Shared by Lavannya Pandit on August 5, 2019
I remember meeting Auntie and Uncle for the first time 16 years ago when I first met Priya and Vinny. We were both  new  mothers  with absolutely no idea  and new to Houston .Auntie very sweetly invited me to Priya's baby shower and I remember feeling treated like a family member, so affectionately and warmly received. Indeed, Priya and I have become like sisters over the last many years, sharing the joys of motherhood. The deepening of our friendship with the Tripathi family has evolved into sharing sorrow but in going through this sad time with them, I am also reminded of the immense joy that my friendship with Priya has brought to my parents and me as well. Auntie and Uncle have treated my children like their own grandchildren, my parents like their own relatives and my parents last happy memories with uncle and auntie were in discussing their upcoming travels. Indeed, uncle had a Zeal for life and adventure and he has passed that on to his kids and grandkids. The ultimate gentleman, connoisseur of life, and  witty philosopher, Uncle charmed, cheered and inspired a new generation to love life to the fullest. We miss his smile and wisdom but know that he is with us in the shape of his beautiful grandchildren. We will always love Neena auntie and his family as our own. With much affection and love, Rahul and Lavannya 


A man for all seasons

Shared by Lisa Mody on August 1, 2019
Prafulla a "Perfect Gentleman",
Prafulla is the Husband of my childhood school friend Neena Sarma,(difficult to refere to him in the past tense).Someone who i have been lucky to have met 10 years ago at our/ Neena,s school reunion, someone who I will never be able to forget,
The most beautiful thing one remembers about him is his gentle nature and ever smiling disposition.Most husbands refused to come with their wives for school reunions ,but Prafulla was the live wire at all our reunions.He was our unofficial photographer,all the beautiful memories of events captured ,were thanks to his frivolous nature ever ready to please all of us,
Its impossible to imagine my next meeting with Neena without Prafulla,but life has to go on and my message to him is "Prafulla you are the epitome of a Gentleman".So happy to have been able to meet and interact with you.
Wherever you are may god grant you eternal peace,You are one of the stars in the sky for me.always shining bright and beautiful

A loved friend disappears in the mist of time

Shared by Sushma Chaturvedi on July 31, 2019
Though our meetings  were short and far between,Prafulla endeared himself to all of us.His sunny disposition and cheerful smile will enrich our memories  for ever .Adios dear friend,
Sushma , Chat, Jamshedpur

A Life befitting the name

Shared by Alok Jain on July 28, 2019
Prafulla, as we knew him was always fun to be with, full of stories no matter what subject one chose to talk about. If you really wanted to get him going just ask or say something about Banaras Hindu University or better yet, the Indian Politics and then prepare to be entertained. Of course the stories got more interesting and the laughter a bit louder if he had a glass of red wine in his hand. Both Nina and Prafulla were gracious hosts and loved to entertain, although Prafulla frequently needed a small reminder from Neena (from the kitchen), have you asked them what they want to drink? Prafulla would then ask; Han bhai kya piyoge? It is hard to believe that he is no longer with us. We will miss him dearly. Alok and Ritu.
Shared by Rama Patni on July 26, 2019
Tripathi Saheb’s soft voice and always smiling face will be always missed. We are glad to be friends with such a gentle soul, we always enjoyed being with him and Neena. He will be missed dearly. 
Rama and Navee
Shared by Tony Ung on July 25, 2019
To me, I've always called him uncle but he's always treated me like a son and in return, I've always seen him as a father figure. Because he came into my life, I have a brother in law whom I admire so much, two beautiful nieces that from time to time makes me facepalm myself, another mom who's always concerned about me if I don't show up when she cooks Indian food for the family and a sister in law who's always on the lookout for my future while encouraging me to do things out of my comfort zone. Not to forget the other two nieces and brother in law who bring countless smiles and laughter, along with a warm home to stay if I'm ever in California. 
Even if we've joked about this from time to time, uncle was always coming up with "projects" for me, usually involving Apple products, much to my disdain. And because I was clueless with what I was doing since I'm a Google/Microsoft user, it made it all the more challenging. However, if I could do anything just to get another project from my "project manager", I would.
He was such a kind, gentle person who always supported me in the things I've done. And I'll never forget the time he asked me to teach him how to make fried rice. I still think it's the best darn burnt fried rice I've ever tasted. Thanksgiving will be different this year, especially since I've used it as an opportunity to impress him with my wine selecting skills, only to realize I know nothing.
I'm going to miss you dearly uncle and there's definitely a hole left in my heart. The only thing I can hope for is to at least be half the person you were. My heart and thoughts are with you always.

A Thorough Gentleman

Shared by Phoola Ganju on July 26, 2019
An incredible person, a thorough gentleman, a loving husband, father and grandfather, an intellectual  person, always a pleasure to discuss social, cultural, political and economic issues with him, and a friend of friends. That is how we will remember Prafulla Tripathi. You have left an everlasting impression on us. It was our pleasure knowing you and be related to you. We are going to miss you. Phoola and Autar Ganju

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