Phyllis and the Manatees

Shared by Judy Gallagher on February 11, 2019

Phyllis was an avid scuba diver and she loved Manatees. She persuaded 3 of us to accompany her to Florida so that we could dive with the Manatees.  (This was before laws prohibiting this were enacted.)

We left Orlando before dawn for the two hour drive to Crystal River, loaded our gear and ourselves in a small jon boat, and motored to the location where we were supposed to be able to see Manatees.  It was overcast and cold; it was challenging getting in and out of the boat; there were no Manatees to be seen and Phyllis was ridiculously cheerful and kept bumping into me.  By this time I was wishing I had stayed home.  When I was bumped one final time, I turned around to give Phyllis a piece of my mind.  To my surprise, it was a Manatee bumping me.  Phyllis laughed so hard.  

Phyllis and I worked at the Norwich radio station (WNUB) together

Shared by Eric Krum on February 11, 2019

Met Phyllis when she joined Norwich's radio station; WNUB.  Being Phyllis, she quickly rose to become the WNUB News Director.  Each week the station staff would meet in my room in Alumni Hall as the dorm was being rebuilt one floor at a time with the other floors being rented out to visitors, to include females.

Phyllis being the only female station officer, attended the meeting with the other 7 officers.  One day it was reported that there was a girl in my room.  Which was true, there were also 7 guys with her.  A board was convened and I was found guilty of having a female in my room and suspended for six months.  Phyllis was very upset that she was to blame for my suspension.  Turns out the board was ordered to find me guilty so the school President tossed out the conviction.  Spent the next 43 years teasing Phyllis about getting me in trouble.

Phyllis was a brides maid at my wedding to Paula and the three of us have remained great friends ever since.  Every couple months Paula and I would meet Phyllis at Toby's Dinner Theater for a show and some time together.  Phyllis would stop by and stay the night at our house in North East, MD when she would drive by on her way back from CT.  We will miss her loving attitude and laugh!!!!!!!.

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