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FEBRUARY 18, 2010

I wish you were here, Happy Birthday to you

I wish there was something else, that we could’ve done too

I wish things could have turned out a different way

I wish you could hear the words I still need to say

I wish you happiness, and are at peace and feel love

I wish you all this, in your new home above

I wish that a cure could be found for your sickness

I wish one more time Donnie, you could have licked this

I wish I felt better about all the decisions that were made

I wish I wasn’t left, with only the visions where you laid

I wish you would wave and give me that look

I wish you were crabbing, and eating what we cook

I wish Mom would stop her hurting inside

I wish we could together go, for one more ride

I wish we could be singing and celebrating with you today

I so wish you didn’t have to be on your way

I wish you could talk to me one more time

Just to tell me you love me and you’re doing just fine.

Love, Terry

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