Posted by patty ward on November 25, 2018
Memories are golden love you mum and dad
Posted by Charmaine Teirney on February 3, 2016
30 years' cant believe how the time fly's, But miss you still like it was yesterday...Forever in our hearts you will always be, Treasured and Remembered With Love...Kiss Mum for me Too..Mwah...xox
Posted by patty ward on November 25, 2015
love you dad have fun you an mum on your b-day
Posted by Shirley Kiripatea on April 6, 2015
Another year has passed us by...drawing me closer and closer to you both....Love you both more as each day comes
Posted by patty ward on February 3, 2015
Loves to mum and dad always remembered never forgotten.
Posted by patty ward on December 21, 2013
loving memories of mum dad and nanny dawson
Posted by Michelle Ward on November 24, 2013
This popped up so I better write something....

Sad you left us so early....both of you's. You have so many mokopuna now and its sad when we are around others who spend time with their grandparents, so envy them. But I see you in so many of us ie: Desmond is so like so many and Aunty Carol reminds me of Nan.... in so many love you's and will see you's both real soon!!! Love me and all your Moko's :)
Posted by patty ward on February 3, 2013
love you all ways mum an dad
Posted by Charmaine Teirney on January 15, 2012
My Mummy & Daddy xoxox Thank you's for loving me, giving me life & teaching me how to be a strong loving caring individual. I love and miss you's so much that words can't express how deeply I feel for you's. Forever in my heart yous will always be...Living and loving life in your name, too make you's proud, til we meet again..your moko's & me..mwah..mwah..mwah.
Posted by Michelle Ward on December 28, 2010
We had a Great Koro and Nan, they never smacked me, they always loved me.
I liked it when we would all lie in Bed together in the morning at their homestead 30 Onslow Street, Kawerau. We use to love going to Koro and Nans and get together with all my other cousins and we would play Hide and Go Seek.....It was the place to go xxxx
Miss you both, Bye
Posted by Shirley Kiripatea on December 21, 2010
My Dearly beloved parents...miss you both especially during family gatherings, your birthdays, on mothers and fathers days, Christmas, Easter, new births, celebrations and when I sit alone in the quietness or survey a wondrousness sunset......until we meet again xoxox

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