This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Philip Brachman, 88, born on July 28, 1927 and passed away on June 6, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Memorial donations may be made to 
“Books For Africa”, a project Dr. Brachman has been working with a school in Kenya.
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Information on his memorial service is below:
Friday, June 10, 2016
Paideia School Auditorium
1509 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta  

Posted by Roger Rochat on July 28, 2020
Phil, you are a continuing inspiration. Despite COVID, the Humphrey Program continues--even if for only 5 months this year. Miss your warmth and confidence.
Posted by Ari Manathunge on July 28, 2020
One of the greatest teachers and human being I came across.....I miss you, sir....
Posted by Tadashi Torii on July 28, 2020
Happy Birthday Phil. I miss you dearly and daily.
Posted by Jody Gray on June 6, 2020
I am still missing you my friend. I wish we could talk about our world today and hear your words of wisdom. Til we meet again... ❤️
Posted by Jiatong Zhuo on June 5, 2020
I am deeply memory Prf. Brachman for both his voice and his figure still in front of me. I am always feel lucky to be one of his student at Emory and never, never forget.
      Jiatong Zhuo, Advisor of Guangxi CDC, China
      Humphrey Fellow 97/98. RSPH EMORY
Posted by Dr. Ramzi Ismail on June 4, 2020
I will never forget Phil; I got to know him in the 80s in the State of Kuwait and at the CDC in Atlanta Georgia. I never forget when I was invited to his home for diver, along with other colleagues of mine form Kuwait. We were asked to attend the EIS course in 1980. Previously he had conducted 4 courses form 1980 to 1984 in Kuwait. Afterwards for many years I kept in Contact…..I miss him greatly.
Posted by Jiatong Zhuo on July 30, 2019
I never forget Professor Brachman gave me so much. He let me have the chance to share my working experience with the Humphreyfellow when I visited RSPH, Emory in 2013. The students very interested in and actively interaction each other.
Posted by Douglas Huber on July 28, 2019
Phil was a kind and thoughtful mentor and supervisor. After my two years in EIS working with him, he also supported me to develop the first house-to-house family planning project in Matlab, Bangladesh. It was a leap of faith for him and me, as one of two CDC epidemiologists at the Cholera Research Laboratory (now ICDDR,B). They don't make many like Phil. We are all enriched by the way he touched our lives.
Posted by ShunXiang Zhang on June 27, 2019
It was a great sad to hear of the passing of prof Brachman. In 2001, I joined theInternational Course in Applied Epidemiology in CDC. From then on, he became one of my unforgettable teachers. In 2005, Prof Brachman was invitted to visit the SZCDC in China and his lectures and laughter have stayed here. I recommended four of my students to attend his courses in 2008 and my students brought back his greetings and expectations. I always thought he'd always be with us.
Posted by Roger Rochat on June 6, 2018
Dear Phil,
You've been physically gone for two years but your spirit lives on in the testimonials and memories of many. I have enjoyed serving as coordinator of the Humphrey Program and I aspire to have a few of the good traits you had...but you left big shoes to fill. I miss you. I wish I could turn to you for guidance! I miss your smile. I miss your wisdom. I miss your immense ability to serve the Fellows. But we carry on! Cheers! Roger
Posted by Leah Burn on September 11, 2017
I still cannot believe you are gone. You were the greatest mentor and inspiration I've ever had in my career. You guided me throughout my global field experience, practicum, and thesis. You helped me make decisions with difficult career choices. Your passion for global health and brilliance as an epidemiologist will never be forgotten. You touched the lives of so many people. RIP Dr. Brachman
Posted by Jiatong Zhuo on July 29, 2017
Professor Philip S Brachman's vision encourage me to solicit and Persuade our local government more and more funding to the public health , meanwhile his epidemiological surveillance skill enrich me successfully disclose the infectious disease nature and make it more and more effectively controlled! I never forget Prof. Dr. Philip S Brachman!

