Posted by Agnieszka Augustyn on July 22, 2021
Nasza historia zaczęła się, kiedy Filip przyleciał z mamą i bratem do Polski w 2003r. Zabawy, spacery, zapasy w których "nigdy nie wygrałem", zawsze NA KONIEC WAKACYJNEGO DNIA... Stał się dla mnie próbą, czy mogę być partnerem dla takiej wyjątkowej osoby, pragnącej czasu, uwagi, zabawy, grania w piłkę i innych ważnych dziecięcych potrzeb. Dorastał i z maleństwa wyrósł chłopiec, aż pewnego dnia z dumą podawał nam obrączki. Wspólne podróże po Polsce, sprawiały że nasza więź nabrała pięknych i nierozerwalnych barw.
Wspomnienia, zdjęcia, marzenia, wspólny czas, rozrywki pozostaną ze mną na zawsze.
Pamięć, modlitwa, zaduma, osób, które poznały i kochały Filipa powinny być i na pewno będą czymś wyjątkowym.
                                Tomek Augustyn - wujek
Posted by Justina Lee on May 17, 2021
Have you ever met people that were just brilliant all around, and you knew that one day they would accomplish great things in the world? Phillip was the embodiment of such person.

I met Phillip in computer science at Grinnell. We were partners on several labs and our final project for one of those courses. After almost an entire academic year of being in the same sections and working with him, I came to know a truly incredible, talented, humble human being. I had no prior experience in comp sci, and in such a predominantly male department and field, it was difficult to find a sense of belonging and camaraderie with people who seemed so advanced. Phillip, however, completely changed my experience. I was always nervous working with Phillip because he was simply so talented and intelligent, things just came to him so quickly. Still, he always took the time to help me and encourage me. Despite being far slower at typing and grasping at concepts than he was, he was so patient, kind, and empathetic. After working with him once, he started saying hi in passing and made small talk about class and just life in general.

Phillip was a good person. He encouraged me to keep going when I felt deeply lost and confused, and he commended me for how quickly I could pick up concepts, regardless of how minute they seemed. Most importantly, he inspired me to extend such kindness and light to others. I will forever be grateful and honored to have met Phillip and considered him a friend. I hope that he and his family, close friends, and loved ones can understand how greatly he impacted the lives of people around him, even if he might not have realized at the time. His memory will live on forever, through the people he graced in his lifetime.
Posted by Nena Riccio on May 15, 2021
I didn't know Phillip....I came across his memorial page online, and felt I had to leave my condolences to his family, friends, and whoever he knew. All the memories posted are all loving thoughts of a young man, who was very special to everyone, and touched so many lives...May he forever "Rest Easy With The Angels"....God Bless Him 
Posted by Emma Walsh on May 15, 2021
I met Phillip one night at a party with my best friend Julia. He was with whom we came to refer to as, “the boys,” Eric, Aaron, and Pierce. I remember being nervous to talk to them; four attractive guys laughing in the corner at one of my first college parties. Eventually, Julia and I started talking to them. We immediately clicked as friends, laughing and making stupid jokes. From there on, Julia and I hung out with “the boys” almost every weekend. I have fond memories of sitting in Phillip and Pierce’s room laughing about life. Phillip is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I remember running into him once after my calculus 1 class and asking how his day was going. He talked about a hard calculus 2 exam he just took, and we laughed because math is confusing. I will forever remember Phillip smiling; the way his big blue eyes would crease behind his square glasses as he beamed.
One of my fondest memories with Phillip occurred just before winter break freshman year when I was crying at a party because my boyfriend at the time had hurt my feelings. Phillip made me laugh because he was so ready to punch him, repeatedly telling me the way he treated me wasn’t right and how I deserved better. He was such a good friend. Phillip loved Bebe so much. I could see it every time he talked about her or checked his phone for a message. Phillip was always so genuine and had this radiance that drew you in when he smiled. I aspire to be as genuinely kind and caring as he was. I will forever miss his laugh, his jokes, and his generosity. I am so grateful to have known him. I will forever remember you smiling, Phillip. Rest in peace.

A song that has helped me through this time: "We'll meet again" by The Ink Spots
Posted by Shane Harilall on May 15, 2021
It pains me to know that a few weeks ago we were just playing games online, talking about college classes and just relaxing in a call and now you are gone. Of course, we were not the closest in high school, but my that did not stop me from viewing you as one of the kindest, funniest, and skilled debaters in the Debate Team. I also knew you through my cousin, to who I am sure you have brought immense happiness and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Rest In Peace brother, you will be missed greatly.
Posted by Kismat Touhid on May 15, 2021

Even though I did not know you deeply, your kindness, sense of humor and genuine personality shone through in the times we shared during Dr. Rabl's physics class and beyond. You never failed to put a smile on my face, both with your witticisms in real life and over the video games we played together. My one regret is not spending more time with you that day we randomly met at Trader Joe's.

