This memorial is created in memory of our beloved Peter Steele, who passed away at the young age of 48. Born on January 4, 1962, He left this world on April 14, 2010. He finally found the peace He so longingly searched for...

He will live within our hearts forever...

Posted by Nikki Sylvia on January 4, 2015
Forever and ever in my heart...
Posted by Sara Oliver on January 4, 2015
Happy birthday... You where truly amazing an so very handsome miss u always..
Posted by Pam Hood on January 4, 2015
You will be forever in our hearts.
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on January 4, 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Friend We Really Miss You ,I Pray That GOD'S Taking Good Care Of You And You Turned Him Onto You Powerful Heartfelt Lyrics & Music
Posted by brandy steeb on January 4, 2015
Peter, I still cant believe you are gone. I hate knowing that i will never get the opportunity to see you live. You are greatly missed. Forever and always in my heart. Rest in peace our green man
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on November 26, 2014
Thank you for everything you've made for us, Pete! Your job is immortal, just like you!! And I will show the world through my dance how amazing, awesome, beautiful, kind, sweet, genuine and talented you were. Thank you, Sweet Giant. Rest in God's hands!
Posted by Inês Fonseca on November 26, 2014
You'll always have a special place in my heart Peter, no matter what.
Missing you and your talent everyday.

Green man <3
Posted by Theresa Macri on November 23, 2014
Never got to meet you in person. Your music both TON and Carnivore have really gotten me ( as with many people) through some heavy stuff. Still does. Your music seemed to reflect alot of your personal beliefs in things. I kinda wish I had the opportunity to talk to you about them. Maybe on the other side....
Posted by Sherri Baker on November 21, 2014
Peter and his musical ingenuous was very detrimental in my teenage years. It is with at sad heart that he passed. He will always be missed, his music and soul spoke volumes to me. Peter and his music made me the person I am today and I wish I could thank him, one day I will in Heaven.
Posted by Mervi Viljander on October 7, 2014
I miss Peter everyone..part of me died with him..
Posted by cheryl frallicciardi on October 6, 2014
Gone but not forgotten,your voice,your music touched so so many i never had the privledge to meet you maybe somday i shall.Your music is still a big part of who i am today and for that i say thank you r.i.p.
Posted by Sherri Morrison on October 5, 2014
Forever and always, with love
Posted by Teresa Franckewitz on July 4, 2014
Forever in my heart...
Posted by JoAnn Black on January 12, 2014
I was touched as so many were by your sharing your music. I turned many onto your stuff of all ages. That kind of stuff goes on eternal. I am glad to have shared in your presence with the music and the party. I pray that you have found true comfort serenity and peace.
Posted by Neal Bacon on November 18, 2013
I first heard Peter's music at a friend's house in 1993, not long after "Bloody Kisses" was released. I was immediately drawn to and deeply facinated by his very unique sounding baritone voice. In 1996, I lost the close friend whom introduced me to Peter's music (Type O' Negative). I often listen to his songs to remember my friend and now to remember Peter also. It's sad how the truly influential are often taken from us way too early!
Posted by dorina birna on November 8, 2013
every day i regret your death..... R.I.P.!
Posted by Candle Glows Light on November 7, 2013
We all feel that its too hard without you, so some friends have a room dedicated to you on called TheGreenMan cause you will always be alive in this room. One of the friends looks and sounds eerily like you Peter, are you forever regenerating like trees? As seedlings fall, plant and renew themselves!
Posted by Lea J on September 1, 2013
Rest in Peace Pete, you were a wonderful singer and person. See you on the other side! <3 I play your music all the time, usually when I'm in a good mood :)
Posted by Kellie Gump on August 29, 2013
I heard his voice for the first time ever only four days ago. It was absolutely incredible, like a sad, powerful angel. I wanted to know more and found that he is gone. What a loss. He seems to be a mystery and I pray he is now in peace with Jesus and all the saints in Heaven.
Posted by Sara Frost on April 19, 2013
Peter Steele your music has helped me through some rough times thank you for leaving us with that and the memories of you through your music R.I.P man see you on the other side.
Posted by dorina birna on April 15, 2013
Thank you for being! R.I.P.!
Posted by Mervi Viljander on April 14, 2013
Can't stop crying..Why lord why?See ya on the other side
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on April 14, 2013
Posted by dorina birna on March 27, 2013
Unfortunately I found his music too late and I could not enjoy it enough! r.i.p.!
Posted by Marie Martinez on March 22, 2013
I am a vey big fan of yours, I was a mere girl of 14 when i first heard your beautiful voice. I saw you in concert back in 2004 and I wanted to stay back and meet you but the group of friends i was with wanted to leave. I have always regretted it. I found out you passed away about a year after you had died. It felt like someone took a knife to my heart. you will be missed R I P.
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on March 22, 2013
Peter Your Music And Lyrics Of Type O Brought Me Through Some Excruciating Painful Times In My Life And The First Time I Saw You And The Guys Onstage April 14th 1995 My Wedding Night ) I Was In Awe. I Also Suffer From The Same Demons You Experienced Firsthand ADDICTION,BETRAYAL,FAMILY MISUNDERSTANDING, I Was Very Honored And Privileged To Have Met You And The Guys 3 Times And Saw You live 5 times
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on March 22, 2013
Posted by Mervi Viljander on February 6, 2013
Peter..You will always stay in my heart..I love ya so much.I guess ill see ya on the other side..
Posted by Callidora Lideric on August 24, 2011
They say that time heals all wounds but you have left an emptiness inside that can never be filled. My sentence for loving you is to be without you forever. I will smile when death visits my door as it will be eternal, eternally with you forever...
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Posted by phoebe strong on April 14, 2022
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on January 5, 2022
Happy belated birthday in heaven, Pete!!
Life's not the same without you.
Hope you're rocking up there!!
Love and miss you forever and ever!!!! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Mervi Viljander on January 5, 2022
Dark Angel I miss you so much
Recent stories
Shared by Tony Luna on January 4, 2018