Jiatong Zhuo Humphrey fellow, 97/98, public Health policy/management RSPH,Emory
Deputy director, Guangxi CDC
Posted by aye soe on July 28, 2017
We will never forget you Phil. Such a great teacher for the students and fellows, such a great father for the family, such a great public health warrior for the people in need. We love you so much.
Posted by Naira Matevosyan on July 28, 2017
Phil, you are immensely missed... You were a mentor, friend, teacher, simply a terrific person who did care...Your magnificent energy, causes, and portfolio - all were everything but simple. The only simplicity was in your non-demonstrative behavior while you'd accomplish monumental projects. Hey, one man in charge of a world-changing Humphrey program, one many in charge of CDC's Field Epidemiology Training Program from 1954 to 1986, combating various arrays of bioterrorism, including the infamous anthrax attacks of early 2000s. I wish you would be with us today, at your 90 years, patently with that mysterious everlasting energy and passion of yours. Thank you Phil, thank you for touching so many lives with your bounty and benevolence. Naira R. Matevosyan (Humphrey fellow, 2005-2006).
Posted by janet Oola on June 12, 2017
You will be forever missed Dr. Brachman! Your words of advice an attention to details including your love for people will forever be ahallmark of the HHH fellowship programme!
Posted by William Bosu on June 7, 2017
Still sorely missed, Phil. Rest in Peace, our teacher and friend.
Posted by Ahmed Laghari on June 6, 2017
I remember, it was the last week of my Professional Affiliation at Washington DC and last days of my Humphrey Fellowship and stay in USA. I was happy as I was about to go to my Country, meet relatives and share great experience of Humphrey fellowship at USA. I was on my way back to home, when I called Flavia, our program coordinator, she sounded very down, and I asked her what happened you sound so down, she replied “AHMED SOMETHING HAPPENED” And I knew, for next 30 minutes’ walk, I was controlling myself not to burst out in tears, as the part of world from I am, Man are not supposed to cry in front of public, but due to immense shock and sadness, I broke social rule and kept cleaning my eyes full of tears, till I reached my apartment.
Dr Brachman was not a teacher, he was like Sindh (My Province where my home is) for me, he was my home in USA, where I can learn, share life experiences without any pressure. He made me understand one thing, people are not good or bad, they are different. And from that day I never labeled someone good or bad on my subjective judgment. My entire career and life will have lasting effect of Dr Brachman forever. Thank you Dr Brachman
To me Dr Brachman was a Holy and Spiritual Human, and I strongly believe in it based on the evidence, that he passed away on eve of 1st Ramazam of 2016, we Muslims, strongly believe, the one who is very close to God, Loved by God is given this respect and God call them on the eve or during the most honored, respected and holy month of year. I Miss you and will keep missing you in my life to come.

Ahmed Laghari
Posted by katheen gensheimer on June 6, 2017
On a recent trip to CDC to attend a meeting, I could not help but let my mind wander back in time to when I was an EIS Officer...and the person whom made my EIS experience so memorable--and of course, that person is Phil Brachman. He has left an incredible legacy of applied public health practitioners whom all miss his energetic presence.
Posted by zhigang zheng on June 6, 2017
If you mean something to someone, or you help someone, or love someone, or if even a single person remember you, then maybe you never really pass away. With my great respect!
Posted by Flavia Traven on June 6, 2017
I miss you a lot, I miss your voice screaming at me, I miss your phone calls asking if my kids wanted a book from the BOOKSTORE you loved to go, I miss you support, I miss your emails, I miss you telling me that I was not fast enough, I miss you asking me what type of cheese I wanted from Wisconsin, I miss you telling to be quiet, I miss you all about you. And life is so different without having you around! And no one cant replace YOU. You were Unique. It was 8 years working together and I miss the good days and the bad days. You helped me grown personally and professionally. You showed me how valuable I was as no one has done it before. And I confess that I am a lit bit lost without you. THANK you! And again I MISS you.
Posted by Biesse D. Soura on May 4, 2017
A true public health hero, a role model who cares for other people's life. Dr. Brachman has been and will still be an example of dedication for a better future . His legacy will live forever.
Rest In Peace!
Biesse D. Soura (Humphrey class 2005-2006)
Posted by Arthy Nena on January 12, 2017
It's 7 months and 5 days since the passing of a very special person. I met and got to know Dr. Brachman at the Summer Session in Epidemiology Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In a very short time that I attended the program, I was very amazed by the level of energy he had in doing the work he loved; and even remembering me by name made me feel appreciated. From way out here in the remote Pacific Island of Kosrae, I will always remember "Phil" not only as an excellent teacher but a very caring person that has touched my life.
Posted by Naira Matevosyan on July 31, 2016
Professor Brachman was a good-hearted, incredible person and an invaluable asset to Emory. It's terribly sad to lose an individual who inspired, helped, and educated thousands of professionals gathered in the Humphrey family, a mighty family which Dr. Brachman led and nurtured so well. (Naira Matevosyan, Humphrey Fellow 2005-2006).
Posted by Tadashi Torii on July 28, 2016
Happy Birthday Phil!
Posted by Riza Ikranbegiin on July 28, 2016
Forever missed... Rest in peace, Dr. Brachman.
Posted by Namusoke Asia on July 28, 2016
Rest in peace my prof.
Posted by Amer Qassim on July 5, 2016
I am Amer Al-Atbee, Humphrey Fellow 2014/2015. I am shocked and very much greif to hear that Pref. Philip Brachman pass away, Pref. Philip Brachman was a great teacher, father and mentor to all Humphrey fellows, I am so sad for lost a very good mentor and great public health predecessor, His spirit will encourage me and all for hard working in the public health forever!
He will be always in our hearts