My mother always says that it's the purest of people that leave this world first. While she did not know you, she mourns and prays for you and your family as well. I will look upon the memories we shared with fondness and warmth. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Elaine Sionov on May 14, 2021
Phillip was one of the smartest and most considerate people I met at QHSS. We met Freshman year and became closer later on through the Debate team and the coding program at Columbia. He was always available for late night argument run-throughs before our debates and was incredibly helpful whenever I couldn’t fix my code. Phillip was a great friend, mentor, and classmate. I knew I could always approach him if I wanted to talk to someone or just randomly catch up; Phillip always managed to brighten up my day with his witty comments and lightheartedness. Phillip, may you rest in peace, you will be dearly missed.
Posted by Barbara Szultka on May 15, 2021
Pierwszy raz spotkałam Filipa i jego rodzinę w Poznaniu, na ślubie mojej przyjaciółki Agnieszki. Byłam bardzo ciekawa tego spotkania, ponieważ wcześniej znałam siostrę Agnieszki, Grażynę, jedynie z opowieści oraz ze zdjęć, które Agnieszka tak chętnie pokazywała mi, gdy mieszkałyśmy w akademiku. Jak to często w życiu bywa, przez kolejne lata naszej przyjaźni, najbliżsi Agnieszki stawali się też bliscy mojemu sercu. Dlatego bardzo się cieszyłam, że na zbliżającym się ślubie wreszcie poznam ich osobiście.
Tymczasem tego sierpniowego popołudnia to właśnie Filip absolutnie skradł moje serce. Miał wtedy sześć lat i choć onieśmielony sytuacją , dzielnie sprostał powierzonemu mu podczas uroczystości zadaniu. Urzekł mnie swoją dziecięcą naturalnością i jednocześnie świadomością powagi sytuacji. Wyglądał przy tym wyjątkowo elegancko w swoim garniturze i chłopięcym krawacie. Mam jedno zdjęcie zrobione już po ślubie, na którym stoi obok Agnieszki i Tomka i uśmiecha się tak niezwykle czarująco. Takim go właśnie zapamiętałam, mimo że z biegiem lat widziałam jeszcze dziesiątki kolejnych zdjęć, dokumentujących jego dorastanie i wakacyjne pobyty w Polsce. Uśmiechał się radośnie na wielu z nich, bo wyrósł na wspaniałego, młodego człowieka, dobrego i wrażliwego, pełnego miłości i troski o innych, co zawsze podczas rozmowy o nim podkreślała Agnieszka. Ten szczery uśmiech był po prostu odzwierciedleniem pięknego wnętrza Filipa i dlatego nie przeminie nigdy, lecz pozostanie z nami na zawsze…
Posted by Dora Jakus on May 14, 2021
Grace and I worked together as colleagues for 15 years and we became close friends. Our European heritage and similar upbringing brought us even closer. I've met Philip many times at IPS, and he was just like his mom. Philip was intelligent, polite, kind and a gentle soul. But I knew him more through all the stories Grace has shared with me. The latest was when Grace came to me and asked me to read one of Philip's essays that he wrote for his collage application. In it Philip talked about the deep connection and love he had for Poland, the culture and for his heritage. The love for his Grandparents and his family over seas was undeniable. I felt his words,  they were more than touching and beautiful, they were truly coming from his heart. Dearest Philip, go now wherever your heart takes you.  You will always be remembered.
Posted by Ben Yeh on May 14, 2021
I met Phillip at the beginning of this semester in a computer science class where we first met as partners for a project.

Working with classmates can be difficult and uneasy, but Phillip had such a welcoming and warm presence that once we met I immediately felt at ease around him.

We shared a lot of the same interests in computer science and in what we might want to do after graduating. I know Phillip was really interested in joining a tech start-up, and he frequently mentioned his brother during these conversations. I too could tell Phillip truly admired and looked up to his brother from how much and often he spoke about following his same steps. 

I also never minded the late-night sessions we'd spent programming together reaching last-minute deadlines because, with the easy-going and bright mood Phillip carried, I always felt so reassured during these otherwise stressful nights.

It was an amazing pleasure to know Phillip, and I cherish the memories and conversations I was so fortunate to have with him.

Rest easy, Phillip.
Posted by Marcin Bachar on May 14, 2021
Woadomosc o smierci Waszego Syna jest dla nas szokiem.
Nie mozemy wprost uwierzyc, ze nie ma Go juz wsrod nas.
Jego smierc spowodowala pustke w sercach wszystkich, ktorzy go znali.
Prosze przyjac szczere kondolecje.