   When I first heard Christian Woman I really dug it. Then I went out and bought Bloody Kisses and I was hooked! When October Rust came out I ran out and bought it. Unfortunately it disappeared from work not long after. Years went by (I was married by this time, kinda out of the loop) and I heard some new (to me) Type O from October Rust (don't remember which tune) and again, I was re-hooked. This was about 2011 or 12, unfortunately. Well, within the next year I possesed every CD except The Least Worst Of, because I never liked buying greatest hits albums cuz I always assumed they were just a money grab by the record label.

   I was in heaven with all this Type O Negative! Never did a day go by that I didn't hear at least one Type O tune. Then one day, a few years later, I was at the record store and thought, hell, I might as well pick up The Least Worst Of. Then I'll have a complete collection. I got out to my truck and unwrapped the CD and off came the price tag and all the other shit that was covering the song list and was like "whoa!! I've never heard that one. Or that one", etc...It was, no exageration, one of the best days of my life- hearing all this new music by my favorite band, years after Pete was gone. It was like he bestowed the greatest gift upon me from beyond the grave. To this day, 12 Black Rainbows is one of my favorites!

   Since re-discovering Type O years ago, I have devoured any and all I could about Peter and the band. So much so that it's like I knew them all personally. They came across to me as a very welcoming, approachable, down to earth bunch of dudes. I would love to meet the rest of the band.

   I'll never forgive myself for missing out when Peter was alive and the band was active. Thank you Peter and I'll see you soon!

Shared by Ruby Hill on October 1, 2016

Older than you in life and blessed to have shared you in spirit...your words/music was truly inspiration to myself..Type O Negative was you...your shared life really felt more deeply than most who walked this road of life...with all its had so much understanding and wisdom...when I listen to your music...which will always be  reminded me that you blessed me with your Earth existence... May you always fly with the Angels and live in your beloved Autumn Eternity... Existing with all your beloved ones in the light!!!

My first love... Carnivore

Shared by Susan Lang on January 21, 2016

Way back in 1988 my (best friend)sister Mecia and I live in a northern Illinois town named Dixon. My genius sister would wrap me in aluminum foil and send me out on the front porch roof in the wee morning hours so we could listen to the radio station kayshee 95 out of Iowa. The (maamaamaa) Metal Shop was the only radio station that we knew of that was ballasy enough to play...Carnivore!!!! Looking back I can't believe songs like SMD, Angry Neurotic Catholics and my favorite Jack Daniels and Pizza were played over the airwaves. And thank the Lord they were cause this was my first introduction to the genius, pure genius of Peter Steele. My sister and I subsequently hounded local record store owners in search of the elusive Retaliation. Still to this day I cannot pass a copy of Retaliation without buying it because I never want to be without this record. Yes it is that important to me. The time spent in foil freezing on that roof marked the beginning of a decades long love affair with Carnivore and soon to follow my beloved Type O Negative (for which I have 5 tattoos). I will forever miss the concerts, the Skeletours, there will never be anything that would compare.