Amer Al-Atbee, Humphrey Fellow, RSPH, Emory
Posted by myo k lwin on June 20, 2016
he will always be missed and respected by all of us. He is alive in my heart and memory forever. He is such passionate and dedicated educator I ever seen!
May he rest in peace.

HHH fellow in Emory (2013-14)
Posted by Ella Disaine on June 13, 2016
It just leaves us speachless hearing about such sad new. Phil has been the best coordinator, mentor ever ! thank you Phil for your passion and your love for Humphrey program and for all humphreys ! RIP, you will be in our memory for ever !
Ella, 2011-2012 Humphrey fellow from Madagascar
Posted by Joseph Njau on June 13, 2016
The world and public health professionals in particular, have lost a true legend and a man who embodied public health and its core principles. Phil will be missed by many especially those who have no voice to speak for them. A life very well lived! RIP
Posted by kathleen gensheimer on June 13, 2016
How can one begin to describe the loss of such a public health 'giant'? He was a passionate educator; an individual who gave so much of himself to further the world of applied public health practice. We have all lost a friend, and I have lost an esteemed colleague.
Posted by Omar Mihat on June 13, 2016
"I was so saddened by this news. It is a huge loss for our global health community, including Malaysian EIP ( Epidemiological Intelligence Program ) in which he had contributed a lot to all of us ( 1st Badge ).......
He inspired all of us in many different his great dedication to the EIP program and contribution to the global his way of living in humanity, etc.
He is my role model, great mentor and the best Professor ever.
He will be sadly missed forever.
Posted by Leticia Appiah(Asomani Wi... on June 12, 2016
Our hearts can be empty because a good man is gone, or cherish his memory and let it live. Phil as I called him, has paid his due to humanity and transformed so many lives worldwide. I thank God I had the privilege to be mentored and taught by him. RIP Phil. i will forever cherish his memory. HHH 2011-2012
Posted by Lya Di on June 12, 2016
Dr. Brachman was a real human being and a real hero for me. He sat up standards we have to aim for professionally and personally. He will always have a special place in my heart.
Posted by Bernie Schein on June 12, 2016
A wonderful man, first chairman of Paideia board. So warm, so witty, so compassionate. I loved Phillip, and I love Susan, Sarah, Xander. Hell, I even love David! My condolences to you all.
Bernie Schein
Posted by Liz Gray on June 11, 2016
When I first met him at my in laws house he brought me flowers because I got a good score on an entrance exam for graduate school. I never met him before and he was so kind to do that. That will always be my memory of him and I know from my mother in law how wonderful of a man he truly was.
Posted by Douglas Huber on June 11, 2016
Phil was a great mentor and supervisor, willing to take a risk on me to serve as the Acting Chief EIS Officer working with him to recruit new officers and to be a swing epidemiologist covering several major areas in infectious disease, reproductive health and drug abuse. How lucky we were to have his leadership and thoughtful guidance.
Posted by Lee Pasackow on June 10, 2016
I have been a host family to Humphrey Fellows for many years. Dr. Brachman not only cared for the current class - making sure their affiliations were meaningful, helping them to adjust to life in America, being an incredible mentor and friend---but he did this for all the alumni. He was so proud of all their successes and modestly, quietly helped fellows in all sorts of situations. As we have read in the many tributes, the fellows loved him. He genuinely cared for them all. I'll always remember Dr. Brachman as a professor with a ready smile, always with the time to share a kind word and who worked tirelessly to promote global health worldwide, I hope his family are comforted by the good memories. He is an inspiration to us all.
Posted by Jehan Al-Fannah on June 10, 2016
"May God Bless Phil Brachman's soul, his life was a treasure and his memory is everlasting! He was always full of determination, I remember when he used to drive us in a van as the humphrey fellows (2011), and when he invited us to his home, we played games, took photos in his garden and met his family. He was a passionate mentor. He was very human. May his soul rest in peace."
Jehan Al-Fannah, Humphrey Fellow (2011) - MUSCAT, Oman
Posted by Isam Vaid on June 10, 2016
May he rest in eternal peace. As a MPH student at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University I had the opportunity to work in his office with his administrative assistant. I helped with a lot of little things including his short course packets and class evaluation summaries (which were always superb). Always very kind, with a good sense of humor. He was a very passionate man, a very inspiring person, and very positive. From colleagues, students, alumni, and Humphrey Fellows over the years I continually heard that he was a remarkable man and that he enriched so many experiences. A public health legend and the World is a better place for all of his work at CDC, Emory, and elsewhere. He inspired so many and so many continue his legacy and the legacy of his work. It was a privilege to know him. He will be missed and remembered always! My heartfelt condolences to the Brachman family.
Posted by George Schmid on June 10, 2016
The size and breadth of CDC today probably preclude the possibility of one person having such an impact as did Phil on our organization and the people who work within it. The number of people who have already left a message here, few of whom I know, attests to the broad impact Phil had at CDC and elsewhere. To those of us who knew him from his corner office in Building 1 and Auditorium B, he will always be a wonderful memory.
Posted by Emmanuel Edzongui on June 10, 2016
It's with deep sorrow and pain that I learnt of Prof Philip’s demise and I have not yet come to terms with it.