Rodzina Bachar z Kanady
Posted by Marta Sadowińska on May 14, 2021
Filipa znałam głównie z opowieści Agnieszki i wielu zdjęć o których często mówiłam, że są "kwintesencją radości i pasji życia"... Miał w sobie ten rzadki rodzaj światła, który łączy ludzi...rozum nie może ogarnąć, a słowami wyrazić nie sposób...wyrazy współczucia dla całej Rodziny...
Posted by Babette Ayassamy on May 13, 2021
I have worked with Grace for many years, and she is a dear colleague and friend.  I can say that I have seen Phillip grow up mostly through his mom’s voice . Not a day goes bye when Grace doesn't share a story about her children and when I read some of the stories about Phillip now, they are not unfamiliar to me.  Seeing him from time to time I was always impressed with how much he had grown. I also remember a boy who coached his Mom for some part of an IPS teacher talent show, in how to act and danse Michel Jackson style.  Of course "Ms. Grace" won the show. I didn't spend a lot of time with him, but I do have a memory of warmth and kindness and a young man who doesn’t like injustice.  I can say that having worked with Grace for a long time, Phillip became part of my life and he is in my heart.

Miss Babette
Posted by Emilia Stolz on May 13, 2021
Poznaliśmy Filipa latem 2013 roku, kiedy przyjechał do nas razem ze swoją ciocią, wujkiem i bratem ciotecznym. Zapamiętaliśmy go jako wyjątkowego chłopca-ujmował wszystkich swoją pogodą ducha, życzliwym stosunkiem do świata, wrażliwością na innych, chęcią pomocy. Był wyjątkowym człowiekiem. Jednym z tych niewielu, którzy idą przez życie obdarzając innych wyłącznie dobrem. Jakby miał w sobie światło....Wierzę, że wszyscy ci, którzy mieli szczęście go znać, poniosą je dalej. Na zawsze w naszych sercach...
Posted by serena canin on May 13, 2021
My heart aches for this tragic loss. Phillip was my son Eric's friend at Grinnell. As Eric left home for the first time, he was fortunate to encounter Phillip, whose exceptional capacity for human understanding and love were a help to so many.
Posted by Cooper Stepke on May 13, 2021
I met Phillip at the beginning of this spring semester, and I quickly recognized his rare ability to make me feel like I had known him for a lifetime.

Part of this was his welcoming and unforgettable smile; part of it was his incredibly intelligent sense of humor; part of it was his contagious excitement for the future; most of this ability, however, came from Phillip’s unwavering dedication to accepting you for exactly who you were. Phillip’s heart was simply too big to allow him to judge you, his mind too understanding to allow him to make you feel like you weren’t enough.

It was the honor of my lifetime to know Phillip these past few months. The world was robbed of one of its sweetest souls. Rest easy, Phillip.
Posted by Kathy Seidner on May 12, 2021
I first "met" Phillip when he was still inside his mother's tummy. I then remember him at IPS - as a student at 35th Street and then as a visitor over the years. Grace and I worked in classrooms next door to each other at 45th Street for many years. Whenever we had the chance, we used to proudly talk about our children and all their accomplishments and their experiences.....and what special sweet kids we were lucky enough to have in our lives. I don't ever remember Phillip visiting IPS without a warm expression and friendly smile on his face. I cannot think of words to comfort your family at this's an unimaginable loss. But the world was a brighter place with Phillip in it and I will always remember the happy times we shared together.
Posted by Joanna Rennwanz on May 12, 2021
I'd been getting to know Phillip since the day he was born through the eyes of his aunt, Agnieszka, who is my close friend. When he was a little boy, I also met him in person and continued to accompany his life in many stories until the very end. Hence, I have the knowledge and certainty that his presence in the family was felt very deeply, and his existence in the world made the whole family and loved ones — both the ones in the USA and Poland — extremely merry. Philip brought a lot of joy and goodness. He was the light of the family, life revolved around him. For him, you wanted to be there and try harder. His frequent visits to Poland activated the whole family. I remember how much effort Agnieszka put into the precise preparation of their annual trips around Poland. She took care to show Phillip our country, its beauty, and history. She wanted to make him happy, but also for Phillip to know and experience his own roots. Thanks to his visits to Poland, the summer was always anticipated and intensely experienced. For Janek, his cousin, he was like an older brother and role model, and being with him was the greatest adventure. I know how much he meant to the grandparents - how much love they had for him. I also know, above all, how much his brother Matt and his parents loved and cared for him.
I felt so close to Phillip, because my daughter, Natalia, is almost the same age. We were facing similar problems, dilemmas, and we shared the same stages of growing up. Not long after Natalia applied to college, he was filling out his applications too. They both shared similar interests. Phillip's mum, Grace, also helped my daughter move from Poland to the University of Wisconsin. Today, with Natalia, we join Agnieszka and the whole family in mourning the loss of Phillip. I am deeply convinced that Philip is happy in the arms of Jesus. That he smiles as beautiful as always, and that his eyes are full of light and warmth. His life was full of empathy and openness to others as Philip in his wisdom quickly managed to capture life's essence and its greatest sense.
Till we meet again!
Joanna Rennwanz and Natalia Koszałka

