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Shared by Tony Luna on January 4, 2018

   When I first heard Christian Woman I really dug it. Then I went out and bought Bloody Kisses and I was hooked! When October Rust came out I ran out and bought it. Unfortunately it disappeared from work not long after. Years went by (I was married by this time, kinda out of the loop) and I heard some new (to me) Type O from October Rust (don't remember which tune) and again, I was re-hooked. This was about 2011 or 12, unfortunately. Well, within the next year I possesed every CD except The Least Worst Of, because I never liked buying greatest hits albums cuz I always assumed they were just a money grab by the record label.

   I was in heaven with all this Type O Negative! Never did a day go by that I didn't hear at least one Type O tune. Then one day, a few years later, I was at the record store and thought, hell, I might as well pick up The Least Worst Of. Then I'll have a complete collection. I got out to my truck and unwrapped the CD and off came the price tag and all the other shit that was covering the song list and was like "whoa!! I've never heard that one. Or that one", etc...It was, no exageration, one of the best days of my life- hearing all this new music by my favorite band, years after Pete was gone. It was like he bestowed the greatest gift upon me from beyond the grave. To this day, 12 Black Rainbows is one of my favorites!

   Since re-discovering Type O years ago, I have devoured any and all I could about Peter and the band. So much so that it's like I knew them all personally. They came across to me as a very welcoming, approachable, down to earth bunch of dudes. I would love to meet the rest of the band.

   I'll never forgive myself for missing out when Peter was alive and the band was active. Thank you Peter and I'll see you soon!

Shared by Ruby Hill on October 1, 2016

Older than you in life and blessed to have shared you in spirit...your words/music was truly inspiration to myself..Type O Negative was you...your shared life really felt more deeply than most who walked this road of life...with all its had so much understanding and wisdom...when I listen to your music...which will always be  reminded me that you blessed me with your Earth existence... May you always fly with the Angels and live in your beloved Autumn Eternity... Existing with all your beloved ones in the light!!!

My first love... Carnivore

Shared by Susan Lang on January 21, 2016

Way back in 1988 my (best friend)sister Mecia and I live in a northern Illinois town named Dixon. My genius sister would wrap me in aluminum foil and send me out on the front porch roof in the wee morning hours so we could listen to the radio station kayshee 95 out of Iowa. The (maamaamaa) Metal Shop was the only radio station that we knew of that was ballasy enough to play...Carnivore!!!! Looking back I can't believe songs like SMD, Angry Neurotic Catholics and my favorite Jack Daniels and Pizza were played over the airwaves. And thank the Lord they were cause this was my first introduction to the genius, pure genius of Peter Steele. My sister and I subsequently hounded local record store owners in search of the elusive Retaliation. Still to this day I cannot pass a copy of Retaliation without buying it because I never want to be without this record. Yes it is that important to me. The time spent in foil freezing on that roof marked the beginning of a decades long love affair with Carnivore and soon to follow my beloved Type O Negative (for which I have 5 tattoos). I will forever miss the concerts, the Skeletours, there will never be anything that would compare.

First Encounter

Shared by Joe Martinez on May 9, 2015

San Antonio 1995 Sunken Garden Theatre

My cousin and I had just gotten off the bus with tickets to see Pantera on which was printed the name of the opening act, Type O Negative. We didn't have websites for previewing bands back then, and that was part of the fun. We arrived early for the concert which was to be held at the Sunken Gardens Theatre, so we skated our way to the Japanese Sunken Tea Garden just next door. 

Upon arriving at a park bench, we noticed four guys standing at the opening of a  stone pavilion that overlooks the sunken garden. This can be seen if you follow the link below.

To our surprise, the group was composed of some tall guys with long hair wearing trench coats in the unrelenting Texas heat. We thought they were nuts and figured we'd probably run into them at the show, and in a million years I never thought they'd be on stage, but there they were; my first Type O Negative experience. The Gothic venue with its decorative stone walls surrounding the stage added to the atmosphere that the band pulled off without a hitch. I was hooked. They brought to life themes that were only available through Anne Rice books other literature depicting a world of darkness and unnaturalness that so many rock fans were inspired by to express a detachment from the mainstream. With talk of wolves, moons, blood and love Peter Steele much like Mary Shelley brought humanity to monstrosity. 

For years to come and even now I am a devoted fan , for I have never forgotten the impact that this band had on myself and so many of my friends who were just looking for that extra something in our metal. Type O Negative, you made fantasy reality, folklore a possibility, and hurting acceptable for you made so many of us feel like we are not alone in this reality where life is suffering. Thank you. -Joe

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