Prof Philip, I am speechless and in shock that you have decided to depart from us during this time when the Humphrey Fellowship Program needs you more than ever before. Always thinking, friendly, an amazing sense of humor, ready to help and best of all, always approachable.

We should take this opportunity to celebrate a remarkable and extraordinary man who dedicated his life to working with students and professionals, seeing their potential and grooming them for a better future.

Philip’s life will continuously resonate among us as a glimmer of hope to all of us in our quest for a better world.

I am going to miss you Professor and only pray that we can continue carrying forth your dream for the Humphrey Fellowship Program.

If it is true, may his soul rest in perfect peace.


Emmanuel Beljard Edzongui, MD
Program Specialist
HIV/AIDS and Humanitarian Affairs
United Nations Population Fund
Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

Humphrey Fellow, Emory University 2013-2014
Posted by Mark Pendergrast on June 10, 2016
The incredible outpouring of support and good memories of Philip Brachman is testimony to the many lives he touched as an ultimate shoeleather epidemiologist. I am the author of INSIDE THE OUTBREAKS, the history of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, with which Phil was associated from its earliest years. He was always supportive, always responsive, had me to friendly dinners at his house with his wife, Susan. I last corresponded with him a few months ago, when he helped me with a contact about public health issues and the Atlanta BeltLine, about which I am writing. A great man who will be greatly missed.
Posted by Jim Zingeser on June 10, 2016
Hey, Phil. Even your memorial tributes are an inspiration to your students. The number of lives you have improved, spanning the globe and generations. That is something to strive for - a life well lived!
Posted by Mariam Wagih Shafiek on June 10, 2016
This Day marks our great loss of a leader, mentor, compassionate heart and a friend.

With lots of Egyptian handicrafts in your Office and Egyptian arabic Signs on your Door office, I will never forget you always have a special love to Egypt and Egyptians......Will miss our little conversations about it.