Filipa poznawałam od samego urodzenia oczami Jego cioci Agnieszki, która jest moją bliską przyjaciółką. Gdy był kilkuletnim chłopcem, poznałam Go również osobiście i towarzyszyłam Jego życiu w wielu opowieściach do samego końca. Stąd mam wiedzę i pewność, że Jego obecność w Rodzinie była odczuwana bardzo głęboko, a Jego istnienie na świecie uszczęśliwiało wszystkich
bliskich – i w USA, i w Polsce. Filip wniósł do rodziny ogrom radości i dobra. Był dla niej słońcem. Wokół Niego kumulowało i toczyło się życie. Dla Niego chciało się być i starać. Jego często przyjazdy do Polski aktywizowały całą rodzinę. Pamiętam jak wiele zaangażowania Agnieszka wkładała w precyzyjne przygotowanie corocznych wspólnych podróży po Polsce. Dbała o to, by pokazywać Filipowi nasz kraj, jego piękno i historię. Chciała sprawiać Mu radość, ale też umożliwić poznanie i doświadczenie własnych korzeni. Dzięki Jego przyjazdom do Polski lato było wyczekiwane i intensywnie przeżywane. Dla kuzyna Janka był jak starszy brat, a przebywanie z nim - wielką przygodą
oraz nauką wzorców. Wiem, ile znaczył dla Dziadków – jak wiele mieli dla Niego miłości. Wiem też przede wszystkim jak bardzo kochał Go i troszczył się o Niego Jego brat Mateusz oraz Jego Rodzice.
Filip był mi bliski, bo niemal w tym samym wieku jest moja córka, Natalia, dotyczyły nas więc podobne problemy i dylematy, łączył ten sam czas wzrastania. Gdy ona starała się o przyjęcie na studia, wkrótce starał się i On. Oboje mieli podobne zainteresowania. Mama Filipa pomogła również mojej córce w przeprowadzce z Polski na uniwersytet w Wisconsin. Dziś z Nią, ale także z Agnieszką i całą Rodziną, łączę się w bólu i modlitwie. Mam jednak głębokie przekonanie, że Filip w obecności Pana Boga jest niezmiennie szczęśliwy i radosny. Że uśmiecha się tak samo pięknie i całym sobą, jak
zawsze, a Jego oczy są stale pełne blasku i ciepła. Jego życie było niezwykle uważne, pełne empatii i otwartości na innych. Bo Filip w swojej mądrości prędko wychwycił jego istotę i największy sens.
Spoczywaj w Bogu!
Joanna Rennwanz i Natalia Koszałka
Posted by Sandra Jacobs on May 12, 2021
I didn't know Phillip, but, as a parent, I'm grieving for him and for his family. I'm so very sorry for his loss.
Posted by Amy Lorowitz on May 12, 2021
I had met Phillip many times over the years when he visited his mother at IPS. But I know him through the eyes of his mother, Grace. We shared many conversations about our children during the fifteen years we worked together. I got to hear about all of his accomplishments over the years. I enjoyed seeing the light of pride in her eyes when ever she spoke about both her wonderful sons.
Phillip was taken from her way too soon but his bright light will continue to glow in his mother's eyes.
May his memory be for a blessing.
My heartfelt condolences to the Phillip's family.
Sending light and love,
Posted by Laurie Krasik on May 12, 2021
I am so saddened by the news of Phillips passing. I worked with grace for a few years as co teachers. On 9/11 grace was very pregnant with Phillip. All of the trains had shut down and so grace in her denim overalls with a big pregnant belly walked with me to my apartment. We stayed at my apartment until very late that night when the trains opened back up. Right after Phillip was born I came to visit in the hospital and his face was as beautiful as an Angel. When Phillip or Matthew would visit our classroom they were always so polite, sweet and very helpful. Grace you raised amazing boys who I’m sure became amazing men. Phillips life ended way to soon. I am praying for your family and sending you hugs during this extremely difficult time.
Posted by Andrew Quaranto on May 11, 2021
Phillip joined the fantasy hockey league I run along with his brother a couple of years ago. I always really liked talking about hockey and the Rangers with Phillip, since we tended to agree on a lot of things. It was always fun trying to work out trades with him too, since he wasn't afraid to go for a big move and make things interesting. I'm heartbroken to know I'll never get to meet him in person at a game like we were all hoping to do once things settled down. Here's hoping we can all get to one some day, in Phillip's memory.

We may have never met in person, but chatting in that group with everyone every day really helped myself and I'm sure a lot of us stay sane and get through the COVID lockdowns in the past year, and Phillip was a big part of that. Rest in peace Phillip, we'll miss you.
Posted by Julia Tlapa on May 11, 2021
The first time I met Phillip was at a basement concert during first semester of our first year at Grinnell. My friend Emma and I saw Phillip and his friends standing in the back laughing, and we decided to approach them to try to talk to them. For some reason, Emma and I picked Phillip out as the most approachable so we decided to talk to him first. Little did I know, that was the beginning of very special friendship.

