanja Prah on January 4, 2015
happy birthday gentle giant, U are so missed....the time will heal gentle heart of stone,fragile heart of steele
Posted by Boriane Christner on January 4, 2015
"Dear Peter, I will always miss you! your voice your soul your everything! I'm so grateful that I met you once at time in my life, you was so adorable to me! happy birthday in heaven my lovely green man! ...R.I.P.
Posted by Elizabeth Bello on January 4, 2015
What can one say about Peter? He helped many of us though hard times, his voice was unique and he will forever be missed. Forever in our hearts we love you Green Man! Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace
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Posted by phoebe strong on April 14, 2022
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on January 5, 2022
Happy belated birthday in heaven, Pete!!
Life's not the same without you.
Hope you're rocking up there!!
Love and miss you forever and ever!!!! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Mervi Viljander on January 5, 2022
Dark Angel I miss you so much
Recent stories
Shared by Tony Luna on January 4, 2018

   When I first heard Christian Woman I really dug it. Then I went out and bought Bloody Kisses and I was hooked! When October Rust came out I ran out and bought it. Unfortunately it disappeared from work not long after. Years went by (I was married by this time, kinda out of the loop) and I heard some new (to me) Type O from October Rust (don't remember which tune) and again, I was re-hooked. This was about 2011 or 12, unfortunately. Well, within the next year I possesed every CD except The Least Worst Of, because I never liked buying greatest hits albums cuz I always assumed they were just a money grab by the record label.

   I was in heaven with all this Type O Negative! Never did a day go by that I didn't hear at least one Type O tune. Then one day, a few years later, I was at the record store and thought, hell, I might as well pick up The Least Worst Of. Then I'll have a complete collection. I got out to my truck and unwrapped the CD and off came the price tag and all the other shit that was covering the song list and was like "whoa!! I've never heard that one. Or that one", etc...It was, no exageration, one of the best days of my life- hearing all this new music by my favorite band, years after Pete was gone. It was like he bestowed the greatest gift upon me from beyond the grave. To this day, 12 Black Rainbows is one of my favorites!

   Since re-discovering Type O years ago, I have devoured any and all I could about Peter and the band. So much so that it's like I knew them all personally. They came across to me as a very welcoming, approachable, down to earth bunch of dudes. I would love to meet the rest of the band.

   I'll never forgive myself for missing out when Peter was alive and the band was active. Thank you Peter and I'll see you soon!

Shared by Ruby Hill on October 1, 2016

Older than you in life and blessed to have shared you in spirit...your words/music was truly inspiration to myself..Type O Negative was you...your shared life really felt more deeply than most who walked this road of life...with all its had so much understanding and wisdom...when I listen to your music...which will always be  reminded me that you blessed me with your Earth existence... May you always fly with the Angels and live in your beloved Autumn Eternity... Existing with all your beloved ones in the light!!!

My first love... Carnivore

Shared by Susan Lang on January 21, 2016

Way back in 1988 my (best friend)sister Mecia and I live in a northern Illinois town named Dixon. My genius sister would wrap me in aluminum foil and send me out on the front porch roof in the wee morning hours so we could listen to the radio station kayshee 95 out of Iowa. The (maamaamaa) Metal Shop was the only radio station that we knew of that was ballasy enough to play...Carnivore!!!! Looking back I can't believe songs like SMD, Angry Neurotic Catholics and my favorite Jack Daniels and Pizza were played over the airwaves. And thank the Lord they were cause this was my first introduction to the genius, pure genius of Peter Steele. My sister and I subsequently hounded local record store owners in search of the elusive Retaliation. Still to this day I cannot pass a copy of Retaliation without buying it because I never want to be without this record. Yes it is that important to me. The time spent in foil freezing on that roof marked the beginning of a decades long love affair with Carnivore and soon to follow my beloved Type O Negative (for which I have 5 tattoos). I will forever miss the concerts, the Skeletours, there will never be anything that would compare.