This tribute was added by Linda D Hellyer on July 26, 2020
Phil was the kindest, most gentle, loving man I have ever met. There is absolutely no words to express the sadness I feel at this time. I know I was one of the luckiest people in the world to get to share life with him. His laugh was something I aimed for, his smile I lived for and I miss his hugs most of all. I love and miss you Phil.
This tribute was added by Victor Leon on July 17, 2020
Phil was one of my true friends. When I found out he was going to run his own shop a few years ago I was very excited for him. He took on the challenge and succeeded. We spent most days talking on the phone about tips and advice on repairs. Truly a remarkable person, husband, father, and friend.  One day we will both be wrenching together. I will never forget him.

I never forgot those taco's we promised to cook once you got better, we will do that once we meet again Phil. I promise.
This tribute was added by Laureen Johnson on July 16, 2020
I have never had the opportunity to meet Phil in person, but I saw how much happiness that he brought to Linda and Noelle and Nicole. I saw how big his heart was when he was pet sitting. I saw how much life you all packed in to the time he had. I cry for you all because I know how much he will be missed. But I know this with all certainty you will meet again. He was such an amazing man and I am truly blessed for knowing him even if it was just on Facebook. You are all in my prayers I love you.
This tribute was added by Angie Ruddell on July 15, 2020
I did not have the chance to meet Phil in person but I am looking forward to the day I get to meet Linda. Phil and Linda are huge fans of my family’s restaurant, Ruddell’s Smokehouse, in Cayucos. I learned of them both and their story from Linda’s blog. She takes so many great photos and has some amazing ones at the smokehouse. It has been a joy to connect with them and watch them make the most of life. I am very grateful for the opportunity to follow along and to share our special food with a special family. We will smoke chicken and salmon in his honor. I lost my dad 2.5 years ago, and I know that there is a special place in heaven for these wonderful men gone too soon. Thank you, Phil, for all of the joy you have brought to the world.
This tribute was added by Paula Watson on July 15, 2020
Phil was the grounding force in all of our food, driving us safely home, telling us it was time to go home (and it WAS time to go home, LOL!). He was the first example of a 'good' guy I had in my life. The way he loved Linda and treated their relationship was something new to me. I have so many memories of nights filled with laughter, great food, games, music, and good drinks! Sometimes when Kurt and I are serving dinner, we still say 'This ain't no ******** restaurant!' and laugh, loving that memory of Phil. Phil, you will be missed greatly, but you left a big presence, and I know your energy/soul will be with Linda always.
This tribute was added by Kerri Ramirez on July 14, 2020
I can see Phil’s bright smile and relaxed energy. I think of him hanging out in a chair behind the event booth! Laughing and making everything light and fun!
The love between Phil and Linda was always sweet, adventurous, and beautiful.
Phil was strong, courageous, and truly an inspiration.
He will be so missed.
This tribute was added by Linda D Hellyer on July 13, 2020
Love of my life, best friend, soul mate. Phil loved helping others, had a tender heart and a beautiful soul.  He cared and loved me to perfection. I am trying to pull myself together enough to write about him, but my world has fallen apart a bit. I miss you already Phil. He never missed an opportunity to tell Noelle and I that he loved us during his final days. I will continue to feel the warmth of his hugs, the tenderness of his words and the passion of his kisses.

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