Fast forward a week later, and the six of us (Phillip, me, Emma, Eric, Aaron, and Pierce) are spending time together almost every day, and having so much fun together. I think what initially drew us to Phillip was his infectious smile and kind eyes. When I picture him in my mind, he is always smiling, always laughing. He was so funny, too-- even if Phillip was making fun of you, you could tell by his eyes that he was laughing with you, and never at you. His witty humor and fast jokes will be sorely missed.

I have a few favorites memories of Phillip, but I'll start with Halloween. Pierce and I both had birthdays on what Grinnell students call "Halloweekend," and so Phillip insisted on throwing us a joint birthday party in his and Pierce's room. Of course, absolutely everyone was invited, because Phillip never left anyone out. Phillip is probably the kindest and most inclusive person I'll ever know. He shared everything he had with the people he cared about. The night ended with the three of us sprawled out in Phillip and Pierce's room, talking about everything and nothing. I remember Pierce talking about how badly he wanted love, and Phillip saying that Pierce should want it- because "love is life-changing." We all knew he was talking about Bibi.

My next memory of Phillip is more of a collection, really. I just remember how much he loved Bibi. I remember him talking to Bibi everyday, sometimes for hours!! They would even study together. I remember one time, I went to meet him studying at the library, and I decided to sneak up on him. What I didn't realize was that he was Facetiming Bibi, while studying. Phillip didn't mind my scare, of course (which didn't even scare him in the first place). He had unending patience for all of our shenanigans.

My favorite memory of Phillip comes from one of our last nights at Grinnell before we were sent home due to the pandemic. There was this huge party in the lounge on the floor that he and the boys lived on, and of course Emma and I went. I remember that I was having fun until a sudden wave of sadness washed over me when I realized we would all have to leave soon. I stopped dancing and sat on the couch. Phillip noticed and came to sit next to me. He asked me if I was okay, and then started cracking jokes about the other people dancing until I was laughing. He would do this thing sometimes, where he would narrate what other people (particularly Pierce, Eric, and Aaron) were doing (especially if they were being weird/funny), and add his own commentary. He had so many running jokes that he would just slip into his narration, like Eric and Aaron not knowing they were in love with each other. It was so funny!!

Talking to Phillip always made me feel so steady, like a heavy rock in the middle of a quick-moving river. I'll miss is greatly. He had this energy that drew you in, so you always wanted to talk to him and hear what he had to say. Maybe it was his kind eyes, or maybe it's just the way he was. Phillip was truly one of the kindest, open-hearted, understanding people I've ever met. He deserved so much more. Rest In Peace, Phillip. You are loved, remembered, and dearly missed.
Posted by Carol Banker on May 11, 2021
My heart is breaking for Phillip's family, friends, and loved ones. By all accounts, Phillip was a beautiful young man, full of life and promise. May he live on in the hearts and memories of all who knew and cared about him.
My son is a 2015 Cornell graduate and member of PKT fraternity, so I feel close to this tragedy. May Phillip rest in peace and may those he leaves behind find solace in their love for him.