You will always be memorable in my heart with the great print and passion you have on us as Humphrey's... Your impact is all over the world through all Humphrey leaders you mentored across the globe.

"My life is no longer the same after I met you and you gave me a chance to come on the Humphrey Program" , was The first Statement I wrote in my Humphrey Year Journal as 2014-2015 Alumni !!!!

RIP "The strongest man I ever Known"

Mariam Shokralla (Egypt )
Humphrey Fellow -Emory University- 2014-2015
Posted by zhu fu on June 10, 2016
I am a Chinese, yet found my mentor in the United States. He is Dr.Brachman who affect me profoundly. In the face of his death, no words can express my extreme inner sadness.

I love him just like I love God. To commemorate him in the rest of my life, is constantly spreading his creed "Social Justice" in China with my greatest effort.

Zhu Fu
Director of Drug Distribution Compliance
Hainan Food and Drug Administration
China FDA
Humphrey Fellow 2014-2015 in Emory
Posted by Tadashi Torii on June 10, 2016
Dr. Brachman was my friend, teacher of life, and father figure. In the field of Art, Most of Saturday morning for years, we created amazing sculptural pieces out of molten glass. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and sweated a lot. I am so glad to have had those profund opportunity and relationship with him to be inspired, to be passionate, and to love each other. A Father of Humanity.
I will miss you Phil.

Tadashi Torii
Glasbläserei Munster
Munster Germany
Posted by Anne Marie Niandou Gbobia on June 10, 2016
A remarkable person you never forget when you meet him. He made my stay in Atlanta memorable in all ways during the Humphrey Fellowship Enhancement Workshop at the Emory University. RIP Prof Phillip Brachman.
Anne Marie Niandou Epse Gbobia
Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program at the Penn State University (2010-2011)
Posted by Mikiko Senga on June 10, 2016
Dr. Brachman was one of the rare individuals who come across one’s path in life and create a lasting impression. He was an exemplary role model that I aspire to be, and it was a privilege to have him as my mentor for so many years. Dr. Brachman, thank you for everything. I will miss you immensely.
Posted by Lorie Click on June 9, 2016
Dr Brachman was a tireless educator for epidemiology worldwide. Your impact will live for generations. Rest in Peace
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Posted by Roger Rochat on July 28, 2020
Phil, you are a continuing inspiration. Despite COVID, the Humphrey Program continues--even if for only 5 months this year. Miss your warmth and confidence.
Posted by Ari Manathunge on July 28, 2020
One of the greatest teachers and human being I came across.....I miss you, sir....
Posted by Tadashi Torii on July 28, 2020
Happy Birthday Phil. I miss you dearly and daily.
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Prof Brachman, my unforgettable teacher

Shared by ShunXiang Zhang on June 27, 2019

It was a great sad to hear of the passing of prof Brachman. In 2001, I joined theInternational Course in Applied Epidemiology in CDC.  From then on, he became one of my unforgettable teachers. In 2005, Prof Brachman was invitted to visit the SZCDC in China and his lectures and laughter  have stayed here. I recommended four of my students to attend his courses in 2008 and my students brought back his greetings and expectations. I always thought he'd always be with us.

A nice professor

Shared by Jiatong Zhuo on July 30, 2018

Prof. Brachman not only good at teach us learn how to control the infectious disease, but also very much patient and understand the Asian student'ts not so fluent English. He not simlpy reject me when I reported and discussed with him with my English with Chinese accient about my achievements. He paid so much attention and repeated to me  the meanning that I am trying to state. This mad me inprove not only my professional skill but also my language skill. I remember him forever.

Jiatong Zhuo, Humphrey Fellow 1997/1998, Public Health Policy/Management, RSPH, Emory

Dr. Brachman and FDR

Shared by Robert Prater on December 20, 2016

It was my priviledge to meet Dr. Brachman when he brought a group of the Hubert Humphrey Fellows of Emory to Warm Springs, several years ago.  At the time, I was a reenactor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and I was asked to meet Dr. Brachman and the Fellows on the sun porch of FDR's Little White House. I had a good visit with them.  I will always remember Dr. Brachman's kind and gentle manner.