Phillip Ray Schuman is lovingly remembered by his family and friends.
  • 84 years old
  • Born on February 6, 1929 in Rochester, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on July 18, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.
Phillip Ray Schuman, 84, passed away peacefully on July 18, 2013 at home after a long illness. The youngest of four brothers, Phil was born on February 6, 1929 in Rochester, Minnesota to Grace Irene Perry and George Schuman. The family moved to Sacramento, California when Phil was young. After serving in the US Army, Phil rose rapidly from a dance instructor to a studio owner with the Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Phil owned Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Tacoma, Washington and Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Hawthorne and Long Beach, California with his wife, Elizabeth (Winifred Balsiger) and later an independent studio in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  He went on to become a successful entrepreneur in various businesses including real estate development, shopping plazas and weight loss centers with his later wife, Christine (Joyce Ann May).  After beginning in Toronto, Ontario Canada with a chain of Hilton-Stauffer figure salons, he began his first weight loss center business in the greater Cleveland area, and spread those operations to Akron, Canton and Cincinnati, Ohio. Later, usually in association with his decades' long partner Mr. Donald K. Gearheart, he co-founded weight loss center operations in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, MO, Dallas, Houston and Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA, and Washington, DC. With his family, he opened 23 centers in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey, and subsequently 26 centers in south Florida. An avid lifelong student of history, Phil traveled the world, and lived abroad at times in Toronto, Canada and in Costa Rica. He had a private pilot's license and enjoyed flying, boating and fast cars. In the early '80s he moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, where he enjoyed the south Florida waterside lifestyle. He first lived by the Atlantic Ocean on the Galt Ocean Mile, and then on the intercoastal waterway, in the Seven Isles off Las Olas Boulevard, and since 2003, in Bay Colony. He enjoyed casino gaming as his lifelong hobby interest. He was so skilled at blackjack that casinos feared his play, and he was regularly subjected to casino counter-measures and often outright barred from play throughout Nevada, the northeastern states, the Mississippi River area casinos, and south Florida gaming venues. Phil is survived by his four children: Phillip, Lynn, Bill, and Christopher; his four grandchildren: Kathryn, Phillip, Michael, and Kristina; and two great grandchildren: Thomas and Robert.  He was pre-deceased by his loving wives, Elizabeth (Winifred) Balsiger and Christine (Joyce) Ann May. Private services are being held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday July 26, 2013 at The Gardens, 4103 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33431.  In lieu of flowers, we encourage donations in his name to the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), or the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association (IAVA).  
Posted by Lynn Allen on 18th July 2018
Hard to believe it is five years since you left us - thinking of you so much these days and the amazing way you had in business and with people - 'you can always bet on human nature' and 'same play/different players' sure seems to sum up the actions I see around me (good and bad). What a 'game' life presents! Your three great grandchildren continue to grow and thrive with the loving leadership of their parents (2-Oregon, 1-FL). Enjoying time on farm and traveling with Jim - you would have loved the Civil War trip we just completed. We miss you every day! We love you. Lynn and Family
Posted by Kathy Munson on 1st February 2018
Thank you for sharing your memory Philip. I had never heard that one. We often take for granted that our family will be with us, we have a God given sense of eternity. These thoughts keep us connected to our loved ones who live still but not with us. I pray uncle Phil is in peace, unencumbered by his body, enjoying you all from a short distance. hugs to all of you and uncle Phil, Aunt Winnie.
Posted by Phillip Schuman on 31st January 2018
I just wanted to reminisce about the time Dad saved all of our lives! It was at the Salton Sea in California. Most of the family were in the back of a rented camper style truck, and I was driving, with Dad in the front seat. The rear view mirror was useless, with the view blocked by the camper. I had come to a left turn, and was about to turn across the road when Dad asked me don't I look in the mirror? The driver side mirror. I always relied mainly on the middle rear view mirror, and I hadn't looked at the truck's side mirrors. When I looked, I saw a semi-truck coming up very fast, definitely speeding, and in a flash, it had passed us on the left side of the two lane road. If I had turned that late, it would have plowed into us broadside, with a possibly fatal outcome. I don't know if he had an intuition, or was just reminding me of best practice, noticing I hadn't done it. Whatever it was, his timing could not have been more exquisite, and saved us all. I'm sure I've shared that story with some of the family at least, but just a reminder that often, Father knows best. Boy, did he ever, then!
Posted by Lynn Allen on 29th January 2018
Happy Early Birthday Daddy! Five years since you left us. I will be out to sea on your Birthday this year, so wanted to catch you now! The family is staying busy with the two farms in Oregon and the home here, and your new great granddaughter, Mimi, is learning to say Hello and Goodbye! She will celebrate her FIRST Birthday this year. You would absolutely adore her. Her big brother Robert and your other great grandson Tommy are growing and thriving. Tommy is in his second year of Chinese - what a different a few decades makes! I am working on Family History, tracing your parents and grandparents back through the ages. I have Grandma Schuman, your mom's family, back to England in the 1300s so far. Lots of fun. We miss you every day in business, and your wise counsel. I miss your hugs and your support. I love you - fly high with Mom and Chris and the other angels.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 18th July 2017
Four years seems like the blink of an eye - it just seems impossible that you have been gone from us for so long. All good things happening for your family here: a beautiful great granddaughter was born in March - Mimi - to Phil and Sandy. Your great grandsons and grandsons and sons all continue to flourish. Jim and I have taken your advice and are traveling and spending more time with family now. But, of course, I know you know all this and are watching over us all. I quote you often and think of all the life lessons you taught. Hugs to Mom and Chris and the Angels - hope you are teaching '21' somewhere up there. I love you and miss you every day.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 6th February 2017
Happy Birthday Daddy! I was just looking at the picture we took at the Hard Rock Casino Sunday Brunch with the boys - missing you today. As you watch over us, I know you feel this has been a good year for everyone - all continue to grow and flourish. You have a new great granddaughter on the way to join your two great grandsons! We love you and miss you every day.