"They who one another keep
Alive, ne'er parted be." 
~J. Donne
Posted by Pierce Fairbanks on May 11, 2021
Sharing a small freshman dorm with someone is an experience like no other and allows you to truly get to know someone. Phillip was like no other, he had such kind eyes, an inviting smile, and the way he laughed you couldn't help but laugh as well. He was unconditionally kind, and was a computer science wiz. I could tell he really admired his older brother, he looked up to him in every way. Without fail, I would come back to our room and Phillip would be chatting away with someone, sometimes Bibi or other times a cheerful conversation in Polish with his family. I could tell he had a lot of love to give, he passed way too soon.
Rest in peace
Posted by Rumana Zaman on May 11, 2021
I have worked with Philip on IPS Sumner camp 2018 and the was the last summer camp I worked. I'm happy that I got to know such a kind and happy soul . Now working with his mom from last 2 years and hearing about Philip and Matthew everyday feels like I know them personally. Philip was Grace's forever baby boy and I think he will be... rest in peace Philip.. you will be missed ❣
Posted by Donna Cohen on May 11, 2021
Phillip was a sweet, kind, gifted young man. I very much enjoyed the summer he spent with us at IPS. He was a natural with the kids and brought us all so much joy. He was the light in Grace's heart. She always lite up when she talked of Phillip. Rest in peace Dear One.
Posted by Esha Sawant on May 10, 2021
Phillip was an incredible individual who will be dearly missed. I first met him travelling to and from QHSS as a freshman and weekly bubble tea trips to Elmhurst or QCM with our other friends became the highlight of my week. I also remember how Phillip would always brighten up BC Calc when he sat in the back with Bibi and never failed to make us laugh during class with his quick wit. He was so intelligent, thoughtful, kind and remarkably perceptive. He always noticed when someone was upset and tried to cheer them up or make them feel included. I will always remember and miss his smile. Rest in peace Phillip.
Posted by Chris Yeung on May 10, 2021
Phillip truly left us way too soon. I'm devastated that we won't ever be able to meet in person. I had played video games together with him and his brother Matt in the midst of COVID and honestly, those weekends were continually one of the highlights of my week to look forward to. I will dearly miss the opportunity to hear Phillip make a clever quip to lighten the mood for his team. But more than that, Phillip showed me just how mature and thoughtful one can be, no matter the age or situation. May you rest in peace, Phillip. I will treasure my memories of you.
Posted by Husna Mirza on May 10, 2021
Every time I picture Phillip in my mind, he is constantly smiling - a reflection of his true nature. I wasn’t very close with Phillip but every encounter I had with this kind young man felt familiar. He was soft spoken, he responded with eloquence, and he constantly smiled with his eyes. I first met him in Ms. Keeley’s class when I transferred to QHSS as a sophomore. We were conducting an icebreaker in which we had to approach random classmates and get to know them via a series of questions. For whatever reason, the first person I approached was Phillip. Despite not knowing me, he greeted me with an aura of warmth as if we had been friends forever and initiated conversation effortlessly. My heart hurts to think such a pure soul has embarked so early on his journey to peace. In these last few days of Ramadan, I pray for you Phillip and for your loved ones. May they be granted patience and security. May you be granted peace. Ameen Ya Rabb. 
Posted by Eric Sauer on May 10, 2021
I was lucky enough to meet Phillip on the very first day of college, back in 2019. I remember being uneasy: I was in a totally new environment, hadn’t made any friends yet, and was worried I wouldn’t find my way. But Phillip immediately made me feel at ease—he told a joke with his signature wit—and we shared a laugh. I was delighted to learn that he lived across from me and we came to spend hours every day together. I will never forget all the meals we shared, especially the mozzarella sticks from the Grill which were his favorite, the laughs we had together in our crazy dorm hallway, but also the serious moments, in which his profound compassion and understanding shone through. 

One of my favorite memories of Phillip is our trip to the opera over Winter Break last year. I think he was somewhat skeptical but was eager to take part because he knew it was one of my favorite things. He was always willing to take a chance if it meant making one of his friends happy. He ended up liking it better than he expected, although the real highlight was going out to dinner afterwards, at our favorite New York City restaurant. He was the kind of friend you want to have for your whole life, one with whom you could share experiences like this. He was always there for me, through the struggles of college, and I will miss his contagious laughter, deeply empathetic nature, and astounding generosity. He touched so many lives with these qualities, and mine was lucky to be one of them.

Phillip, I am so thankful to have called you my friend. I miss you so much already. Rest easy, man.
Posted by Kyle Cardone on May 10, 2021
I met Phillip via zoom when he was rushing my fraternity. Zoom makes it difficult to be personable, establish connections, etc. but to my surprise (at the time), Phillip made such an undeniably good impression on all of us, that although he met the least amount of brothers of those that were rushing, those of us that met him just knew he would be the perfect fit for our brotherhood.

My first impression of Phillip was that he was obviously very nice, intelligent, and funny, but appeared more reserved. For that reason, a lot of us believed he would benefit greatly from our fraternity, and having a group of guys around him encouraging him to get out of his shell, be more outgoing, etc. Having spent almost every day with him for at least a few hours per day (usually lunch/dinner at the house) over the course of this semester, i realized i was half correct, and half mistaken. He is not only quite nice, intelligent, and funny, but I came to learn he is also selfless, humble, empathetic, outgoing, and most of all helpful. Though he wasn’t the most extroverted, he always spoke up when it mattered. Though he kept to himself some of the time, he was always there for anyone that needed him. Though i felt as if he would benefit from the fraternity greatly, i feel even stronger now that our guys benefitted way more from him.

Phillip is a fantastic kid, and i don’t know if I’ll ever get over the fact that i won’t get to spend more time with him, learn more about him, watch and help him progress through Cornell, or catch up in a few years post-grad. You’re forever my brother Phillip, and the time we spent together, though short, was unforgettable. Love you homie.

Funny anecdote: One time Phil saw me asking a girl a few questions, and assumed i was trying to hit on her. After i left the room, Phillip started talking to her. Once i came back, the girl gave me a weird look, and walked away. Within seconds, Phillip came up to me and said “Bro i just hooked you up. I told her you’re the best guy, and that you’re super nice.” Normally i would just explain that i wasn’t even interested in the girl, but he looked so content and happy by the fact that he thought he had helped me out, that i just smiled, gave him a big hug and told him “you’re a lifesaver”.
Posted by Scott Conroe on May 10, 2021
You joined the young men I work with just recently, and we became Facebook friends at your request, so I was looking forward to conversations with you in the next few years. You seemed reserved, like me when I was in college (okay, like me now sometimes), but clearly you had many friends and were enjoying Cornell, a place that can seem awfully large and impersonal. You had found a circle of people since your transfer from a much smaller college. No matter how long I live, even at 65, I will never get used to seeing people leave us too soon -- and 19 is way too soon. May you be at peace, Phil. A lot of people, including me, will miss you.
Posted by Dominic Olah on May 10, 2021
I only met Phillip this year, and even after only having known him for a couple of months, Phillip's impact on me has been immeasurable. When I first met Phillip and our pledge class, I was in an environment where I felt slightly out of my element and I mainly kept to myself, but even with me being a complete stranger to him at the time he still came up to me and gave the most hearty greeting and introduction that it was impossible to not instantly feel at home and know that I had just found a good friend.

