Happy Father's Day - Dad

Shared by Hal Mandelman on June 17, 2012

Being that today is Father's Day, I wanted to post a thought to my own Father. When you passed I was still very young and more at a point (teenage years) when sons and fathers butted heads more than got along.

Being a dad myself now for over 17 years and counting, I see how hard it can be at times and how rewarding too. I also know that many issues in life makes things difficult. But, love is the strength that carries each of us through good times and hard times.

I wish we had spent more time bonding and actually just talking sometimes. I have talked to you many times over the years for guideance and know in my heart that you have listened to me and even guided me too.

I love you and remember you always.


Your Son

My Dad

Shared by Hal Mandelman on October 28, 2011


I could write a long story, but since I am just getting started on here, lets just say I truly miss my father. It has been sooooooo many years since he passed away. I was only 18 at the time.

It seems from the moment he passed, I was immediately expected to become a full responsible man..take over the family busines and forget my college and my youth.

Now, don't get me wrong, no pity for me, it has offered me alot of opportunities in life, just would have been better if my dad was around to see me follow my own dreams and ambitions.

More to follow!

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