Posted by Kathy Munson on 18th July 2016
Dear Uncle Phil, How is it possible that 3 years have passed since you moved to heaven? You are so mussed. Not a day goes by that we dont think about you. You touched so many lives with your love, devotion to family and joy in seeing your near and dear ones blossom and make their own achievments. One day we will again be together but for now, we will thank God for our time, joys, challenges shared, and pray you continue to rest in peace. Lovingly, Kathy Munson
Posted by Phillip Schuman on 18th July 2016
The day you got to the end of the beginning, Dad. I miss you, but I'm so thankful you show up in my dreams to let me know you are still with us. Happy trails to you, until we meet again, my father.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 18th July 2016
Dear Dad, How quickly the years pass - you were right, they do get shorter as we get older and they are a smaller and a smaller percentage of the whole of our lives. Can't believe it has been three years. Your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren are making you proud every day! All are flourishing and creating and going places! Your legacy lives on in the voices of your family - we love you and miss you every day!
Posted by Lynn Allen on 6th February 2016
An amazing dream this morning. You were standing at the front counter of the lab, Maggie was running the lab, and you and I started talking. It was circa 1990? and I told you I was from the future in 2017. You asked about family and I told you I had two grandsons, and you got weepy and said that meant you had two greatgrandsons. You smiled and said wow! We talked a bit more about family and I asked you what the date was. You looked at your Rolex with a datejust and just as you were going to tell me, I woke up. I felt so warm and loved. Thank you for all of those "talks" we had - Happy Birthday. I love you.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 18th July 2015
Your legacy lives on in your children, grands, and great grands. It is a glorious day today, one that inspires Poets and artists. We miss you and love you.
Posted by Phillip Schuman on 6th February 2015
As our sorrow and pain from our losses slowly ebb with the passage of time, what endures are our loving memories of our parents and the many life lessons they have helped us learn. Dad frequently mentioned that I was really getting an education at his side, as first he, and then I, for him, handled his complicated business affairs. "Always bet on human nature" was his consistent advice. We haven't forgotten, and will always remember, what we have learned from them. We see them in ourselves and our progeny. May others one day look back and say we have done as well as they.
Posted by Christopher Schuman on 6th February 2015
My father taught me how to cross the street safely , how to swim and how to earn a living. I remember him telling me,after the "earn a living" lesson how relieved he was each time he succeeded in each of these endeavors . Dad was the original "out of the box" thinker and that ability has been passed down to my two brothers and my dear sister. In all our efforts,we take these skills with us in life. Dad had two exceptional women as his partners in business and marriage ,and I am forever shaped by the love and talents of both of my Mothers. On this day and always - you are loved and missed.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 6th February 2015
Happy Birthday Daddy - February is a special month since you and Mom both have February birthdays. As you look down from your vantage point, you can see the progress we are all making. We love you and miss you, but are happy you are now flying again! Enjoy the day with Mom and Chris and Uncle Roland and all of the angels.
Posted by Phillip Schuman on 18th July 2014
It's been a year since you had to leave us, and it seems both far longer and shorter than that. Thanks for visiting me in my dreams, and letting me now you're fine. Your legacy is a complicated one, but a great one as well. May God continue to bless your soul, as He blessed me with you as my father. I'll catch up with you a little later down the road.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 18th July 2014
I see you every day in the lives of my children, your grandchildren - they have your love of adventure, of spontaneity, and weird sleep patterns (the boys). Your great grandsons share your curiosity and math genius and love playing games. I miss you every day.
Posted by Lynn Allen on 6th February 2014
Happy Birthday, Dad. Have Chris and Mom sing you a song today - we love you very much and miss you every day.
Posted by Aprile Millo on 28th July 2013
You come alive in the stories your children tell about you and it tells the story of a brilliant, mercurial, charismatic man who they will miss like air.To Bill and Christopher, who I look on as family, and to the Schuman Family, my love and solidarity.To be the shining souls you are, you had to spring from a beacon. That light will shine forever now keeping watch over his beloved family.
Posted by Phillip Schuman on 27th July 2013
My father was a force of nature. With his very sharp mind, he discovered the secret 60 years before the book came out. Those lucky enough to even get close to his whirlwind of ideas achieved great success. He bravely fought this last battle of his life for just short of six years. I am completely blessed he was my father. RIP, Dad. You changed the lives of so many, but especially my own.
Posted by Robin Terry Raphael on 26th July 2013
Phil was very special to me. I remember so well, his wonderful story telling,lectures on motivation,his big hugs,and the support he was always so eager to give :) To me he was always very warm...he loved being a free spirit, gambling of course("the game!The win!) Phil definitely helped impact the direction of my career. He will be forever missed.:(
Posted by Kathy Munson on 25th July 2013
Your handsome smile will always be with me Uncle Phil. In the Big Casino in the Sky just remember, "know when to fold them, hold them, and for heaven's sake---walk away!!!" The dealer up there has stacked odds :). I love you always. Your niece Kathy Munson

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