I'm a fairly closed off and reserved individual, and it is usually really tough for me to open up to people about the struggles of my past. However, when it came to Phillip, his warm and caring nature allowed me to instantly relax and feel so secure that I was able to easily open up to him. Being able to confide in him was so comforting and made me feel like he helped to lift the weight of the world off my shoulders, and I don't think there are many people out there besides Phillip with a superpower like that. Phillip also opened up to me and it helped me feel as though I was not alone and he knew how I felt, and I can only hope that the words that I shared with him helped him even a fraction as much as his helped me.

Over the few short weeks I knew Phillip, I never had a single bad interaction with him. Every single time I would see him, Phillip would look at me with the biggest smile on his face and he would always go out of his way to stop what he was doing and greet me. With me being in ChemE and him being in CS, he understood how tough academics were for both of us and he would always ask me how my day went and how my work was going. We would then proceed to discuss our work, bust each others chops and make some jokes about each others majors, and he would invite me to join the games he was playing with others. It was interactions like these that I value deeply as he always displayed how genuine and personal his bond with you was.

One of my favorite memories of Phillip came during a paintball outing that our friend group had gone on together a little while back. It was the fourth game of the day and me, Phillip, and the rest of the team were walking back out to the woods together discussing our game plan after we were easily beaten by our opponents in the round prior. Someone suggested that we send a small group into the more secluded back area of the woods to ensure that the main group didn't get flanked from the rear again by our opponents. Of course, Phillip was the first to volunteer and I wanted to take the rear too so I offered to join him. After the game began, he and I separated from the group and proceeded to go on our hunt, eventually we spotted someone through the brush and we instantly took cover behind a large log. Unfortunately, one of the opponents had ran around to the other side of us and we were pinned down. After an intense firefight, both our opponents eventually left and Phillip poked me and asked "Yo dude did I get hit?" I then proceeded to turn around and see that he had such a big paint splatter on his head that I thought he was joking. I then responded "Uhhhh... Yeah man you got hit." He then complained about how much that sucked and how he thought he got out unscathed. He then told me good luck and said the he knew I had it in the bag, and even through a mask I just knew from the look on his eyes that he was smiling from ear to ear. He then left me to finish the game and I proceeded to have my best performance of the day, and the first person to congratulate me after the game was Phillip after he heard how good I did after he left. It's moments like these that highlight how funny and friendly Phillip was and how much of a pleasure he was to be around.

Phillip was an amazing person. He was a light in all of our lives and I am crushed that such an incredible individual blessed us all with his presence and left us so soon. He carried such a unique charisma with him that he had instantly became friends with everyone in our class, and acted somewhat as a glue that bound us together. You could tell that he wanted nothing but the best for us and was excited to grow and succeed with all of us. I think I speak for everyone in our class that losing Phillip has taken a piece of all of us with him and it will forever be difficult for the class to ever feel truly whole again.  For us, losing Phillip does not feel like losing a friend, to us Phillip was family. As a member of our family, it feels like we truly lost a brother, someone we felt we had known for our whole lives and would know forever into the future.

From the bottom of our hearts, we love you Phillip. You will always be missed and forever remembered.

Rest in peace.
Posted by Shelton Carr on May 9, 2021
I didn't know Phillip very well, but we hung out a couple of times and spent a few hours together walking through Cornell's campus. I am shocked and saddened by the news that he is gone. I remember him being a wonderful presence. He was sweet and genuine, and I wish I could've gotten the chance to learn more about him. Rest in peace Phillip, you will hold a place in my heart.
Posted by Stephen Han on May 9, 2021
I remember first meeting Phillip during middle school way back in the day when we were mere sixth-graders, unprepared for the harsh realities of middle school life. We didn’t talk much then — only here and there. Then, Phillip transferred to another school. And, at that point, I didn’t know, think, or expect that I’d see him again.

But, the world being as small as it is, our paths would cross once again at QHSS. And, looking back, I’m so grateful to be able to say that we grew closer as friends during our senior year of high school. From our Econ/Gov class to our AP Lit class, I always looked forward to bothering Preston together with Bibi or listening to Flaherty’s fascinating stories — stories only Flaherty could really tell or have experienced. I remember taking the E train with Phillip almost every single day after school. We would talk about anything and everything — from our days to what we’re looking forward to after we escaped high school. We would stress over and help one another with our QuestBridge applications.

