Shared by Jindak aka Diane Wain on June 11, 2021
One of my fondest times with Phillip was when he and Donna visited me in Washington state.  They let me tag along as sort of a local guide while driving around the Olympic peninsula. At one point Phillip and I argued about the conditions we saw in a very poor area.  At the time, his attitude was dismissive of the people living there and I disagreed.  We sort of left it at a stalemate and finished the trip.  Months later he contacted me and told me that he had completed some research and found out the reasons for the poverty and admitted he was wrong in his assumptions.  While I was already very fond of Phillip because he loved my sister, and I enjoyed his enthusiasm for life, this was when I really began to respect him.  Not many people will take the time and care to examine their prejudice and learn something new.  In addition, he was willing to tell me about it, and from that I learned too.   He did that sort of thing more than once. Thank you Phillip for your kindness and example.

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