I remember going to watch “Avengers: Endgame” on opening day with him and several other friends — in fact, I remember the both of us trying to buy tickets during one of our AP Lit classes, and Phillip offered to help no matter what so long as we got those tickets. I remember going to prom and sharing a limo with all of our friends — and, no matter how hot and stuffy it might’ve been, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything at all.

Most importantly, Phillip was someone who always managed to brighten — not only my day — but everyone’s day through his sharp intellect, cleverness, humor, and wit, yes, but also his deep compassion and empathy for others. Phillip was always willing to lend a helping hand or an ear to listen and simply be there for others.

Phillip, you are and will always be dearly loved and missed. I only wish we had more time. Rest In Peace, Phillip.
Posted by Sherrie Tan on May 9, 2021
Phillip, I don't think this tribute could possibly do justice to everything I have to say. We met in 2015, when you were a high school freshman, and quickly grew close. We put the horrors of high school chemistry behind us and as an older friend, I tried my best to act like a mentor. I wanted to see you succeed through high school classes, through college apps, through Cornell. I was elated to discover that you would accept Cornell's guaranteed transfer option and come here in your sophomore year. I was disheartened to realize that it was 2020, that we were in a pandemic, that being stuck in a single dorm room in Carl Becker House was absolutely not how I'd envision my first college semester. From talking to you about chemistry and trigonometry, to which AP classes to introductory CS classes at Cornell, and the horrors of CS 2800 and 3110 -- it was so familiar and so surreal that I could have possibly spent another three years with you. And you wanted so badly to return the favor, to get me to "break out of my shell", to have a good time in college (well, spent outside of my own room). We promised so many better memories for the next academic year. It is an understatement to say that I am heartbroken now. The few dinners we've had together -- when I've swung by West/Becker for dinner those sparse times during Fall 2020, or when we grabbed Pronto's in Collegetown together this semester (and you mocked me for gettting a margherita, the simplest of choices) -- they were so few. There should have been so many more. I wish I had done better for you here. Words cannot describe how deeply I miss you. Rest in peace, Phillip.
Posted by Jonathan Zheng on May 9, 2021
I did not know Phillip all too well...I believe we may have briefly chatted or joked around once or twice in high school during student government functions or in passing. But learning about his passing today just was a raw sucker punch to the gut for me and it still acutely feels that way - as I am sure it does for others at Queens High School for the Sciences and Cornell - simply because he was a part of our greater family. And like a family, we grieve for one of our own.

I have heard much about him from a mutual friend and everything that I have heard tells me how much of a lighthearted, empathetic, and understanding friend he was to those he loved and cared for. My regret is that I was not able to get to know him better before he was taken so abruptly from us.

His family, his friends, QHSS, Cornell, and the world have lost a truly remarkable soul. I grieve as a friend of a friend, a QHSS alumni, and a Cornell peer. Rest in peace Phillip, you and your loved ones will constantly be in my thoughts and in the community's thoughts over the coming days, weeks, and months. We are grieving for you but also intend to share, celebrate, and remember your uplifting impact on the lives you have touched.
Posted by Manjot Gill on May 9, 2021
Phillip, I don't know what else to say except I miss you already. On the first day of high school, we met when I knew almost no one and had no idea how the next four years would be. Just one day was enough for us to become friends and the next couple of weeks were spent just talking and learning more and more about each other. You were always one to look on the bright side of any situation and you always made sure that all of your friends were not just ok but the best they could be. We were supposed to grow up and travel and try all these new things. I don't know what else I can except I hope you were happy until the end. I miss you man.
Posted by Warisha Siddiqui on May 9, 2021
Phillip was truly one of the smartest and generous individuals that I had the privilege to know. We were on the debate team together for three years and he was a force to be reckoned with on the tournament floor. His eloquence, intelligence, and confidence shone brightly in those moments. To the underclassmen on the team, he was a great mentor. He was also incredibly funny, just a joy to be around. I will remember fondly Tuesday afternoons scrambling to prepare for debate tournaments while goofing around with the team. There was always a quick-witted sarcastic comment at the tip of his tongue. His eyes were so expressive, I'm reminded of him rolling his eyes whenever a cringeworthy moment happened in class. He had such a compassionate spirit, I remember him always having snacks ready to share and helping me with physics homework. I knew I could strike up a conversation with him anytime and it would never be dull. Phillip is a soul gone too soon whose memory I shall cherish. I will keep him and his loved ones in my prayers. Rest in peace Phillip
Posted by Gordon Lin on May 9, 2021
I first met Phillip when I transferred to QHSS in sophomore year. We only talked a bit during that year, maybe played a few games together but that was it. Our friendship started when we began to share classes together, we would talk and play games together. It was so easy to hold any conversation with him, he was always a wonderful listener and would always give me advice when I needed it. I will always remember the time we spent together, and I am devastated by the news of his passing. Rest in peace Phillip.

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